“Silbermann Days” brings music of Bach, Telemann and others to “The Evening Concert”

August 11, 2014

Tonight at 7:00 on “The Evening Concert” on WILL, FM-90.9 it’s the “25th Silbermann Days” from Deutsche Welle Radio. The Pratum Integrum Baroque Orchestra of Moscow play an Oboe Concerto and a Concerto Grosso by Telemann and a Concerto for Two Violins by Vivaldi. Also on the program music by Bach.

Monday August 11: Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts (DWF): (#13-07) 25th Silbermann Days

Pratum Integrum Baroque Orchestra, Moscow (1,2,4,5,8,9,10)
Hans Fagius, organ (1,3,6,7,8,11); Susanne Regal, oboe (2); Olga Ivusheykova, flute (4); Ekaterina Dryazhina, recorder (4);  Sergei Filchenko, violin (5,9); Pavel Filchenko, violin (5,9)
Bach: Concerto in A Minor for Organ, after Antonio Vivaldi, BWV 593

Telemann: Concerto in C Minor for Oboe, Violin, Strings, and Continuo, TWV 52:c1
Krebes: Toccata and Fugue in E Major

Telemann: Concerto in E Minor for Recorder, Flute, Strings, and Continuo, TWV 52:e1

Telemann: Concerto Grosso in G Major for Two Violins, Strings, and Continuo, TWV 52:G1

Krebs: Was Gott thut das ist wohlgetan (What God Does is Done Well)

Krebs: Her Jesu Christ dich zu uns wend (Lord Jesus Christ, turn to us)

Walther: Concerto in C Minor

Vivaldi: Concerto in A Minor for Two Violins and Orchestra, Op. 3 No. 8

Schwarzkopf: The Nightingale and the Cuckoo (encore)

Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 538

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