Media Matters - February 24, 2008

Glen Ford, executive director of Black Agenda Report

This week our guest is Glen Ford, executive director of Black Agenda Report. He has extensive experience in radio and television, where he launched influential programming like America's Black Forum, the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on commercial television, and Rap It Up. Ford co-founded (BC) in 2002. The weekly journal quickly became the most influential Black political site on the Net. In October, 2006, Ford and others left BC to launch

In addition to his broadcast and Internet experience, Glen Ford was national political columnist for Encore American & Worldwide News magazine; founded The Black Commentator and Africana Policies magazines; authored The Big Lie: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the Grenada Invasion (IOJ, 1985); and served as reporter and editor for three newspapers (two daily, one weekly).

Media Matters - February 17, 2008

Naomi Wolf

This week our guest is Naomi Wolf, the noted feminist and author. "The Beauty Myth," her first book, was an international bestseller. She followed that with "Fire With Fire: The New Female Power and How It Will Change The 21st Century" and "Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood." Several other books followed.

Her most recent book is "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot" in which she explains how events of the last six years parallel steps taken in the early years of the 20th century's worst dictatorships such as Germany, Russia, China, and Chile.

She is co-founder of The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, an organization devoted to training young women in ethical leadership for the 21st century. The institute teaches professional development in the arts and media, politics and law, business and entrepreneurship as well as ethical decision making.

Media Matters - February 10, 2008

Juan Gonzalez, columnist for New York Daily News, and co-host of Democracy Now!

This week our guest is Juan Gonzalez, co-host of Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by Gonzalez and Amy Goodman. Gonzalez has also been a columnist at the New York Daily News since 1988. He has won numerous awards for his investigative reporting including the George Polk Award in 1998 and was recently elected President of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Juan's most recent book Fallout: The Environmental Consequences of the World Trade Center Collapse documents cover-ups by Environmental Protection Agency and government officials about health hazards at Ground Zero in New York. He is also the author of the book, Harvest of Empire: The History of Latinos in America.

Media Matters - February 04, 2008

Jeff Chester, author

This week our guest is Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy, and author of the new book Digital Destiny.

Media Matters - February 03, 2008

Stephen Kinzer

This week our guest is Stephen Kinzer. Kinzer is a veteran New York Times correspondent who has reported from more than fifty countries on five continents. His books include Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq and All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror

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