Live and Local - May 31, 2013

Chicago-Based Dan Pierson Trio Plays Jazz in Urbana

Pianist Dan Pierson is one of many fine young musicians to come out of the jazz division at the University of Illinois, now making his way playing and teaching in Chicago. With a background in pop, rock and classical music, he’s formed a trio, called ROOMS, with two other Chicago-based musicians, and they’re coming to Urbana for a gig Friday night. The ROOMS Trio will play for us live on the Friday edition of “Live and Local.”

Live and Local - May 30, 2013

52nd International Carillon Festival at Rees Carillon in Springfield

The Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon in Springfield’s Washington Park is one of the largest and finest carillons in the world. If you’ve never heard of this instrument, or don’t know what a carillon is, please join me on the Thursday edition of the show, when I’ll talk with Springfield’s carilloneur, Robin Austin, about the International Carillon Festival, to be held at the Rees Carillon June 2nd through 8th.

Live and Local - May 29, 2013

Peoria Bach Festival and a Homeschool “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

The Peoria Bach Festival is held annually during the first week of June, with performances by local and visiting musicians. This year’s festival begins on Friday and runs through June 9. I’ll talk with co-director Martin Dicke on the Wednesday edition of “Live and Local.” We’ll also hear a live preview of this weekend’s production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream by a Champaign-Urbana-based homeschool theater troupe.

Live and Local - May 27, 2013

Enjoy Your Memorial Day!

Hi, I’m Kevin Kelly, host of “Live and Local” on FM 90.9. It’s my great pleasure to bring you some of the best performers our community has to offer, in a remarkable variety of acoustic music, theater and dance, through recordings, live in-studio sessions and good conversation. I’m normally here Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. but, along with many of you, I’ll take a holiday on Memorial Day and let you hear classical music for the hour from our friends at Classical 24. Thanks for listening, enjoy your holiday, and “Live and Local” will return on Tuesday.

Live and Local - May 24, 2013

Sounds of the Prairie Summer Band and Chorus and Petkov-Brazzel Violin/Guitar Duo

Community Arts Resource in St. Joseph sponsors the Sounds of the Prairie Community Band and Chorus, and both will begin rehearsals next week. I’ll talk with their respective directors on the Friday edition of “Live and Local.” And we’ll hear the Petkov-Brazzel Violin and Guitar Duo, live in our studio. They’re giving a warm-up recital for their summer tour of Bulgaria Saturday night in Springfield.

Live and Local - May 23, 2013

Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts upcoming season & Chicago jazz musician Petra Vannuis

This is the season for seasonal concert announcements, and the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts has announced theirs for 2013 and 2014. It is, as usual, one of considerable variety and energy, and I’ll talk with director Joel Aalberts on the Thursday edition of “Live and Local.” We’ll also hear from Chicago jazz musician Petra Vannuis, who will visit Decatur with her Recession Seven for a concert Saturday night.

Live and Local - May 21, 2013

Bob Dylan 72nd Birthday Bash in Champaign Saturday

About a year ago, the Champaign-Urbana Singer-Songwriter Collective presented a night-long tribute to folk singer Woody Guthrie on the occasion of his 100th birthday. This week, they turn their attention to one of the most prolific and influential artists of all time, Bob Dylan, who will be 72 on Saturday. Some two dozen local performers are scheduled to participate, and we’ll welcome several to play for us live on the Tuesday edition of “Live and Local.”

Live and Local - May 20, 2013

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts 2013-2014 Season

The Krannert Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Illinois takes seriously its belief “that creativity is a core human characteristic and that the arts hold uniquely transformative potential.” Director Mike Ross programs accordingly, mixing “the art of the past with the art of our time.” Krannert Center has announced its new season, and Mike will give us a preview on the Monday edition of “Live and Local.”

Live and Local - May 17, 2013

Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo Live

Goran Ivanovic is a native of Croatia. Andreas Kapsalis grew up in Chicago to first-generation Greek parents. Together they make a phenomenal guitar duo, combining the sounds of classical, jazz, Gypsy, pop, and various types of world music. They’ll play a house concert in Urbana Friday night, and they’ll play for us live on the Friday edition of “Live and Local.” We’ll also hear about Monday night’s concert by the East Central Illinois Youth Orchestra.

Live and Local - May 16, 2013

Justinpalooza at Mike & Molly’s in Champaign

Everyone knows someone named Justin. And we’ve all heard of this palooza or that palooza, meaning some extraordinary event. Put the two together, and of course you get Justinpalooza, which is in fact an event that will take place in Champaign Saturday night, with five musical Justins featured on one concert. We’ll host three of them live—Larkin, Rondón and Tanaka—on the Thursday edition of “Live and Local.”

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