Birth control pills.

Annabelle Shemer/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

August 14, 2018

Illinois Issues: Birth Control Without The Doctor

Advocates say increasing access to hormonal contraceptives could help reduce unplanned pregnancies. One legislative proposal considered earlier this year aims to do just that by allowing patients to skip a physician's visit and head straight to a pharmacist. But it is having trouble catching on in Illinois.

Anne Hickman

Jake Harper/Side Effects Public Media

August 09, 2018

Why A Cheaper, More Convenient Dialysis Option Isn’t More Common

Kidney failure is an expensive problem in the U.S.. Dialysis, which removes toxins from the blood, costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year.  But there’s a cheaper dialysis option, that’s better for a lot of patients. Side Effects Public Media’s Jake Harper explains why that other option isn’t more common.

The intestinal parasite cyclospora gets into produce through contact with manure-contaminated water.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

August 07, 2018

Food Recalls Abound This Summer, But Experts Say That’s A Good Thing

From E. coli in romaine lettuce to potential salmonella on Goldfish crackers to a parasite in salads and wraps, food recalls are in the spotlight this year. But things may not be as bad as they sound, according to Lana Nwadike, a food safety specialist with Kansas State University and the University of Missouri. 

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