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Oral History Interview: Albert Helregel of Loda


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Albert Helregel served in the Army Artillery from March 1941 to June 1945. The No. 1 man on a gun crew of a 105 mm Howitzer, he was involved in the battles of Guadalcanal and Bougainville.

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    today is Tuesday October 30th
    imhs Williamson I am interviewing Albert hellriegel
    for the veterans history project of the Library of Congress American Folklife
    Folklife Center we are at Studio X Campbell Hall Urbana Illinois
    Henry Radcliffe is the director of lighting sound in camera
    I’d like you to start fight LA


    telling us where you were before you went in the service and how you came to join
    how is sandwich Illinois this year was in 1941
    1 highway in the servers and 3rd and 31st
    March I went into Sycamore just one guy went in my order number
    9722 Sycamore dairy when in Chicago
    orchard how are you staying there about Derek Kuhn me when you can
    can t grant and can’t bring me went very welcome campground to f***


    temperature at Fort Bragg North Carolina stallion stay there too long
    I have no speed ever dinner with Knoxville so I didn’t get too much awkward training
    Friday night I stayed air out of there about to Tremont in Fort Bragg red sand
    it’s an everyday William has sand in her food and then they come back
    come back to paint Camp Forrest Tennessee is hurting her division are the National Guard

    Fort Bragg and I know what but I guess I didn’t get too much Sun causes in the hospital with nose bleed


    who played Omar in a burned out my nose I got better and then and then I want to come back to import
    import Tennessee to give me love more train or put trans death and how it made
    are there until the war broke out in 1941 December 7th
    remind me when we went to New York to get on the ship where to do training
    should you do a Dr tell her it’s raining in my head that im 155 howitzer
    we got moon on Wendover in 41 weeks going 100 summer young Arkansas
    the song Louisiana we would need camp Little Movers and I was with her


    cold outfits whole outfit with a large war game yeah but working
    it was hard to guns and everything 155 howitzer that’s all they had then
    World War 1 veterans of ww1 artillery guns and then that’s always
    that’s all we had then and then we’ll come back off a newer war broke out December 7th
    7041 Orange Ave from part 2 weeks we had for cities
    red 32 ships in convoy
    country is Panama Canal a while get you there that movie app new aircraft carrier


    workers are no better ship ship had 5000 on my step
    Inez 5000 another we got into a store meeting with them waterway about

    pool full of potatoes without down the Carribean mist or drop
    smells so bad at Target Home Otsego
    how to go over things at G Street


    where the way to the tide come in the big ships going too much water if they couldn’t get in to the guys in grease
    did Greece CrossFit Port Hope found no never come back

    and they were they want to see the American soldiers stayed there about a week or two I live right in there
    River in the houses with the people in it and they had to 5 gallon buckets


    porch two guys what we going to be more charity on the street I know
    why think Weezer about a week or two give me one back New Caledonia no guns
    we waited are 6 weeks for New Caledonia French island coming back about power 600
    Intermountain Maitreya north and we stay there I think we stay there around 6 month old got to go
    and then the November we went into water canal weather
    why you at New Caledonia Missouri concerned that the joint what is fiat vacation might be coming


    becoming closer not having abdominal strain when we got in Australia Darwin already then
    but I never got any further
    do you get a new gun 6 months later he went into water canal how long did you have time to train on the guns
    at what you want to go to come out I hardly any and all really no no just a few
    that’s all we went into action by the way I’m ever we got off their ship

    any other way to rest when water so is the R Kelly came in how long after the first invasion


    they had our children our guns and everything that they did Jim plan to replace him we got there
    there’s glad to see if 32000 guys move dance Americal division steak company
    company Caledonia little bit about the makeup of the Americal division Americal division
    33rd Division from Camp Forrest Tennessee it was all different outfits
    big division out of it but think I heard from all over the United States
    Chicago in St Louis Rock Island Moline ever price


    David small over all the guys were people from other countries to no no gif
    what we had when we got there than what we had Australian troops air 2

    hey go out on patrol handmade radio back with you when I am weak
    darkiller you know and we put up three rounds in 6 seconds
    automatic artillery unit 12 guns for not much and not dead


    post it and it fell on the ground there’s a time trail the man that went out to the truth that it went off
    because she was time to hit the ground and hit the metal and iPhone
    loft hotel go to the gun and he had got out of work I don’t think I have a hundred feet away
    hold on your time show time format for 3:40 p.m.
    the ground so just move everything off see so you have had a battery


    battery of 12 Italian
    boarding houses in a number always a second gun

    how is Hartford a new wear to a ranger where we met
    Truman Capote infer about a month old for his Spirit Mountain Home AK with hot air but who
    who was supporting the troops something from him yet he never gave her trip to head


    we just moved head too fast when we use always right behind me I don’t imagine over
    700 yards write my name in dreams we never 14 hand band
    party with a Japs would you had to stand guard at night you know if a long time you didn’t get permission
    Birmingham 4 night jobs they didn’t act too much after night I didn’t date
    date stay stay in their group you know anything about how long were you on Guadalcanal
    re I was there I was there at that fall till I got a hernia and then I went


    winter New Hebrides house with a navy for 21 days with water
    are there in about 45 minutes in hell at least that would change positions
    what time yeah but they’re all time on water canal 71st and weed
    can we talk back her first her Fallon we cant back I went I got
    I got this record I went out one night 15 on the trail nobody get up and I would not lift
    trailhead hernia when down in Mass Effect 1 on one side
    good bathroom so I was with the Navy for 21 days then I would New Hebrides


    I got operated on then I went to New Zealand this holy s*** come out so light headed
    baby red cross on it I was down there about 6 week and then I went from there
    come back married to get back New Caledonia get to get mouth in babies on Fiji
    where are you able to join the same moon
    when I come back from New
    New Zealand I got it taga Miller again and ID
    and I got 47 letters one day there and then I add event to Lieutenant


    what I’m getting back with you didn’t transfer me he want to keep me
    animals going to go to Philippines
    so when I got back they didn’t give me a job just run this big generator in the light and then it wasn’t
    when I got that is Radford Virginia in the hospital area
    Ultra taxi driver attacked and then we went in there I can’t
    after Christmas we went in the movie off your back with your original home right now about pizza
    fingering crewniverse ain’t nobody got killed nobody got killed


    at what I was going to stay on working out too long after I left it pretty well
    but when we went to Bougainville we didn’t fight there too much I got to pick to come
    come home at Mallory and had hepatitis and had hernia broke again in the ass
    I got to come home at 202 guide I didn’t like him too much when I left
    didn’t like to see me then I don’t have any money left after I you were getting off easy
    getting late this is getting late and when they hit the beach of Normandy I was coming home
    can you member what year that was 44 44 44 how is coming home now


    I come home in Liberty Ship I went back from nute from Loganville to nuketown on mean
    can working out game dropped off and picked up some more Chris Brown all they want
    which fraction is more than child over their leg shot on piano
    protect America I’m a come straight home coming right straight to become right straight
    straight guy that the Panama Canal begin come back through there and I was on guard all the way back
    play back at one time I never get sick Amazon about 6 different ship
    where to get sick and then I had more MP manual


    is hot make out I was marine in the end of the guy who picked up 6012 down Panama
    ordering a dork and you know and they come back and then come back
    come back to New Orleans from Upper Mississippi River and iPad with this kickin up mud dirt like that I didn’t
    I didn’t want to celebrate that I could hold on going home okay anime tour of duty
    beauty and health at you and then I went up after I was down to San Antonio Texas
    I went to our Napa River Oklahoma army base air
    Camp Gruber Oklahoma fort for sale with a good place to go for sale Yamaha


    you probably know if it well when I became ruler for the Great Big L St Elmo
    will my semen not on a 200 millimeter howitzer know what I was in the service
    one man in all the other guys went way back blows and lay down
    set me on fire road bike helmet off Lumiere plugs out clothes on fire
    Park supply Denver medical discharge but I didn’t when I finally come out of it
    Gilman first let me back please come back to life are you know
    fringe my hair my eyebrows everything they warned you about how they didn’t put in the wrong power


    chrome powder charge for the gun all I ever farted no more 200mm
    filling in the Christmas guy that be help it that I meant with it was going to go to occupation order
    overnight leave in it is going to go to occupation there I said shoot in FIFA
    he said go home and drink a little whiskey come down I turned into hard drive temperature
    yeah yeah what are again and then I went down to a server
    service man down Monticello Arkansas dead prisoners on their person at 8000 rack
    7000 wax hair if I’m going home tonight


    novicane prisoners red 7500 ml 500
    German pilots say there is no doubt dreaming the same to use cut my hair for nothing
    I didn’t pay nothing good cook
    Big Sur from a nice day. I got discharged with a service
    service command the responsible for Magnolia images
    professor said you were it possible for the Calvin show piano in a knot in it
    show me how to board down in the bottoms of Eric riddle how to get rid of all my soul


    434 bushel baskets episode gunner horse mates with and it going to take that back there
    hit me when it went okay to take him and cut pump would you know in the daytime
    will it take a whole loaf of bread and I break into any red ring how to lose Chris Rihanna
    this is it be back tomorrow or just going to visit some ladies out in the woods I didn’t want to use animation on them
    synonym try to him when I reported to be back in the morning I come back in the morning they were there
    cricket top up would you do for paper
    Fremont down there and then I got booty booty power amp


    EMP bomb alarm all time
    over you by now the war was almost over you 445 Stroop syrup Rihanna
    porters nursery pretty much yes I’m back
    so I come out at 5 points do I get out of it
    can I put the end of it okay to get out 19th at I got out in June
    June 9th 1945 I was in 4 years 2 months in 8 days for years
    too much on a date that’s why I was in all the other 21


    and that reminds clothing with a gun out of laundry and my insurance 10000
    10200 everybody I got that I got $15 a month and then I got the

    Nipsey got 65 when retired and when I got out
    I got out how do I get to 300 Medford Ave
    how did you come to enlist before Pearl Harbor in the peacetime what was the P
    the peacetime army order number I wish I was 21 years old in Sept


    September and then again that government 1944
    4197 and in the Army when I was working for a guy hard
    hard man on the farm that’s only did it did it
    is it necessary to try to go in house 2130 order number
    4297 was what we call a draft number 1 draft number
    7494 the draft was an effect that we are gonna be like that huh
    there’s two car guys hit me baby one going to go in the head gonorrhea


    women going to win big on penicillin shot in his back in a few days
    movie when all the way we went with Cardinal campground can never get for trading
    where the guy went in with you for on him winning the Sycamore that was the county seat of DeKalb
    can I work at 14 years Fort Wayne IN
    just March is it smart to be 70 years you can buy a guy only got $4
    saturday more then we went in there
    where did corned beef and cabbage all the way to Fort Bragg on train I look out the window one time


    couldn’t see the underground new five engines on the train train
    attack of two days and two nights get there from Camp Grant
    lets run away and will sometimes you think back about if I could see you came from a small town in the all
    the all the parts of the world lives in Australia news I want to head over there with
    when we first got over there they didn’t have no camper North Korea in the park on the ground
    and then they brought us into town about 40 miles from Melbourne to send a town we live
    ridin with their family live I was pretty like you had three heads redone


    three daughters on the porch just 2 guyz serving breakfast
    breakfast in bed ohmygosh yeah I never had no running water and has an army base like that anymore
    anywhere else I can tell him I didn’t have nothing like that didn’t know they haven’t
    haven’t I just weren’t ready for the troops to alive and I know that just wasn’t ready for nothing
    early yeah I come quick see you take 32000 guys cumming engine
    guys we tried every morning they make a screen on a tree after you die
    Martin step you couldn’t you couldn’t even stay in bed all day


    when do they serve a beverage with buildabass there I don’t know I don’t know what they done got the jack
    Jackson quit after week after Marines land on Guadalcanal
    and then they run out of ammunition I mean I run out of planes in Alabama
    Eminem never run out of food everything there Delilah
    the Islander Destin FL around no surprise in Riverhead Vegas
    I got so much more add Battles art class adult night holder
    how did dumb going back again to your early training how is it you or anything


    what is the premier trailer as opposed to me but when I went in for children did you cut me off
    112 back up when your children 100

    close on right to color guys in front of me in the head venereal disease
    update get out but they didn’t run right back to me
    iwhitney artillery when are killers was the lucky draw
    3 week 1 train go run train gun and Camp Forrest Tennessee


    how to clean mud and then when I come Fort Bragg thats a national place
    play funeral for permit building that right you can see blonde guy from the end of America theater
    is it bad to eat spinach
    you’d have sand in that what you were told ya but I didn’t stay there too long


    are you close to the surface and I just need a lot
    keep you out of the service was it good that wasn’t going to keep you up
    so it was almost the luck of the draw be in the artery
    real good we had been for breakfast noon supper day trading
    betrayed me real good we had all English mean we had all American Nurses in in New Zealand

    its all ive been down here like that I don’t know what they feel


    how is Auckland New Zealand 6 weeks
    what month and a half now they take me out in the morning and working out
    I took care of a guy he had to hurt I had a ruptured appendix

    infection cefdinir if I said I didn’t leave I can’t stand it 2 days he died
    he didn’t get it all you know in scientific method gangrene
    Green he’s about 20 21 years old and he died


    we’re going to go to long pretty good joke did you ever do I go and try to make you exercise
    I couldn’t I couldn’t read it yet but you were too short yeah I probably thought you could
    I can do I still have stitches in your course they want to keep keep you moving
    how I know I didn’t in left nipple itches and steel who would you talk to youngsters
    unilorin nephew with what are the most memorable things that you want
    want to make sure they know about from your 44 years or more in the service during ww2
    when I lean back on 18 year olds come over and they didn’t know enough to lay in the center of the


    hot girl with a mosquito bar around and Emmett
    did they understand the bar 330 area
    new air filter cut out of rain tonight in making different than just got back from a Chino
    not not dead made out next time I see the bar and miss you baby goodnight
    432 Matt and you have no how later they bite you
    not just a female mosquito get in my area
    replacements and you know you guys got sicker like a guy drove in hip


    The Rock died Hidden Springs head open and replace
    18 19 year old fetus maiden North Carolina

    yoga program guide long for that that was behaving very small shirt
    Reno New Caledonia now they never had to marry mesquite is there
    is the outside of a 98 burn cow manure


    what they were area

    real beautiful w**** amendment
    is Great Big Sea great big universe

    underground the real full needles pineapples
    when they have bananas to you never hear about that long


    here I sit on a tree video to watch for the poison spiders bite you
    yeah I know what didnt we had a centerpiece 2 biggest thing with her tail

    image in the shell in Brazil in a pint Michelle Lynn
    you don’t reject it in your head
    it has 7 charges in their breath


    need your hands or legs are done on the shelf

    write go 7 mile
    2000 miles 7 miles from your house right now charge
    that’s quite a ways
    so when you were in one of these artillery firing


    the minute yeah they were already charged then or than

    1234567 gold and silver dinner 7 mile
    7 mile food when you cut it down it would go for it all depends on how you had the elevation
    one time when I told my elevation with too low in a pardon to tenant
    how far to carpool both beginning or the sergeant I told the truth
    we didn’t fire all day learning center inventory


    television with you like or what I told her it was you know
    14 not see you didn’t go beyond the inventory worth
    that’s what she said how many men were on the gun crew free time we had
    816 guys to cruise if im different day night we had 14

    volcano ever date will it work wrapped up in the mountains of the Equator


    show me know what the temperature it was no lights and UV dick down 34 feet
    hit water if I tore some water was the typical temperature
    22 daytime hundred Knight how to defeat the mood South
    International Date Line to the moon this time around the North like here
    who drowned her south end at night for your you lost your day going over again and they come back
    come back here is a tray of course yeah about
    I’m coming back to your Arabian crew what did each person do on a cruise


    we are young Glee season in Utah that picture that she had a drone Virginia
    carita gun get the powder charge right out they come in cases

    where to watch for them to get over an Eminem fan everything ready
    it had to be ready to go in the gun you know right away and I was the job of the loaders
    head what had a carb on a sergeant and I’m number one man in number


    phone number to Man 3 & 4. Give a guy hold together on the crew Navajo
    where to cruise
    sounds like a lot of people who have you avoid getting any other than 60 90 how did you get on
    void getting in each other’s way when you’re playing the gun what are the other stand back video

    too much sleep they wouldn’t even work too good to sleep in a little
    weird one guy one night he woke up I guess you going to win over a year and he had a semi automatic


    Guinness an elephant down arrow around Buddy Guy
    all around he got up all night you know any picked up gonna start to hurt
    hold I’m going to have their toothbrush
    take that away from me money automatically get big appetite
    808 try to get you when you went to trial bitch tied himself up in a tree
    you never know you had him dead or not to go not dead hes still be up there but there


    he always try to get you when you went fell like
    were you ever wish your unit ever fired on FiOS fiber when you were going to go ahead and go
    I had a gun at a gun the Japanese had a gun I must have it up in the mountains
    he tried to get to try to get to ship to come in the supply cone headed on track
    great big gun has a good morning 155 yet getting here to do in track
    Amtrak San Pedro Buy going out on the track and read it back on your ship to come in the harbor
    Harbor and one day in the east sergeant leaves in the foxhole he said you think you’re going to get in


    that’s what I said long to hear that
    I just one you don’t hear you’re going to get there and he won he was out
    any part in this airplane was up there and she saw the fire flash and boyfriend

    how tall were they are no more wow I finally got a machine
    Charlie your to come over about time you went to bed down
    you know about blue eyes can come over here so high that border


    40 or 50 millimeters to take a 9 millimeter reaching reaching is too high to win it

    Natalie Wood Road in Paris KY night fighter got him why was it called work
    trotting down you know why was it called washing machine Charlie Sheen Charlie doors come about time
    about time you went to sleep at 10:30 at night every night he is always on time
    any noise after the airport he’s always have the airport code heads big bats lay down you know


    down there and then terremoto planes can fly
    how to fix a lip next day and had colored eyes grow after not heat
    standard need a new mattress down and then the plains and ready to go when I go back and Bumble
    Loganville bomb them getting that I was ready for your own back
    where did he do that one night with W
    trade a car for order and we will all ready to go and then here


    he’s coming over and we’re all run for their pool in order when you know

    you just kidding me you know so you have room to stand or no
    seahorse make a doll card trick that way
    hello goodbye at the end of it has a long time ago I love daytime
    times you can t remember just the exact day the date it happened you know when everything but is always moving and not
    the weed weighed at 35 and 6 months on the guns and rifles where did little carbine


    the little truck gun you can farm with one hand behind
    they were departed 30 millimeter shell Japanese he had a 25 mill
    mmm what I hear that explode it is terio pieces you didn’t live with a hit you with it
    hidden if you have a felony in 25 millimeter when the heat index load
    Indian history app no internet
    45 in all repair 445 victory dance decorative big show


    Michelle to for the infantryman have the garage even though they had a Browning automatic running help
    Jim wants to know what they have
    how many got a new rifle to David Moore automatic in 2012 at first we had to World War
    420 Springfield Ave Springfield NJ
    look at that I mean if its 30 millimeter 35th ave. Porn show
    Robert Redford for bullying for that to write when they fired you know that they would burn
    Maria trattoria Neapolis 501 B 17 come in one night with my wife


    wife work on Wickham in one day had holes in it that big around the core power
    the coupon app out with dead radio operator Bowden Bowden
    motor it had holes drilled into it
    hope you had a lot better than blue doll the bag in for the Sun
    b17 bomber
    take a lot to survive survival ep 24 Denver credit fast
    what a big load is it b-17 317 fastener


    record a bigger load the U of M in Germany

    rage everyday everyday they drop fighter fighter hood always followed the bombers in OD
    2008 the girl had a thousand horsepower motor in it one time you run out of fuel

    Tron on the water in a thousand horsepower motor in there is no armor plate around
    Paladog one bullet heavy after not going down


    we had sex but I couldn’t come out of a dive no way they could outrun anything with him
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs house horsepower motor in there until later in the world
    it was good I’m good players there is good
    sweet like to talk about today
    Darrelle Revis this about it I had the most had the best food
    Buddha when I was within a day good for sandwich has supplied 50
    Navy Canadian hospital ship there


    corny line income New Hebrides ASVAB for 500 miles road and the Beast
    b47 we went way high Red Roof 8500
    Brunswick storm is about 600 miles from water canal and now I went in at
    Navy base air port on a talon
    how is it so small I said it already gave you
    good medical drama good
    good heavens real guns everywhere you go I had a lot of help I didn’t realize that the service is


    did repair ships and stuff like that I need it
    and then we’ll regional job like that it was a big gun rev limiter on Fiji
    who can I take care of it if you don’t take care of it right
    regenerator waiting to go back to unit
    prices right about 10 o’clock every night remember one night in New York


    all in 15 minutes barber cut loose with a big air horn
    take me away from action then after I left I don’t know I don’t like it when the Philippines were having a
    milk out of business that killed discharge and hers and she’s got a picture of St Louis
    St Louis say he was there the Jets come right to the inventory
    they want to keep them out and I don’t know how long I stay
    Atlanta outlet near your back
    back home when I was coming home help I’ve been a long time


    the long time ago
    yeah you got a good job of telling us great deal yeah
    do you have what kind of life kind of like that girl I like history
    I’d like to give you one more chance if there’s anything else you want to
    reminisce about I guess not HIPAA came home on Evans in Liberty
    Zack from going to come out with coming straight home become straight to the time Okinawa and it was for sale
    didn’t take as long as a month ago but I don’t think


    do we come back after 10000 miles from here to Australia
    Tappan New York what time it is a long trip
    yeah really running vest on that time I was going to ship a d5000
    John Johnston hurting from mid tech not know about Madrid
    droid about 30 40 feet of water have more than 5000 guys on earth
    that’s a lot of guys debunk
    and they had pipes up and had this Kansas title in pipe that holds the invite stolen


    vision bank Fargo ND guy gropes his stepmom Facebook
    I am lighter got tell you where two meals a day
    red breakfast about 1000 in a urine sample before
    is somebody with hard bags no like sheep to have a lot of money without you knowing Altria
    nobody read it and then I had to had some chicken there to everything with dehydration
    Irish potatoes hearing and everything like that reason why drink a little coffee
    because that sterilizing water is heating water with pretty file because that’s what I got


    Titus Welliver horse app so when you have 5 people sleeping
    tipping at the same right straight up tell my girlfriend when you got rough water that top guy he got
    he got pretty rock types on the ship you know and they started
    hard to break your water all over the floor Adam in them back now
    metal hard time doing that when we got out I got out of that have a storm ID
    everything quite and up you know everything
    redwave 2014 32 go down if you didnt hit that s*** paid on it in it


    rolling over for you ID hit on but when it went in there is it like
    walk like that that’s wrong
    1343 high Eagle down the internet could see it but if you need come up
    MUP it come up on top of the way he be riding high
    call Mike typhoons hit the song I was your man
    your mother mother go get wife to w**** island Hawk killed all the people on it and everything
    I never came out of water


    can go down but I don’t have it shipped miss Amal
    what is the temp you see water for 30 days and 30 nights you’re out there long time
    when your from the Midwest and haven’t seen it before it’s alright 2520
    120 pounds on the way over cause I didn’t eat much I got c6 am a god download
    no time to get the runs to you know you get scar
    stars who dont digest when you should just rock hold on
    Sedona rocks and rolls in a row like in up and down like this


    what hit them big waves hair when your getting close to Lance your feet
    you see the seagulls and stuff coming out and you see them purposes will not your fault
    faller go to sign up for the most of you
    well to recover when you got the wrong young to be crated
    what kind of food eaten in your head that it was all straight over there over there
    salad with lettuce good for when you were 18 a bet you never suspected
    suspected to be in Australia when you are 22 no appetite at 22


    I was in just about a year when in March is 31st and then I wish I was 20
    2522 an infected cut September and then I was Henry’s head
    weekend brewer feasible Twitter I never forget
    Wendover Marriott Memphis obit Indiantown Gap and we got off the train
    Bandcamp or fantasy is septa fare per minute Biggest Loser jump rental cars
    you know what u Haul cattle in 40271 Minnetonka
    New York train amor


    new dancehall upskirt at the end of the rope to hang on like that and semis
    semi cattle truck what yeah Yello
    load up makeup on the train again I want to trip with us birthday
    Indiantown Gap PA you’re getting pretty close New York long time
    how to draw Olaf in a semi trailer
    m2 with a overnight then camp out tomorrow
    where is removing all time moving storage U


    European representative of regeneration good feeling original 22
    who were living in something something to live through all that I’ll say no shoulder guys my age are
    imagine that charges he died not to the other one died
    dog eat human food barn in Kentucky teenager Trenton Illinois
    Steinbeck Fear River party or cold yeah he’s in micrograms is in my Grand Cru
    short way to write Belleville
    Yahoo thank you over this afternoon I’m glad you could come in cell


    can give us the security stresses me out what’s in the area
    chemical in a week and had heptitis mom at 24 years old
    the girl for a whole year
    someone hepatitis it works on your liver in your lane unit 12
    drink a beer you don’t come back up
    how many people come out of a can
    singer want I’m going to go to TV the judges you know Yahoo


    name of the guy that she couldn’t sing food
    you are your wife for telling me there was a moment where they said they were the telegram to your family
    your family back home about how will you wear your family got a telegram saying
    when I come back from New Zealand I got it I got an oval track in Meridian
    and I miss you always go and I took care of me to take out the mouth
    talk to mom about you jerk it out I went out one day at noon then come back the next day
    you got me just got out of Sacramento area


    went out I think I have a little yellow jaundice to use always
    everything is Yosemite right now that makes you Orianthi
    hello to your house for the week I was still run down yet from the operation C
    let me out loud come out that’s too good yet I wouldn’t I wouldn’t
    forgot what I was just saying that your family got to come to my house right now very worried
    Dr Sheba from Rhode Island called Rhode Island Red Sochi cumbieros ne pick me up make me sing it
    sing in the car to go to church ohmygosh yeah I know a lot of songs


    should come by and pick me up because I’ll take good care of here
    is a phase or final don’t you want to tell us about what your grandfather game
    what your grandfather gave you my rosary I got ya
    yeah yeah I’m in a ser Virgen yah we still on Guadalcanal
    service in the air come in an envelope crossword hanging out
    Effects of the end of it I want for Christmas is not 65 years old
    I think that’s what brought me back to the South Pacific I said everyday and loving it


    he said I’m older boy is I’m a go to hell but he says I’m going to go to church anymore
    he was he was a police and I watched as I’m going to go and then I went
    air trapping with coming right to the top of the town
    I was the only one there only 11 how to erase un party guys are the only one I want on Sunday
    and I’d had Moroder with me but I got done this is our God no border shopping
    vero pizza coconut limber
    Thomas boot camp Mac hold for their holding a service


    65 years old Chris vector company John Paul Pope
    Paul second Pope John high priest at Loudoun
    who’s down st.louis new years event he got back to me to get at me when you come back
    el Pope oh yeah he’s going to put ya hands
    has been read in Yahoo
    service 5053 Harrison 5150
    firefighters in that and he got said good luck charm


    Alex keeps up with me thank you very much
    little lady was in here where’s the little lady would he ask her if she’s cheating
    you think he here yet I see it
    I want to give a four leaf clover that’s right I think we’re done then