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Superheroes on and off the page

What defines a super hero? This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Bill Rosemann, editor at Marvel comics and Mark Hughes, film critic for Forbes, about the rise of the super hero on and off the page.


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Marvel editor Bill Rosemann

Marvel editor Bill Rosemann

We’ve long been fascinated by super heroes, but why? According to Bill Rosemann, an editor at Marvel comics, it’s because they are relatable. This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Rosemann about what makes a super hero super and why they’ve captivated us for decades. Rosemann also talks about Marvel’s newest character, Ms. Marvel, a Pakistani-American character from New Jersey who is muslim.

Then, in the second half of this hour on Focus, Meadows talks with Mark Hughes, a comic book aficionado and contributing writer for Forbes. We’ll talk with him about the rise of the super hero on screen and how companies like DC and Marvel have expanded their stories across the media landscape.

What do you think makes a super hero “super?” Post in the comments section below!

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    comic books
    books of big business in comic book superhero characters are even bigger business
    talking about that business today on focus mg meadows in the hours
    starts with Bill Rossman season editor with Marvel Comics The Avengers arena
    storyline wrapping up now in the Marvel Ultimate Universe is one of his projects


    Roseman will talk about what goes into creating a superhero character
    why do I have such a piel a piel is in the movies later on focus
    discuss the superhero movie business with Mark you screenwriter
    Walter writes about superheroes movies and superhero movie what’s another puppy
    program continues after the news
    welcome to focus a Meadows today’s program looks at comic books in


    send superheroes later in the program all talk about superhero movies with
    with Marcuse who writes about superheroes in the movies but first interview with
    view with Marvel Comics editor bill Rossman which was recorded yesterday
    superheroes are fictional creations with the Rollie planner culture is very real
    free real bill rose Reno something about that he’s an editor and writer of Marvel Comics
    what makes a company that brings you Spiderman the X Man In The Incredible Hulk mothers
    bill be talking about superheroes on of the page this coming Tuesday


    at 7 p.m. At the Illinois State University bone Student Center brown
    Brown ballroom normal and Bill Roseman welcome to focus
    Jenna to pleasure to speak with you and I 20 okay you know
    part of the sinking about thinking I been having about superheroes is just
    what type of person gets depicted as a superhero in comic books
    so it’s interesting to read a night should know that this is music came down
    down on the day were recording on Wednesday November 6th at Marvel Israel


    is rebooting The Miz Marvel character as a Pakistani American teenage girls who is
    who is a Muslim cheese on I was interest the sea she’s not even marvel
    Marvel’s first Muslim Carriker but it certainly a rare occurrence in western
    Western comics why the decision to do this knowing that it is going to cause controversy
    what Marvel has ever on the side away from controversy
    its not that we pursue it by step Mobile has a history of always being
    being on the forefront when it comes to representing all types of people


    atomic clocks go back to the 60’s Stanley injector be working
    four stories and Stanley and John Romita Jr
    Spiderman stories before that was telling you to go in a story
    the artist would draw a African American
    characters Dillons pharmacy overhead
    look up on an interview American tour the result
    Peter with his high school and talks to a kid with a white


    that was a bit revolutionary so sweet things to reflect
    I’m all over the side of the field everyone to be represented
    Anneliese it’s more realistic the grounds of the stories in the world around us
    always lyrics fantasy lights built upon a very solid foundation
    Asian of the real world and that’s where the power of Marvel Comics more than any other company
    is compass come from is it based on a bedrock of the world
    world outside your window Admiral of complexity and interest


    best on the other companies don’t have to come down to the new Miss Marple series
    I have to say that a reboot I’m off the character
    conversate a TV using the name again recently we had a stripper
    promoted miss Marvel Carol Danvers round of the 60’s and 70’s
    Carol Danvers was Ms Marvel name of horse back in the 70’s
    24503 your goat weed considered a what
    what is earned it Ralph for dentures breakfast maker Captain Marvel


    white wine maker for the full name of Captain Marvel
    so fluffy years has been Captain Marvel
    look at that name something a lot of people
    Elf on a tween
    the blacker and Edinger Santa Ana and Steve said to the Sun
    why don’t you love talking about women
    when was the girl in and I’m looking up to 20 to be another I’m super hero in


    people in popcorn train a character for you when you are 12 years old
    the Sun really um and worked with rattan
    Wilson and artist Adrian off on a & I
    came up with this character that is marble shooter alter ego is
    is Apopka steiny of Muslim girl
    because they went to jail talk about what is it like to be the other
    what is it like to not be part of the mainstream


    experiences you go through this Harkins back to our very
    very first characters I’m thinking of Parker
    what is not the chalk popular kid he was the notebook
    bookworm misanthrope in the corner that this room
    this reminds me of the small media storm a couple of years ago when your company
    the published in on the in Ultimate Spider Man storyline in the Marvel Ultimate University
    which Spider Man was both black and gay he was


    alternate a line Colt Spiderman
    and Beyond for Spiderman movie come out
    dragon and the Beast cast Art University fresh
    how to go back and read on line
    commit and the Restless update
    different from a regular to while pregnant Parker young
    mainstream mobile I’m headed to kill a puppy


    ultimate wind made of a Rolex Akron fights and
    save his family and friends from the Green Goblin in San Jose
    what is sacrifice is a heroic actions inspire
    inspired Miles Morales um
    that was the system that grew out of a media
    coverage of it um he is half of half black half Hispanic
    that yes that cause a similar reaction remember the day after


    day of the week did that receives hate mail to the office
    150 Brown old is kids Spiderman comics
    yeah I’m wondering the the response you get both positive and negative does to
    does suggested superheroes and these is an answer
    terminals most popular characters in a lot of people of grown up with the really rez
    resonate with a lot of people why do you think that it’s because
    816 Philly Dante mean it Steve


    very muscular characters running around in very bright costume
    unmask doing these amazing Pineville North wall mirror
    over 12 building leaders of all ages
    the more you read the story the more interesting
    Tristan and complex stories are the more you can
    can relate to these characters and they truly
    have something to say to a big don’t just entertain a wonderful thing


    looking for 23 minutes you are taking away from your everyday world George Strait
    extracted from your problems problems with a wonderful week you come come out
    come out on earth everything much new movie comes out that give people something to look for
    42 on pet stores can be buried inspiring
    fire someone to want to be there best very aspirational
    Marvel characters have problems challenges and feet
    clay physical challenges wheelchair blind or they have


    psychological motion challenges they are outside picked on
    and yet face with these challenges anything because of them
    heroes rise up and they do the right thing and
    so yes very taxis character to pay for sin
    very very young brother what is the more they read in order to get the field complex
    interesting stories are these kids can stay with them all the life
    the company to domesticate member we were some of the New York Stock Exchange


    Florida president with the Americas Houston
    grand rental to trade stocks for living there any big ebony p****
    it was Captain America and one Soccer League
    leave and showed his tattoo shoulder tattoo
    Captain America tattoo help getting through his arm experience
    Braison very real impact analysis
    TruMotion spot a response from people you must have grown up with


    comics yourself I suspect I did tell me about your coming
    comic 3d Experience W reading and went before read
    Mike released from Earth memories were looking for the cartoon
    Hotel Allegro the reruns of the Spiderman cartoons from the 60’s
    and then I’ll come on every corner cela
    for whatever reason the clip with my brain like nothing else
    Ohio ToysRUs


    novels enjoy Virgin Media TV shows movies
    movies played in a minute but I’m probably always have a special fast
    Asian self and I remember when I was in first grade
    Brookfield came to my school boss reprints
    tobacco 3.0 first 20 elements
    read them and I wanted a Spiderman want to be Peter Parker
    he was he was smart


    outsider Anthony had a cool job in the city
    city NE have desire cute girl the one date with any had problems
    problem understand and
    pill to need a man Peter Parker field in any other girl because
    is close to my age
    hero special a place in my heart and brain
    read comics


    before I can read in high
    high school and never stopped up read comics
    comics high school in dating in your money for for dates
    what happens is Delta College or or then get a job
    comeback Maine reader is between 25 and 45
    the Maine
    never stop dreaming


    Tristan and dumb
    13 had to stay to know when you read words
    one side of your brain when you look at pictures of other side
    when you read comic books unique combination of words and pictures
    brain stimulated Jefferson kit self
    how to remove from reading comic books to twerking
    king of the business I wasn’t English major in college


    Publishing to come to the longshot only a few
    Publishers south end of all of us
    jobs near publisher Buck Island College Hospital
    no someone to editor in Silver Spring Break will make my friends with on Mexico
    go to find the Sun I want to New York City an interview pass around
    and I wanna know your name Steve
    national to call me and he was in charge of a in house


    magazine a mother produce that cover drunk on you
    all that I had sex at school for the paper and Elsa Newtown
    places to write articles for Marvel’s in Houston
    Phoenix Wright
    I got into a fight opened up the writing copy for sales catalog
    if you got into marketing my back on that all but it was it was
    it was my way yet market for about 8 years


    and then the left work for the competition for DC Comics and the
    the seven years ago
    search David calling me back since you have work for the 2
    two major coming companies in the US is there a basic difference
    different culture the two places are in their product that you can easily describe
    because there is Kellin 21 jump from company the company
    um Flint creators and tauriel behind the desk so


    Pendleton swing back and forth far is what the overall
    Gold is division but I will say this time
    DC characters can a Superman
    Batman the flash note
    most of the Hilton for credit back in the 30’s and 40’s
    and so they were mostly just amateur status
    who invented during the Great Depression Eliza characters


    word world in costume on
    Little Caesars
    who they were the mass of 1 exploring data
    Marvel characters m********** on the 60’s
    Country Place who was the rise of the team
    culture was it was a time of a people of the battle for civil rights
    for quality and I was also during the Cold War


    Warren the fear of the bomb interesting elements going on in the real world
    influence of the creators to all the Marvel characters
    Armada made for time and were made very differently
    and as opposed to the DC characters that focus on the turkey
    water in costume on the model 58 on the very much
    explored the character of a cold so firstly really dumb
    Doug into who is Peter Parker who is Tony Stark who are the Fantastic Four


    404 the hours
    erratically different way of looking at a super heroes and just falling back
    company has for me it is very different DNA of
    when they started under 450 really dead come to life in the comic books
    what now that’s in your current position you do player
    huge Rowland finding the superhero said to be the one to register as a kid
    is a kid what defines a hero are there basic ingredients as you is


    as you create characters for comic books what the number one
    one man tries far as the Marvel heroes
    with great power comes great
    great responsibility what other words for Parker’s first in by the spider
    he shows his powers for his own self esteem
    talk shows trying to make money and he he did not
    not stop a burglar Grande Pines Golf


    Peter what’s the temperature
    churches very selfish in South America map and then when his
    uncle died you re like the blood was on his own hands changed his will
    is 100 I need to use my powers
    no one else in soccer weather tied in with my aunt
    died on the blueprint for all the Marvel characters that have
    I have a transformer to the moment not only when they get the power to forgive


    undergoing arc with a baby the beginning or not perfect
    never are perfect again today against selfishly and then look at
    lookout the word realize I missed helped anyone can be strong when can be smart
    smart to use ability to help others that summer
    that’s a sort of and I was nothing I think it talk I’d seen of your system
    circulating on YouTube talked about someone who has a certain physical power
    are the b*** also a moral center receiver just describing


    exactly characters like Spiderman a beloved not because of you
    building a half off because of their the moral character
    when Spiderman capture the villain in the weather
    define doesn’t leave a bill to charge the police
    is Chrissy of your friendly neighborhood Spider Man
    does the speed of a flea expecting no reward that’s that
    that’s that’s the third saying is Adam and and that’s where the constant coming no one knowing


    no one seems to be working as themselves when they were superhero
    number one in the mask a striking have as a history
    popular Rose hits the message to get your attention the human bean
    anyone can you go to the face first when is a master lock
    f****** at the block in the face tickets for tension in neck is that also then
    is in the identity on top of that cost in the
    the mask symbolize The Secret Lives


    begins when your a kid there is the world if you don’t World News
    what does the child when the world that that don’t think they know everything
    kids R kids no more then adults think they do
    can you get your tears mean to have live separate from your phone
    when you have an interior lights you have if you have thoughts
    the world around you um any many people think all my gosh
    anyone do when new the real me into my world


    that is reflected in the Super Hero where’s the coffin 2
    protector love 112 my villains
    find out who I am so freakin me for my loved also the
    things that I am Spiderman
    I will be over my life is exposed and that is it
    connect with and then makes me think of course comic books are out the history of the end
    the industry and the marvelous well as any other company has published comic


    comic books in all sorts of genres but the one that
    that is certainly dominating a dominating today is the super
    superhero genre is there a particular reason do you think for them to be
    how to be so considering all the stories to be told in all the markets are are for those
    for those stories in other media questions about boys why
    Supergirl when to use a comma
    are not a genre medium medium TV just like filmed


    just like poetry just like medium medium
    do anything you want we can do Western field 16
    well um
    is there an alternative model self
    Stearns and romance monster come on in the 60’s
    the Marvel version struck a chord captured lightning in a bottle
    characters that were invented back then who are still the search for books today


    very special vidi vici materials what you’re still be written for coming
    comic books on ebooks on paper but I’m thinking of all the other media that marvel
    Marvel product out a piercing in the comic book characters appear in are those
    are those things which are now on your mind as you develop characters and storyline
    Joey lines the idea that it’s a that it may I didn’t mean
    Maine work through say TV and movies that it may be on paper
    also be online um do do any of these effect


    House house house stories and characters may appear
    Marvel database three-dimensional entertainment company
    how many people now and North Ave movies Tom and soul
    yes we do we know that we have film we have TV shows like video game
    we have offered a licensed products so on
    what is always on your mind are there maybe other opportunities character
    characters from the Crypt comic week with first time make the best c**


    the best story and let an envelope to tell the story they want
    I want to tell in the long run develops into something else
    great we try not to let that get in the way of telling the best
    best story possible yeah I was I was thinking maybe this could be our final question
    going back to two of the dreams you have when you are reading comics as a kid
    if you were a superhero what what quality what you want to have
    and let me let me let me follow that up because this is Marvel what personal problems would you be


    would you be willing to contend with what you know
    reply I see myself as a Peter Parker character will see yourself
    your cells as an underdog who deal with college town
    perfect Wives train do the best bank
    and in a kilogram relieve more more Ground zeroes
    no I wrap my head around the characters who were on offense
    Ace or fighting other dimensions I wasn’t Spiderman and daredevil


    double characters who were in New York City
    everyday problems combined with a crazy superhuman problems
    what’s the purpose for powers I would like
    everyone says they want to fly I wouldn’t mind
    teleporting I would have to commute to and from work everyday
    what’s a power that would be unable to help people and you know I supposed to first
    McAllen like any Marvel character who has


    physical or emotional calendar ultimately it’s worth it
    fly to our lives here and now the Rosen you are a trooper
    true romantic I gotta be if I’m spending all my days with a cat
    Captain America and Ironman will a bill I’m just want to let people know when you’ll be speaking at
    Illinois State University in normal in a brown ballroom of the bone Student Center that’s
    that’s Tuesday November 12 at 7 p.m. To talk is free and open
    open to the public and a bill sent you very much for being with us on focus today


    thank you very much and recorded at interview yesterday
    MGM Meadows is focus will be back with more live talk about superheroes
    heroes with film writer mark use this is focus on wyll
    what time can focus on wyll im Jim meadows in today
    today were talking about comic books and comic book characters Superman
    Batman Ironman in the inventor of ventures for infants these are the starting
    starting characters in some of the highest grossing movies of the last couple of years


    years looking for the farther back over the last 35 years
    been several big budget movies showing the adventures of characters on a bike
    buy DC and Marvel Comics somebody’s movies in Viva turned critical
    Medical respect what is there financial earnings that ensure that there will be more
    more superhero movies in the future including a new us or movie that
    thats 2 out on Friday March uses a screenwriter im self write about soup
    super heroes in movies in many places including articles for Forbes


    Marshalls welcome to the program thank you happy be here and I’m
    how much does a trip to fan to business magazine is interested in superhero movies
    I guess I should tell us how successful commercially they become
    yes I just uh since 2008
    Aphrodite look at how many of the modern superhero films has broken
    the 1 billion dollar barrier Batman is twice
    The Avengers Superman just a corset top 600


    550 million Ironman this year did 1.2 billion
    the lights is definitely lucrative business Walmart in the time of the only
    only movies about comic book heroes were low budget serials Ames Strictly of kids
    kids so how did we get to the point where superhero movies a big budgets
    && storylines MA actually working more than one level
    I think you can you can see the change beginning in about the 60’s or 70’s prior to that you have
    you had that the comic code 45 in comic books that the cell


    Centre comics end and kind of captain of the kid friendly level
    hand it if you have a lot more Tampa name which was reflected the chorus in the 60’s Batman
    and series in the 70’s that you had a new generation of writers and artists
    who really took the story that you know we can we can change things Marvel trees the hole
    the whole revolutionary group of characters I like the Fantastic Four Iron Man
    M&B for complicated people that carried into the 80’s and then you got Watchmen
    Eminem The Dark Knight Returns knows what kind of watershed moment mainstream focus on


    effective comic worth Sirius medium and I was at 19
    1978 I think 1978 Superman the movie came along it was like
    gone with the wind compare to the 60’s Batman series I
    and it people were starting to see that you know that there’s a bigger audience for this if you take it
    take it seriously and that and then Batman 89 was really kind of the clincher they
    it showed you can make a dark adult superhero movie and audiences will show up
    show up and they showed up to the tune of an excess of 400 million dollars at the box office and more than that


    merchandising and I should know if you have a question for Marcuse don’t wait call now
    now we can talk about comic book movies at 1 800 2229
    9455 1 800 222 wyll you can email last
    wyll dash talking the progress
    progress of the evolution special effects on Justin terms of spectacle
    must have also played a role in what comic book movies 10 look like Yahoo
    yeah if you draw actually I think that’s the modern comic books


    if you look at the 90’s things kind of stuttered a little bit in the mid-nineteenth
    92 had the Batman and Robin movie and a lot more ass
    successlink amp kind of approach the superheroes for a bit but the world
    the world you series like The Crow and the blade 350 QX really carry the torch
    forks for more serious movies more serious approach to Comic Sans
    what happened in around 2000 you had at the late 90’s early
    early 2000 visual effects made a huge leap forward


    and when that happens you could finally portray the x-men for example or Spiderman
    realistic weight on film you didn’t have to have a lot of rope and wire in
    helping the camera on its side of a look like a walking up a wall and when you can present
    present believably it fits it added to the delusion of religion for the audience in the box
    the body into that kind of thing you could suspend disbelief and I think that played a huge role
    role in helping really galvanized support in the spotlight Main Street Pub
    public beach movie I’m thinking about a visa superhero movies


    the business 10 point and I was thinking you could make a movie about a totally
    original superhero that it never appeared before in other media
    I can’t really think of an example of right now is it maybe
    talk about the emphasis on well established characters from Publishers with well established
    Starbucks marketing network sure its not essential to pre sell the character
    characters and have been pre existing comics obviously doesn’t hurt but the dough
    don’t forget we have actually had some very successful superhero film that had no loot


    prior comics Hancock for example with a big success
    what did the close to her about thinking about half a billion dollars that accept the 400 million
    sure the box office with Will Smith you have the incredible from Pixar which was a
    which was animated but that’s considered by a lot of people to be one of the best superhero films of all time
    I’m breakable with Bruce Willis a wonderful movie
    movie thats that really love by fans SAS a serious realistic take on superheroes
    girls in just recently you had the found footage films Chronicle about teenagers


    teenagers get superpowers and a half that was a big success with a great movie
    I’m not you don’t have to have that the I think the end
    and if you look at Marvel films kicked off their movies with Ironman and Captain America
    guy and the port Inn on the level of Superman or Batman a lot of people
    what really know you’re with me now that got hit man in guardians of the galaxy coming up I think the Maine
    mainstream public figure it out we love these movies are certain brand
    brands like Marvel or DC specially Marbles really Bradenton FL


    self when you see that Marvel logo you’re going to show up even if that character
    character you don’t know who that is so is this point I could probably start introducing originally
    original characters in the film to don’t exist in comics and most of the public
    go to see these movies now wouldn’t really know you know im probably wouldn’t care
    carros long as its good I’m wondering the when they do I make plans for
    where these movies Marvel and DC is it part of the business plan for the
    for the love not just at other revenue stream that will come from the movie


    what’s the revenue stream Apple come from all the ancillary products connected to the movie
    the movie as you know as soon as well as the chick that might give to the original comic books
    book series itself off definitely yes definitely I have for just one
    one great example again at the first Batman film 1989 Tim Burton Batman
    Batman made in excess of 400 million dollars the worldwide box office most people don’t know that
    no that made more than that on merchandising
    so can I have been so can a movie that


    can a movie that maybe didn’t do so well at the box office
    pick up you know still be considered a success because of what
    did merchandise it would happen if its locked at the boxoffice a would be tested
    tough to college success necessarily but in general yeah you sure it’s possible
    possible that the look at Watchmen for example the watchman which I think is a very underrated movies
    what movie was terrific and that it’s one of the best superhero films ever made
    my opinion I didn’t do that well at the box office b***


    fails of the graphic novel for the content of Watchmen comic they sold millions of call
    copies new copies of that in the years leading up to the release of the film
    just off of the buzz in the interesting that project of course on DVD in Blu ray
    blue write the Prophet levels are so much I leave at work profit margin
    uncensored something to make these these DVD’s in there selling them and even though you here
    hear the DVD market kind of personality but at the end of the days
    the profit margins to wide enough Harry Potter Harry Potter films made between


    between 250 and 500 million dollars on Blu ray and DVD the film
    film does well enough merchandising your nose in a long as they can help to break even
    even or squeak out just a couple bucks in my pocket the box office can make that up at home
    on home entertainment merchandise in both DC and Marvel now course in a part of pig
    big media companies that do also on movie studios DC part time warmer
    summer Warner in Marvel part of Disney how do you think they’re the two of companies
    companies are doing at the market producing in marketing movies made from their c**


    comic books I fink doing great a person like I think marvel
    feliz cumple completely ahead of the game I wrote about this on forms online
    I’m just a few days ago that I believe marble right now is dominating Marvel Disney or dominate
    dominating the the superheroes on right now what is everything what
    whats the things are they doing right well has the biggest thing they done I think
    think is when you look at what Marvel Marvel approaches the movie Facing fearless
    I have so much confidence in their products and they are so sure that you’re going to love


    going to love it doesn’t excitement its like they can’t wait to make another one of these movies
    movies just so you can see what happens next and how often do you really get that feeling from the movie
    movie studio making Bieber live action comic book this is the Marvel films are like a car
    comic book coming to life on the speak screen look like if I moved on the pages in Chile
    sleep and embrace that they wearing on their sleeve a you know I told
    I told me respect and get the Warner Brothers approach that you know the Batman films were saying we’re going
    we’re going to transcend the genre this is not a typical superhero movie but there’s also something


    IMDB said for the fact that the Marvel says we’re not going to act like we need to trance
    transcend comic books comic books are great it’s a completely valid wonderful story
    storytelling medium and there’s no need to try to transcend you know they wear that on their sleep
    sleep and because of that they have the brand of the movie does ma
    Marvel the Avengers but that mark O’Brien think is like
    like a Disney when you hear Disney you think family film people buy into it not
    not just the film itself but the Brian Disney Bryant and Marvel has done that


    that first superhero film the cheese that level and their marketing every one of the
    one of the film title max in all of the marketing strategies tie together
    and I think they been brilliant about keeping that really work
    organized and and knowing where they’re going to always want to step ahead
    the five and ten step ahead of this point in one brothers catching up in Warners
    I think that it to their credit they look at what’s happening with Marvel make said you know
    Marvel Studios make only superhero Warners makes a lot about the kind of movies


    they don’t have to try to match Marvel movie from movie taking a different approach
    going to go a little slower going to try for realism approaching their movies instead
    and that’s great you have the you have it wouldn’t be a sign of everything
    everything with the same so you know III appreciate the third Taking of different approaches to display
    this point Marbles marketing as far and away dominating Jean where have the Marvel movie
    full movies been showing up in terms of how the Box Office does I don’t think I’ve seen things
    Thor and Captain America movie showing up the same on the top gross


    grocers for instance what do they need to but that’s a good point
    the one hand I don’t think I think what model did they approach to the Avengers coming
    and they were confident The Avengers would be a hit and what they did is a b****
    said we’re not going to look at on a film by some basic we have we’re going to invest in
    in all of these movies together and as long as all of these movies together
    gather combined return on investment that’s what really matters to them
    The Avengers made a billion and a half dollars because of all the ground what they like


    late before even if none of those movies from self made a billion dollars it didn’t matter because
    because the payoff with the Avengers 1/2 billion the new they were building a brand
    brand new built in a patient with pay off in the film
    exactly were pretty successful you know the first Ironman broke half a billion dollars the second Iron Man
    Ironman broke 600 million forget about 450 million
    Captain America did I think 360 270 million I believe I will
    worldwide the Whole Foods really the one under performing movie at the box office


    box office but it was still great movie and Marvel didn’t Lincoln die
    compare that to Warner Brothers reaction when Green Lantern kind of flounder
    floundered they put a halt all the plans of head completely
    Wheatley rethink what they were doing superhero movie when Green Lantern made about
    about the same amount of money fault model didn’t even blink bright on going
    next movie in the next movie because it didn’t matter if one of those movies Dumbledore
    the rest good help it back up and now you know what happened in the aftermath of the


    The Avengers Iron Man came back to make 1.2 billion dollars Iron Man 3 made 1.2
    billiard store looks like it’s going to open somewhere between 80 and 100 million dollars
    domestic its already made of 130 million dollars over seat with contract for at least
    atleast 600 million worldwide attaches fire little bit better
    better and performs a little stronger domestically exit 700 million domestically store is going to perform
    perform like Superman what does that tell you Marvel definitely doing something right
    something right now what’s the role of the global marketing how these movies perform


    the global market now account
    mount for 60 to 70 percent of a movie talks office now a days if you’re talking about
    talking about Film Center in the top 50 performers top 30
    ready to 5400 let your box office is about 60 to 70 percent in the top 10 or 20 movie
    free movies consistently 2/3 to 70 or even 77075
    5 percent of the box office this is interesting were talking about a really of Augusta
    just a really American products something to say to me that says America like super


    superheroes but they really depends on on bond on bond
    on the money to make outside of America yes very much so end and you begin
    surprise actually be at the superheroes specially Marvel superheroes like Iron Man
    Spiderman are you have been popular popular for decades in a in
    in Asian countries for example I’m and I think what’s happening
    is that end with really really help sidelights worth mentioning that the expanse
    expansion everyone thinks the 3ds bad 3ds not bad at all 3d reach the plateau demesne


    domestically a kind of surgeon at the front in a kind of people like okay we’re open
    open all the other end of settled about what 30 to 40 percent now
    overseas still building 3d theaters I love 3d and people turn out to be
    movies in the willing to pay the extra ticket price to see in 3d really help
    does that box office quite a bit so into you know we can’t really good nor the fact that the ticket sales
    als played the little bit for math and that helps a lot
    that at the end of the day they love the characters because it’s mythology


    I don’t see a lot of filmmaking that represents mythology anymore set
    least that’s what these are you know this is when you read Roman and Greek mythology superhero the night with the Tsar
    are in the world kind of hungry for that kind of thing I believe and other Fantasy element
    elements in the sci-fi elements that the humor big world
    did it takes place it’s not just said in America you know that’s a distinction between DC and Marvel news
    movies is very often the DC movies Dolphin American city where is
    what Marvel travels all over a little bit you know you want it all over my face


    it’s all over well there’s some questions a new superhero movie coming out tomorrow
    tomorrow Thor the dark world have you had a chance to see it I did
    get iPod screen a couple weeks ago and it was really great
    I think uh it takes all the things that were great about the first movie
    Movie Edit it in Kansas from it’s not just said on earth set on
    the film takes place in a lot of different world the true it’s really really fun it’s really
    exciting effects with great so you recommend this one


    ally definitely recommended that I don’t know if you saw the news
    Marvel an ounce with Netflix this morning the developing 4 new superhero TV series
    exclusively for streaming on Netflix now that’s where you go that’s that’s another thing I do
    daredevil Jessica Jones Iron Fist Luke Cage and the defenders
    why do you think this is going to make another differences
    differences far is the media spread of of Superheroes definitely
    when you look at Netflix the worldwide they have $10 million second what is the subscriber


    40 to 60 million people I believed worldwide its it’s getting outrageous
    kiss and the agents of shield this week was the number one program on TV
    on Tuesday night among males 18 to 49 years old note 2
    huge block of demographics right there a on technology
    you know it’s not just in movies anymore developing Marbles going to have superheroes
    hero team up the building for the team up TV series that’s what the defenders
    Anderson will be a mini series like The Avengers but with different set of characters


    are spreading everywhere and I can’t rolling across the different mediums
    mediums in platforms is really important thing marvel look at the situation saw
    future of television is in is in a mixture between the streaming online
    what kind of content production and the traditional TV model number already moving into that the
    the really at the gate Justin in a in a final minute really just have a minute left
    left so I hope I’m not springs something to complicated comic book some cells back to the old
    Fulton paper what role do they do they start playing in a big business


    Marvel and DC um are they straitjacketed buy some of the dictator
    what’s happening in movies and TV with the characters are is this a place where they can work
    where people can take risks not there still taking with pink what happens is it the most
    the more successful the movies are there of course going to be a little more pressure in the comics
    try to mirror that because stand seat in the movies in a kind of but for the most part if you look at the
    look at the comic books at UC little pillow for just like the movies are taking influence from the car
    the comics the comet take a little influence from what works best in the movies butter is the end of the day


    end of the day there still out there keeping it separates specially right now pcs common
    comic books are completely different than what they do with the film
    bands that you can get it you can get out different kind of superheroes from different places
    places that whenever you’re takes preferences Walmart using Q for joining us on focus today
    is today to talk about superheroes in movies and TV thank you very much
    can I put my pre s*** and things to build rosebud of Marvel Comics for talking to a surly are in the Pro
    the program changing military is Nexus is focus on wyll


    university laboratory High School in Urbana former US servicemen and women
    Disney Store
    part for the changing military listen to the struggles of women seeking men
    Sirius producer leave hey there a true story written by uni high student visa Saigon
    women’s involvement with the US military dates back to the Revolutionary War
    when they worked primarily as cooks long dresses and nurses however


    ever since World War 2 the roles in the military have undergone a major transformation
    information during that wore women volunteers for Vita crucial support services
    verses to soldiers on the front lines Joe Knappenberger volunteer with the Red Cross
    crossdressing World War 2 members the strong ties deformed with the soldiers
    she survived the respect it looks like they want their sisters sweethearts weather Zac
    answer you know if there was a house if I had a roof
    when they’re moving along a cheese it we got is good is anybody dead


    our relationship is very friendly they love to see s Israel
    we love to see that because we were doing what we like them but they wanted Atlas
    mutual admiration I guess you could say during and after World War 2
    opportunities for women to serve in the military steadily grew all the women were not
    not officially allowed to serve in combat modern warfare blurred the distinction between Honda
    combat and non combat roles the growing presence of women challenge the mail
    the male dominated environment of the military truck insurance serve in the Navy


    Navy during the 19 nineties I made some good friends military male friends never good people
    were straight up Goodman and honor have their own private opinions
    paintings of women in the military or what have you never let me know what they were actually
    got the job done on the way to the didn’t cause anything 3 devices
    overall dress still in military minds that that was just getting used to women walking around
    round the old guard was still there so to speak about the attitude a 10 can a bull run
    what can they do these things there is a constant of a struggle to prove on self confidence


    steak made mistake for all of a kind and no one is ever going to forget it for the low
    Lotte double standard out there for the behavior of woman and whiskey myself
    Jerry Young who served during the Iraq war observe the difficulties faced by women
    women in the transition from civilian to military life the difference between a male
    male to male military role is theoretical enough that different you know Mail
    from there and sincere and hurts to be my little fighter my little slugger something like that the social
    socialize to have more aggressive more confrontational type polls status


    what is lot in the military you want to type of aggression be because of what you do females
    princesses and then you go into the military and you need to be a little s***
    Ruger despite opposition women have continued to make progress in the military
    February 2013 the long standing ban on women from level combat
    combat with lifted giving service women more opportunities Shores experience for
    firsthand hostility towards the idea of women in combat 1 guy was Tommy a woman c**
    combat no way that such as bad and I’m like whatever in common with everyday


    when you think about all the rapes a have to fend off an old garbage I have to deal with
    you think women are the ivory tower with ATT violence you know that they don’t see the ugly
    ugly side of a society women fighting in war since we’ve had Wars mini
    NEA armies have woman in them and they have come and they use them im leaf


    tomorrow in part 5 R Series changing military look at the struggle
    go to integrate gays in the military can hear more in a documentary from the front lines
    the home front inside use of the military 1942 2012 the hour
    how long program produced by university laboratory high school students air Saturday November 9th at 6
    6 p.m. On AM 580 with rebroadcast on November 11th at 10 a.m.