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February 08, 2019

Illinois Issues: Tobacco 21 Plan - Puffed Up or Plausible?

For decades, public health advocates have pushed for limits on smoking. They've included warning labels on products to limits on where someone can light up, all of which have helped bring down smoking rates. But in Illinois, a push to raise the smoking age has repeatedly failed to become law. We took a look at this year's push, and what chance it has at becoming law.



February 04, 2019

CU Public Health Offers Drug Users Clean Syringes To Stop Hep A Outbreak

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports 35 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in the month of January, which are part of a recent Hep A outbreak concentrated in the Midwest. Three of those cases were in Champaign county. The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District is working to reduce the risk of Hepatitis A, HIV and other infections among people who use illicit drugs by offering clean syringes, harm reduction counseling and vaccinations.

Tim Landis' family: daughter Kelsey, son Matt and wife Debra.

Courtesy of Debra Landis

February 01, 2019

Illinois Issues: Tim’s Story - The Quiet Killer

Before Tim Landis died a year ago, there had been little indication he had heart disease. He’d had an active lifestyle and ate a healthy diet. But an autopsy revealed he had had years of untreated high blood pressure. His widow, Debra Landis, wrote a first-person account of losing Tim and her investigation into the disease that took his life.

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January 29, 2019

Preparing For Cold Weather; Juvenile Life Sentences; Mosque Bombing Pleas; Antibiotic Overuse

On The 21st: Illinois is facing sub-zero temperatures for the next couple of days. How do administrators decide whether or not to close school? Plus, the Illinois Supreme Court is hearing a case today that asks: how long is too long when it comes to sentencing juvenile offenders? Also, two men from central Illinois pleaded guilty in Minnesota federal court last week for trying to bomb a mosque in August of 2017. And, a new study shows more than 80 percent of the time we’re prescribed antibiotics we don’t actually need it.

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