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Onward Toward What We’re Going Toward

Ryan Bartelmay recently published his debut novel, which is based in central Illinois. This hour on Focus, he talks with host Jim Meadows.


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book cover

book cover

If you were going to create a town with fictional characters who could live anywhere in the world, where would those characters go when they go home? Your first inclination may not be to create a story based in central Illinois, after all, there are much more exciting places to set a novel. But Morton native and author Ryan Bartelmay says he wouldn’t think to write about characters living anywhere else. This hour on Focus, he talks with host Jim Meadows about his debut novel, “Onward Toward What We’re Going Toward.” We’ll hear about why he writes about cultures in small towns in the Midwest and will hear about a set of characters who make a living working at a pumpkin canning factory.

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    if you’re writing a novel you can place your cam
    characters wherever you want glamorous city of dangerous wilderness
    must see on the moon Mini Display Smith greatest works
    places for first time novelist Ryan Barton places
    is Peoria especially small town near by given the name of Middlefield


    book on we’re going to the gym at dam
    focus Ryan talks about writing his first novel about characters
    impulses struggle with health central Illinois
    do they are writer Brian Barton today quotes

    program continue after the news
    welcome to focus on Jim Meadows happy new year Middleville is a little town


    town in central Illinois that you’ve never been to because it doesn’t exist but
    you may have been to other towns that could be Melville could be home to the
    to the wall be surprised chicken buddy and their respective families Ryan
    Ryan bar to make grew up in one of those towns and he made central Illinois the city
    is David Venable on word toward what we’re going toward published a few months
    few months back by eg publishing know if you like to be part of our conversation with Ryan Bader
    how to make a day call are toll free number at focus annotated 1 800 22


    2229 455 2802 22 wili
    ll you can email acid will dash Tomcat Illinois dont edu
    also welcome your questions on Facebook and Twitter at focus 580
    Ryan Bartimaeus on the phone with us in Chicago where he is the Dean of general
    general education at Kendall College Orion welcome to focus Happy New Year gym
    thanks for having on glad to have you and I’m wondering Ryan first about the title on word toward what
    what were going toward What is the title come from well um yeah I like that


    set that sings song HHR of the title at what I was trying to
    trying to title that actually the original title of the book was chick Evans
    Evans chick wallpaper with chicken early draft
    chick Evans in his own way and I like this guy double entendre that title fight
    as I continue to to work on the book um when I got to the point where
    chicken poultry got a chapbook
    haikus that appear at the end of the novel um that was


    what was called on we’re going for tonight just like things song play for
    set up the tone of the book I want to be playful
    no that was a little playful go in and out rifle
    title so that was a time you can you came up with as you were as you were writing
    writing a check will be Ceres portrait yes that’s correct okay just came to you in that way
    that way and I have to admit I was reading cinemas Baldwin some of his efforts to be red
    red eye it could happen anywhere in the country but I did


    live for several years in the Peoria area and um I remember
    people trying to write poetry all along those lines okay poetry that
    tree that was really are technically quite bad but
    incredibly painfully heartfelt right yeah yeah Chick fil a tree is
    Trius heartfelt is bad that’s true what I was trying
    what I was trying to do with that is an actual to wear off
    writing poetry in central Illinois after I wrote this novel when I was I started writing it when I was


    York in 2003 at work on it for 10 years Actually
    the first five years New York and Chicago
    Chicago without another 5 years
    so I went to the the the poetry I want to use data
    what is a vehicle um for his dealing with the pain of
    on a Mac just fell
    FL right thigh to me um something that eats


    he discovered by having staff actually when he was that uh uh library
    library down his feelings in a library in point out to him
    how to adjust written could be a haiku and then he spends the next I
    Thai 30 years as often as a power
    how it Friday ice cube
    there is something playful a little funny about that what was one of the things that I was trying
    trying to do with the f*** um I was trying to get at real


    human emotion does also trying to get out
    funny I feel real Zyra gas
    entertaining at when writing that important aspect of
    writing a short story or whatever is test center Tampa
    playful message is this is the stairs
    is there to entertain now I check won’t be there I guess it really is the Maine
    the main character of the novel but so much of the book is not just about him about his


    is Brother buddy and their wives and Families in and then and and also a
    also Marriott Norwood who comes into the story um wall
    early on in the novel but chronologically was quite a few years later
    uruz spread the other the whole action of the chorus about half a century
    Eroll Ryan how does the story develop for you did you see the scope of it when you first started
    working on it or is it something that develop over time well um
    I didn’t want to write a novel that was something that I want that I would willfully trying to do


    video how many first novel Tara quiet air
    subject matter if its clear first person novels
    contemporary novel iFriends live
    might have written the first person novels um a lot of them have to do with
    how to do with a page everyday for a year
    weekend so I was willfully trying to do something large
    do you like a very ambitious xScope novel characters


    what I have to wear to slam that into like a hundred cages
    the first come first draft first couple draft the first five years
    years really as I thought I was riding a really short big scope
    novela um and I really try to make that work
    under the influence of Mary Hanna paper writer of mine is novel
    rag which covers lifetime in is really short fast
    5 years trying to do that before I realized I


    written and it was written by Barry Hannah Anderson where I could be right that f*** so
    stumbled into the the consciousness I’m part of the book
    where am I now to different characters consciousness
    chicken body are there wives
    ge wife ass dyad chicks wife
    and then very Norwood at her husband green Geneseo
    yo um I really really want to get their conscience nasty ass


    try to understand these characters om one reason I want to do this
    this is because this is not my strength says as a writer what company
    riders dialogue in scene what does not coming
    writing a character consciousness and I’m 50 years trying to teach myself
    myself out and have it at the consciousness of the character that really built a novel around
    around that’s really work where were larger and got bigger ass
    ficious In N Out healthy to use switches


    actually really got a lot of fun for me to write the first couple
    couple years doing that when I stretch myself struggle but after
    after I turn a corner with a lot of fun 11
    what was interesting the idea of a big novel I was reading about how your publisher Robert lasner published
    Publishing cause your novel a Midwestern 100 Years of Solitude
    overstatement will realize we get down 20 me
    6 main characters Wright brothers there’s this Bears


    there’s a chicken Diane there’s body and is it litchi is the
    is the correct how do you pronounce oh yeah BGN actually it’s interesting because
    chicken Indian American character at end of a name is legion
    I had a students of a while back when I was writing that
    American the time I was trying to come up with
    um at her name and I just name turvy G
    American out woman who is that name


    name just out maybe a common Indian name
    name as it turns out after novels publication I was talking
    is talking to a friend of mine who is that end in American woman at the name
    name the characters look at me like I never heard before
    I got to do with a lot when im right im right
    right right right eye
    pick up the pieces later I realize all the states that I have a nice life


    fat as a writer make all of this stuff off and I have to go back in
    incorrect things that I didn’t I didn’t change that because of that point I eat that care
    character of Miami current weather
    Willie G’s a very little character in the novel cheese
    she’s married to buddy but uh she is someone that chick is attracted to
    221 there’s a will there’s a will there’s a very crucial
    show background given very early in the novel with striped so many more vents after that


    cracked yeah um yeah she she was a kind of
    kind of the catalyst for wet what happened at end
    jumpstart a lot of like a domino
    fatback Rob that she
    she gives check on his wedding night early in the box
    what kind of cement
    what happened between brothers family


    what you do to me after reading after reading the novel in scene setup
    is a very I don’t know impulsive and lonely characters
    pulse of the only seem to be doing something they think I’ll make a real difference usually without much
    how much information to go on really and lonely because none of them seem
    have anybody to thicken fine in Medina Mike give them a sounding board
    doing the right thing right now you see these characters I do ya


    Messi the characters of all of them are are are lonely I take all of them RR
    driving to make a connection and oftentimes ah
    ways that I asked ration connect a fat ass
    perverted a sexual fantasy
    um and I think what you mentioned in terms of i
    you know that I think that’s correct
    AOL have a desire to do good to do the right thing


    what’s a chance at the first thing that comes into their mind like chicken has fallen tree
    what is the library drop something
    down and library that I like you
    any spend the next 30 years trying to write I 20 minutes per diem Folsom
    where to call about being a up a poet
    if you with your emotions um yeah I do that
    accurate what is focus mg Meadows


    talking with rider Ryan Bartimaeus debut novel onward toward what
    what were going toward is out from publishing if you have a question for Brian R phone
    phone number is 1 800 2229 455 email
    email your question to will dash time Illinois edu phone number
    phone number again 1 800 222 wyll and you can also a sentence
    send a message on Twitter and Facebook at focus 580
    now that I sent in central Illinois in a town called


    called Middleville with a pumpkin Camry and you yourself c**
    come from what temp for Morton Morton Illinois which is the capital of the world
    what’s up what’s up with a large Libby’s Nestle’s um um pumpkin can read
    it’s about why don’t know about the pen 15 miles of the West
    West east of East Peoria cross the river rack and soul
    and so I’m wondering Middleville you know we could be more could be a lot of small towns
    Townsend Tennessee county was the idea that God Church um


    Middle Village imagine is that is a fictitious town in early draft
    what I name of town Centralia south
    um and I like the name Centralia ad
    Joe Satriani rider
    and I know Joe Centralia IL hilltop Centralia WA
    trailer with all of your eye Morton landmarks basically a pumpkin can
    counter street with out with 6 which is a department store that way


    Stafford switch with a family on grocery store that was in Morton
    Morton out of clothes with six sense close
    and then when you know what I saw the book 2 gig I made that change
    changed from Centralia to fish in town Villa
    that that name because I worry that someone from
    from Southern Illinois from central Illinois baby yourself would read a novel and sable
    pumpkin cannery with 6 that was there self


    I got a little nervous LIII fictionalized at why do Recon eyes a lot
    alot of names in the cannery in which 6 remember San Francisco accident on over the air
    the area when I was soccer in Peoria survive Gary bass convenience store
    store chain price and alot of other names of Peoria Rivermen the paradise casino
    Casino the other one world coffee houses are all anybody in Peoria Illinois does places
    places right that’s correct yes I was using actual landmark apartments
    I started the book when I was ork ah ah


    I graduate school what time add a little homesick
    text for for for central Illinois had lived in central Illinois
    number of years at that point I left central Illinois and um
    1993 to go to college undergrad University of Iowa Iowa
    Iowa City can I live after graduating college
    Texas for a couple years in Boston for New Years in Dallas
    York so stories mom ass


    about small towns in Illinois lastest trying to
    trying to understand I think we’re where I came from
    Illinois landmarks I 90 west
    I know the details from Portland to know the details when your trying to create
    create something a narrative an artificial narrative with words that says
    is doing research that was already stuff in my imagination
    access that’s the reason why I said it


    I didn’t I didn’t a chance to go online from your website
    should know you do if a website is Ryan Bartel is incorrect and I will make sure to get a link on a little later
    on our website slash Falcons
    all this is what I believe you set in Deer Creek Mackinaw River right yeah
    yeah that’s true and Mackinaw also flows through your fictional Middleville is well it does Yaya
    jack mackerel River important river to me growing up by I use to can you


    do with my dad and his friend found in Mackinaw River we had a
    I had a friend like a deer hunting cabin on the Mackinac Bridge
    Mackinac Bridge overlook the river so I spend alot of time around Mackinac
    Mackinaw River at the kid how to swim in the river
    cabin self um that’s important part of my child
    childhood side does show up quite a bit then and when we have
    when we have a caller in and out we have to take a gentleman because he’s calling for Morton


    Martin and um online Foretrex for morning good morning urine focus
    morning good morning
    I just want to know if Ryan is trying to put Rae the dark side of
    the people’s personalities um R
    the Dark Side of the Falling Man RR a human being
    does the novel seems to be somewhat dark throughout you know everybody
    striving to get somewhere and that’s


    question sure thats umm
    take that was intentional that I 7 Ave what in the penis
    Darkus what is bad that characters are struggling as much as their stripes
    I think again in one of the things that
    drive me as as a rider um to to write is set
    try to understand something I don’t I don’t I go into a book
    RR short story trying to understand I


    will try to understand people live in central Illinois um M
    what comes out of the darkness or whatever by product
    fat certainly that something that act that
    came out of f***
    all rec center thank you very much for your call you know I’m just just for my tooth
    my 2 cents I got the idea of reading this book this is a book in which
    no one seems to get quite what they want but they sure are trying hard


    hard is is is is is is is is that accurate
    thing right yeah absolutely mean I think I might be a
    how come you can really teach a worldview in NFL
    this is part of my my world you and I think that I think that
    honest I think a lot of people driving test note to search
    how do you say what they want to do all does a try
    there’s something really beautiful about the trying to struggle


    Universal that were all in kitchen definitely working on that I think
    baby part of the darkness of it is is the honesty that that we do fail
    fail and a lot of people fail a lot of people don’t get what they set out
    how to flash do you think that’s going to be hung is is an anon
    ongoing Fi mean you’re working your short stories and novels so far are you also
    do all to write about people who are you who are able to be on the market Livermore office
    um so far I think a lot of it has been


    what were talking about actually on my wife out of my work
    she should make a comic book search in your work is so fat
    that I’m a bad person I’m not fat person have a lot
    what sabi forgot you beautiful daughters 183 and other one that’s too much
    my soul wonderful wife just happened
    happens at the way that I see you the struggle of humanity I guess this
    is that out there’s a lot of a lot of striving


    Ahmed not quite Grafton not quite getting what what you made
    I want out of life now I suppose and I don’t know if this was on something
    call it was was wondering about is it in da picking these people listen
    is as as you know really dwelling on the dark sides and their lack of success
    excessive coughing smelling wrong you’re making a comment about a bad people
    people in central Illinois people in Morton where were you grew up or just
    about people in general people in general um I’m not


    get out of my head is at the book to be a
    trail of the people in central Illinois
    why dont see all of the people that you don’t want to end up like the mask
    mastersons was mud in his hometown because of the Spoon River anthology thrice
    right right yeah that’s not what you know that yeah yeah that’s not my
    not my time I attempt a lot of its just me trying to
    how to understand the human condition that ends in trouble


    what that mean its f***** central Illinois because I know the details
    Tales I know that have to say a lot of riders say no I
    they said they’re their work because they say in the area
    area Faulkner Hemingway
    Adam story Rollins
    Michigan area riders do and then I
    tales easier now I turn them knowing


    internet service couple out of the tails in Everett
    and and and crease artifice of artifice
    5th Ave and create a world by cherry picking details of
    internet I didn’t do a little bit of this that and the f*** with a Las Vegas
    I don’t know a thing in Las Vegas wife
    Las Vegas Street name stripper dick in Las Vegas
    um you can go on the internet and go with the Google


    Google Maps you can figure out street names for things located in UK
    make it you like Las Vegas NV
    girl from Las Vegas to do on citizen work
    like I said I didn’t do that 5
    air and
    you know I’m so I’m so I’m thinking there are the physical that there’s there
    is there the physical places you could you could I draw the names of any particular place


    places you mention about writing about Las Vegas going to the internet you close your eyes and think bank
    back to your hometown does it evolve a certain feeling a certain atmosphere 2
    where to you and can you describe that Yahoo
    yeah I mean um it certainly does a the feeling that
    that I am about how is it
    show that I have for a small town um I was asking
    faster than other out interview at app review


    talking about how to whistle on Manton of the dying of the town
    intentional anyway but it possible that part of
    part of this mean I don’t live in a small town anymore I live in Chicago
    different than everytime I go down
    parent to live there Michael down to central Illinois frequently
    in the end you feel the contract I’m so maybe
    the part of it was the eye I believe


    leaving town now that part of me
    is gone and I don’t have a desire porn
    maybe it’s my own coming of age
    well that I was working out of the box what were talking with Ryan Barnum AZ
    onward toward what we’re going toward his first novel out from a publishing
    what’s the short break and when we come back alright if you get a copy of your book with you
    you could you could read a short excerpt Amedisys focus on WI


    Rebecca focus on
    Tucson Gem Meadows a reminder about upcoming show we usually do on garden shows
    on Friday do the scheduling issues with our guest the next long garden pro
    program will be this coming Tuesday and among other things to look at herbs
    you can grow indoors during the winter that’s on the upcoming Tuesday edition of f***
    focus right now we’re talking with Ryan Bartimaeus first novel onward toward what
    what were going toward came out a few months back from egg publishing your phone is the lines the wall


    WallBuilders chicken Diane and body in lazy as they trying to find something
    happiness in small towns in Illinois with occasional for raised in to Peoria
    and Ryan if you have an excerpt up ready for the book
    the book if you want to set us up here and what’s going on church so um I’m going to read
    need a short actor Pierre takes place in a 1998
    a book span 50 years and one
    what is the storyline physcic wall be there at a regen it go


    add those to have a romantic relationship for about 2 months
    where they flirt with um I going to Florida to run away to
    Florida where chick ah at his honeymoon with his wife
    Elvis’s from June 16 1998 tween
    chicken Mary’s at just meet just met and I
    Mary is going to take a check from the paradise riverboat casino
    how to hook up to a bar that she’s been hustling laugh


    black ass xnxx
    Mary Sat side chick in a minivan bag lap
    she didn’t know anything about him interested in her or she thought he was interested in
    her she can be sure she was losing losing her touch she used to be able
    Bible get a man’s attention to the Cowboys the brazen bull with internet I told her
    how she was down to a guy how he didn’t seem like you should
    told her that have to be there there for company


    after the third time Chicago to nursing home corrected her and said it was technically
    assisted living facility you said with a Smurfette heated assistance living
    Joe she wasn’t sure she got a joke mean that
    can you get help going to the bathroom and stuff like that she asked him and he said that’s not what
    Matt she waited for the punchline never came status
    what her like she was supposed to say something but she didn’t say anything
    not smell in the van Bostian sweaty and Mary new coming from check


    where could be Greensboro suits with which were in laundry bag behind
    baby Sun Hat bake them to crack a window whisper voice in our head
    this was a bad idea Green was in the hospital and she was in a minivan with a man
    can I could be the reason actually probably was the reason for the old man smell
    chicken smile ready ready for P
    sad very turned on the ignition the radio Rock 1:06 Peoria
    classic rock station lasted heart Barracuda from the speakers she loves


    love this song remember the time when she thought of herself as a barracuda chicken last in the rearview
    aerosol retirement home buy back out of a parking spot carefully
    foreskin halfway out Chad stop letting people walking single file
    6th grade class cross behind her a white hair lady with Walker mi
    contact with her bald guy in flannel shirt wristwatch wave
    very thought of green in the hospital does ham last night
    NFL phony long fingers with pencil she had what happened to the


    the human body over time you need to get back to the hospital with voice at
    what are you doing with the sky chicks with fat chicks loud sound in feet
    back and chest don’t say anything is Morris don’t move
    guy wearing a members only when the line is looking around concern
    turn right left over her shoulder chick with scratch so far down in practice
    practically on the floor I supposed to be on a pot Jesus Christ horses going
    the new low she was kidnapped in an old man


    is assisted living residents allowed way back and it was exactly
    you asked him did you ask him to come with you in Hickory
    likes you use water like amore think you could like him time
    driving back to we care physician in Middleville
    and that’s an excerpt from a
    onward toward what we’re going toward read by the author Brian Bartel May
    Mary Geneseo is who I called Mary Norwood for sale


    corset was her maiden name Marley stir on her previous their previous name for brown
    any previous marriages shemale pad ob I was struck out
    without Mary’s character who is set
    by Boyce is essentially the voices of the two sides of her conscience allowed
    loud voice in the whispering voice right and um that was
    does that was really a character worry hurt the most interior dialogue
    long because of you because of the loud voice the whispering voice are always on


    is arguing over what she should do right yeah I was really with that I was really
    really interested in the conflict of these two voices in a hole in her
    ass in two different directions to whether or not to give into
    this and Paul talking about character in a year
    impulse of going to a Florida with check
    check in check out Florida which you want to go to a 40
    chasing down his past in


    Florida second chance with Mary
    yo add to write his his life
    wife passed away im and then the other
    the other voices for telling her that that she can’t do that anymore
    entire life doing that married 89
    910 time numerous times too many times to relieve account
    account with man in her life is kinda it’s been hell


    Hakeem from a man to man to man to man there
    another time worksheets that important to do it yet again a part of it
    you can’t stop doing that
    The Wanted play that out in her consciousness
    trying to get that alot of Us
    thinking that way I know that I thought of that way for I have
    246 your hat on


    opposite direction are you on your characters on at all like
    specific people you’ve known are are are you drawing from just hold on
    whole lot of people in constructing a drive from a lot of people
    the book a kind of started when I started writing at
    like I said lack of New York um I was thinking about
    eyes this man his name 15 chick Evans
    how to clean pool country Aire pool


    how much is a small Morton I like to swim at with friend
    friends when I was 10 11 12 years old and he use to clean a pool
    Time retired and I was always
    is really interested in his name he was around the community alot of bass
    basketball high school basketball game run into him in high school
    talk to him about sports an invention cabins
    interesting names of writing this story I II III


    what is name and started inventing a life for
    has nothing to do with chicken person
    what is really like the name and then I eventually change
    the name to check Walton family name of Mind
    gay check that last check
    no I don’t I don’t based on a bike
    one for one character person to person


    tell me how long does it take you to write the book for 10 years
    10 years of pretty regularly are offset on um
    pretty regular I mean I would stop twerking to the projects are you mentioned earlier
    read the story of the flatness I wrote that
    Parkside I would take breaks and I write a short story
    short story come back to its my processor Rider
    how to write a draft type out a whole Draft


    and then I will print it out the dead note
    and then I have literally kind of um
    the next to me and I retire the whole thing page by page by page
    KJ in an attempt to read habits that the
    novel characters what exit on a long time
    time that are you re writing as you re type yes absolutely
    gas on large things I’m drinking Bang


    Hanjin what are some of the biggest changes you made
    over you know over your multiple drafts what is consciousness
    is for one that was kind of the biggest when we spoke about that earlier
    jack is consciousness that really I enlarge the characters
    Mary Geneseo is consciousness the
    the whisper voicemail loud voice audition
    ABK minutes 637 something like that


    these things that I’ve done with a tangent that I follow their own
    baby I can I can enlarge her consciousness by having two different
    is two different voices that she. In her consciousness
    that would be one major difference
    this is course was the first novel you had attempted um was the muscle
    learning process by itself just trying to put together a novel that you’re finally found
    satisfied with for ten years


    so yeah ing a lot of it was just know um
    teaching myself how to how to write a novel
    app that that that that over
    overcoming um I might go to I mean it
    if it’s difficult what to write in an ounce
    overcoming up my own voices in my head talking
    about trying to do this


    voice in Westbury voice your self guided yeah
    yeah mean when your when your when your riding your your kind of
    overcoming the voices in your head that are telling you
    why is it that this why was St Paul
    the temptation if you’re going to spend 10 years and I should know you were in
    graduate school during a lot of this time in your studies grade of writing so you something
    impetus to right right but it would


    what it would just be so easy to give up yeah absolutely mean it is
    it is it is it is it is it is easy to give up but message to something
    what I’m really interested in writing is the discipline of it
    how’s it going to everyday I am working for an hour an hour and a half
    half hours whatever whatever it is I think of something
    if its cathartic meditative
    this to do that and that’s really was important to know the


    the publishing and Happiness
    the byproduct an app that’s great in the lot of fun and I like
    enjoy talking to you about the f****** doing interviews in reading review
    reviews Sol a sol byproduct of the real work the day today
    today struggle of trying to write trying to
    yes I understand things about yourself and humanity
    the condition that really what it’s about I mean um their account list


    novel published and I hope you continue to write a novel
    because that’s really wear a really worth asses
    where can i buy work on another f****** baby to take another test your baby won’t get published
    published what the actual active writing and doing it going to the basket
    everyday Inhabitat at space
    thats thats making me a better person
    better father import well that’s interesting


    that’s the first time I’ve heard somebody talk about the act of writing
    as being worthy worthy in itself rather than just the mean
    means towards the end I think I print from lots of writers who are glad to appear
    dua produced books but but they the Necessary and enjoy the price
    the process of doing so mean enjoys interesting word
    Mike the right words right I think um
    think it’s just the way I have the engagement processing mean


    let’s face it I don’t make em i dont make a living as a writer
    not yet anyway of money to be made as a rider
    um in the pressure to do to make a living out where would have to be so a man
    live on your craft of the refrigerator
    I’m not sure I could handle that um but what I can handle is
    is is doing doing this no and trying to understand myself
    condition like I said I’m going to it in and using it as a form


    form of meditation a form of trying to get better
    really that’s what’s interesting to me and I said that’s what I said
    when does the voice start talking in my head as I’m working
    on PC action pretty dark times here because I sleep
    aspirations is the published om Center times rethink what you’re doing
    very good red eye mean I have to remind myself that snot
    point no point isn’t that is in the Delta


    the labors the points is a labor and doing the work
    well we are talking with a Ryan Bartow may also of his on first
    first novel on Wirt Rd what were going toward Iran focus on a metal still time for you
    I’m for your questions for Ryan at 1 800 22 29455
    email acid will dash time Illinois .edu without phone number again
    can 1 800 222 wyll Bryan what you just said
    sad about being a writer being one who writes in the act writing being Valley


    valuable itself for hamsters in contrast to what you have a chic wall Beazer doing
    who was once he discovers that some of his release
    really sad thoughts can be fashion in the heights who decides to be
    be a poet which means for him growing up scraggly little beard and end
    and and and and wearing a beret this is all part of being a poet smores
    is Farsi is concerned yeah baby I’m part of that is
    I was working out my myself what does it mean to be a writer


    Ryder does it mean to be a writers how many appearance of a rider and
    is it in the Bible that mad fat guy grows
    French beard Witches of a little bit of hair underneath is laughing
    where to buy red corduroy blazer in the book part of a poet
    what I was saying there to myself more than anything
    that’s not what writers out about trying
    out and about you didn’t finish a book


    can you also got it published with egg publishing which of someone I’ve looked at it sounds
    sounds like an interesting publishing house in itself if you can tell me anything about it sure yeah egg
    is a a small independent press and I
    um in Brooklyn New York at about handbook year
    half of those 450 dozer literary fiction
    have a nonfiction book with well it’s a husband
    husband and wife team who are the editors ass


    I met them in 2009 at i
    AWP which is a writing conference
    different cities every year in Chicago
    Chicago my friend David e. I.
    short stories of captive audience at a great story
    egg and he was in 2009
    Robert F ass


    I had a question short stories is well I had to them in 2010
    didn’t take back collection short story collection short stories by the body year
    year after that I got an email 2011 from
    Elizabeth I edecan she have thinking about you
    about your writing and I was wondering if you ever finish that novel that you were working on
    anonib mention her that write a novel when I pet her my
    short stories and I haven’t finished it um I was working on


    non the last draft the time but I told her when I finish that I was over to her
    dead I am
    and I’m wondering what surf reaction has this book on back in your hometown of Morton
    Morton um from from the people that I’ve heard from its gotta be a pro
    a pretty good reaction to reading their ob early on
    September Apple can I guess ad
    I am a quite a few people there


    7500 people that’s pretty good ground for reading I have your area
    summer reading for theres like 6 7 people there
    in everything was it that is a small town
    town of small town of Rye New France
    my family and friends parents my parents and friends of mine from high school
    overwhelming mean this is a book published
    West Palm from work for for a long time I think some people map


    aspiring to be a up a rider
    I was kind of out of my 4 a.m. To write his my first
    f*** Tom is flatter I had 11
    1channel men I came up to me and I end up with
    is kids he’s my parents age um and I live
    behind the actual en mi lugar garden that I used
    family garden at the SSID character in the park


    f****** is the first book first novel
    Radford High School which is best flattery
    um that would spend time not a reader
    Adventist I’m reading a novel
    word that kind of action
    it’s like watching a movie where you can sit down for an hour
    half and watch and watch it be done with that I’m going to read novel it takes


    takes a number of hours in the f*** is a muscle cell
    so that sounds like it was a really positive
    positive experience for what is after all book about very unhappy people living in
    living in your hometown yeah um all the way I should say I think you eat
    you said you use trove put it in there but its funny that it is funny a lot of the time
    the time and I wasn’t I wasn’t sorry to be spending time with these people but they’re so unhappy
    unhappy right right yeah um like I said they are they are unhappy


    3030 humor in the bucket is funny and it’s now
    freestyle eyes that I log into characters
    element flapjack I think in the box
    and like I said I do I do have a desire to entertain
    um I don’t think I can force myself for my world you but
    I can balance it out with trying to make it entertaining about the characters you are
    who are struggling la reine happy


    Orion Bartman want to thank you for writing on we’re George Weber going towards
    thank you for coming on focus to talk about it do you have a second novel in the works
    works I don’t right now why are you plan to work on something
    my wife and I just had our second daughter revelations 22 months ago
    when to go so I am and im yo waist deep in Nevada right now
    right now tell if I wore number material being created
    right as we speak exactly yeah absolutely absolutely 5


    Jack plan to get fit to once and then I am looking for doing that
    well thank you for being on the show today and thinks for a thanks for the Saints Row
    Saints Row caller today for comfort rhyming in our Pagliacci’s if you missed anybody on ONR
    emails or calls me invite you to continue the discussion on today’s program at
    Sam at slash
    flash focus today show produced by Lindsey moon Jason from SR tactical
    Technical Director tomorrow show on focus is about squirrels how much do you know about


    you know about these common animals why do they say in the city as well in the c***
    the country will be talking with a, just add Heskey of the Illinois Natural History
    history survey Indian Benson a history professor yes history
    professor at the University of Pennsylvania about squirrels on focus