Community Cinema

WILL's monthly series of award-winning, independent documentaries from the Independent Television Services screened and discussed at the Spurlock Museum on the campus of the University of Illinois.

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Illinois Public Media has joined with the Independent Television Service (ITVS) to bring you Community Cinema, a series of screenings of independent documentaries shown at the Spurlock Museum. Each hour-long film is viewed and then discussed with the audience and a community panel of people with knowledge of the topic locally. These screenings are free and open to the public. 

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Health & Wellness Initiatives

Engage with initiatives in east central Illinois that are attemping to reduce obesity and encourage active living, access to healthy food, shared family meals, and safe routes to school and work.

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Programs, stories, events and community resources for people and organizations committed to reducing obesity in east central Illinois. For stories on health and wellness topics relating to Central Illinois, please click on the individual links below.

Youth Media Workshop

Empowering economically diverse African-American youth from public schools to make media and social change

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Youth Media Workshop partners with public schools in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, to teach African-American youth how to make radio and television documentaries that link their generation, the hip-hop generation, to the civil rights and black power generations.

Community Conversations

Listening to communities in east central Illinois talk about their concerns, needs, hopes, and dreams.

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WILL staff members organize and moderate "community conversations" with small, diverse groups of people across east central Illinois. These discussions lead to stories addressing the concerns raised by the participants. For instance, worries about the community image of Danville prompted reporters to give special coverage to a visit by the Walldogs, a group of artists who portrayed Danville's cultural heritage in wall murals throughout the downtown area.

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Growing Hope Against Hunger

Looking at unmet needs for accessible, fresh, healthy food and getting it to the table in east central Illinois.

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"Growing Hope Against Hunger: An Illinois Response" is your connection to regional resources and content that:

  • raises awareness of hunger in Illinois
  • looks at the public-private-government response to the need
  • connects you to resources in your community.

A Day in Your Hometown

Exploring the cities and towns of east central Illinois.

From Champaign, to LeRoy, to Danville...east central Illinois is a big place. From Inside Your Hometown focuses on the towns and people that make up East Central Illinois.

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