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Oral History Interview: Philip John Dziuk of Homer


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When Phil Dziuk was an 18 year old farm boy, he qualified for an eleven month long Navy electronic technician training program, in June 1944. His education in a two year practical program in the School of Agriculture at the University of Minnesota and experience milking cows was a far cry from repair, maintenance and servicing radar, sonar, receivers, transmitters and other electronic gear. He struggled through the program at Herzl college in Chicago, Great Lakes, Treasure Island, California. He served on the USS Ajax, a repair ship that went to Hawaii, the atom bomb test site in Bikini and later served at the transmitter station in Lualualei, Hawaii. Discharged , August 4,1946, he was welcomed back to Foley, Minnesota and immediately began work in the harvest fields, on August 5. He later took advantage of the GI Bill and taught at the University of Illinois for more than 37 years.

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    okay okay
    Wednesday January 30th 2008 I am I
    for the veterans
    project of the Library of Congress American Folklife Center
    app video X Campbell Hall


    Henry Radcliffe is the director of lighting sound and camera

    tomorrow morning
    where you were and what you were doing friends World work who broke out in the background
    okay maybe I should back up even
    listen to get that will be the background of my parents and Tobuscus
    my father had been in the First World War as a hospital corpsman


    and he had seen all the kinds of problems arise if you want to call problems
    I have a battle artillery that owes me he would go up there and pick up the pieces
    Pizza Sutter speak in this hospital train for 2 years and he had a very
    very vivid memory of that and he was a very good story
    storytellers why it hurt all kind of store is like that feel it when the address of the neck
    does initiate a year get the address to 21 then and he said well you’re
    your only 14 15 uf I won’t have to worry about that so now ur back


    what back to December 7th 1941 Lima senior high school
    backup even if either step I’m a mother was a school teacher and
    so I had to learn how to read about about 45 and we’re a mile
    miles from the country school I went to witches of northern Minnesota
    and so they said well don’t go to school until after
    I’d say about April 4th April I went to first grade 10’s
    5a strange sex laws in the first grade for a couple of weeks and then the next


    then I end up in the next grade up because I was the only one of the great
    grizzly 20 semanas School for the Deaf NV 11 years old and in the 8th grade
    8th grade and I was like it anyway and so they were going to high school
    highway 65 pounds of pot for 36 and I was 12 years old
    what I was 15 lb war
    Atlas and I thought oh well what the heck I’m 15 build rafters


    do they have the war lasted longer than people figures and the agent draft
    Catholic down to at and so then I am I
    the graduate high school if your 16 went to a community college for 2 years and graduate from
    when I was 17 does it just a graduation at 17th of March
    24th of March I turn 18 and now to see with this
    Farm deferred can I live in a farm that only lasted 5 months old and I was 18


    18418 means your eligible for draft so I said okay looking
    I looked in there look local paper has a little bit of a notice about this day only
    it said take this ed test annual
    then be assigned to a radio technician training for 11 train from a well
    how well since my father had described in vivid details what happens when your part of it
    if a tree in this is what most guys wear my calibrachoa to speak we’re going into
    they did it didn’t look too promising from thats that


    captain Slate’s weather okay I’ll try the Navy so I go into the Navy recruiter Garden City
    what does it take to pass this test is worth it involve a lot of physics in electrical engineering
    mathematics in Africa now I’m a country boy with high school education
    Mike mathematics was geometry that was it anyways
    high brush up a little bit and take the test
    sexy and I know it took the top of the high school graduating class in 1st place to take the test
    couldn’t just take it anyway so I passed it will be dark in color


    only 5% of people pass it on top of that this 1942
    4444 on 45 and wayside 1944
    and so is that okay so they said don’t come now don’t come today
    do they be drafted wait until we tell you when to c** inside
    insult then not until January 16th 1945
    50 actually go and be inducted into the US in 2008
    do a special Wyckoff party radio technician training program


    and they put you into a special group of in the book
    boot camp because you only had one month book intervals have up to a tree
    what’s a boot camp so I ended up in Great Lakes in love
    January of 1945 well I’ve been raised in northern
    northern Minnesota and the ID the day before they actually
    when is it is January 15th 2401 skating all day
    outside for hockey play hockey 11 and then I went off to Great Lakes


    well I never been to say warm place in my life I mean praise God when above freezing and stuff
    every other day will it get into the strip
    Aizen got great lakes that you’re in the next year olds in San Francisco Treasure Island next year
    backyard in Hawaii and I realized then that you would have to have to go free
    freezing in middle of November State snow on the ground to the middle of market replace the world
    because I’ve been rented anyway what is this sub frame program the foot
    I put that is usually about I don’t know exactly but 90 people in a company and we were


    party company in the others that
    that were at in the boot camp they were in 3 different
    different Liran different companies we were in one
    artis I had 3 stripes on the sleeves at because a
    Prince daemon has only one if semen thick glasses to an F First Class
    specimen has three and we were sworn in the equivalent of corporal in army is
    Simmons first at your first day of the service you were getting ready yeah we ready advance


    advanced did that because it was a little bit of a do
    because I ma the other sailors in the boot camp wood theme song
    songs like take down your gold star mother put up a blue one instead
    your son will never get hurt computing the square root of pie I like that C
    and we birds Connor it was saying the NBA r63 r34
    mp3 stripes on Ashley’s here we are the Fighting Irish play that causing anyway
    you got sworn in first class switches


    squirt a lot to get that wavy headband with elastic month there
    when I went to a primary training which was
    who was a wee dog thinking we work at 6 that fat bitch look for the book anthem

    what are two hours of electricity as per day and two hours of
    what lab which mint pudding O’Casey’s AV receiver
    receivers together in all kinds of stuff like that soldering and welding in the Lord anyway that


    that end in 2 hours in math well I say well I just see this message just a
    Taylor review la review
    the first day after that it was all brand new in
    there isn’t another incentive for this condition I always kind
    what kind of like to learn stuff it was interesting for me to learn at the hotel
    are something besides just be in the service of the states of weather is that in Santa
    other instead of that is a had a little formula RT radio technician


    fo for a round or whatever you wanna call it
    blackout party over h20 with me
    have you been in there for a while there’s any guys out to be out of the sea
    why you over there over the age 20 20 way I want to think that they wanted
    wanted his drivers for these Lana graficas you need a lot of those
    drivers because he’s only guys head sticking out so they have at least two of them
    think so anyway there is this other on the other side not to fly


    what the funk out Plus incentive to learn something
    no you get the stripes stripes
    what they’re worth

    explain the symbol thats on the right shoulder of uniform okay that’s what the color
    ruptured duck ruptured duck is a theme of a story
    so bad it’s your birthday and this is the radio technician third class


    oil changes for a technician to Electronic Technician
    yeah okay anyway
    the well every week yes yes yes and it was completely completely nude
    and I was completely out of my element because most guys head headache
    year 2 electrons an earring in the head advanced math and head unit
    long as I’m here I still remember his name but
    I do remember his name but I want anyway he has


    masters in chemistry and so this is the kind of people that was competing again
    against what I know about my own self my own background
    in the after first day or so it’s completely brand new we talked about everything
    what kind of a mathematics algebra geometry trigonometry we got it
    calculus differential calculus and wave Sirius
    and I’m sitting there 2 hours a day
    just being overwhelmed that’s like what’s in a old saying but they can’t drink on


    drink out of the fire hose will listen to it was for me and I thought on this isn’t love
    and this help me
    how to steal okay I want to do this a lot to learn but at the same time
    I don’t want to go to Caesar speak right away hold on
    go off on a tangent here this and help me later on when I was an advisor to
    undergraduate students because I worked 7 days a week
    every waking moment Dallas can you keep in this program because it was


    growing so fast I never been challenged but like that because I don’t fight Welling
    well and all my stars before that but never at the rate at which this is coming in anyway
    when they have a student come into being a doctor check with you please a drop
    white milk from chemistry like at 15 hours and I just cant get it you know that
    that’s what I said okay I what were you at 6 o’clock this morning well then better than Robertson
    well I would love it I want it girl I dont have it all cuz if you tell me a story


    door and get to work well I was little sis say I didn’t have any
    kids come back to me that way it was interesting to because
    because I knew that I was the helmet in this daydream
    that if you really worked at something you could do it and I work at like I said 7 days a week
    every waking moment I did there
    3044 industry primarily numbers 44 in this book 21 with on
    the other 23 with anyway


    so I had to be the 21st guy I had to be the 21st guy says I’m just hanging
    getting my teeth anyway that was first elimination
    what go do with a coffee elementary Lake Christine Brady material
    more the same only even faster more complicated go back to Great Lakes for 3 month program
    well I have a two week period in which you do this and then another 2 weeks
    2 week period another to weight ratio can you find a girl ok if you flunk back 1
    you can repeat as a repeater phone back and then you can do this if you do this once


    and sometimes it love to twice you can do it not the same one hear that
    anyway they had the steps we go
    when to expect 2 weeks into it and number people did Frank Becker
    repeat is it called it and I once dated that your kind of pancakes
    no I’m sorry I love this program to study well
    well they had a practice sessions before these two weeks
    test is there they are they were all the multiple choices in their own


    adderall machine created in I had learned how to answer multiple
    multiple choice answers one of your strong with one on fious misleading one in India
    get to sleep when the other and I think I did this for about 7 months I could
    pass a test that had nothing I knew nothing about it just on the basis of traffic out there
    what he way are they can you cut a practice test before I 77
    702 passed because sometimes instructors little bit different solid has a college a f**
    Jay Sekulow acquitted I like the first test prices at 33


    23 now that’s a long way from 7901 with his pecker
    forget it you’re the f*** out of lockout photo
    phone number WIC meant by practice test 55 doing pretty good
    I’m pretty good but I’m along with insanity a second time 2nd week
    can week that I took it I get 70 with that
    that I went on because I’ve been working so hard that I was won
    I was one out and the other guys have been posting that has the lyrics sample


    is it ok to use earn your Navy issue 50 or you can buy
    goodbye or take your a couple a circle which is electronic technician
    type of thing because that’s all the formulas in 4 in penis and inductance in the resistance
    electroform is in there
    1044 slide rule at night then you don’t pay the Navy 11

    orange crate Along Blog 2 pieces of wood Once ler


    okay I’ll try that is that the Ice Age that thing because it was a park
    idea fitness down the archive done in Florida State at archived
    I got down there anyway I say that think justice and I always kept at my desk
    is that that reminded me of how it was anyway so
    I was he at 21 first guy went under this tree with leaves
    and I’ve been made the 70 17 hole and then for that played on


    platonic Gatsby easy because everybody else is now getting brand new event is well
    Alex Grey Eagle Point Oregon
    I made it okay that really train program at Great Lakes
    Fremont Street and I was good at making things I could
    welding soldering so far this year at school bag tonight at 1030
    City College type thing at the address to Minnesota help me there a court inform you
    learn how to make things I could do I could do things make things in it that’s also important because


    you’re as electronic technician or radio technician is a
    maintenance repair and installation
    do things to as well not only with your head but the other bills with your hands
    okay so now I’m there in it okay to write
    Wright Junior College Herschel Jerry Caldwell ID pick up anything okay to go to
    go to ideal Monte California or a girl says the Maryland Fourier elementary LaVista
    and I said okay I’ll go for those they sent back to Great Lakes


    its okay you can go to the Gulfport Oregon to Corpus Christi party
    Bethesda Maryland warrior advance so I picked up all of those that did something
    Treasure Island California
    best brother things to a guy that I like ever ask what I just did
    voice is like these thermostats on the wall then I think there’s anything
    can you put it in there anyway I been going
    anyway the other this up 21 RV 10


    winter Great Lakes Illinois 91 on the now we leave narrows down from that
    and actually up in the overall I’m getting ahead of the game 3250 of us
    St Elizabeth in about the same time only 9 guys with straight lines without lifting pen
    f****** back of these was a dislike out and I have to be one of those I am I
    is it mostly just because fear determination Treasure Island
    44 you get a free month of transmitters which means you
    learn how to set up transmitters and transmitters in the Navy are


    we are not little things I don’t know how the one here is for the halibut this is
    these are ones we walk into the place anyway walk into the open door walk into the
    into the transmitter that says that day and then the next month is receivers in the next month is radar
    next month at Sonar x1 this fire control here
    and then you do that for 7 month well
    radar at that time was very secret the components and circuitry
    we’re all very secret adderall behind high fences


    lab 3 worth now that I’ve Berkeley lip service was open
    did all the classes with old very confined
    will it rain guards the gates in the head of a bad just let you in and out of her stuff
    lil aside from that we went to class at 7 in the morning till almost
    almost 500 5 days a week and then 6 days 26 day weather
    we there were on Liberty every other week or we had test every other week so we were
    Radio Disney songs be in the Navy has a regular hours like


    atill pay for less on it well because I wish
    we had these longer hours we gotta break in the morning about 10
    1030 or so and so we’re behind this big high fences with a ring guard
    guard inside this enclosure in a self important
    young officer on the outside citizenship in
    we knew we could get anything that bad and he said
    an erection with me but they said you know what you can do with your orders in


    places where you can put that four sides and all kinds of obscenities a cup ok
    okay you’re all I need to get a captains mast today date for the ringer
    partner tracker Sydney Godot has best way to invest we could get in
    anyway they sell ring guards at hot and they say I’m going in
    I’m going to step forward which has a slope of this line with red in it
    elective on the ankle broken leg hold em up and then we all just walk over there


    Tim Hall of Fame held in mouth famous for this because we were in
    bury a confined cornerstone see all her books work your butt
    like this like this hello circuitry for everything
    Industrial locked up every night in a safe every night we if you want to study him
    you had to go back in it take special permissions what so you been therapy Dark Souls edition
    after the date when your guy to f*** at your hands the circuitry in southwest Missouri
    is there a secret that time because well I’ll give it here


    the IFF is identification friend or foe is radar
    triggers a transponder in a plane it’s either you or the enemy
    it’s our side of your neck and it comes back and says ok shoot the sky down
    discada well of present commercial planes have the same thing
    the radar screen when I send out a signal is Vince Vaughn
    ponder on a plane with sandbags the number of the plane so you know
    who you are and where you are us so that’s not it at that time is very very high secret


    there is no circuit for his all black and white under normal
    radar sonar a transmitter receiver
    cables might have 20 different wires in a cuantas color coded Tulsa
    killswitch you end up with one hear you I know which one it is at the other end to because it
    color coated in certain way they did regularly is to
    give you a sudden test for color blindness because
    color blind you were out this is no way just like you can’t be a player if you have migraine


    migraines what they did this and periodically just making sure because you want me shirt
    this is this is not something you anyway
    so back to the transmitters receivers Minnesota anyway
    you did a couple hours of lapping the last word music couple shooting
    they would put bad tubes in or short out something
    singer but a bad component in or do something like that to the equipment and then
    you would be responsible for getting it fixed and south


    I was I was good at that I really like
    it’s a matter of problem solving if you have the circuitry and then you can tell what days
    the boat bully should be here pay here should be there
    so you could test out in a very systematic weight well some people weren’t as good as other
    física do the math video
    figure out how to solve the problem with YouTube bad
    attracted to that went on for 7 months all of these things


    we were in San Francisco Bay Treasure Island in Sonar
    sonar sound navigation and ranging which is is a big
    diaphragm with a vibrator finger send out a signal or listen
    5c no single thing about me is there and then comes back
    and you learned a lot about acoustics because sonar is sound definition
    Raiders radio station songs about 760
    I feel better in white gold


    that’s what the water temperature in the salinity influences
    phone says the return episode that if you were me this at something
    something in your car in very cold and water that changes its date
    the distance that you’re doing cuz he’s distancing range radar
    ranging in distance radio distance and reading is measured how
    how far is it how far back and tells you where you are in


    so that the sonar is not only that but also listening so you listen
    and you could put the is heads for the calm down into the water
    the water and then a macaw Santa Fe Bay San Francisco Bay near the flu
    water taxi out there you could hear the fastest
    Oris big chef tell
    and you can tell almost 5 numbers revolutions in and how fast the ship is going so good
    even under water you can tell what is go


    is going on elsewhere on the radar thing because there is this
    where is this before computers you had to get a the range or within
    what’s a relative bearing fit 02 berry
    North and South you aim the thing the radar
    antenna Kathy
    object that you picked up and then you determine how far you are away from it
    and then you do this a couple different times and then you determine the range


    range of a first and then the angles are you know when you have too much crying
    triangulation you can tell where you are and where you are and where they are
    they are so you don’t want to run into them or you are by server so whatever
    even if you have controlled the fire the guns you run over it
    what’s the weather is going to be so you should quit going to be now
    what is it when I saying that I have messages without shoring and Laura
    Laura Charette is short range navigation triangulation to the head


    antennas at different places in the world and then you can tell her you were quite precise
    precisely by D & C triangulation what long range AR lower
    Carly Lauren is also that I needed the precursors of what now GPS
    ghost from the via satellite see you get
    you get triangulation from dare to dream where you are well in Lawrence
    what was used to somebody later things to bomb worth
    use that to determine out the GPS texting anyway so that was another thing


    also got involved in this way I was
    I wish you all this in Medford close the top of the class in this thang in
    again out of the 90 something went into this particular group only 44 went out of it
    dress tomorrow at the seasons be interesting aspect of it
    that I thought about later that is about strength
    blacks were only human
    cooks or Stewart ever never in any thing else lyrics


    foot insoles companies are in to that position we had to black
    fl oz in a couple thousand witches of the season
    I don’t know how many exactly when it made video
    videos out there so it is this so recognition school in Treasure Island
    I don’t like I had to take it out there anyway to and they were the only two
    22 in the whole thing because it has services at that they were very close
    closest I get everything that I will have another thing hears Lil B


    is little bit more upper connect to the LEAs service in areas
    in a maze of a 1945 D European war
    in the end there is no celebration there is no nothing
    all the war ended in there that was the end of the present world
    Roosevelt died Truman took over interests no big
    Big Bang thoery water/ice concern
    well I don’t know why or why not it just wasn’t


    it wasn’t being so thirsty it in in and it was
    headbands sold on out this worth the other thing as a leading up to
    who was that Treasure Island with the embarkation point
    for the Pacific Fleet in the face
    Pacific border speak the Japanese from and
    the embarkation
    holding area for these people are going to go on these


    ships and boats in Fort Worth or he is behind a very high
    barbed wire fences here and over about another 560
    gap between the two in a because I would walk by them
    why this guys on the other side every time I went throught Tahoe
    hopelessly died today hair guys on the other side that are going to go on the ships see
    San Francisco Bay has fiber 615 one day and one when you wake up
    actually look up liquor sold Philadelphia consensus over over over over


    Lisa Smith business but the only thing
    the only thing in the Treasure Island Navy and Marines
    so anyway there sitting there about her standing there about 5
    5 minute the most 5 10 feet away from you and there’s 2 barbed wire
    Eric hi bavari Sprint if you spoke to those guys on that side they put you under
    you on that side until that roof left with my liquor so well that’s not
    that’s not very good for your classroom situation because you need fixing


    texting you this out to see with me anyway to trailer
    I sense a difficult it was built more than difficult
    guys be up there like everyday
    note to my wife widgets would you mind calling my girlfriend remind u joint
    anything I send a song to my mother at right by me
    ft bliss emotional affair
    this broken down there while because it you know that those guys


    and it was not on the talk about the Japanese going to give up
    there should be some guys here the greedy Prins balls in it in it
    one of the guys Tim Corbin this with my Collies I was a bitch masturbate
    what city was one that directed the up both into the various places in
    what are the island to stay in Vegas for 10000 dreams killed over today.
    a period is like 1000 Japanese killed in the deep
    bodies were so thick in the water they couldn’t get the landing craft A to Z show anymore


    in the next day water was so filled with maggots that they couldn’t get the
    get the bolts off because a negative plug up the water the cooler in Florida
    guys were involved in this no secrets this is what was going on it
    so this is this your ignoring on the other side
    there’s a guy you know that this girl but is it called it
    The Witcher rumors and Latimer true and Latimer not but NFL
    as soon as you know that things were not ready I’m going well in


    the Pacific they had held the Japanese back from
    completely occupying say football in this is like that but it wasn’t easy
    easy going going back the other way Viggle get his ass or your love it
    I love it when they drop those last two bombs on Japan
    is the happiest riot in San Francisco to other 7 million people
    on the West Coast ready to go because I respect a million casualties
    back of the steps it takes about 20 people to keep one


    Philly alibi for every guy does shooting a gun there’s a lot 2015

    and I was one of those guys it was back there I wasn’t gonna be
    Charlotte me nothing ever happened to me I didn’t you know anybody
    is all terms of comparing with people directly involved in

    big hero I’m not nothing I was just wondering eyes and Becca but these guys


    did I’m ignoring here you know darn good well that they’re going into harm’s way
    pretty good kind of modestly harm’s way accolades

    I guess this is a kill or be killed Weber gets it done better is one of the winter
    so anyway I ignore those guys in
    and then in August when they die
    when they drop plumb for 48 hours be


    San Francisco outlet number West Coast was just one happy riot
    Market Street Mission Street are two very long Broad Street
    streets in San Francisco they turned us loose

    tylenol sleep and are the only thing I can close to be hard but I still have this
    this is a I was walking down the street again
    is Mission Street and brook hollow Lakers won


    there was a shard of glass about 5 or 6 feet long f*** this big to begin with in
    Instagram down to the very sharp point in my buddy and I will walk along gawking at Hollister
    in the shard of glass went through my blouse here in between me
    give me in that I want all the ways that water so I still have this

    thats it thats goes I came but I could kill myself and they were people killed after birth
    us some people dropping stuff out of the test or dropping on people


    I know if you ever seen these pictures are not but it showed from the top it’s all you see this
    white hats in Irvine what we take a picture at the ground
    ground level it was the Salem of the white hat on all of the people at the White House on the sailors all that
    Hanson fake funny just everything down
    find out idea I came back on
    back on to the base in a drought and we came back on the bay season 2
    two ways when does eat place called Barker dead Bay Area


    passport anyway recent deaths in that was a train
    train that went on the bottom of the Oakland Bay Bridge in now that’s all it is that’s nothing
    does exist anymore they have eight eyes suck cars the one way in this
    what time is it dark where you going to work text me okay so I went back in
    things at the colony USPS find a clear the streets
    Evernote malicious damage your sister happy
    happy happy people you have no idea


    overwhelming panda run better get to live a simpler life
    I still remember Avera
    very drunk sailor sitting on the curb with shovel in head on

    and that’s stuck in my head white
    eBay I still was in school and I tried then to now


    and things were kind of a concert in Seoul
    so they say that okay I will continue until I can I graduate in January
    in 1946 now
    and so I said okay whatever
    cuz I was in you sign up for the war in
    the directory the duration and one year with what you do when you sign up where I was
    yeah they made you train on every single


    items mentioned sonar radar and not get you out
    into the ships in the shooter why can’t they train you on radar Linthicum radar specialist
    what’s sonar and then get you out faster because this tiny parachute exception
    what problems is your on a ship you might be the only technician
    if you know about sonar in the president goes out you’re in trouble
    and so if they wanted you to know to be give me a sign any place any time
    why can’t I stand that to even though I didn’t use some of the a train


    in a general service and she used all of it but a tooth
    do only know one thing wouldn’t be very safe
    is it because they think you someplace you were your a technician make
    you go and be that whatever you are so that’s why you were everybody at your door
    do everything to everybody maybe where is good at something anyway
    I graduated I graduate yeah and so this is
    and so I end up with going back to


    Tula i buy Ted leave and went back and forth across the country
    Buffy for tennis being on leave and liberty and maybe sometime and liberty and Lee
    free Levi should have ended up I went to the US soldiers in Chicago
    and I went to the US owes in Milwaukee Great Lakes is halfway between the head Liberty train
    train and that means it’s Saturday morning at about 1000
    f*** there be a big train there and you’re all jump on it in when you go to
    Chicago innroad be 10,000 girls waiting for you in 10,000 parties fun


    Best Buy in Milwaukee by lightning in Chicago for the first month and I die
    can I go into the US owes a long time Michigan had Village Sylva NC
    and so I can okay I’ll go to Milwaukee so I went on Milwaukee Liberty training Gothard
    TheraTears 10000 girls in the sign need a party for need party for needs
    this and that and they really fit in here well we are you
    are you all the time then along comes easy
    the day you’re supposed to get on this number train back at 11 o’clock at night well I


    as you send inspection at about say at 10 o’clock in the
    f****** morning on Saturday and get on the train okay so your inspection you got to have them
    waiting on the test form 2b perfect everything is alright okay so talkative
    1100 and how can u back drunken dirty Devils
    Hartley uniform sailors get back on track if anything
    teetotaler it was that because I saw a moor
    guy that got into more trouble because of LLC


    will say about the one Liberty relieve the pain from bad women good whiskey but not
    but not necessarily in that order anyway so that’s what that the Liberty Tree
    every train did I had all kind of experiences with
    Libertys in Chicago in Milwaukee now I’m a little c***
    little country boys never been on a Minnesota or been in any town bigger than St Paul Minneapolis
    dallas/fort median hour to license it out exactly did Saint Paul for girls
    what goes good with a beard I’ll completely out of my element here


    big city burrito in a hole that knowledge big titty things as you get
    is all the temptations in the things because of sailors and soldiers worth
    good targets in a sense because a generous Pico
    speaking they were there and if you hustle them or
    do or not the motor to put money away from them they couldn’t come back of the head get back in the basement
    disappeared you disappeared it’s a matter of very much community
    hello I will say that in Chicago in in Milwaukee there was no


    Fresno fear that the San Francisco a little bit different Day of the Dead live
    Memphis Tennessee so much in the dark red to get mange all kind of place is it where you put go
    how to give your hair a little bit too in that is it
    patrol duty in San Francisco in shore patrol duty
    involves not only 44 drill bit also worthy
    where they came in from the ship is all in the the bay
    has a boat or a landing craft if comes into a new place on


    on the side of the bed and is a floating thing about a woman
    free four feet above the water level so you get out of the border the Atlantic craft what it is from
    from this ship this out there bring these guys in for liberty ok so
    again the same thing they come back of the ship in the oven

    head and a part of the problem of the week


    sailors when they got out of there head to speak with room in the back
    the back of a truck a pickup truck kind of a thing with more like a dog
    picture type thing just remember like Miley vacuum up to the break room
    facts of cold and not
    human beings anymore anyway I’ll talk to that when you’re on the
    shore patrol on the landing craft places were they come into
    we had a big long fish hook


    what up like this like this official motto of water and stuff does it falling in and then
    waves in the bank and get quite high so what happens if
    little Anna Griffin Cricut are there from the landing craft a slice of Marin still there
    definition water and vomiting Univ of the Bible Easter Bunny crafts

    whatever the ship was out there number in and then you get the money that you didn’t


    Ariel cake please take him

    best of the Chappelle mad at a guy said that kept me so I never trust

    think about
    NCAA way and protect them from them themselves as well
    anyway I was a little bit of that site issues album


    alarm on the shore patrol at the marina
    greens garden general speaking military prisons
    and there was a military presence on let’s go Yerba Buena or go to hell
    is one of the islands next to Treasure Island flea goes to Yerba Buena
    go out before I get to Treasure Island when you get off of the web
    wherever you are on how you got from San Francisco or Oakland anyway this
    these Marines had to serve the


    sentence of any person that escaped so that meant that they didn’t like the sea
    is Kate so in Alcatraz Red Cross the way you are
    Alcatraz is also known in the bed anyway so just one night
    there was an escape I don’t know how many guys got out
    what their memories when you get off the train
    machine guns ready to shoot you and I
    better have a pass because they were looking for the anyway


    the way then on Camp shoemaker where I was under the ring
    bring a prisoner for military to
    and they slept intense outside of this is not this is Northern
    California this is not cool it was not warm is Kroger cool
    who are and they will come up in the morning with baseball bat sign anyone in there
    time to get everything is double time
    is marine justice or I couldnt read military justice izakaya


    Kylan oxymoron is not very easy
    why should I stood a guard in Briggs on the ship to end
    can I get 4 Asians every third day
    red water at once a day information every third day
    well now the way that you get for a shin is you
    if you take the trade through the whole thing and you come back with whatever you got that 40
    forget your day and they read water is one cup of listen video


    dd cups in heaven hands under a heavy one cup of water in one slice of bread
    red water to a well that takes the PEP out of a lot of people live to heaven
    mischief in their minds on top of that I should say on Saturday
    Boston general mustard for everybody inspection
    they had to go to captains mast Madrid office in SE ok phone service
    AOL overly Vegas fine so much is confined to quarters in oven
    reduced in rank in Hollister when will that show there is a certain model


    motto of love Debbie
    there behave yourself family guyzer
    so much in terms of schools in Meerut nearest what did you guys want to go
    just want to go over on a baby on the way over or shot
    when he gets over there what do you do to him
    I’m going to shot anyways so you see these are not the kind of guys that you at
    a-treat gently old now would you please no no no YouTube


    LIFR it take that had a top down type of a well anyway short for
    carpet roll do it was that I have short stature patrol duty in Hawaii later on

    I want to go on to a web based reminder at 2:10
    sex not only protecting the sailors from the civilians but also protecting them from
    cells in many cases of cold sore foot rolls out of a regular rotation for


    yes well I was but this damn old
    what’s call ADA listed as enlisted men but I was also
    I’ve been in for an hour at your hair for 2 years and I was also ranked
    right to see what’s up with a bad so you get all kinds of dude
    duties of an introvert Robles was one of us
    I was also put up a officer of the watch on board ship to ship on Amazon
    the gate house on the USS Ajax ar6


    repair ship is 880 feet long and silver every kind of machinery or
    or anything at all to fix things so they then fix things
    things by whatever in a big lathe machine equipment
    anything you need to fix guns in ships in Regenerist
    speaking ran even know that the war was over there and without lights
    life’s not worth who did fun with your lights on because maybe somebody didn’t get the win
    the with is you that the war is over and so anyway so we went in


    you didn’t have a flashlight and you have little blue lights that ever
    every hatchet the hedges are the doors in the hedges don’t go out
    what is the floor they go Upper West Side so you’re winning your way
    blue light on the ship is pitching and you’re gone
    you’re going to like this in the ship look with your trying to make a downer theater
    everybody else awake is about 45 what is an buffet formed in F
    infant insert places in Michigan board ship so you’re supposed to go


    the Molly so that part of the job to cheat regularly I said radar watches
    Whitney Houston I look at a screen here look at the ranging sex rubbing
    under wear with CHX area coverage
    Lee Jackson started out well maybe I should back up

    sweet sign to you say jacks ok dejected Ben if you lift
    Elysian Philippines and had several little bit of damage does it kill coyotes at that time


    were not worth over the counter causes a car to move it
    Debbie said he’d been dry docked well if we were the first part of the comforter come from
    call of the ship in the Army like 2000 vintage all kinds of people repair plumbing
    Plumbing & Welding universe electronic circuit electronics Coopersburg PA 20th
    so we went on a bunch of listen
    who is the first ones on the ship after they been fixed after dry dock
    IDoc in that night I got sick I 90


    I know about 250 355
    really good because we’re eating
    very well no problems at I got on the first night I was sick
    I was so sick for the next 3 days like a hard ball over I will win down 200
    hundred forty pounds I lost 15 pounds of a 345

    back of another state before I do this


    because I had when I was still at Treasure Island
    the fellas it had been on the island and all of the people
    people that been out there forever on these islands and coming back for coming back
    in the vagina hole where IA 15000 Beals
    3 times a day a big long line fishing with a bus 451
    vibeline in on Sunday
    be read normally a fever in


    in school we couldn’t stand in line for Child Health Alliance

    hit and run Sunday Ticket online with my alarm
    lost but when the buffest guys back
    activities they put me the headline because he came back and they were yellow from jaundice

    what’s the best looking uniforms you ever want to see in your life their shoes rock because jungle rot


    forms in shoes Kathy things that make sandals on a man
    ever ever ever the toughest looking bunch of guys you see them
    play 4 hours a day and for breakfast you get steak for lunch at pork chops
    roast beef and you had all the ice cream all the fruit off of everything
    everything you want why meet in St Charles IL well I found on
    140 160 pounds in about 3 months cause we’re getting
    exercise as well get little bit late


    quality mixed up here but anyway so I got a bloodshot eye dog
    and I thought that was ever in sick pay for it is anything worth every second wall in
    X rated Great Lakes loan with bootcamp the logon
    black guy from all kinds of places in Florida in California and Louisiana
    pneumonia and Here I am this is a warmest place
    leaving a lot
    did not even have any problems with any of that stuff is all over at the heck is warm


    how I love this s*** and we go out to Hawaii and you’re there in the
    give me a forever farewell in the D
    everything I had some of my head been taken off but the Arizona still there
    there is a Japanese weird side of Reddit with Japanese submarine the one that had the
    the come onto the island there when they first landed
    dead timber 7 lyrics body head to head


    some reason come into 31 of deadbeats in the state of Florida
    play with right there at the submarine base in is lil bit off
    authentic but I was interested in
    learning something more so they have a fellow Armed Forces Institute what you give
    did you just do I learn something so we Denison
    they said well okay your group is electronic you should go on the shore in


    read it rain water that he’s a train lyrics
    you guys don’t have to come to class but he said if you would bring me some of the components
    icon sisters in capacitors in you start an idiot to use for this
    this class I’ll let you go I’ll find you in at 7:10 o’clock so
    for about 2 or 3 weeks we went to

    movies with back to the ship sometimes the dark class and get back


    back before we leave for weed
    gang rape and you wit Jay Z
    because I stay after the watch Bates Circle so I knew what it was so when I saw him go

    hard and they would down into a bunk and I got in there and lay down
    like I’ve been there all night looking for guys like me anyway we had
    @love fun I do not then that so now I’m on the other s*** and


    getting ready to go to the Bikini Bottom on sight because
    are there about test out how the atom bomb with work on
    how much is chips and stuff in the of
    ships or we went out there to the metal
    in a bikini is not very big
    like the bathing suit type of thing is about like that
    onboard ship in the board a ship rolls on there in about 35 fetus


    free board that is from the neck down to the water and on the dick
    you could see over the Island of bikini
    over and see the other side so that you get an idea that
    this is very wide and is very high see the world news site
    and around this number all kinds of s*** ships in Winnfield LA
    electronic Gearhart kinds of unemployed see how that would respond if your called that 2
    to a time up and I also had animals on the ship


    ships in the animals at worth behind gate
    engaged normally have up and down like this like this in the US have a diagonal
    12 keep it straight and they had those on board the ship to
    determine how it would be the head donkeys and sheep and pigs and goats
    and I don’t know what else what they had those anyway it was a run
    unfortunate well I was out there for a while and I shouldnt say for how long I don’t know
    I don’t know exactly but only matter of a video of a mother so N


    because I was scheduled to be discharged is Edward in the fertile days
    they said ok we will leave you here will send you back to a horse
    why because they don’t know how it’s going to turn off I 80 in TV
    I would like the all ways to unlock your first visit pass stupid test
    I’m a stay in the program learn something in Mesa theater
    I didn’t have any new ever had any really harm no carb clean
    talking to me at all when they sent me back to a w****


    Hawaii this time I didn’t know about the promises that work
    play drop the bomb turn your back will they turn your back they drop the bomb in splash water
    hot water and debris from miles and miles always dies first Denver back turned all content
    well I’m back in 10 yeah yeah
    yeah yeah so I what
    irani coupons for back to Hawaii in
    internet I’ve been on board in we talkin all in Marshall Islands are there


    pic of people all of these islands and I had been on board ship while so I can get seasick
    any strip escorts have sex in early but this month
    between him and hear this fire within the next guys with VD packed in there

    what is new step down here and they would need body in Alabama
    iPhone 5
    what stop is it ok


    Padilla father
    avoid getting her in the ass but bunk center 6
    hi Andrew the bottom in the newspaper is below you
    so let us know your returning on the strip ship and continue from there. I return it to get back
    back to a beer a sign to Hawaii in a Manhattan
    happy cuz I was going to happen either terms of how they find me to
    into a radio transmitter station at lualualei and Lulu


    little lady was on the other side of the island from Wahiawa to see me cry
    receiver station so they over the receiver station they would send message
    St George West to setup a transmitter that would be transmitted
    message to somebody tell them I don’t know how many wrestlers butts litter
    doesn’t it doesn’t film the biggest one in this is am
    modulated at low frequency it’s only a little fall of curvature
    FM frequencies in Civil War line of sight


    yes I want go past e on horizon from the amplitude modulation
    I deleted a AM transmitters were very poor
    free powerful is my favorite 7600 foot hours
    HurryDate wires that in Tenafly that an F on the
    these days everything was in a code grey
    rape if you had a higher near iron your clothes it was going
    ghetto store McDonough harder than everything with the


    place where I work Terry a fluorescent bulbs in your
    and your hand and we stay lit all the time blinking a little bit it was a cold right there was a
    one that we kept at all and all of the light switches
    stick to the wall that never went off is it if the fluorescent bulbs stay
    speed limit on the amount of are in the air in the
    in the area what effect if you could stand in front of the transmitter and goal assist with your fingers into it
    arc the month electricity generate is in your arms with market Wayne NJ


    everyone concerned about this I mean that its effect on your health

    worried about sex a man about that I was exposed to
    and the radar watches I stood in Alaska is the earth if it did
    did I don’t know what it did they bury people do get concerned about older self
    free cell phone from a man if I was any faces like a radar is
    is the precursor of our microwave and radar beam


    being that went past 8 Mastiffs to death with peeling paint off that mask
    I messed up over time so it looks very very powerful
    things in there Deaven work hard for an Audi 2013 your part
    a way so when you maintain this transmitter
    open the door and walked into the 24 mm is Rebecca this is the forecast
    in some cases Heather own individual
    cooling system they had I may be a jacket about 40 feet long


    the captive cool because the amount of heat that generates so much
    when im Heather own water jacket to Kula in any way
    we as good as ours on I 80
    radars off at 8 on your first fertile days and had a third day off Sawyer
    constantly changing your sleeping and eating habits completed
    this is in the cast in southwest corner of Southeast
    southeast corner of Oahu in


    the whole thing was a Elizabeth radio base
    so it was not there is no civilians are in
    and so we went down to the beach and in
    other day off and we had slippers New England that Indian girl out there with the Stars
    sparkling goes well as well as some days of a serf was higher than the last
    in the for this predict your day and I remember very well the surface coming out
    lot more than usual and the beach was not a nice poop


    Sleeping Beauty was a quite speak so it went from here to maybe 20
    2033 hi in more than sex
    most with clit estate beach and an N Out in the
    ocean is a coral coral was very shy
    sharpen all is well I had paddle around out there in the wrist
    I was out there I’m by myself in right next to this speech was
    CESA was called blow Holzer rock formations in which the wave


    break ins in a suit 2030 feet near through a hole in the desert
    wave comes in and so that’s a dangerous and so I’m out there at Penrith
    power of 10 can get tired I’ll come back in like him back in in the wave
    take me up and then because the waves hit you at your knees level
    take me back down and Romeo middle back down under the car
    so you’re getting arm jerk it for me
    sweet I find yellow parrot AR Drone diner


    diner did anyway I went out into the ocean first look all over then came back
    back in the find it made it back in that suppose I’d come to have any

    anyway so now I’m stationed at lualualei and we go into
    when to enroll into the places in the middle of pineapple place in pineapple Grove
    the road is here in 2 feet over it
    pineapples so what’s the wild feathers with hex accidentally daca pineapple office


    wake me up at 12 the pineapple Gordon very dim view events order
    so you had to cut careful I lived in a at barracks cover
    very very nice thing because we’re all honor our own so to speak we had to be
    had to be there at the station all the time
    and I describe the weather was done because
    as a women get a message from the White Wolf based


    who did this you have the key in a message to some kind to know
    set up a transmitter you need to set up a whole series think it’s a complicated procedure
    and then you keep an ETA signal in sending signals is going out

    doTERRA today I send out 10,000,000 beast
    I said I got these cheeseburgers okay so now that im
    im my time is up they said okay your back to vase


    base a back to where you got inducted or in in
    enlisted and this is in Minneapolis so I go back to Treasure Island
    an arrogant son in grown ups train go back to a map of Saint Paul
    St Paul and I’m a Sunday morning Becca flovin
    there’s a putter Little River Maryland getting discharge they give you physical make sure he like me
    something back into civilian life and I get your reasonable faith North
    backflip and then they do


    for our last muster and on Sunday morning 1100
    selens all up in this truck so I said okay you are discharged
    your reassigned because he ever get little bit worried about the Korean War

    feliz ano curious finding your your discharge if you resign
    they re signs before 7 in one 4000 district
    I’m one of those that got their start on a loan mid mid lucky again I think I didn’t


    I didn’t have any problems anyplace Novation the problem then get on
    get on a streetcar go to the bus depot and a
    the cafeteria there and I’m not used to
    realtor license and I have to admit the dead
    these girls start of looking pretty good in the girls looking at me I don’t like
    what this year I’m a sailor clip there’s something something about sailor
    my wife says I really was she says your a little boy


    1230 pounds I can have all the fun
    552 any way so anyway I get on the bus in St Cloud
    cut at 65 miles from Minneapolis St Paul eye
    Mike from Saint Cloud to Fort Lee which is another 15 miles over is a Sunday
    in in walkthrough tune up Miles in full at home and walk into the house at homeland
    so good to see you home and I know you were coming I know
    haha that’s a funny thing about this now I never called home once I wrote letters


    often is there a little thing to read later office I sent

    set down to in archives in Forest Acres FL by name before
    archives of all that kind of stuff so I said that and I said that’s fine
    set slide rules that I need to down there in a
    well I’m on that syrup they are read the letters over 50 years later some head
    my dad never said because my wife I’m gonna my mother I should say my mother kept


    Tipton and then when my mother died my sister with in the boxes in Sacto here
    still hear some stuff from from Phil from when he was in the service sales to shut down to me so I read
    do I read a 50 year later and faith tone in there
    there was even though I was not in the nearest Wisconsin lyrics ring them between the line
    the line for the Rings alright with my father had been really bad situation
    and so I was introduced to everything if I even know it
    did wasn’t going that will I have a daughter that would be asked her how to do in school fight


    well I go to sleep I will say that all I would find with
    think we’re going to bail and ever did say anything about bad as always
    can i reshape this is is a funny reading the fitness test
    I can’t remember the feeling that I had when I was doing this I
    I walk in and I turn on headset Burnsville NC back


    because my father have fax machine at you without special so I was out there and that was in

    pitchfork go to work
    things that you missed before the night that was going to say the side from
    from the Mikes. Since that time
    time I have been a live in England for a year live in Germany for a year of end of watch
    Hawaii been to a number of places in one of the New England win today


    military cemetery Cambridge and then Blue Ranger
    Germany we went to the World Series won in Fahrenheit
    and then it is American military cemeteries and then there what atmospheric or bi Mart Groton
    and then there’s one in a while who ha ha hello
    and if you’ve never been to a military cemetery it should
    should be done and is very good to do list
    what are things that impress me as much as it is to a woman Arnheim


    behind than one at a time Margaret Ann Margret Detroit the intersection of
    Holland Belgium Luxembourg in French
    anyway is it real big Big Tex trailers 8000
    1000 prices so there’s a lot of people anyway
    is it Memorial in there’s a wall like this like this free site
    resided in his butt 20 feet tall is in tile install shows at the bat
    the battle house within the last Thursday in Ennis open on your side Anthony Rizzo


    cemeteries self and that’s all there is to it that predict your day that we were there
    there were hundred people live in America
    Sarah from every place else in a place to sign in
    anything that has mass and volume is
    the Greek ring theme in there was we are eternally grateful to the Americans
    Atkins for what they did to help us this is written by the French alphabet
    what is in a Dutch what really impressive was its all young people


    20 years old and service they still they have it when we were
    we were in that we had 3 boys with us when we were in in Germany we stop data
    got a little place near our night and have a fun in bed
    bed board not so I thought it was okay with stairs
    images for Dean we just don’t have any reservations to go there and we see a sign
    is there an NSAID you have room this Saturday night he said no
    we don’t operate as a Native Americans I said yes can hide your


    so anyway he said I just met and I really had to
    23 rooms in their new info speak is it just me and he said what
    chocolate whites okay we’ll fix it so we stop there with you to put it up
    stairs in a half hour if we been there say what I can take them down
    second ounce in a fetis and I talk to us
    and he said that about something about them
    any said when the Americans


    Perkins came in a foot cemeteries day when did Orihime to hire
    people to maintain a cemetery cuz realtors in maintaining very
    very well anyway say wouldn’t die
    what color will maintain a cemetery but we will not work for you Wii
    we will Lincoln cemetery free forever listen
    in a Italy will I think it is beyond
    underside of Italy this bronze plaques and replace it with says we return


    currently grateful to the Americans for free is from aquifers is so
    there’s a little bit different no we were in Germany
    Germany we had a German car and we had a private German look at clothes when I drove through France
    France statues were written in the in French
    wash my birthday Yugoslavia other still sign
    Twitter Nick the common germs not welcome
    insulin like that so there’s none of that in Holland you were an automatic


    automatically good because you’re American Inn
    Denmark you’re automatically good because you’re American and so we lived in German
    did Germany win the Iron Curtain was up so we had some experience with that little bit too
    and some with me Soho that was in that time
    what time they’re 50 thousand American hockey players in Germany in
    can we play racquetball in your courts
    quarts does a filter head racquetball courts in the wilderness


    so and had some experience with that for the day after and 5s
    told more than I needed to begin with you have questions or whatever,
    where can I get try to answer iPic you’ve been very sore
    free throw me if you’ve heard this on ice chance the fish house
    how you felt as you look back on this and happy after math when you’re going to have a chance
    chance to visit some of these countries affected by the war years later
    do you have in a concluding thoughts about your your experiences and those of your account


    workaholics oh yes its people can look back on it now you don’t
    2014 once a week should I drop those bombs on Japan because you’re ready

    the first mom could a quick but they didn’t in inter Express in Spanish
    Spirit of the West Coast when there’s always guys were getting ready to go out I was one of us Skype
    defected drop those tiny worms and stop the war by killing a bunch of
    Brazilians whatever else happens does it snow in a can


    Ken Burns think they also showed there was no civilians in whatever
    Dresden a bomb Dresden I don’t know if I can do that it from Tokyo to bomb Dresden in Tokyo
    chocolate bowls with fireball shot and killed as many people were killed with atomic bomb
    that predict your thing I don’t I don’t bring my hands are affected to remember people
    people killed at 530 is better than me and I was 10
    I was one of those that was scheduled to be one of those guys I was going to go there and do this
    expecting a million casualties on city way around it because they died today


    add to the last one on a lease I lose everyone I love I saw one Japanese POWs
    who was the guy that got stranded in this thing is wonderful
    basseri was the whip in Tustin ice on 107 of German POWs
    sontreasure Island is that they are so store it on them
    they were they be captured in the North Africa and they were had been
    I’ve been pretty elite type of a guy and they work in the chow hall
    holes in the work in the ship services work in the laundry in this area


    areas in a fixed up and cleaned up and someone is because they’re stuck on Treasure Island
    still going on so they didn’t send it back yet anyway
    so they would go to work at night usually in March
    arch in the air here’s a difference between Mary
    Americas Best Inn in somebody else here’s some old sailor was exciting ovaries are in 1
    once a little but for 500 German POWs in Germany

    Perfect match perfectly Presley die


    and they did perfectly OK and assault when we were
    WeWood March 4th of March to class in the group Sylva
    40 Sackett Ave Depew sports in the first guys might be in love
    what might be steppin one or two guys like being stepper in line for the restaurant just got him we’re walking
    walking to class escort mccurdy and the earth did the other long enough to speak English well
    get the step step get lined up with a yeah
    get up I got you I look at you


    when we were in Germany
    we went to a birthday of a little village under
    Honduras list for 50 60 years old
    what is a birthday in the particular place we went to the barn in the house
    the house and all that was all the states 1001 in a courtyard in the middle
    who made the birthday party in there so we went through it was like in person
    Americas you show up and they host for the one who lives there


    came up and he was and he said old Americans
    Roosevelt primo number one hit
    he’s a big man I guess one Roosevelt I was a guest on Roosevelt
    is a prisoner of war who said

    so anyway a well in the area where I grew up there’s a lot of traffic
    how to cook carne carrots onions and potatoes in a lot of my father salt potatoes


    potatoes by the car loan to places that sell anyway
    Anjali had a lot of German and Italian POWs there that looked out after the the
    the end there was nobody walks in Vegas

    there’s a lot of people that had a good impressions of that
    another type of scientist topic a little bit on religion
    I belong to the Cambridge club which is the most people have spent a year


    you are so at Cambridge University in England consisted of all the people
    people that had got there degrees of Cambridge well I was at a meeting in Munich in
    in a bottle ne 72 and there were there was a meeting of the Kings
    but there is a MC Chang gay for China
    major Smith from Germany Solomon hungry there is another one from the same place
    someplace else. Anyway we went to one of these on a sellers
    end of started out things in Ebonics and then there


    and then there was telling stories Mackenzie tall guys have been associated Cambridge
    and they were all old enough to date had been experienced in the Second World War
    and a king was a Chinese and he
    was in Cambridge and he came to United States
    and they wouldn’t do anything with him at the kids have Chinese food when sending back to China
    Chinese ringing in head teen thressome has changed
    Nickelback David kill so the captain Hiram’s mistakes so he told true stories about think


    major Smith was a more interesting when is Salman Solomon major Smith head
    headband at Cambridge and he had been interested in racing horses in Central Standard Time
    time at Newmarket which is a racehorse capital is one it was a prisoner got no no no
    what he was a suit ohmygod shoot location of backup
    Backup Assistant that can cause you to be so he
    then a was a screw gun
    out of school in Cambridge England to Germany


    anything to Argentina because he was 50 in the heat
    antibiotic over 30 or 40 others or physician’s in bank
    bakers at every kind of educated in Argentina
    how to set up a have a German out outpost soda
    SodaStream ad okay I’ll back off when I turn it
    a fellow in Connecticut
    captured a young German n


    the young Germans spoke English and he said where you from
    8000 cricketown words that start with I know the highway
    Twitter he had know everything about that this young fella had been
    already trained to be a occupier of this town in Connecticut
    even when he was only about 40 or 50
    okay anyway 1211 telnet
    when we were in Germany German war


    war cemeteries to Metro Center military cemetery NJ
    jerk of in Ireland of German German
    Milton cemetery in Ireland because Ireland was so opposed
    pose to Britain that they Harvard German people that if they
    if they if they’re playing with down go to Ireland the land of Phillip Phillips
    opposed to the temperature supposed to be a British that they would favor
    paper the web in a to there’s a German


    German military cemetery in Ireland with life is it anyway
    back to US Marines it was a town that has a small dick
    barber small town and there was a number of children
    Rick Ross is in there and because they were the last part of the German
    I think it over the ages of the people online
    how many horses were 14 15
    peanut the most innocent on the 13 and then they started episode 53


    there’s no inbetween down to only the very very young to the very very
    Old Norse word crosses were still in the military
    Family Guy fa trailer
    going to finish the Argentine he continue ok
    Arnold get down there with you also they think they got together Argentina
    what kind of neutral but the Neutrality Act only Tuesday about 3
    about 3 mile limit right out there still fancy


    we got all these guys so they get together and they buy a ship
    Fife and they are fed up and they practiced in the three mile live
    limit of of a running it up death of a notice if its a British destroyer
    destroyer that runs up and down the outside kind of patrols at the seats to that they don’t get into trouble
    trouble inside that so they have is the Houston physicians
    we had a flight cost shirts on with
    fun with cufflinks and we’re taking gods of Greece and stick it in the gears to make the Superbowl odds


    hey what is a good practice practice with time that
    destroyer everytime with vines with practice cricket 3 get out we’re going to go back to
    back to Germany and helped Germany right okay so they give to him
    see the destroyer go down in time until they get out

    fun facts about stop and they had one guy that spoke Dutch
    Dutch and spoke Russian is a Lisa okay to wear at a Dutch


    semaphore signals does the British destroyers
    we know who you are and who is on board dont give a s***
    what you up to you can