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The 21st Show - November 17, 2020

Addressing The Fears Around A COVID-19 Vaccine

A widely available vaccine against COVID-19 appears to be on the horizon, but with so much misinformation out there, what will it take to convince Americans to take it? We’ll hear from a behavioral scientist who studies medical mistrust and a virologist.

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The 21st Show - November 17, 2020

Can The COVID-19 Vaccines Deliver?

There are now two promising COVID-19 vaccine prospects that have shown high levels of efficacy. But questions about safety, and how a vaccine may be distributed, especially to rural areas, remain.  

José María Foces Morán

The 21st Show - November 16, 2020

Fall Harvest 2020

A year of crazy weather here in Illinois affected agriculture, which is just wrapping up. The 21st with two Illinois farmers about this year's harvest.

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The 21st Show - November 16, 2020

Making Farm Tools Work For Women

Farming is a physically demanding job, no matter your body type. Women, however, are at a particular disadvantage when it comes to farming equipment.So women are taking the challenge in hand and creating tools that work for this growing group of farmers.

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The 21st Show - November 16, 2020

Reporter Roundtable: COVID Update

With more than a half million COVID-19 cases already, health leaders say infections across Illinois are growing exponentially. The 21st spoke to reporters across the state for the latest. 

The 21st Show - November 12, 2020

IL Teen Creates NYT Crosswords

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to create a crossword puzzle in The New York Times, we’ll hear about that process from a University of Illinois student who’s had puzzles published there and in the Wall Street Journal.


The 21st Show - November 12, 2020

Analysis: Trump’s Refusal To Concede Presidential Race

The 21st spoke to two political scientists who will help us look at the Trump Campaign’s attempts to undermine the election with their refusal to concede, and their attempts to call into question the legitimacy of the results. The 21st discusses what it could mean for the health of our democracy and elections going forward.

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The 21st Show - November 11, 2020

What Veterans Need In 2020

As we honor those who served our country today on Veterans Day, we’ll talk with some Veterans and advocates at the University of Illinois working to address some of the challenges facing those who have served our country.

The 21st Show - November 11, 2020

How Do Journalists Make Decisions On What To Cover?

We’re breaking down the wall between news consumers and journalists by looking at how media organizations decide what to cover and how to cover it. Plus some of the challenges of being in a profession the president has called an “enemy of the people.”

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