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WILL - Ag Notes - August 16, 2013

The Great Flood of 1993

Todd E. Gleason


(Duration: 9:37)

Flood waters surround a grain elevator in Alton, Illinois.

The summer of 1993 brought with it record rainfall. The flood those waters spawned on the Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers was of historic proportions. Todd Gleason traveled with a group of volunteers from Champaign County to the water's edge where they worked to hold back nature. He produced this radio portrait of the scene on the Illinois River

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WILL - Ag Notes - August 06, 2013

Meds & Food for Kids – soybean for nutrition

Todd Gleason

A cooperative grant effort between the National Soybean Research Lab based in Champaign, Illinois, the United States Department of Agriculture, and a Haiti based Not-for-Profit called Meds & Food for Kids is working to fight malnutrition in the Caribbean nation while at the same creating economic prosperity. Todd Gleason files this report from the north end of the island.

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WILL - Ag Notes - August 02, 2013

2014 Crop Budgets Project Much Lower Corn Income

Gary Schnitkey


(Duration: 4:43)

Quote from Gary Schnitkey.

The 2014 Illinois Crop Budgets have lower returns than received in recent years.  This suggests incomes will be down from recent levels in the upcoming year.

Much can happen between now and 2014 harvest.  Price expectations can change.  Moreover, cost expectations, particularly for fertilizer, could vary from those shown in this release of the budgets.  These budgets will be updated as market conditions change.

Budgets represent averages across many farms.  Individual farms can vary from the budgeted amounts.  Farmers should evaluate their own costs contained in budgets.

Submitted by:  Gary Schnitkey, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois

Listen to Gary Schnitkey and Todd Gleason using the link on this page. Or read the whole of the article on the Farm Doc Daily website.

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WILL - Ag Notes - July 31, 2013

Weekly Crop Progress

Todd Gleason


(Duration: 7:32)

A picture of corn in the field.

USDA's Weekly Crop Progress reports indicate the condition of crops in the United States. Each week during the growing season from April to November the statisticians from the five top corn producing states in the nation deliver audio reports to the U of I College of ACES for redistribution. WILLAg pacakages them together and puts them ON AIR during the Tuesday Closing Market Report. The reports often contain a bit more than the raw numbers.

These are a great source for "what's happening on the ground and in the field". You can listen to this week's report using the link below. 

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WILL - Ag Notes - July 11, 2013

Making 2014 Corn Sales

Todd Gleason


(Duration: 1:38)

Thursday July 11 USDA updated the projected 2013/2014 corn supply and demand numbers for the United States. The agency projects a record sized corn crop of some 14 billion bushels will be harvested this fall. You may see the exact number in our USDA Reports page. Darrel Good talked with Todd Gleason about the numbers. The two looked forward to next season's crop, and Todd wondered if the ag economist believed it worth hedging now. You can hear why Darrel Good thinks that should the be the case using the link below. 

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WILL - Ag Notes - July 08, 2013

2013 International Year of Statistics

Todd Gleason

This is the year of statistics. Check out It is a great little website dedicated to the people that devlop all those numbers the market loves to trade. Down near the bottom of the homepage you'll find a section called "Statistician Job of the Week".

This week it highlights Dan Kerestes USDA NASS Chief of the Livestock Branch. A few weeks ago Rick Mueller section head of the National Agriculture Statistics Service’s Spatial Analysis Research unit in Washington, D.C. was highlighted. Do read the article about him, and the work he does with satellites.

There are links in the article to what appear to be really valuable assets for agriculturalists. USDA NASS in cooperation with George Mason University post satellite stats through webpages called CropScape and VegScape. Check them out for yourself.

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