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Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita Garman, and Controlling Chaos

This hour on Focus, Jim Meadows talks with Illinois new Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita Garman, then we'll talk with Jack Rozdilsky, who researches the aftermath of natural disasters to try and make the recovery more efficient.


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Illinois Supreme Court Justice Rita Garman

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Rita Garman of Danville, who's been with the high court since 2002. (Illinois Supreme Court)

Illinois new Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita Garman has been head of the state’s high court for almost a month now. During the first half of this hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Garman, who lives in Danville, about what it took for her to get there. We’ll also ask Garman about her views on cameras in the court room, and about her work to create a committee on child custody issues for the state’s supreme court.

Then on the second half of this episode of Focus, Jack Rozdilsky joins host Jim Meadows. Rozdilsky is a professor at Western Illinois University who teaches and researches what strategies make emergency management most effective. We’ll talk with him about how to orchestrate a recovery and how to teach someone to control chaos.

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    last month Garmin Denver sworn in as Chief Justice of Illinois
    Supreme Court second woman gym at
    the first time for focus today will talk with justice Garmin about her career
    interviews on judicial matters touches cameras in Mikes in courtroom and handling


    child custody then in the second half of focus
    field of Emergency Management Fox’s wrecked clean up after a big disaster
    tornado jacklistens a professor of emergency
    Western Illinois University homeschool State offer
    focus continues after the news welcome to
    welcome to focus mg Meadows later this hour will be talking to Western Illinois


    Illinois University professor Jack Frost ill C and his subject is emergency
    management field its been in the news all this week following the tornado out
    Drake strothoff Midwest last Sunday but right now I’m pleased to welcome
    the Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court Rita Carmen grow up in the Chicago area
    Darius hunter laundry at the University of Iowa b******* legal career start
    who started in Danville width of a million County Legal Aid Society and other
    County State Attorney’s Office is well as private practice the 69 year old girl


    Garmin is a Republican and she has been in Illinois judge Cincy age of 30 over the years
    the years she’s moved up from the circuit level to the Illinois Supreme Court vote
    voters chose to retain justice Garmin 2012 end in Sept her peers
    piers in the High Court elected her as their Chief Justice succeeding