college students holding environmental protest signs march on the campus quad

Photo courtesy of Abbi Pstrzroch

September 19, 2019 - News Local/State

Student-Led Climate Strike Planned For U of I Campus

Students across the globe plan to walk out of class on Friday to draw attention to climate change. On the University of Illinois Urbana’ campus, hundreds of high school and college students will converge on the campus quad. 

Photo courtesy of Abbi Pstrzroch

September 19, 2019 - The 21st Show

Student Activists Prepare For Climate Strike; Police And Home Surveillance Cameras; Fall TV Preview

Illinois high school and college students tell us how they want to see our leaders address climate change ahead of a planned walkout called the Global Climate Strike. Plus, doorbell cameras in homes have become more common. Some police departments, are hoping this network of privately owned cameras can help them stop crime. But it also raises some concerns about privacy. And, we’ll tell you what fall TV shows should be on your “must watch” list. 

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Robin Lubbock/WBUR

September 19, 2019 - News Local/State

To Combat Climate Change, Do We Need The Nuclear Option?

Future? In Massachusetts, nuclear power is history. Last spring, Massachusetts' last nuclear power plant — Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station — shut down after nearly 50 years. Repairing the aging plant was too expensive, and it couldn't compete against cheap natural gas.

Pile of guns


September 18, 2019 - The 21st Show

How Illinois Is Enforcing Its ‘Red Flag’ Gun Law; The Working Conditions Of Amazon Drivers; MLS Team Coming To St. Louis

Illinois has had a 'red flag' gun law on the books since the beginning of this year, but we're only just learning how implementation of the law is going. Plus, how Amazon's vast, decentralized network of drivers enables quick delivery—but also puts drivers at risk. And, we learn about the Major League Soccer team coming to St. Louis in 2022.

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