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Clean Coal: Pipedream or Reality?

Is the term "clean coal" an oxymoron? Today on Focus we'll talk about clean coal technology, how it works and how's it's being used in Illinois. Do you  have questions about clean coal? Join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


(Duration: 50:38)

a piece of coal

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There are a number of clean coal projects underway in Illinois, but what does “clean coal” really mean? Is there such a thing? This hour on Focus, we’ll talk with Evan Tracey of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity about clean coal technology, how it works and what’s in the future for the clean coal power in Illinois. We’ll also talk with Chris Hamby, a reporter at the Center for Public Integrity and Tomasz Wiltowski, the Director of the Coal Research Center at Southern Illinois University, who is working to improve the methods we use to extract coal. 

Categories: Climate Change, Energy