This Week (Mar 3 - Mar 7, 2014) on “The Evening Concert” on WILL-FM

March 01, 2014

This week the “The Evening Concert” starts Monday with a new series, the Dranoff International 2 Piano Competition; then Tuesday it’s  Debussy’s ‘Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun’ from the C-S-O; Wednesday it’s Beethoven’s 9th Symphony from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra…..Thursday, Brahm’s 1st Symphony from the New York Philharmonic and Friday… Prairie Performances with Roger Cooper".

WEEK OF MARCH 3 –4 – 5 – 6 – 7, 2014

Monday March 3: The Dranoff 2 Piano Competition: 176 Keys to the World (#1 of 4)

The 2013 competition follows the eight top professional semifinalist piano teams from seven countries: Duo Yamamoto (Japan), Duo Yoo & Kim (South Korea), Duo ImPuls (Germany); Duo Ping & Ting (Hong Kong); Lavrova/Primakov Duo (Russia); Duo Bohemes (France/Romania); Adventure Piano Duo (Russia); Julia Getallo & Alexander Andreev Duo (Russia) 

(See for bios of the teams….)

Manuel INFANTE: Three Andalusian Dances [Duo Ping & Ting (Hong Kong)]
BUSONI: Duettino concertante after Mozart [Duo Yoo & Kim (South Korea)]
DEBUSSY: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun [Adventure (French pronunciation) Piano Duo (Russia)]
LISZT: Concerto pathetique [Lavrova/Primakov Duo (Russia)]
SAINT-SAENS: Danse macabre [Julia Getallo & Alexander Andreev Duo (Russia)]

Shelton G. BERG: Martha and Mary Meditations [Duo ImPuls (Germany)]
ARENSKY: The Dreamer & The Danser from "Silhouettes": Suite No 2 for two pianos [Duo Yamamoto (Japan)]
MOZART: Larghetto and Allegro [Duo Bohemes (French pronunciation) (France/Romania)]

POULENC: Concerto in D Minor for 2 pianos [Duo ImPuls (Germany); Dranoff Competition Orchestra/Sarah Hicks]


Tuesday March 4:  Chicago Symphony Orchestra (#14-09)

Christian Macelaru (Mah-cheh-LAR-rue), conductor; *Yefim Bronfman

DEBUSSY: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
*BARTOK : Piano Concerto No. 2 in G Major (Yefim Bronfman, piano)
BARTOK: Divertimento for String Orchestra
STRAVINSKY: The Song of a Nightingale
[CSO fill: HAYDN: Symphony No. 6 Le Matin; CSO/Ton Koopman]


Wednesday March 5:  Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (#13-14_22)

Manfred Honeck, conductor; Angela Meade, soprano; Kelley O’Connor, mezzo-soprano; Anthony Griffey, tenor; Alexander Vinogradov, bass; Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh/Betsy Burleigh, director

Christopher THEOFANIDIS (b.1967, American): The Gift 

BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9, “Choral”;


Thursday March 6: The New York Philharmonic This Week (#14-22) 

Alan Gilbert: cond.; *Jan [Yahn] Vogler, [FOE-gler] cello

Christopher ROUSE (b. 1949):  Symphony No. 1, Phantasmata        
*BLOCH   Schelomo                                  
BRAHMS:   Symphony No. 1   


Friday March 7: Prairie Performances with Roger Cooper (per Patterns Magazine)

UI Symphony (12/11/13) (Shared concert with UI Philharmonia)

Ian Hobson, guest conductor; *Hyeyeon Jung, piano

*GRIEG: Piano Concerto in A Minor

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