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The 21st Show - December 02, 2021

Why are Black residents leaving Chicago?

After a massive influx to Chicago during the Great Migration, many Black residents are leaving the city. To talk more about the out-migration of Chicago’s black residents, we were joined by the CEO of an resident association, a professor of Urban Planning, a Chicago bakery owner and former professor, and a former Chicago resident who left the city a few years ago.

Reginald Hardwick/Illinois Newsroom

The 21st Show - December 01, 2021

Do Illinois’ transportation plans match its climate promises?

Illinois leaders have congratulated themselves on the passage of climate legislation and committed to upholding the promises in the Paris Climate Agreement. However, some are pointing out that Illinois has plans to widen and expand roads, which could encourage more vehicular traffic and increase emissions.

From upper left: Brian Mackey, Anna Casey, Brielle Scullark, Reginald Hardwick, Ryan Andrew Wilde and Erica Scalise

The 21st Show - November 30, 2021

A look back at our favorite moments of 2021

Today we pulled back the curtain here at The 21st and let you hear from the team that puts the show together day in and day out. Our team of producers shared some of our favorite segments from this past year.

The 21st Show - November 30, 2021

Preserving Illinois Country French

There's a cultural heritage of "Illinois Country French," also known as "Missouri French," in our state. This Illinois Creole culture is fading, but today we were joined by one of the few speakers left in Illinois, who's been working to keep the heritage alive.

The 21st Show - November 30, 2021

Dr. Ngozi Ezike updates the state of COVID-19 in Illinois

Despite "pandemic fatigue" and a rising sentiment that people just want to be done with the COVID-19 pandemic, it's clear that the pandemic isn't done with us. A new variant of concern has emerged, and case counts are on the rise again as we head into the holiday season. The 21st was joined by the Illinois Department of Public Health Director, Dr. Ngozi Ezike.

(From left) Dr. Dawn Beichner and Dr. Erin Mikulec - From dress code double-standards to sexual violence policies, a new volume from Dr. Erin Mikulec and Dr. Dawn Beichner explores the relegation of school-aged girls to simply a “distraction.”

Illinois State University

The 21st Show - November 29, 2021

“Distraction”: Dress code double standards and the regulation of school-age girls

In their new book "Distraction: Girls, School, and Sexuality," two Illinois State University professors explore the way regulation and school practices sexualize school-age girls from pre-school through adulthood. They joined The 21st to talk about the value placed on the education of kids of different genders, as well as the burdens forced on young women in schools and the effect of labeling girls as a "distraction." 

Photo: Crysta Henthorne/KCUR

The 21st Show - November 29, 2021

The connection between corporate money and university ag schools

Large donors can put universities in potentially awkward positions when faculty conclusions conflict with the interests of those benefactors. Data collected by Harvest Public Media and Investigate Midwest show corporations have given at least $170 million to ag colleges in the past decade.

The In & Out Store in Peoria houses the wares of many local small businesses.

Photos courtesy of In & Out Store.

The 21st Show - November 24, 2021

Where to find small business crafts and markets

Long pandemic lockdowns and lasting quarantines afforded some people free time to start new hobbies and creative pursuits, leading them to start small businesses of their own. We talked about running a small business during the pandemic with three central Illinois small business owners.

Christine Haley was named the State Homelessness Chief for the Illinois Department of Human Services in early November.

The 21st Show - November 24, 2021

Christine Haley on homelessness in Illinois

An executive order from Gov. JB Pritzker's office created a task force and an advisory council to be shepherded by a new position in state government. Earlier this month, the administration announced the new state homelessness chief would be Christine Haley. She joined us today on The 21st to talk about the position and housing issues in Illinois.

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