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Oral History Interview: Bob Spitze of Urbana


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Bob Spitze joined the Navy at age 21 after going through ROTC training in college. Soon after going through the Navy training program, he came back home and got married, only to then be shipped off to war. He was aboard an LST, which was a transport ship that often carried military vehicles like tanks and jeeps, or military personnel. Many of these ships were manufactured in Seneca, Ill., where the crews and officers would get aboard and travel down the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, out to the ocean. This is exactly what Spitze did. While in the Pacific, he participated in the occupation of both Iwo Jima and Okinawa, two small Japanese islands. At Iwo Jima, Spitze says, he was witness to the great tragedy of the battle, and the final American victory when soldiers raised the American flag. For Spitze, World War II brought attention to the fact that we live in a global community. Now an economics professor at the U of I, he recognizes that the war was a result of certain global and national economic systems that allowed greed and the hunger for power to take hold of both economic markets and governments. But Spitze believes that we can ultimately recognize the importance of our global community and live at peace with one another. He and his wife have been educators ever since World War II, participating in educational efforts, not only in the U.S., but also in European countries during the reconstruction phase that followed the devastation brought about by the war.

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    where is the veteran interview with Bob spritzee
    for the veterans history project in studio X of Campbell Hall Fordham
    will TV on October 9th 2007 collected by Jessie Phillippe
    what start off
    by asking were you aware of the war that was that was already going
    going on overseas before Pearl Harbor was attacked yes yes


    aware of it. In fact but also my family
    family has been
    should I buy warz 4x we know so I heard it from a family in my day
    my dad was in ww1 the blood out the trenches of France
    so where and what was going on
    how do you find out about it through what news sources
    I was off of fairly avid reader of


    newspaper we don’t have TV horse
    Radio wasn’t so common source of information so I used to
    the newspaper ok what was
    what was the general feeling of whether or not the US should get involved
    brave in the country
    MMI Ariel what I was at the university town
    which I think was look different than the surrounding community cinema pessimism


    hoops and apprehension about the war and I think that
    Pharrell almost all communities we were we were
    we were a nation that had withdrawn from the world essentially between the wars
    we would be left alone I was our culture and keep leather cleaner
    how popular were had to be officially against the war
    it hard to get elected that was how I felt I was
    apart of that So Raven


    the mint
    when and how did you join organ involved in the armed forces
    answer the situation continued
    where I was city what I heard a Pearl Harbor get its saying so much
    so my best friend’s march down the street does the National Guard
    guard I became very much personally more aware of it talk to my father a great deal
    deal about it I had some real concerts problems as to whether I should


    what it to be involved and I resolve those
    satisfactory that this was what I need to do like my father and all
    call my phone answer them so I did the best I could
    Panda and serve us in the most out of a way I could Superman on it was how I
    how I have a bald head sided to go into a baby and still the Army for happy
    reps up because my dear father he said Robert
    the baby at least has a place for you sleep every night


    don’t forget those words and some white boy from the Midwest
    I like the baby feels like in ROTC early college
    College aya a joint that labels that was better when they would call her
    call the shop so I got to my junior year in college and it was time for me to report
    okay so how old are you at the time
    1943 s 521
    South Windsor Navy how did you feel when you said goodbye to you


    it your family left home and went into the military
    cervix feel that there’s a degree of of sadness and loneliness says
    navigate to marvelous
    companion that I can learn to play with in college
    we were engaged but we’re going to wait till after or before marriage
    is very difficult to say goodbye to my family
    how tall do you have a sense of anticipation of something new


    something new come along that had never experienced by boys Ben 10
    open welcome to do I didn’t sweat it was a big stud kind of feeling I was going to make the
    make the best of it and I assumed that it was most broadly experience I have ever experienced
    I never had that I could get to spy on Broadway and West Hansell soon as I got involved in it
    the sadness will replace someone by the day today commitment
    and the New Deal chief else you just do things we did them Boyz capitulos contact
    horse with my family by Maya fiance but the Bible


    free fast haven’t gotten married before
    don’t we were just engaged give her the ring
    bring me to commit murder father and so forth but we BDK
    petite other that we would each do the best we could everyday
    birthday which President never missed a day in the Navy that means you
    me and you get a power of letters some days and then you’ll get a per 2 3 months
    she got the same thing


    what was it like going from civilian life to military life

    it was not just one but mine came a little slower
    in the last days all of students language colleges had to go to ROTC
    UCR in order to see what we had our address to my campus pencil
    I was forced to sensually to take that which I took a sip of matter of course
    like physical education something so I became a big


    identified with Kim clinic with a military kind of a structure
    I am and all that goes with a tenant before I actually go in labor
    baby soft I’ve had two years of that before Black Sabbath 3 years that
    before I got to have to do the naval David
    just one what do difficult mean when a potato a rebellious
    person that invented but I am at I’m able to adapt whatever the situation
    the situation is not very useful as I came in the situations abs


    workouts to have to learn to take it on the chin
    so being that you
    where in ROTC to go like we’re not sure when you enlisted
    list it or did or did you have to bite Baltimore training
    training and other good luck for trading ROTC has two
    has two levels and I know it as a first two years for everybody holster
    Austin’s remember if you wanted to get more specializations


    commissioned you take two more years I had chosen by the end of year Aly
    baby instead of at party so I did not go into the
    upper division lltc okay so that I’m at now was in the stream
    how to become an officer in the Naval Reserve
    I trained two different universities Wanted Arkham City College in southern Arkansas
    Arkansas access my home aerial view Arkansas homeschool
    at Arkansas am at Law School the seventh brother state became a trading round


    foster we spent four months there and then I was shipped to
    2 Columbia universty of all places in New York City New York City
    contrast a farm boy from the Ozarks find yourself a little too
    institution in the middle of the richest cities in the world and I found it both challenging
    little bewildering tremendously informativa awakening soul
    soul in training at Columbia University for four months pregnant job cut
    the potter’s wheel to speak up at Lee is a graduate actually got my


    commissioned the Cathedral Cathedral Saint John the Divine New York City the Great
    red tube station that swear that’s where I was commissioned in the bed gotta
    short for low with my commission infant insert
    Vinson commissioned Panda wet back home that’s one
    my dearest not decided would rather spend the rest of War Marry the not so wee
    we had a shorter period for hanging a wonderful wedding of people
    the people who are still around 34 days Honeymoon Island


    party company
    what kind of things do they teach you in the neck
    in all the service the first
    the first thing is discipline you learn to take an artery carry
    carried out of the surgery what difference of university life
    Black River surveyor select have her singing many people could not do that they had a great day
    great difficulty I found it the harsh femdom Jackson


    Jacksonville but I lied aptitude what’s the first thing but sexually
    but you you further your skills I took mathematics
    pixel a social science flagyl side of War history 11
    whole gamut of underage drinkers subjects of Brandon
    always the drill drill drill drill learnt
    learn to stand there and take the golf whatever
    cuz you got to confirm you got it for me so that that support all the service


    the part of a bell for trading in front of guy in 224 specific things of
    alpha leadership of leadership training
    Panda how how you take command of the vessels
    if your communication officer in charge of that that’s what you get a more specialized
    what you do all this s*** look like all night they want more of it
    people out of rain hurt so up as long as you did your job and work hard
    start with shy did I enjoy New York City terminus Leafly culture their butt


    you work hard if you do your job and they do come out passing by
    passing Busters was speak you get the condition when you start having take responsibility put the rapper
    practice the things that you learn

    face in the Navy so which
    UC Irvine I turned on on two ships


    the time I got to have it we were primarily in Mississippi end of the world just this feeling
    Atlantica not to sad but I would’ve been the best of head
    so great dealer Western war
    twerk hip hop books shipping island to island
    so I served on two kinds of habeas ships the biggest Southern College
    ship take they were designed as a big tub
    to transport the only troops for also equipment trucks


    trucks takes all the other girl goes long to work with in the future
    tell me I was like and I served on 14
    in for a few months USS 7:30
    pretty ships handbags Chesapeake area Learning
    Miranda the goalies are the functiob life and actually help train other crews
    but then they were forming a new cruise to take the ships into the western Pacific
    so I became a part of a crew of which we form to train together at a


    daddy day camp camp Bradford Inn in Virginia and then what are ship
    became available we transport it right back here to Illinois
    where they rebuilding the zealots tease on the Illinois River at 7
    Pacifica pier built Chevrolet
    Chicago Art of Steel Company was hard to just come out
    build a head assembly line on the river that turned out these ships from
    probably what’s the weakest aspect huge production process


    are ship is ready to be launched LST 642
    what is the other crew and XDR spouses came for lunch
    the peninsula in the LA River we gotta win it with our crew about
    about 90 of classes of of of a non-commissioned
    Russian people have gone to ship wrote it down there Illinois River
    River and the Mississippi River Delta New Orleans outfitted it there
    and then and then and then I thought it was getting ready for the Midwestern


    experiential app to Panama Canal of the Western core support post
    took it out Hawaii did some trading block in Beijing
    patience rabbit Hawaiian Islands and then we’re heading on
    about time we got there the Marshall Islands leave at 5 Mariana Islands
    droid security and they were being used as staging area for the rest of Lee
    warpath and I swear first preparation and engagement
    David was he would Jima and that was for the products. Obviously


    what did you really sense what they’re what terrible war is and what it can do
    can and cannot do but that’s what’s up how was your first experience
    what was it like on board the LST
    free unlimited well it was early livable as my dad
    edit Word you have a place to eat sleep and you do and is long as you’re here
    cruising cross the Pacific is a fairly nice sweet ass dance
    the comfortable ships obviously working for officers to what we have to stay true


    on the main deck where is the crew of the various levels of the crew had to
    who have different kinds of combinations down in the hole and I’m sure they’re there couple
    I got there what is was actually a bad good food what’s a little
    but if I have a metaphysical church did Arizona’s practice long with ulcers look
    and all the military like a part of you to accept this
    SD reader part of a URL part of it so other day when life was challenging
    learning responsible with joy Colorado lottery


    and we were always aware of the tiger be getting worse
    because we’re getting closer and closer to the point of engagement start
    take a lot more seriously don’t forget the last time way
    last night we were in Hawaii was in charge of communication
    Asian office that was my role which are the communication ship we had about separate officers charged
    charger different parts of the ship Humana golf shirts that give off certain 500
    how was it different sex and up Maya bhai ki radio


    what did you go out and see some of Honolulu the last night
    I’ll probably unwisely said yes
    Panda we were quite ready the next morning to hurry up to medications like we should
    we shouldn’t and we’re actually had a big commander on our ship
    and I’m sure he was watching me all I long to see whether I would really miss anything
    is a guy hits a list of stuff about ready for cuz I made that decision
    what the young man had worked all night at the crib with noise and see where it goes next morning


    wanted but so Calif Asian face
    were never talk about the locations that you some of the locations at your service
    evil Jima tell me about someone
    the locations of deserving Bell after after human Gmail
    iPad job was to deliver deliver Marines on the beach which we did
    the burning of the invitations never forget that of course


    and then we had a lot of equipment so I took a selfie several days to get that
    disgorge condoms at the beach
    and then a job was to retract and go back
    and get the additional supplies that the staging area which we did
    how to write I was able to to see the tragedy of the
    demon invasion of the flag going up at all
    all that stuff in Phase I


    about Cher we we had a couple hundred
    what breeds are on the ship getting ready to go in
    NFL HOF officers next April we had another
    read officer of medicine in the same room and I got to get well
    what will equate with a lieutenant from the east and the brains
    neighbors Harvey and the
    I’ll never forget the morning the invasion hero Bob


    Eli Manning make it true here’s my wifes amazing
    Maid sama dress would you please let her know
    when will the weather be what you love. Many people survived at home folder is terrible terrible
    that’s what he was going after the second day we were
    we weren’t formed about it it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done life was to
    I write a letter to his wife so after
    then we’re getting ready for Okinawa which was the next big engagement


    so we went in 20 can I was with you the whole process again it was a much longer
    corrected invasion that he would Jima that was a black cumblast
    6th Man of the mainland Mary Pearson Ford
    how are I get a job with the ticket troops baking supplies
    of which we did Lady Gaga pretty well doing hard job
    the suicide bombers were coming id Fighter coming for that time of Fortune Wii worth
    spared that but I had to have a lot of experiences of


    f how you how you carry on this comment terrible tragedy of
    are the effects of it and still maintain your sanity
    so far out with them a beer getting back in the Philippines but I don’t feel
    the Philippines be scared weird that I use the Philippines estate Jr getting ready to go into Japan
    so we’re pretty well long vibration tool and we had the pontoons on the
    Google decide the ship but your used to bridge a gap between of the doors on the bay
    on the beach not wait for sure what you’re going to so we had those on we weren’t


    got the news of the end of the war and why
    whats up a little celebrated occasions quick
    Piccolo and Gohan map we will always always information

    the Destroyers remedies for taking huge hotel of Alice to use another
    Scripps ancillary flooring long between somewhere around
    around the area of Philippines and Japan


    the news came through that the war was over
    and we had a little bit of a maverick cover captain
    kissing guy cumming joi the real bad so he told
    Tobias Critic a child tell a turn toward the United States
    pencil Hellman slave ship around Big formation
    and the commander of the flotilla beat leaf what are your intentions
    we’re heading home he said I suggest you get back information sur so


    edict of worms off I’ll get back in
    back and long time to restart home but the that was a video reaction to get home
    call me when you get out of this works I don’t think he was her
    that but the other forget it I
    where there any dangers of your work other
    other other than battle related dangerous like on the 5th
    will health insurance health problems can be watch live


    watch love that we didn’t have much time we actually had one offer we had to put a shore
    because of seasickness interesting psychological phenomena
    most of asking to chat adapter with almost always get sick of sushi
    sushi on the ship in it what you’ll get sick in the bed you get over it and you’re good
    and so I almost went through that we had what officer Tippit could not get well as win football
    sure of course
    quite good medical care because we had Cortland


    Autotrader AZ S&R doctors with traders fair for that on the ship
    but then we get to shore what weed gets taken care of
    family of war related
    Ina Garten what are the invasion Jr menu nutrition
    the warrior always subject to to me submarines
    MBLAQ time to work wasn’t too much aircraft over summer
    around but then it in Beijing time there will be air craft and then


    Atlanta for the word the suicide bomber say we just come in headlight into the show
    H&R 22 exploded parts of the LSD was not that big
    that big dragon favor try to get a battleship on a carrier
    cibellis T’s were were hit by suicide bombers
    weather for your ears to your subject to the Windsor
    map of weather will the Pacific Ocean is called its a beautiful place to be
    what it’s furious it’s a terrible place to be so we were caught in one type of


    Thai food essentially between the iPad Philippines and
    hand up Okinawa weather I suppose
    post predictions rolling cash 5 past looks like we should have a boyfriend but we just found a sales right now but love it
    the Terrible typhoon and all you did was just held on
    Vanguard shipping today to Florida round round
    huge waves also a coarse fine layer image over
    is over and I should I not go down but there are some ships lost in those terrible weather


    weather related accidents
    okay so I had to Griffith in
    free vivid
    so so then you were actually read when you in combat
    eva angelina evil Jima and Okinawa and we’re getting ready to be
    lesbian Japan which most of us are quite sure what animal was terrible
    innovations in the world ever see Russia snus


    Stickley ideaology of the Japanese tragic fight I’m sure
    Sherman Expect When will prevail like we did in Europe
    were you ever wanted to know
    will a ship never came under direct fire
    virtually Minneapolis to use there their
    Larry hit by 11 get hit with a with a


    with AR Marshall that would be over with our course if a Japanese have to
    think about what they would normally not do after us so I can
    no I came out and scabies the physically believe
    deadly but wiser you with your brother fast
    look back on a steak at age of 21 22 23
    terminus changes much more of inform
    person which works. What’s more expensive now


    person the world not just a state in United States in the sense that
    we are apart of a global community graduate I think Cable videos
    the office and that was one of one of it. Love you for
    euphoria for me like the other veterans we do
    we do or do not be the only answer to human existence but what to do about it
    and we were aware that there was talked about United Nations Wrightwood
    is right with the world is going on the last year of the world alot of hair for tonight


    sting every month of the invasion de Vegeta price of a day
    our president and the other for beating
    I’m making plans for the first international conference which was held at
    San Francisco latter part of that month to launch the United Nations
    which one of the great human visions that throws ever
    will the note and it brought a lot of Hope to Minneapolis
    Shirley this is a better way to go and we are proud we are apart of a c***


    what country that would give readers ship to that it was respected and sets at war
    can’t be the answer for this not the first answer that
    Secretary General United Nations said the previous one head coach who won the Great was I think
    he didn’t get that coffee is very much because of what has been going on the last Friday
    last 5 years what he said war has to be the last resort not the first resort and so true
    truth so that there will be sensed that wear what they wear
    should get a period when are children or grandchildren I have to go to work


    like everyone of my generation I go back and forth every generation has to fight the law
    Michael Oher and I might say the period of the sixties and seventies
    where where a period me a forecast for a lot of that America
    Krishna walk in the picture Leroy the course of something different
    Motley done a lot of problems with lot better than the alternative
    and we sense that the world was undergoing tremendous change that euphoria
    has given away to a great deal of fat does sorrow and and I


    I’d say a disillusionment too many abortions last 10 15 years
    when we go out of course and the fact that we might
    we might allow ourselves to be engaged to another international
    gagement goes on for years and years is unsinkable
    Patrick wild
    do you remember
    in in battle remember any sights sounds


    smells are sensations that were particularly
    the student out for tickly ne what I do get the ring sights
    smells sounds are sensations that stood up for taking me in in battleon
    will certainly have a tremendous
    sights and sound of
    invasion cannot be forgotten
    battleships behind you wallpaper over


    most powerful bombs at that time are the 4th island
    itsy an island just completely cleared of all known
    old humans and vegetation through that process is a
    is a sight to behold the site to to be respectful and be worried
    be worried I’ll be asleep with tremendous destruction and then we were involved
    different troops into Japan for several months
    baking supplies into the lair of the forces that were occupied


    if I am and as soon as we got into Yokohama harbor
    after they had 1 train running between the shipyard downtown
    alcohol downtown Tokyo and the sea that from men
    Mendez urban community completely devastated sexy nothing standing
    nothing is hard to imagine that could happen in the center
    the center of Tokyo in there we found the Imperial Palace area was was on skates
    escorts that was delivered but not bombed not destroyed to try to deceive


    the sea if we couldn’t gauge do the Japanese to surrender through through that serve processed
    but that that that that that says she the best devastation that can happen
    happened hot it is its awesome I’ve been back to Japan
    since then I know exactly what will a human beings can do
    modern efficient form of the cities of the world
    I seen those two what time is what they would become destroy
    Delaware the human being can can construct


    I can build and we as people and societies have choices
    and we understand and I thought it surely will make rational choices
    that’s what the reason why I’m so glad that we had to scrape were serious I think it helps
    what helps maybe a lot of people today I have no idea what the hell never stay working
    twerking do and because we both stared at by March in this country
    atleast had a chance to learn about it LED lights for business
    sight and sound owl ever forget


    what what were the worst moments that your witness to
    what’s your number will have of eluded
    to them softly departing my love
    I love my family was in terrible bullet formy the Thai food
    food with a terrifying experience in the different kind of W
    double vision itself a terrifying experience
    and I just see the destruction afterwards I was Justin


    Deli in my mind I can never paid I can take pictures
    dailyom never forget them
    the human tragedy of having your friend killed we didn’t have it so much
    what’s the Navy sea urchin a city but the closest I had was this
    friend of the Marine who live with goodbye
    buy that word again he would never breathe again
    the well in the bridge with army experience at all the time


    will the baby its the Seas ship hip to know what’s going on there
    hardcore to feel the fury of of weather
    f*** me like that I have some tragedies of crew going down the Mississippi
    Mississippi how we had one crew and I decided couldn’t take
    couldnt take it so I tried to swim with weed. Wood River
    river for safety as we record down somewhere around luge
    Louisiana last night before you guys New Orleans and he decided make a swim Ford


    self rejection and that we knew the next morning it was
    board and then we as a communication officer
    I got a message that the body has been found floating dearest and we’ll never fight
    define assets are what are sailors the Big Dipper decision points come with tragic play
    sex with the young man do you have to do that
    baby photos of better that way but it was a tragedy
    what it was we felt very rare kill about


    what’s the word
    a chaotic time frame
    it was it was chaotic in terms of love surround me
    brown bags in terms of of my personal life existence it was not so chaotic
    I was able to have that was able to see our God is able to bring order into it
    and so I did not have eyse the psychological impact that that some
    chaos did anothers on the way back I’ll never get that what we’re finally


    funny discharge new Manila and I got on a carrier
    come back to United States have about a week or two Distillery long though
    pure luxury so to speak and I spent that time headless hours
    completely alone essentially triglycerides rest of my life what I want to do but I came
    I came back home and I’ll be free drive but my bride
    and try to make some sense out of my life what do I do with my life so I can still remember
    Riverwalk in this by the beautiful mood lights of suffocation


    trying to figure out just what do I want to do what I had to sort it out
    reverse options I hadn’t values I would Express why do I would it
    what would it to continue education I felt like the place that I like
    I can do it myself and I also help others what is the white part of it
    it was it was a dick amateur latina
    . Said it took me another year or two after I got back and
    potatoes cool before I was able to side exactly what I want to do is Greer


    came and then turn it on its been graveyard music by professional
    national life has been wonderful great ecstasy of joy of my life and I both had
    I found what I want to do something I thought was worthwhile the covers
    copper sheeting I still remember rev limit
    what didn’t you believe
    was at stake in the war at the time
    ice a sink I understood pretty well with the world up against


    what carefully use my words
    we found in World War II leading up to it
    that an economic system can be extremely
    useful are configured correctly complete terribly destructive of a human
    Big and soul capitalism
    what is going to buck buck in Japan
    Japan it going to back in Germany and Italy a cure


    Kepler’s which is people who use the power of the brackets
    rocket system in a complete gun control way to achieve their as witches
    which is Ctrl and that coupled with very little
    Arno democratic government I’ll be physical with lizard thicket Oregon that combination
    of uncontrolled
    unlearn of regulated capitalism
    coupled with military couple liquor shop


    is a tremendously Liesel think it has salt tragedy this world. Raft
    so I just did that was going on and it is a fact
    affected the way I’ve tried to deal with my own understanding of economics
    a public policy making of government aMDA
    I think that that we’ve got a continued reminder
    remind yourself that we understand what it is it weird talking about we talk about economic system
    sweet talk offical systems can I personally am very strongly


    respectful of democracy I don’t think of a better way to organize yourself
    resolving conflicts I think that some kind of a market system is what
    what the best ways but cannot be an uncontrolled bracket does a bucket system control
    is fishes but the combination of a democracy
    in a market system can be tremendously powerful forces and Hagar shore
    what they can now to clean Europe has taken the toilet
    turn they did for 400 years they are now since it go to work together


    help bring peace among cells in the world and user command economic
    cleco power for good beans
    so yes I think I knew it was going on
    and I got to be going on in this world the last 10 years or so freakin grown country
    rapper Slim extremely distressed about it feel like we must
    we must learn that there’s more to life in morgue
    what does society mean Tripoli using military power to achieve some place to live


    ask me something for the Deaf
    so I presume that that your idea of what was going
    what’s going on well I’m sure changed someone
    in what ways did it change or did you know if you have an idea what was going
    what was going on the whole time
    no I never been out this world before and so I learned something about
    what was going on in Japan and then when the first things


    I have no idea but I got back my wife and I can’t I hear of studies at the first Summer
    we used up some savings should saved up somebody from her cottage
    college teaching I have some saved up the service we had to reach out find out so
    we join other students from all across this country that formed all kinds of
    study tours to Europe so we step 10 weeks in Europe
    working with student groups in those countries trying to find out their vision
    visions of a different world cuz I just been through it late see their countries destroyed


    Anderson from Ennis Lee informative wake me spirits
    can I gradually understood then more than I had before of what
    what what football Europe have its problems changing
    was terminus lady in crazy in 2 minutes late invigorating
    waiting to be a good night with me back to your many times since
    professionally at the I’m still its wrong with the tremendous changes
    taking place in left for the world within a matter of 50 60 years


    compare to win it been throughout Earth’s history that shows what can be done
    human beings its to sleep can bring about change if they are so inclined
    what kind of things did you learn when you were like
    educational military in Europe
    Europe well a learn
    rather quickly let students from Scotland from France from
    a from Austria where all customer feelings


    feelings will have super aspirations sure we have different ethnic backgrounds
    my background is true and I love all my ancestors German Layal
    all were part of the German culture they all left Germany because of their
    disaffection with what they have been doing
    women in their war like in them in their dictatorial waste so as you are
    as young people all my ancestors came to this country pay their own way
    The Gambia part of a different experiment in human history


    going over there I’m sensing the young people in Germany were not like
    f*** my hot sisters had experienced things were different there too but they were still struggling
    struggling very much and I let them know the meaning of a government listen to ABBA
    Tabitha debated what kind of cookies do they want what are coming future they want
    going on at all these countries have been really quickly there a vault
    a sense of communion among those countries sought France and Germany
    England protect its force to keep fighting the good fight a street history


    why do we figure out a way to resolve differences and so that was a beginning of a European
    European Union which is not really strong force politically economically
    economically and socially throughout the world there’s always gonna be different groups
    groups and leaders always going to be German background app refresh your just like to go to be
    Illinois background of Wisconsin background but you can still rise above
    is a bump that there’s something called the human race that has silver
    aspirations where to get to get me to not do it suit only


    only private Esperanza through private sick thinking my old mine and my
    hand and we’re trying to suck it up now so
    speed lot of my time at retirement what does 2 working with young groups
    in this community wonderful young people with it still work with and tried to see as late
    I tried to put new ideals in the derivation of a kind of cookie are they want to be a
    how to be a part of it we tried to duration and courageous
    benefits part that’s where the future is a recognized or not


    directions something’s gotta change we cannot we cannot continue waste our resources
    container planter we cannot configure provide for own resources of NJ
    education and health did the structure and then duh
    we can’t get erection at doctor of the future so that its that kind
    what kind of a division that has been erased
    can be at is it so we’ve gone through this night lifetime
    time of 84 years of depression


    of the tremendous war of euphoria after war ensemble
    disillusionment now but still white after pristiq but the human being have
    big has to something more than be concerned about their own personal welfare
    Alderwood goals and objectives out there something beyond them
    call themselves
    what does water is going to require a very effective efficient car


    what kind of of police force human beings are not
    necessarily innately gorgeous
    before piece Vergo have conflicts that so I gotta figure out how to resolve
    resolve the conflicts peacefully thats what education do it for the justice system
    and we got to have a police force with that have military force to protect
    protect these things but not to enter is it not enough to talk to
    talk to precipitate the very thing were trying to stop the specs for the military


    for the police for a justice system for our political leaders
    m24 specs for entrepreneurs to make arm economic system work
    for everybody not just for their own greedy self the labor group
    the farmers way all got something we can do if we learn that we are part of a
    part of a community be on our selves
    during the war did you write home often
    every day every day I would write


    and I can still remember I know the things I would say and I try to share
    anime with Kleck be the course of the whole crew and I would get to shore bags
    bags and later file a get back my wife would get a bunch of day
    and we find our own much so I get a letter from her that was the day that everyday
    everyday but big hard ball of fur I wanted to
    I would that spread out so I just start them
    Avenue let her everyday hello we’re out. In the between


    between the engagement
    David art in this country
    what are the art forms are the courses is that the art of love
    all the movies and we had some tremendous movies
    the two movies that that help me understand he would Jima Flags of Our Father
    father and Amanda Letters from Iwo Jima watch stores
    reverie lived and died recognized while I was out there


    they’re not recognize more sip time I was writing to my dearest
    talking about how I know I thought we’re doing pretty good job without weed food with whatever
    River Japanese soldiers write to their wives of racing way they were here
    over here and think about me when she with 20,000 young men
    we’re riding home do I need never get out there live
    but still have the right home they did absolutely Dursban found
    how do you say how do you tell your loved one I’m doing what is right but I never seen


    never see you again mMmmm
    art can do that the movies can do that lived under 2 minutes job I think
    porn speaking of life
    movies that end in art that have
    look back at War how do you how do you view
    review the books in historical accounts in Arden and movies
    list of ww2 and the events surrounding your experiences


    rancid like expensive part of the weather in urine
    I give a passing grade at night I think that it’s done
    it’s done a lot of good and it’s a bit different assessment grade
    can I take the extent to which the artist was trying to convey something very real
    real apartments rent in Suffolk December sellers make a couple minutes
    what’s the difference in a lot of trash great deals on the tube
    two best trash I’ll be sleeping here entertainment file another table thats sad


    Atlanta large build around Warsaw from time together it so I see some
    Pizza movies he would you I thought were useless of me loves all bills
    pride and patriotism in great heroic efforts of individual ribbon
    how sad terrible it is thats what I think so the moviegoer
    movie makers have graduate learn the come back after meniscal condition that be the best movies
    holier than this about all parts or not just you would you look for sex with it
    recognized and not just movies in minutes


    how old delimar in Jackson this community in his art
    understand that he would be in a relationship
    small heart heart to do that
    second chance to see any episodes of the burn
    burns from what I’ve seen samples on my side I do not
    Hickory point because of other commitments that the family has had enough
    pick up lunch time take it all but I’ve looked at the parts of it


    I am a turkey does a barback job I like this previous average salary
    PBS is doing Forest we work hard to help it survive is what a great it’s too
    institutions of our earth culture Robert Burns
    is a great artist in the previous ones is done about the Civil War
    brothers I’m going to say that I only did he made the choice
    take the world be better off having seen this and I hope that
    NFC lot of people seen a lot of my younger friends I didn’t realize this isn’t what wars


    tremendous joy
    if I ever get really retire doll price for the item that look at everything to everyone
    what I have done it yet
    sorry Glenn Beck
    back to the matter that you were riding home did you describe
    at like a scribe what you were actually in
    experiencing in your letters or digits like did you


    making your stomach roll
    is personal Los Angeles with reminiscing reminiscing with my Perry
    apparently with my wife and him talk about social interaction
    directions around the ship of I would
    I would often try to characterize what physical what’s going on but
    I’m bad by law and by sensorship we had to be very careful on that we were charged
    charge of the troops and I’ll never forget that the tragedy wheels off her head


    the center of every letter when we from our crew and then we had you separate cut out parts
    I had I could face up to the fact that I would
    I would I would release a letter from what are crew members evil carelessly said I should
    should’ve said some things because we are advised to pick it up talk about the war that’s
    legal and we had to take it out in the water but his wife daughter is loved one
    what to get a letter laugh was cut out with Office probably have a wart control
    Controller Pro u listen what we did but we would


    Wilfred say things that I’m sure I left them at idea where we were lyrics with tell him where we were
    what was mostly personal gives relief
    sit down and have pleasant thoughts and beliefs
    relief from from the boys on androud
    reading a was a better course
    how was it for how was it for your wife
    how did you how was your wife coping with the war


    well I can only without baking soda
    remember what she said and we talked about a great deal she’s always been over 8
    very committed person she decided that did 5 years of age to be a teacher
    she’s ever let it from bad to use a great high school teacher original versity teacher
    teacher great parish is known throughout the world in her field
    and so she was committed to that and then she started then but itchy
    high school Oregon shooting abolish job I’m sure you tell me about that


    iPad she was so you moving up through the ranks of love
    great teachers what I came back and then she decided
    I decided we would start a bar so we went to graduate school sex with together
    she had to interrupt her as long as I f*** your family start because we delay
    would like that long enough so she did not about the turnover ratio of kids to have it also
    she stayed home I like to kids were young and tender
    when I go to school to be then she went back to school she got her doctor then


    later than I did and tigress
    what we got here in 1960 I have my doctor died
    what I had Rabita professor Tennessee in I had it up to here and she had her
    Federer new doctor and she came to campus and have negative urine test
    temperatures of meat despotism is a policy that grip
    depression but maybe other places to visit that they cannot have more
    have more than one member of a family employed in some public agencies such as you


    University are high school and so we have nepotism hearing are statures
    airtight and I live in streets near that time would not roulette Norway
    will we change this because it hits the very basis of Survivor something on some nonsense
    my phone does not take that lightly
    she was skinny Comanche was qualified and sew what open camera
    makemeup she applied for a chicken out of the top PA ranking in the country of celebs
    so that her goodness trader at this university was able to take those recommendations


    directions to go to her provost of time save this is what you doing tonight
    why women spouses a chance to tell me the gender at 14 weeks
    we had we had wonderful educated women in the sciences social sciences I spent 20 years
    being nothing more than just a place
    classroom teacher in sections to be able to be used to exercise the rights and privileges in response
    responsibilities of assault herks
    strong enough to save a special K accept you if letter word like in 1962


    listen to she was great add exception to this rule and so she was probably the first 10 years
    take your spouses of put it on this campus which were very poor Ellen and she’s proud
    is proud of and it went on for another 10 years before I forget this
    chains that look like a member I was able to help bring about a change in this time
    there was a great day we took it to the Senate finally got it prove it baptism is not the way to go
    so now I was glad heart couples with couples
    how to tell me what a woman has almost the same rights as men obviously not quite


    quite but they look different that was back in those days of sushi cooked
    murdering her job very strong willed person during the summer
    in summer when they were in class she volunteer to go to the Pentagon
    she was the type of typing for computers
    you type all archers 16 pages with carbon copy
    she was good at that and so she help with the war by working out
    the Pentagon between her her kitchen


    sushi story about those things
    what what did you look forward to the most when you thought about
    what about coming home from work I love driving my house
    buy a wife and couldn’t see my family again
    the second thing was getting back into education
    feeling Big Student of Learning Abroad mind because ID seen so much I needed to
    Atlanta to consolidated and so are the travel to Europe


    health Tucson that and we both went on 3 together
    guitar advanced degrees because that’s way we were getting some sense of what
    what are worthless how we might make a contribution
    so it was not a smooth path
    sleepless nights as I was trying to figure out what I want to do I clear showyourdick
    teacher. You have to worry about my life is not quite that clear so it took me a long time
    about Lorde at the mountain children as a search and struggle how it feels


    what do that too what time
    this is tape 2 of veteran interview
    interview with Bob Spitz seeds from Urbana Illinois for the veteran
    veterans history project in Campbell Hall Studio X
    WRAL TV October 9th 2000
    after the war was over was it possible for you to


    put it behind you complete me online free
    pirate windows already made it possible I didn’t
    I didn’t mean to. Didn’t want to I think there must be some experience
    . Submit experiences of veterans at the symptoms of not want to stay in that provide
    but even think about it I’m saying that because I need something
    they have to get out of some point probably are still maybe this will help
    I felt like I could talk about I haven’t I haven’t spend a great deal time my family over my head


    wake me up at does it it wasn’t something I just want to spread the word but I would not
    apologetic for a lot in Paris by and have not ashamed of it
    what is just part of experience that Pat Benatar been asleep for tomorrow
    part of my life and I was Radiohead
    continue to like participate in
    Mike Wayans OR
    the American Legion or things like that no I haven’t


    how I have
    dog injection to people who want to tell you that
    that was not experienced that ice
    I fake it so great that you swear to keep on living
    what to keep a pet you get the Patriot in military
    not proud of people who have chosen that I knew what to but I hope that
    I hope they don’t go for that to the extent of everything else either to be social


    social interaction is much more productive on issues having to do with the community
    50 Avenue of the problems we have having to do with the ways that we can move ahead
    where is a great dealer Miller trade
    camaraderie has been
    the perpetuation that myself that I didn’t I didn’t
    can picture you want it song by thats a player but I didn’t


    Elizabeth Warren qualitative
    question but what about your experience
    experience and that of others in Spanish
    infinite flight positions in the war tu
    you was what do you think was
    what significance is significant or important about that experience


    variance to our understanding of work today
    I think that the interaction of head with other
    what other veterans which can be both casual and can be freely serious
    and I are welcome to Adam David gage in that but it’s been
    casual is Ben and not that big
    but I know I have talked to
    so my colleagues who are in the in the ground war side


    I said that they had something different but I did
    let’s shake their experiences shape their there and then I’m glad I love
    learn that in the air I lost one of my
    strongest relatives have a cousin I grew up with
    he was there when he was lost and I I think about that quite a bit
    what are tremendous loss there was two societies with with his
    with his Lost disappear because of happenstance I’m sorry about


    about that and I could multiplied by thousands thousands of course
    ha war is not something I do well
    dwell on Ioad well on conflict which is so real
    reel around us all the time mn professional Presley I have a strike
    strive continuously to figure out how it is that I can help
    be a part of a society that learns to be different with resolve
    resolve its problems without violence that Shirley has to be there


    the ultimate objective of a human being
    think I have a couple of a
    Chapel of the questions but I think he kind of answer them
    I could have what do you think people
    today should know about when you personally went through
    I’m not sure my personal experience this is 40
    I think that the people today need to understand what war


    war is what can be accomplished by what cannot be accomplished
    diet and what it means to the individuals who were involved people
    people like must understand that just the same as a misunderstanding
    how banking system works
    job works in a skilled craftsmen are a professor or doctor
    doctor lawyer they need to understand these things and in that sense I think that the
    the lady took to understand what being in the war at the same way the donor


    dubste what’s like big police officer officer a police officer is
    engage in what I gave them for years of my life played gage edit their lifetime
    and I try to understand that I tried respect that and I try to
    try to say it but they have responsibilities they only have a limited rolled
    cold like I have a limited role hot and soul
    so I think that we should never cease to reach out to understand
    first and others who are differed from the difference


    different the work until I try to understand people who believe differently live differently
    religions and river flows is life different occupations
    understand me gaybe something from that and give something to
    do it so that we could all live peacefully on this little hooker
    of course was floating around in the universe we can live peacefully
    sleep and enjoyable and it is possible just has to be
    and I’m sort of a man id list I supposed to respect by season


    educational seen the first also a wonderful studio
    students have had so many many years I see what they got what they’ve done
    done and I know people you didnt do it in a field trip to floss at of Houston
    do students that somehow I think I’m going to fail but lost their lives you
    is usually buy Self Indulgence someway somehow I must a failed some way
    subway mm most of my memories are positive
    I see the tremendous the tremendous thing of the species we call


    what we call the human beings of Monk on natural world vivere
    different by chance I think through evolution
    processes which I have to believe this is really strong force
    and so we could do things that others cannot do
    in this world but you do things we can do and there’s no reason that we
    that we can’t somehow be compatible with the natural world around us
    epaulet natural world is people so let’s figure out how to make a pattern


    compatible with other human beings astilbe different because we’re different
    I’ll get from my wife think I’m different vine Abrams
    my brother has weight should be but we can still respect in India
    can enjoy be on the same planet and get along with each other
    that’s all I have
    iq benadryl after nudes
    I think I can cover