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2012: Beyond The Tie-Dye: Counterculture In Champaign-Urbana, 1965-1975


(Duration: 59:00)

During the height of protests against the Vietnam War on the University of Illinois campus, students confronted the National Guard, conducted sit-ins to protest recruiting on campus by defense contractors and chemical companies, and met in “hippie” houses in the area where the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is today. Beyond the Tie-Dye: Counterculture in Champaign-Urbana, 1965-1975 is a radio documentary and series by Urbana University Laboratory High School students about that era.

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2011: Breaking Down Disability Barriers, The Legacy Of Tim Nugent


(Duration: 30:00)

How did the U of I help shape the way the nation thinks about disability? A radio documentary by Urbana Uni High students, airing at 10 am Thursday, Nov. 24, at 11 am Friday, Nov. 25, on WILL-AM 580, looks at the days when disabled students were new on the U of I campus and at the U of I Beckwith program that allows students with severe disabilities to live on campus.

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2007: Widgets and Digits: Technological History, Research And Invention At The U Of I


(Duration: 59:00)

Urbana University High School students took a first-hand look at the ideas and thought processes of 15 leading University of Illinois researchers to create a radio documentary, Widgets and Digits: Technological History, Research and Invention at the University of Illinois.

Categories: Education, Technology

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2004: In The Wake of Brown: Stories Of Integration And Struggle


(Duration: 53:02)

Linda Brown Smith

In a radio documentary approximately 60 Urbana University High School subfreshmen looked at how African Americans in central Illinois combated racism in their schools and communities after the Brown v. Board of Education court decision.