March 14, 2019 - The 21st Show

‘We Are Proud To Present…’; New Standardized Test; The Roots Of Our Trade War With China; Pi Day

On The 21st: Who gets to talk about history, especially when that history is brutal and hard to talk about in the first place? That’s the subject of a new play from Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater. Plus, after years of criticism, Illinois has scraped the controversial PARCC standardized test in schools. But will the new one be different enough to quell concerns from teachers and parents? And, we explore the messy backstory of the US trade war with China, including its roots in the Cold War and intellectual property theft. Also, what better way to celebrate Pi Day today than with some lemon meringue?

Peter Kaminski/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

March 13, 2019 - The 21st Show

Recycling in Northern IL; Reproductive Health Legislation; IN Dunes National Park; Springfield Food

On The 21st: The recycling market has changed in a big way ever since China stopped importing recycled plastic from the US. In Northern Illinois, one recycling group has several tons piled up because there’s no good place for it to go. Plus, it can be hard to have an abortion in the Midwest but Illinois stands out as the state with the fewest barriers in the region. And now, some House Democrats say it’s time to continue expanding access through new legislation. And, we don’t have a national park here in Illinois. But, our neighbors to the east now officially do as of last month. Also, Amanda Vinicky joins us to share her favorite Springfield culinary classics. 

Champaign City Council Member Clarissa Nickerson Fourman, on Hedge Road.

Jim Meadows/Illinois Public Media

March 13, 2019 - News Local/State

Champaign’s Garden Hills Neighborhood Waits ... For Streetlights, Sidewalks & Flood Control

​Residents of Champaign’s Garden Hills neighborhood have to deal with a list of problems, including inordinate levels of poverty, gun violence and vacant houses. The neighborhood on the city’s northwest side has another problem: a lack of infrastructure, like storm sewers and streetlights. The Champaign City Council is taking a first step towards a remedy for Garden Hills. But it could be a long wait to the second step.

Ted S. Warren/AP

March 12, 2019 - The 21st Show

Boeing And Flight Safety; Dwight Update; Media Literacy And Kids; High Speed Rail In Illinois

On The 21st: Boeing shares on Monday were at its lowest in almost five months after the second fatal crash involving its 737 Max plane. What’s next for the Chicago-based company? Also in travel, how inaction on building high-speed rail between Chicago and St. Louis is symbolic of the problem of train investment in America. Plus, if you’ve ever tried to get your kids off the internet, chances are YouTube is part of the equation. Now one state representative says it’s time to let teachers include media literacy in their high school classes. And, we get an update on the possibility of a Dwight Immigration Detention Center. 

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