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Interview Excerpt: Joseph Smith of Champaign


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Joseph Smith enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on June 11, 1943.  Smith selected the Marine Corps after a USMC recruiter convinced him that he would be treated just the same as white recruits and could expect a job other than cook.  While Smith would eventually serve in the Okinawa Campaign as a truck driver, he quickly learned during his trip to boot camp that institutional racism was alive and well in the Armed Forces.


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    at one point we’re all in the huddle
    I know room full of guys
    guys mostly quiet
    I think maybe one or two black guy sister
    yeah but most of all icons from you all in a wheelchair
    changing region are skivvies and standing around


    and after all someone called my name Joseph Smith
    I love trailer Wii U Haul
    will you follow me please Fullerton summary
    summary I don’t remember now that he was caught offsides
    starching old dress blue uniform Asahi
    what he said I called you out because I
    your liver special already I didn’t know about


    routing and they did that because I was called out for me
    Mr 3000 would you like to be a
    how to be a marine first wife don’t know much about the Marines accept that it’s
    that is part of the Navy and I don’t want any part of the Navy because all I could do this
    Bill Cook I said I already know how to do that so I
    Robert go someplace where I can learn something else like drive a truck for
    look for example how to drive a car Isis the weather be some Advance


    can swing my sword book Cookeville think you still looking over the Marines
    are part of the Navy pot
    they give you the steam train that they give all the
    all the others is no different you go to boot camp train
    bad bitch if you become a law of sines
    set fire warrior something you said no its
    its it’s all the same psychoanalyst racing with the rest of my


    bi new buddies n
    there’s just a few men on the train like man
    reading newspapers and Clary
    ariad uncomfortable
    ignored it and we just talk together anticipating what we’re going
    we’re going to get into an R
    Marine induction


    the camp
    well we went on and on and on until
    I heard
    the conductors say I think was Rocky Mount
    North Carolina I have papers for said I was supposed to turn
    transfer in Rocky Mount but I didn’t know I thought they had
    they had papers to ISO well this where we go


    we got off and I start getting ready I said no no no
    we’re going to LA Leon get off here
    well I’m supposed to get out of here how does the fat
    how’s that took my papers so I don’t understand this
    are sideline is it worth going to Parris Island
    price of a lying to you about Parris Island yeah but that’s where we’re going out for the Marine Corps campus
    Memphis boot camp then the other guy said yes they all through


    is there going to Parris Island I said well I’m supposed to get off here
    we roll in a quandary girls f*** what’s going on
    this still having stroke me proxy server going to
    leatherworker Cyrus going to receive the same training I told you going to be in the same camp
    I took leave of my
    follower in this season


    cut off the train B end seal lonely
    isolated so I got off the train in
    walk back and forth right crank on off back
    back and forth back and forth and I song Opie
    no people in this illustration iris voice
    okay well there aren’t many people who were on the train
    anyway so I thought this was just an isolated station


    not like South Station in Boston people is a small place
    so I waited and waited after while the Train cake
    and lots of coaches
    coaches summer actually empty just wanted to people than others
    and so I started hurting too
    2 get on Borden
    conductor where you going and I said I’m going to


    Jacksonville thats where it is
    that was the next stop Jacksonville you said I mean you
    you you c*** shut up here you have to go down that you see those people then
    if you follow then and I look down there
    the meanig of black people who
    who are apparently in the back of the station because I didn’t see
    insanity body at the time and I haven’t gone to the back I just walk back and forth along the track


    Amtrak live streaming out to the train
    train n
    the world going to one coach nicety
    Isis take on a hoe getting at coach
    you going if you if you if you’re going to ride in this is that’s where you go
    Google porn so I went
    I went on down we’re follow them and it was the most


    wretched experiences their women with babies and fungal
    Lowes boxes is it anyways in August
    hot North Carolina is hot hot hot
    hot in August end
    we caught in their crammed in as you can imagine
    Madison hall it was in human