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The 21st Show - September 28, 2020

Graduated Income Tax On The Ballot

Early voting is underway in Illinois, and one of the biggest questions on the ballot is whether the state constitution should be changed to allow for a graduated income tax — where people who make more money pay a higher rate. We answer your questions on the proposed constitutional amendment.

Ja Nelle Pleasure relies on her garden for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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The 21st Show - September 28, 2020

Reporter Roundtable: Food Insecurity

Alongside the COVID-19 pandemic is another, worsening crisis — hunger. In today’s reporter roundtable we’ll hear from two food and agriculture reporters about how families and school districts in the Midwest are coping.

The 21st Show - September 24, 2020

Time Running Out For 2020 Census

U.S. Census Bureau offices are scheduled to complete their work by next Wednesday, September 30. We’ll talk with census experts about the importance of a full and accurate count, and what an undercount could mean for Illinois.

The 21st Show - September 24, 2020

‘Decoding Dogs’

Maybe you’ve spent more time at home with your dog in recent months and thought "what are they thinking?" We’ll speak with a Bloomington-based psychology professor who studies the minds of canines. 


News Local/State - September 23, 2020

WATCH LIVE: Pritzker’s September 23 COVID-19 Update

WATCH LIVE: The Pritzker administration is holding a press briefing covering the state’s address of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic at 12:00 pm. 

Paul Nankin

The 21st Show - September 23, 2020

Farm Aid 35th Anniversary

The 21st took a look back at one of the biggest concerts in Illinois history. September 22, 2020 marked the 35 year anniversary of the first annual Farm Aid concert which happened in Champaign. It was organized by musicians Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Neil Young, and featured some of the biggest names in music of the day. 

Facebook/Pygmalion Fest

The 21st Show - September 23, 2020

Pygmalion 2020 Preview

Since 2005, Pygmalion Fest in Champaign Urbana has drawn some of the biggest indie music acts from around the country to central Illinois. But for the first time, the festival will be all virtual. The 21st talks about the lineup and how to see the performances all for free. 

U.S. Department of Education

The 21st Show - September 22, 2020

Reimagining the Classroom

Schools and teachers are having to reimagine the classroom, and figure out ways to connect with students in new ways that they may not have imagined, or been taught, when they entered education. To hear more about this, The 21st was joined by a panel of guests, ranging from a homeschooling parent to a PTA director and more. 

Nenad Stojkovic

The 21st Show - September 22, 2020

Teacher Roundtable: Remote Learning Blues

The 21st spoke to teachers around the state to hear how remote learning is going at their schools, and what challenges they are facing along with their students.

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