WILL Support Highlights

Donors thankful for information from WILL-TV

Hilary Frost and Michael Purnell

Hilary Frost and Michael Purnell

Michael Purnell of Springfield has learned car care and repair from MotorWeek, home repair from This Old House and Ask This Old House, and woodworking from New Yankee Workshop.

“I enjoy planning and completing projects and being self-sufficient. Watching WILL-TV helps me with both,” he said. “The how-to programs, as well as the news, documentary and science programs, are among the many benefits WILL-TV provides to me and to the community.”

It’s one of the reasons he and his wife, Hilary Frost, choose to be donors to WILL. While Michael, a retired state environment and energy programs manager, relishes the how-to information he gets, Hilary says she’s appreciative of information on WILL-TV that she can pass on to her global studies students at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

“BBC News, Need to Know, Frontline and Global Voices keep me abreast of the latest issues, which I then share with my students. NOVA, Nature, American Experience and so many others are also valuable to Michael and me,” she said.

Hilary said she regularly requires students in her classes to use readings and videos from PBS.  “Frontline and Frontline/World have been particularly rich sources. Their website not only provides links to videos, but also extensive background readings on the topics. Many of my students use that site for their research papers,” she said.

“Because we so frequently use what we learn from watching WILL-TV, both personally and professionally, we think it’s important to support the station financially so that it can continue to inform us and other viewers as well,” Hilary said.