From WILL - Farm to Table -

Crunch Time

Producer Lisa Bralts, Director of Photography Tim Meyers, and others at Illinois Public Media are deep into the particulars of getting Course Work ready to air.

A sticker that reads "Love People. Cook them tasty food."

A sticker in the kitchen at Prairie Fruits Farm. Lisa Bralts

Lisa's to do list:

Review one last piece of footage (got lost in the shuffle - oops!)

Finish drafting narration

Wander around the house, reading narration for pacing

(Is that too much narration? Narration should be a bridge, not the focal point of the story... I do have a tendency to talk too much, so I have to be careful, but but I digress)

Add to narration; delete from narration; will I ever be happy?

Look for photos that will work for web/print/TV advertising and DVD covers


Ponder clever tag lines, if possible (I'm a sucker for a good tag line... isn't everyone)

Record narration when Tim is ready


Bite nails

Cook my family tasty food  :)

- Lisa Bralts