Stephen Douglas statue in Springfield, Illinois.

Katherine Johnson

The 21st Show - July 15, 2020

Stephen Douglas, Slavery And Statues

Among the many Confederate statues being taken down amidst the protests for racial justice, one controversial figure of Illinois whose plaque is being taken down is Stephen Douglas. The 21st spoke to a professor from Auburn University and a Ph.D. student from the University of Chicago about whether the removal of Douglas' plaque provided any kind of reparation.

Abraham Lincoln Monument, Washington D.C.


The 21st Show - July 15, 2020

Should Lincoln’s Statues Come Down?

In light of the racial justice movements in Illinois, statues honoring Confederate figures like Jefferson Davis, are coming down around the South — either by protestors or local governments. Here in the Midwest, some student groups at the University of Wisconsin in Madison are also calling for the removal of an Abraham Lincoln statue.

Upper left square: Peoria, upper right square: Danville, lower left square: Champaign, lower right square: State Capitol in Springfield

Peoria Public Radio and Reginald Hardwick/Illinois Newsroom

The 21st Show - July 15, 2020

Will The Pandemic Start A Downstate Renaissance?

Business Insider ranked the “30 best American cities to live in after the pandemic” based on nine economic, educational and demographic measures; number one on the list is Springfield, Illinois. The 21st speaks to an author, professor and an urbanologist to talk about the potential for a Downstate population boom later this year.

In this July 15, 2012 file photo, the sun rises over corn stalks in Pleasant Plains, Ill., during a drought.

Seth Perlman/AP

The 21st Show - July 14, 2020

Chicago Heat Wave Author Sees Parallels To COVID-19 Response

In 1995, Illinois and the Midwest were in the stifling grip of a heatwave that killed hundreds. The 21st speaks to an NYU sociologist about the government's response and the potential parallels between the heatwave of 1995 and COVID-19 pandemic 25 years later.

The number of H-2A visa workers have increased, but they still make up 9 percent of the U.S. agriculture workforce.

Esther Honig/Harvest Public Media

The 21st Show - July 14, 2020

Pandemic Puts Farm Workers At Greater Risk

A report from the National Center for Farmworker Health found that more than 3,000 seasonal workers have tested positive for COVID-19. The 21st speaks to a health reporter for WILL’s Illinois Newsroom and Side Effects Public Media who's been following the story and two individuals from the Community Health Partnerships of Illinois organization.

The 21st Show - July 13, 2020

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Chris Taylor

The 21st Show - July 13, 2020

United Layoffs: Union Perspective

Many industries are taking a hit due to the coronavirus, this is especially true for the airline companies. The 21st speaks to the President and Directing General Chair of IAM District 141, the union representing machinists and aerospace workers at nearly a dozen airlines.

Photo courtesy of Lenora Cazavala

The 21st Show - July 09, 2020

How The Pandemic Is Hurting Illinois Rodeos

Big Hat Rodeo, a company based in the northern Illinois town of Harvard, would have been celebrating its 100-year-anniversary putting on rodeos in and around the midwest this year. The 21st speaks to members of the rodeo community to talk about the atmosphere of a rodeo and why it is so compelling and meaningful to many parts of Illinois.

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