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Encore: What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine

Have you ever had a moment at work when you were so overwhelmed by how you felt, either for personal reasons or because of something that happened at work that it was hard for you to function? This hour on Focus, we'll listen back to a conversation about the intersection between human emotion, medicine and patient care.


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Dr. Danielle Ofri

Dr. Danielle Ofri

We’ve all seen the caricature of the unfeeling, cold-hearted, bitter doctor on cable television. Gregory House, after all, is not an exactly a model for compassion. Danielle Ofri argues in her newest book “What Doctors Feel:  How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine,” that the idea that doctors don’t have feelings, or that they can ignore those feelings, negatively affects patient care. This hour on Focus, we'll relisten to Lindsey Moon talking with Dr. Ofri about why that caricature developed and how it affects the way doctors practice medicine.

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    the last time you got
    you got sick and had to go to the doctor how did your physician breaking
    have you ever thought what it would be like instead of the wind
    I’m in the moon in today on we’re going to take a look at that situation from the doctors
    talk with Danielle Ofri a practicing internet at Bellevue Hospital in New York


    New York City about the new book what doctors in it she shares healthier
    improve my doctor about how we might move toward
    empathetic approach to medicine
    is touchy feely Mambo Jambo

    after this news good
    good morning and welcome to focus timeline the moon have you ever had a moment at work


    overwhelmed by how you felt about something that was happening personally or something
    office to do your job well
    Topix I have a hard time reporting on an as a member of the newsroom
    and crying during interviews on focus for going to talk about
    talk about those feelings and how they play a very real role in the workplace for doctor
    doctors I want to walk in doctor Daniel over to the show she’s author of many books about the world
    RUSD title is what doctors feel emotions affect the practices


    factors of medicine in addition to her work as an author she’s also a practicing internist at Bellevue
    New York City what is a frequent contributor to The New York Times The Washington Post
    and the New England Journal of Medicine Dr Danielle Ofri welcome to focus
    thank you so much do before I get started I do now that this is a pre recorded
    episode of a bit but we still love to hear from you what are the most important
    important qualities to you in a doctor if you can post comments on Facebook page
    which of course is true but


    but when someone says the word doctor that’s not the first thing that comes to mind why
    idea developed doctors are a part of it
    is the media portrayal of doctor
    doctors Asbury rational all knowing for a paternal a stick of butter
    but most of the cell that is Billy the case change over time
    expectations that doctors will give you the precise incorrect
    right answer but I think you know most patients if you ask him


    would you like to type in your symptoms into a computer and get a diagnosis and you probably get it
    accurate diagnostics but most of us probably wouldn’t choose that because
    answer I think we wouldn’t feel
    care of most of us with the first to have a human being take care of us
    human beings come stock with emotions and there’s no way around it even in the exam room
    in your book their sons very real moment please you draw your own
    practice tell me about Julia gulia or a sheep


    chicos by Julia Italy was a patient who I met
    is it better to the hospital for congestive heart failure and you use a congested heart failure
    tell you the preview of older patients geriatric patients that she was in her mid 30s and her heart was
    what was filling for bad genetically since I miss you too young
    young children in at the time I was in my mystery that also had to young children
    and there was this moment about telling her telling her
    the diagnosis and it turned out


    out that for a feeling Hartford just heard there was only one truth
    true treatment of acute and that is a heart transplant
    undocumented immigrants from Guatemala she would be eligible for
    transplants we had to tell her
    about the side of it was a very difficult moment it was a little bit Lykke Li
    like looking in the mirror will both the same height and build the same 830
    30 in both of us had to young children at home in other world


    friends shared clothing for today it was me
    white coat and her with the defintion except
    she didn’t know it yet who was the morning of clear discharge from the hospital
    and we were going through the array of cardiac medications stacked on her bed side table
    TSB the same question about each bottle service medicine make my heart
    painful ear and the question evermore
    evermore elaborate exclamations about controlling symptoms enhance Inc breathing


    minimizing fluid and balances exercise tolerance
    I told every truth about every medication but I could not bring myself to tell her the
    Ultimatrix the role of the genetic taissa doom the five of her heart
    heart center only chance with a heart transplant that because she was under
    undocumented immigrants this was not impossible to her children
    motherless one who walked out of a hospital without phone number
    I’ve been a physician


    I was fully where am i tablet to have open and honest communication with her
    patient centered matter but I couldn’t I couldn’t
    bring myself to tell this young mother that she was going to die
    Krispy that I overate into fight with my patient or they let my emotions get the better of me
    that I was in out in out with all play some Road
    some roll but I wasn’t the only doctor who struggle with the truth everyone
    sponsible for her care intern resident medical attending cardiology


    hello cardiology attending independently itself short
    Charter on medical professionals in Atlas honest communication with patients
    paramount ethical killer young old male female
    touchy feely egotistical blustery alike not one of us
    could say those words to her face that’s a passage in a book
    taken from an op-ed you published long before the book what kind of reaction did you get when that are
    article was originally published I had a lot of response


    swift and Furious many many people excoriated me for not telling
    diagnosis of Fame with IDE
    diagnosis and correct
    I was wrong with you for the food stand for diagnosis
    time Britt Road about the moment to point out how much emotions play
    playoff 067 of Us doctors all try to tell her
    could it took us Taylor outpatient visit someone to break


    break the final news and I’m not proud of what
    what happened but it makes me give respect and endocrinology
    knowledge mint promotions will change how doctors practice medicine
    was I really that you had encountered or something that you felt very strongly about before
    before your encounter with her is that my calculus
    Road to the forefront itunes to we first choice without sim
    the entire book I actually introduced to straighten my previous book medicine in translation


    10 years because her story really bright out every
    free abortion many years did so many ups and downs
    with a case and I think that you delete exemplify
    amplified effective emotions exist in the room with us
    Hannaford North and then we run the risk of not doing
    doing the best for a patient and I told you the best for that moment


    I did it did make me where and when I saw her the next time
    we were able to Corral this and get past that the schools emotional blockage
    and share the truth
    cook with me with her the patient she had children but there was a time
    you are the person to process you have to give someone a noose
    who realized that I think that might have been
    what was part of the issue with the doctors who didn’t have children


    the sage of of felt a thinking maybe not even conscious
    time in themselves before they can bring themselves to tell a 35 year old women
    to die and I think it points out that doctors themselves
    are not Otamatone the computer out that prognosis the real people
    face with terrible Grievous news
    the process that and maybe the reason we could say that we need a time
    acquainted a custom accepting a Vista 4 weeks


    North Hills to tell her it’s just a reality in the world of medicine
    the tension paid to the fact that doctors ultimate time to process
    big huge like that before they can deliver it well inappropriately patients
    not think we have expectation the doctors will be a direct conduit if any
    results and and and and situation and again the computer can do that
    doctors of people and nurses are people and I Avant colleges
    studied extensively because they deal with death


    Yngwie phone lot is overpowered in their life despite
    despite officially train to do with it many doctors find that the death of a pet
    the patient affect how they behave with the next patient if they thought
    the patient died because they weren’t aggressive office find themselves sitting
    what the next patient and patience
    Bing or less aggressive with an expression and a half
    if they had some time or space to give that 352


    do they might be able to put an expression with a completely blank slate what happens
    what happened to Julia the whole story
    describe the book really moving mountains for her for her case
    have a happy ending
    very special woman something about her
    about her I buy a people sweet unassuming
    hard worker rigorous with hurt medications did everything helping her children


    children of Israel having a documented
    Ashley begin to go downhill remarried someone who did have a green card
    card the ones that have in the hospital can take your like I’ve never seen before
    what people didn’t helper process Medicaid insurance
    on the list and she finally got a heart transplant
    what kind of the book focuses mainly a negative emotions
    where is joy in Medicine Hat


    happiest day of my professional life I got the phone call to see if a heart
    remember Office Dancing everyone to tell if
    got a heart and I might editors in all my writing contest
    over the years it was the finally come thru
    exciting Charlie there after I was on the road getting from lectures
    803 a stroke
    and she was bleeding and her head she was on life support


    and it was going to be turned off and felt like overnight tables have turned
    and I came right back to New York herbicide
    are there on conscious talk with her
    what her but it clear that her out and she was going to survive
    that hurt over whelmed fired up by the new heart and make it
    and we said to gether a hat with her for a for quite some time and I remember
    what what is it that I tell someone what do you say at the end


    Ashley someone can’t talk back to you and because I just had the book
    Michael Kors Mill ask the story
    red written about her that the diagnosis the whole amount that we’ve been through
    intro to gether and then I said goodbye in her ass
    winter funeral and then it was going from the most Choi
    had in my career to pass one of the saddest day of my life
    young woman with able to make it did that effect


    how do you approach other patients with leukemia contacted after her death
    whenever there’s a death Ice Rink were all a little bit
    gun shy about investing you get emotionally
    you had a marriage relationship or and you’ve lost that partner
    going to see the next the next Air Canada
    I do this again can I become so close to patient what is the station going to die
    spend all these years together than others live


    very hard thing I do think it affects and I had to really be conscious
    let it get in the way but hide information conscious
    is certainly might have how you felt about
    please huge role in her care
    wonderful dinner actress in work with but I do about patient sitter maybe not to eat
    easy to like how do you handle dealing with difficult patients
    being in the ER and being frustrated with return


    insecure about their own house
    Austin watched in turn to a pastor
    empathic people little constipation
    injuries drug addiction alcoholism obesity
    wonderful doctors I see them stains
    angry at the station is coming take up your time
    don’t help themselves get better they go back to their behavior


    compacted nurses and doctors really lose their party
    Patrick and that’s something we need to pay attention to it if we ignore
    Norah that service
    how it came to be this is our garbage professionals we take care of all of my patience
    Mr Carrillo who was a drug addict
    end of time and mighty
    another admission by the same drug addict and nothing’s going to change and


    normally we on attending Cranston RI daily pic the most interesting case
    the discussed or the most unusual case of the sickest patient
    let’s go discuss natural foods with the most boring patient on the service
    into the bedside in spoke to him and he was exactly as you expect
    golden glassy eyes when did Miley 1 word answers
    at the same leak have low the diction terms and methadone
    methadone regimens and very soon as capital of blackouts and I could see that


    this is going nowhere question to on demand
    can you tell if you knew you were a
    you are addicted when they have their disease
    healthy a checkup blueberry are there at the moment of transition
    take a look at me and said yes I can
    who was an exact moment told the story of driving up the Henry Hudson Parkway
    go to see his brother for his nephews a birthday party


    I need to go there you wanted a hit
    nudity need the conch turn the car around start going downtown
    how to get back to the Steeler God which dynasty
    fingered my car in the other direction going downhill
    left story the room
    buy the stuff and I think of
    Family Feud what it might be like to have his mistress forces


    overtaking of life and after that nobody will their eyes
    nobody need to start in common with much Louis
    Avus wheels fit a fantasy when do with his world
    world we can really see what it might be like that happened to other people
    other people but now he gave sex with my pee like for us
    I didn’t have a new licence with stomach cure his addiction
    any chance of a meeting without being able to feel sympathy


    empathy for him I’m really interested in how you handle
    moral judgments do people do you have probably who are the problems that in
    can you return for doing with payment for
    complicated terio
    you really made him a person to everyone who was involved with a teen how do you handle
    separating what you feel about a patient
    what they need to do for daycare parlay this conflict


    mind the issue of professionalism
    you’re not going to the best size as a lawyer for business
    business person or an accounting you’re going there as a caregiver you have a different gender
    send a fire hardest to put those side
    n.b.a wear if you owned by a cyst
    no by sister have to be to know that we have a fire
    against people who seem to be something something that won’t rigarmortis


    side and find community and everyone
    that we can do it we can solve addiction
    we can solve it all the healthcare insurance issues we can solve poverty
    crime things that will help a week at home
    finding the f*** of humanity in every person because it’s there
    it may be harder to find hard for us to get there and it’s
    generation 2 really show that


    sometimes when I’m really stuck on with my team of students with patient stories
    Iran cooperative word alcohol
    what’s your hobby
    what do you like to do what does he still like to do before you head out
    you had alcohol is in Overton your life everyone has something they love
    love to do do it now in a conditional license
    something that will cash in about the guy in the Bowery


    even the most difficult Run family
    family person can tell you what he really was passed in about an iPhone
    talking about what is important to them
    us the doctors refer to themselves think they see themselves having something valuable
    valuable to share in the conversation it’s not always easy but
    that is really are chopping when we say what it means to be a professional
    national medicine I think that is it is one thing


    dealing with dying patients a complete different issue
    penis very vivid picture about how do you end with O type of people daning emergency room
    inserting is very challenging Eva and a newborn
    eva is it at the cinema of a pediatrician exposed to
    harrowing story from her residency wish with an intern
    fresh off the boat with call to delivery wear a saree
    teenager giving birth to a baby


    malformation set with was not compatible with life and the baby with diet
    exclamation with no treatment
    form the place that baby with look awful and they have to say they did not want to see the baby
    porn with hand it off to Eva andressa nude
    take the baby out of the room end
    new free rooms 2-7 the baby and Eva andressa
    only place that will make sure you acquire the time of death


    definitely left alone with the baby who is going to
    going to die and remembers looking for a baby and we are waiting
    waiting for a baby to die very very long time
    why you wait for the bleeding to slow down heart
    m*** and a baby Seiki TV wiki
    text no one ever gonna love the baby supposed to keep the baby
    watch the


    when they died at the time of death but she was overcome by the emotions
    arms and just f*** the babysitter
    I love you baby i love you baby died
    images came out of supply closet with this day baby harms
    I was told by Fergie baby and she was so effect
    affected by that but there was no place to talk about that because he has a
    the baby delivered to the moon worth missing children to take care


    every time to really talk about that nobody did
    itchy head what was William post traumatic stress disorder reaction
    I’m watching a movie with a baby child
    child drowning at the same reaction
    when your heart starts to race in your mind is fun with images
    and everything came back at that moment and I think that if we
    where is Banana more caring environment where someone say hate you to


    what was won the most romantic things to do to human kind weed a moment to
    College bad to give you stay stitch for Lisa talk about it
    add a terrible reaction years later as I was reading the book I was tearing
    it was it was really difficult to get to how common is an experience like that
    rare and rare now
    23 decades ago I think now there is much more attention to the fact that
    mini experiences that student intern dealing with


    dealing with death infirmity illness powerlessness
    early twenties and very few life experiences
    city of never think we realize now that
    we have to pay attention to this day we have to be out
    436 and making a time and a place
    if you don’t then we run the risk of people becoming
    offense in bottled emotions up


    approve me later on have terrible reactions I think it’s less common now
    doctors and Sedition people who work in the medical field are moose
    pull yourself up by your bootstraps in handle it types of people is there is it
    resistance 2 incorporating situations in which people can talk about things like
    like what happens to me back when I was it up and try to be had
    feeling around it was it called that was called something else
    meaning social worker to sit with it with the team in and talk about things that happen


    what happened that week but because they sent in the sky over social worker
    everyone thought it was ridiculous and cilia know what to get seriously
    when your own attending
    supervising Dr Inouye coat is this as a reality
    different because those are real father was a real liters
    on my own supervisor would say well that was such a sad situation
    I need a moment to give at state


    space at the supervises you write that that is really sad let you know
    so I think that we are much were able to see it
    from our own liters in a half ton
    here’s your moment to be touchy feely as we go about our daily lives
    life is really are our role models who walk the walk and talk
    talk the talk show us what it’s like to live in the moment
    tattoo be there I had a time when I was with my IT band Wii worth


    talking with the family about
    dying of cancer Square they were not going to be cured to talking about do not resuscitate
    and shifting the goals of careful Tour 12
    remember that I ve got to tear up
    the little bit and later my internet was
    was Silverleaf I wish I am because she was so fat
    and she was in that I would turn off first made her feel like


    what’s that someone was about
    is about to die in a hole family was there and it was
    didn’t feel sad something in you
    we the in the leadership positions that have to do to the real
    does happens when the moon and the sower on focus I’m talking with Dr Daniel
    she’s a practicing internet an author of the new book what doctor steel
    Alamo shins effective practices medicine we’re going to take a short break stay with us this is focus on


    WI Li AM 580 were back on focus
    the moon and the sower I’m talking with Dr Danielle over E Cheese author of several books about the world
    the world of medicine for discussing today on the show is called what doctors feel
    how emotions affect the practice of medicine is a pre recorded episode of focus
    we are taking life cause this hour but we do welcome your feedback and questions online
    email s at will talk at or find us on Facebook
    Twitter @ focus 580 Daniel before the break we were talking about


    talking about grief and sadness I also want to talk about fear and held that plays a role in doctors live
    what are the things you are most afraid of
    meaning of harming them and it’s a primal fear
    never goes away I get better and more experienced
    it’s always a little bit and honestly I think it should
    not a little bit afraid
    YouTube missing something because you should be afraid when you approach a patient with a needle


    horoscopo what medication with strong side effects women
    I’m someone I think we all need an appropriate dose of fear
    humility that what it is we do not losing money ERISA really hard
    farming another human being how do we keep the few
    educated in a compartment that is not to Waldorf
    but not coming out for the day today action anime ever
    training rifle for overwhelmed by fear and


    iOS learn that when you are because it will happen sometimes it’s also ok
    Akali can see you know what I can’t do this now could you stiffen for me I’m just
    overcome by fear rather than faking it traffic many people trying to do
    to pretend you’re not afraid I think people who pretend they’re not a feeling
    become Cavalier become dangerous quest of being aware
    having it on your radar what you know it’s too much
    how to get help and how to help yourself find the right balance


    parting patient I’m really hope that every doctor diet
    the house that everything but I also you write a little bit of a peacock a defensive medicine
    medicine about doctors who the burned by malpractice lawsuit
    is the fear of that affect the way certain position will practice I think
    physicians in realistically are afraid of if not practice
    can destroy someone’s life and the likelihood into their
    do they write Leah phrase outfield your surgery


    very very high end of medicine
    is one of the largest Wisconsin
    what comes of that directly harm station Overlord attack
    and the size of the cost is also the risks of East End
    increase chance of finding an incidental finding something clinically mean
    do more test to work that I could have more invasive testing
    risk of America with a client to take patients with complex medical issues


    location to seem like they’re type
    mini few options
    part of a coin pouch Dr Moshe Lita knockoffs
    doctors being sued it’s like having a death in the family doctors
    in the morning reading for the doctor the use to the doctor if I think I’ll be okay
    okay I’m a doctor to be so comfortable investing
    I don’t want to get burned


    not getting fisted and make sure they cover themselves with plenty of fish
    cat skin and blood test how often does that happen
    burned by patient
    will be sued some point and hens how far is a lawsuit goes
    foods that settle out of court
    heart of a dropped but for the piece that goes to trial
    Condell stand for years and really at destruct lives on their own life


    the other patients live off of quite insidious
    doctors are country where my Fitness Pal
    headache you know I’m pretty sure its nothing but a cat skin
    self do that on c***
    conch sleep when in another time another you
    its not getting serious some Tylenol
    realize that we do that sometimes in Alaska


    because of actual mistakes just like anybody else doctors
    600 tired or under a lot of stress
    what is a big problem with a specially with interns in medical resident evil to get enough sleep
    how does that affect how you function in clinical setting
    that lack of sleep effects of phentermine reaction time
    thinking of him in particular interesting because when your over tired but an
    emergency comes up most of us can get to Sinnoh in the moment


    great for that moment we were making complex
    multifactor decisions which is really both of Medicine what’s hard to focus
    things in your tired fatigue
    little children is it a decrease as you emotional resilience little kids with
    cranky and an adult tutu
    but we have much whispers are if he was small things
    that would normally bother you will now sick people off email coming from a nurse patient


    is someone loses their cool and that’s one thing Escalade out of control
    tonight having enough sleep it is a disaster it all around
    trying many different things limiting hours at residence
    can work complete answer
    because you know have twice as much as he used to
    used to have in there but its clear that a bare minimum people to get a good night of sleep
    never won a doctor take care of me who has slept a reasonable amount of time


    is the lack of sleep doctor get it different points in a career because
    because of the way that schedule is regimented when your training
    it it was religious schedule used to do in every third night overnight
    you would never get enough sleep so we change for that model sore able to get
    get more sleep little still not quitting think if we want but it’s clear that we don’t have enough
    have enough doctors especially in Arizona primary care


    general doctors appointment for general medical care
    you’re out that you are the hospital fuel prices Tampa
    AMPAC is a used to be any more patience to see things to deal with
    I think it’s a combination of both of us
    we’ve heard a lot lately about the increased demand for primary care doctors especially
    say that in order to see a specialist in Muscat your primary care physician
    doctors are working more and more hours in Seymour more patient


    about how burnout is a growing problem can you tell me a little bit more about that I think burnout a
    special in primary care the normal at enormous issue because as you lately 5th
    primary care doctors pediatricians in an internist and family doctors
    how to take everything in an eighth
    the doctors medicine so often I get a patient at who sang by specialist
    within the patient mention the problem
    is the primary care doctor have to take everything you can it snow line drying or special


    I draw my life the colon after that you know you go back to your primary doctor
    which one of the doctor takes care of my home
    my whole picture but sometimes it in the overwhelming do I have the same 1520 everyone
    everyone else will have your 20 things that need to be dealt with
    nose piercing with poverty you’re doing with insurance issues art
    worst dressed with her family think that will come up all these things I want you to
    is it and it can be a lot and many people are exhausted


    us physically I’ve also seen in long for the
    simplicity up with them quotes special special to just have to deal with one or
    organ system in and nothing else how much paperwork
    paperwork you have to do a sex bring out
    exponentially like and give an example
    electronic medical record system that we now have in with hospitals have
    but one way the ministration can add on


    new mandated by making more required fields you can
    can’t close your visit to leave now address little things to freshen screening
    pain scores education level adding more more things to do
    do all important is valid but a number keeps going up
    and you’ll have any more time and becomes very frustrating you want to focus on one thing but you
    forced to do more paperwork on tour the patient has insurance problem
    how many medications not covered by authorization who does that surprise


    that’s a primary care doctor and so it’s everywhere you turn
    more and more paperwork and most doctors
    paperwork when you compare other health care
    Canada what was paper work because there’s been really want sure
    for the Hope Diamond worth now every picture of a different planet which plan covers what
    what I can’t remember covers which medication is very hard to keep track
    track racing images


    hospitals are using computer technology I had a couple of appointment revenge
    computer in the room I’ve been sitting on exam table and the doctor has acne
    questions with his or her back to me and hasn’t typing in the computer
    is it appropriate to ask yo can we talk and you can do that later
    what you want to be understanding of the time the Decatur their b***
    how are thing as a doctor I’m torn
    pipedream my visit and allotted


    us so I have to get through it to doctors in the end of an intern
    aqua how do you know how to get fined for the first five minutes don’t write
    just look at the patient get the initial part of autonomy
    iContact people if you have a really intense 500
    conversation and then you know
    no I want to get down everything attorney do you mind if I write while you speak
    the computer I ask for permission expensive


    first part of a visit not writing stations are understanding
    only certain number of hours in the day to do that but I think the doctor look up
    look up 10 Things I Hate can we talk for 5 minutes first
    without the computer is rude
    and I would be there in salted if someone I will sing of my doctor I can look at me once directly
    directly you give examples of doctors
    making really big mistakes I mean mistakes that


    people die what kind of food that can you hide from your patience
    Gary Barlow away from my location
    population is largely as an immigrant not English speaking population
    ferry to see my writing
    have you been very supportive really appreciate the honesty because they know
    the mistakes happen to know nobody thinks that doesn’t happen
    can I find the patients 80 100 would rather


    honestly 1 oz worth let not hear about it at least my hear about it
    Finnick and feel alright you know I can trust you because if you’ll be honest
    about it then I ask for more worried about mistakes happen
    never being sold mostly my patients are incredibly supportive because
    because they know what’s happening in the not know about it how hard was it
    hard was it to write about those honestly I mean it’s hard for anybody
    what was the process like for you


    can I roll a bout them but one of the ones
    I want to know the second year resident I had a patient with severe diabetes and nearly comatose
    things you do if you give them an insulin drip to control sugar
    and when he was I turn off the trip
    do you have to give a shot of long acting insulin before you turn off the
    turn off the drip why would I want to do that I turned off my internets a teaching moment
    Benton of course I was wrong I completely forgot the thing you’re supposed to do with giving an injection


    of long acting insulin before you stop the trip back into a comatose
    state and very quickly the senior resident found out and came down
    yelling at me for the whole emergency
    about my error with the most of my life
    mightyman front of me
    it took me twenty years to write about that because of the shame
    and it made me think that if I hadn’t been so shady


    maybe a Crip come forward to the patient and never told the patient that I made it
    something wrong I put your life at risk
    died and made you stay in hospital longer I will just wanted to run and hide
    and so it’s really got me the lesson of trying to take the shaming
    out of it to people can come forward with her
    how is it in that thing to have your company chicken I mean
    before you go on the air in radio in your life somebody makes a comment about your delivery


    something is really unsettling to say okay now I’m going to have to do this
    medicine that is there so much more pressure there it’s very hard for me
    my compass with shake it for quite some time end
    help with that is when I hear a supervisor a superior talk about their
    about there at once for a service talk about their error
    public forum and talks about how old was one of the hardest
    life and having this very high a person talk about


    how hard that moment was just see him still be a competent doctor
    Dr still in charge for practicing it help me see that you can get through it and his admission
    mission office on terror we still meeting for me
    had me in in the product review process and that’s part of how we
    we get through the others get through it and then there’s also talking to patients
    old are in the more I like real I have
    intubation who I advise him to to do a medical


    getting a printable defibrillator and sing for horribly wrong
    long to get back to you and his wife
    and I feel so off of the vice
    what is spoke to him and the process of talking with soap
    helpful for him and for me and we were able to dissect the difference between
    between true mistakes that I’ll come out difficult
    Michael jagmin and it helps him that really helped me


    help me I think I had spoken to him I would Harvard is terrible terrible killed
    and he told me to eat my own kills and continue practicing medicine
    entirely you play the cello
    tell me about your pregnant
    seven years ago I was out
    we are in Costa Rica in my 4 year old daughter was going to start violin


    kindergarten in New York until we started lessons there any of the teacher how do you get it
    get a kid to practice strong willed thinking she’s going to say sticker charts
    Archer Eminem single parent practice OK
    instrument overnight
    fell in love song to my real life to a sabbatical
    do I have no time but I found a wonderful teacher and
    can get to the states had my lesson yesterday I was so exciting about that


    about that when I was a medical student the learning curve
    everyday learn more and more and more
    come along in my profession of the doctor finds out at the end
    funny button Worth federal waves and its not quite as SMS
    putting music on the hill party and I find
    I find it incredibly stimulating very joyful is awful way
    oceans of Medicine become overwhelming the way to focus


    focus on something different in music is very emotional
    canopies by Brahms last few months which is very heavy and intense
    the winter of moments the hospital Strasser sadness to be part
    the part of this is incredibly emotional music
    promotion just play itself out and get to a better spot
    it doesn’t solve the problem I change the reality that allows it to smoothie
    it seems like you can’t make an argumentative all doctors have


    have the time to have a really great hobbies could keep them intellectually stimulating
    little bit more control over their work life balance is better doctors
    has anybody challenged people certainly have lice
    still say on the side you know but I wish I had time to do my hobby
    hobby farm Dr if we all had
    outlet for a passion and a place to eat to build up on life I would like
    look like I don’t think anyone is the answer


    most of us find that it certainly help to have a place to have control
    hold your life and a half an hour really in lightning
    as far as understanding the perspective of being a doctor
    people who go to medical school in are part of that world at some point
    what is the takeaway for patient understands the doctor patient
    patient connection is fundamental human 1 it’s not going to the
    going to the car repair shop to get your carburetor traductor going to get your self taken care of this very


    different for better or for worse
    think that the human connection poisoning normous roll
    how we get better and it’s also
    just one moment in time you can have a long term relationship with your daughter
    doctor so that there’s a chance to go back and see other at your other aspects of you
    life by take a message is that on the ocean a part of everything
    interaction a doctor patient interaction is no difference whether you


    believe it or not emotions will be there like the underlying you a baseline in a bag
    the bad and that we need to be aware of
    it might be an end you could ask about that if you’re not comfortable
    comfortable ask your doctor directly you can talk to the North after the practice pad Richard Dr Seaford
    preoccupy Dora or not really paying attention baby
    doctor when you really need to get a good feeling as a person if this doctor
    Dr listen to you sees you as a person and its making a connection


    Daniel thank you very much for letting me today very welcome thank you
    I’m Lindsey moon and the sower on focus I talked with Dr Danielle she’s author of
    father of several books about the world of Medicine her newest is called what doctors feel
    how emotions affect the practice of medicine you can find out more about her
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