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The 86th Academy Awards

The Oscars are the most-watched film award show; how do they influence the industry?


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For nearly a century, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been hosting the Oscars. For just as long, the awards have influenced marketing, distribution, taste and conversations within the movie industry. But not everyone agrees completely about how meaningful the awards are. Austin McCann, the general manager for the Art Theater Co-op in Champaign, says that he doesn’t put much faith in the Oscars’ ability to select what he considers to be a good film.

Nationally, the Oscars are just one part of an interconnected series of film festivals and awards shows around the world, says Erik Childress, film critic for WGN and contributor to He closely watches and analyzes the awards season each year. This hour on Focus, host Jeff Bossert talks with both McCann and Childress about the influence of the Oscars and their favorite films this year (Oscar-nominated or not).

What were your favorites this year? Were you able to see them all? This hour, Bossert will talk with McCann about how the Art selects films for the theater long before they become Oscar nominees. 

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    13 year in film themes in a motion technology was the real star in gravity
    enabling George Clooney Sandra Bullock to become stranded in space wifi thriller
    Abscam scandal American hustle tops with 10 on Asians eat
    Academy Awards salsa on your performance blanches winning accolades waterworks


    Matthew McConaughey to the lock is well with style
    85th Annual Academy Awards
    discuss what is the cabin WGN Radio
    contributor to anyone is Austin McCann general manager for the Arts
    continues after the soures news welcome to focus or morning
    morning talk program I’m Jeff Bonser the 86 Annual Academy Awards are Sunday


    Sunday night since the late 20s the ceremony has influence marketing distribution tasting
    Houston conversations with in the movie industry but not everyone agrees about what it means to receive
    risi one of the golden statuettes 20 the sower to talk about the Oscars and in the year
    the year in film in 2013 are Austin McCann is general manager of the art theater in Champaign
    Android spy phone Eric Roberts
    define credit for WGN radio and contributed in the wire .com welcome Merrick bank
    thank you for having you can join the conversation at 802 22944


    455 or riding a s*** will dash talkin Illinois .edu does Regis
    youjizz on Facebook and Twitter at focus 580 what are your favorite films of the year
    the Year at the movies that you like to see win Oscars on Sunday night my love to hear from you Austin
    let’s talk a few minutes about your role as GM of the art
    talking bad about trying to feed audience is this time of year ARM what movies are nominated
    sleep late last several weeks at the Art Theater on talk about how difficult is trying to land
    ups on many films once they are on the Western on Asians are when I pee after


    after water cycle water something like that sure well the art like most movie theaters has
    as profitability that kinda goes in waves all have certain seasons a really good for movies
    movies in others with your not so good enough to case with a big movie chains as well as us
    now December thru February or March maybe even a little bit later tonight
    is a golden time for us because films are getting a lot of marketing behind
    behind them some of that is the Oscars a lot of that is the Oscars on you have studios that are
    what are releasing films around that time in case you didn’t notice about the Best Picture nominees but most of them release


    release the past few months there’s a lot of attention being paid those films
    sounds there’s a lot of conversation going on about the something in the case were there is some really worth discussing
    cursing and that helps us because it’s a bowl encourages us to bring in
    films that a larger groups of people want to say so in this past year
    we was a good year for us in that we were able to show a number of the Best Picture nominees
    Philomena s*** her Dallas buyers club Nebraska
    I’m so that the majority the best picture last year it was a really different situation


    and playing those eyes is something that we try to do but we’re not always
    always able to pick up sometimes the films are not right for audience or the distributor
    just want to give them to ice or were busy playing other phones like the best foreign language feature nominees
    Japanese about stocks or someone off the smart how to grease not ask you out before
    before the program if there was anything that you want to bring in 2013 2013 you said
    said you couldn’t you said no but you said it was frustrating in terms of release dates
    enanas I have some something to do with the fact that the New York in LA in Chicago


    I’ll go get some things are Leah and I you just have to fight to bring you something when you can you can show them
    yeah I mean running a single strand theater what we do has a host of challenges to it up
    we can really up for playing a big film generally we can only show that someone
    not able to do shows about a film so you have to keep a film for as long as it able to draw an audio
    and sometimes you get a situation where you want to open a few films
    what are all opening on the same day that happened in late October when 12 years a slave
    kill your darlings enuff sad and I think another phone we’re all released and I knew there was no way


    so we had to go out with make decisions based on what is wanted what distributor
    wanted negotiating those relationships another kind of things up I was wondering how
    how you first team to love movies was there was something that you saw the child are some just Vermont
    Washington ring on it you can remember watching movies that to becoming a big fan
    I think most Americans like movies was apart of Michael Cho educators
    my dad was a big part of that I was reflecting on the past week to think about my crush
    micrite area for something I really like in one of the best compliment my my dad


    my dad would give to a film as different so you know he said he watched
    watch something that we change your are some art films and he would say
    what’s a good it was different and I would always know well okay there’s a sign of
    because it doesn’t fit into the usual node and then I also started
    patronizing a small video store kind of like that’s rentertainment in Sarasota Florida
    never people there who I were staffing got a new so much about something tonight I’ve never met anybody
    who knew what is my Chinese objective they know about something a really a guide me through


    through learning more about of foreign films at work currently being released classics a kind of things
    things have you looked you look for reviews that one way you help determine what
    what I like to get ahold of that on for things that have just coming out the festival
    something Eric are the Gaslight Sundance something like why can’t wait till that comes out
    there are films that I get excited about their certainly if you that I read great stuff about it
    Sundance on this year but really up my program
    programming has a lot to do with how films are doing in box office terms and if it needs to crack


    criteria that are audiences looking for so it’s less about what I find to be really value
    valuable as a film about there are films that I choose on that I think will do well but
    but I have a personal reason behind not on but for the most part it has to do with
    Espino is the sum doing well in somewhere market stars that something that the audience with come out to see
    anion what’s your to your thoughts on on the lead role the Oscars playing
    play in the same meaning as its kind of frustrated Mike Wallace has 6 nominations
    gotta play this search what do you think it place in the what you I know what you’re going to do


    what are going to decide to show and in what year was about the Oscars over all I have not made a state
    secret my ID taste for the Oscars in general as an institution
    I basically using like I use them as as any other marketing platform so if I filmed
    what I would like to show gets alot of Oscar nominations that’s great for us because that means more people come to see it
    set on it can be frustrating for me around this time because her
    got the Best Picture nomination because Philomena dead I was able to bring those
    does back also because I felt the Dozen films while mainstream in a certain sounds


    Ulta really high quality in there something that are audience wanted to see if they were filmed something to say
    site to play those other forms of here that was snubbed that I would like to played for
    blade Fruitvale station is one that I thought was really amazingfilms what is completely left out
    12 years a slave is one plate at a maze ing press everywhere in
    despite the fact that is been out in the two megaplex is in town for months
    month alarm for 10 to just be friends with your twitch II preciate in a sentence
    hot and so we were able to play that and I see the conversations


    Asians that that came about afterword what movie had the best running 2013 rut 2013
    13 release forms very early mud mud which is another phone that was left out and I was it filmed
    the film distributed by roadside attractions who are a distributor that I like they also did it
    in the world which was a great comedy that we played over the summer that also was left out
    winning the Best Original Screenplay that can I believe it all is lost
    which which subject of a kind of micro cinema controversy when Redford Robert Redford
    read for the Starbucks on blamed on the distributor for not receiving the Best Actor nominations


    Asian b*** mud was a surprise to people that was part of what people are calling is the McConnell
    what kind of song is Matthew mccon a screw into the term I thought I’d invented but then I started singing the national
    paper not absorb it from somewhere in Maryland beat out what was number 2
    number to come over if you never close Nebraska did amazingly for SSI
    adult bars couples really good inside Llewyn Davis another substance did really well for us
    where talking about the year in film in 2013 and the Academy Awards
    which are Sunday night in focus the number you can call 800 222


    29455 where you can email it will talk in Illinois .edu so I mean
    so I’m going to ask both our guest now I can bring erican for response one side for sale
    Austin I do Oscars represent the views of the river viewers are
    are the interest rate for series Ponce Napa interesting question and I
    scientific answer um I would say it neither I was at the Oscars represent the Oscars
    if we were going to work things based on box office totals then you get all the awards
    words to Iron Man 3 in the lego movie and you go home yet a good night on at the same time if your


    if you’re really thinking about awarding films of unusual aesthetic power
    elephants and then I got the idea that we be turning to the Oscars any ideas
    Italian in such a short period of time it’s hard to say
    and this is not to say that I don’t respect the role of critics because I really reliant credit sand
    and even in my own personal taste disable what are folks saying about these kinds of films
    I like on the best of you know end of the year last warrior favorite films
    um but I believe that what the Oscars are doing is serving Oscars


    send that and that requires having a really high view worship so it requires nominating really big budget
    budget films which are also determined by which Studios marketing those which also have these expensive
    Spencer Oscar campaigns so its to me know there’s a whole backstage person of it that has little
    little to do with the popularity are the relevance of film Eric Childress what are the Oscars represent for you
    for you um what is the definition of question we Fraser
    Spencer the Snowman over the years that the Oscars on the surly reflect taste
    interviews of the people who are the majority of people who watch them Omand


    that’s that’s true but I thinking the people that watch them would admit that you know that the film
    film that make all the money every year Not Necessarily the best films of face off
    from the past year I would like to think the afters a little bit more closer to reflecting
    the industry 241 people voting on it
    what are the people in the industry what is the opposite of put more 5 point on it
    obvio Hollywood Noel always wants to make sure that they can look good
    Largo last year I talk about college Dr Goza film what you know


    no that’s actually about Hollywood free hostages get out so that it Naperville
    how to make them look good if they were to know about 12 years a slave Best Picture this year
    hear that film of all social relevance importance to make them look good there
    there be no ethanol at my ring off a piece of crap like that
    even if I think of something else is better builders somebody politics and
    campaigning and things going after sometimes it all comes down to simply whose do
    do Jews time it is supposed to be really gave the best performance at year


    I surrender all sorts factors that go into what are the Oscars
    ultimately represents what Eric a 1998
    can do it put n as of the throat changes a few years ago talk about the
    can you tell me about about why the Academy decided to do this in and for film abd interest
    Christoph more people having your seven nations for Best Picture well it goes into that hole
    idea of the Night Live on face satisfying the
    the status quo the dealership but this is the place in 2009


    fine I was wondering move to the few months remove really from a time when
    everyone was kind of open arms 32 films from 2008
    Jimmy chance at Best Picture and did not happen when was the Dark Knight
    can a doctor nominations but nothing for picture directly into writing on the other one
    what was Wally animals that for that stigma against you know animated films have there own cat
    category but had been animated film Sense Media PA beasts to win
    nominees for Best Picture all the sudden got 10 omniverse 2009 McLean


    piano op. Is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture
    picture of Pixar films are suddenly in the running toystory3 the following year
    os so yeah it is outrageous that a film
    the dark night with you so well respected by not just audiences by critics alike
    I’m going to be like the planted by base with a campaign that The Weinstein Company put out for the reader
    the reader that you’re really stuck la blah blah blah people wrong way I think
    that was a huge deciding factor in why they decide to go up to


    top to possibly 10 omniverse what is Eric who represents the
    the Academy I mean certainly word stories before about movies
    may not really be viewed by everyone that actually votes for the old
    the case of the circle in the case I mean um the reason
    reason that are sent out to the governing bodies
    and what not to the status screeners and sometimes you know your stories about people
    people give them to the secretary giving them there after ballots and stuff like that


    fruit with whisper campaigns like that um something people vote for the friends the vote for
    Furby no no altar all different kinds reasons why people
    vote the way they do um so I need to have to say the Oscars represent
    the best we get from movie the movie your is not certified
    never been a case even if you know every once in awhile a broken clock is correct ahso yeah
    yeah sup what are the most undeserving nominations what what some of the
    the movie that may be your little overrated did your left palm


    what is it to me one motoring offences actually told me to slave to me I think I think a good film
    this guy moments of grey Power Star acting on display
    play me the third act of the film where Brad Pitt turns into a white
    no white Jesus and its been awhile since we free the slaves the way you did the zombie apocalypse early this year
    what year or last year did the didn’t quite Ring true there is there something false
    all about that concern the fact that he was also producer on the film made him with very
    very good osa 2014 not I pop my last IL


    Number the films on the farm at least we’re nothing like gravity in her
    Nebraska American hustle wolf of Wall Street things ain of Ariel
    good comedy really says much about
    Wall Street that we haven’t seen and other films that happened haven’t been nominated
    nominated for Academy Awards the Four Seasons made film a couple times RI
    is already in some people in our third of a anti American hustle
    hustle all because of the sword of the Spirit is how to choose between American hustle or wolf of Wall Street


    Wall Street you couldn’t like both of them for some reason you have to be on one sensor the other
    I am some people criticize American hustle deal with the fall Scorsese
    the film when the phone is actually wolf of Wall Street what what
    what we’re going to go here to a clip from gravity of which Amelia Island on DVD this weekend
    can some of the people can finally catch up with some nominated films Nebraska also came out on video
    this weekend this is the scene with Sandra Bullock gravity


    and the children your reaction for seeing that film all the for sumsung gravity
    gravity was pretty blown away I thought of the Toronto Film Festival autopro biggest penis
    screen possible in 3d on and off of the Christmas ship a bath film
    film and Beyond in 83 minutes long the Packers much are nachos spectacle


    tickld emotional weight of Sandra Bullock brought the performance
    best films of last year deserve the word of mouth receiving theatres the mall of money is made
    what made the accolades in Searcy the number for my top 10 list and out of love
    varial movie I’m hoping is going to win lobsters Sunday night
    I actually I’ve got your top 20 list out in front of me on my mother was I born
    another program a 10 hour OSHA gas Austin mansion inside Llewyn Davis
    Davis which is number 10 on your list of states and we’ll talk about someone some


    some snaps in terms of the Oscar nominations yeah that was Hurley one that was one of them
    film the day of a cone cone brothers have an affair with the Oscars in going back to far
    the Fargo oz in the last few years no country for old men 1001 the best picture
    picture of serious man was up for Best Picture true grits with for Best Picture
    inside Llewyn Davis was pretty do universities love by credits of the smaller
    smaller film not the end of the Oscar Isaac exactly household name
    Brothers film so I thought that was going to be held


    how to film to Masons eyes not the winds and lube
    down the stretch after the credits have their say the guilds in order for some reason they didn’t
    Ahmet for picture best picture writing are part of directing
    awesome dominos and Benzino it double to nominate shins
    the afters about the big snob ever won the Best Actor race
    FRS were some of the biggest numbers were Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips ranch Robert Redford
    Rick Ross lost I get throwing Joaquin Phoenix for her in there but the thing about the best actor


    stack the races that you look at those three performances in the other 5 performances
    you could put all doll 8 a.m. In a blender and spit out 5 and Alton
    American people complain about those 50 you could anyone and the other 5
    Bible store bend I deserve and so it is hard to know
    how to be upset if you got the laptop with best tactical is a very strong last
    Austin what’s your taken but their kids had to say about films are snobs
    nobdy films that the s*** out of the dick maybe get on deserving vote because


    because they haven’t actually seen it up what you’re taking a talk about your not true about the Oscars begin with
    weather in right on I’m glad we have known the program Yaya
    you know it’s interesting I I’m just wonder you know
    you know if the magic of we live in a society were some like short term 12 Best Picture
    you know or a even before midnight and those are films which are
    which are smaller you know they’re not interested I in a lot of the subject
    TaxACT Best Picture nominee for friends concert in public by young people and at em


    it’s about young people in really difficult situations abs brie Larson is the star that she’s not
    is not exactly household name even know she was in a bunch of the best films that came out last year
    and I wonder you know in looking at something you know there was
    there was a lot of really great editorializing inside Llewyn Davis
    Davis where the film wasn’t nominated for an Oscar in part of the reasons that the actual content of the
    the film is opposed to the idea of the Oscars in other films about artistic failure
    films about on confronting a commercial situation which is bigger than you


    even if I’m not getting anything away in the phone when I say that there’s a scene for the end where I figure
    figure is clearly Bob Dylan is playing at a focal up as a dejected into feet
    defeated Oscar Isaac is walking out of this moment of realizing you can try your hardest
    hardest to make something worthwhile but there’s something bigger than you that is actually in control here
    message is a little tube leak a little too damming for it to be
    the kind of thing put out on the national state what inside Llewyn Davis not a real intricate
    intricate plot summary they want something just waiting here having season of these movies they want something


    something heavier the big booty big problem with that is that I didn’t get back song
    song nominations we can all agree for outer space you know they decided that thing was a parody
    Paradiso wasn best song accept come on with her better song in the NFL in 2013
    so I was also wondering if your children about the the marketing behind certain
    movies short term for short term 12 which because of you in some your college
    learn about in right about the self the video store we just need some films list
    just not have the body to market them to get to the Academy st


    how to get the first place yeah I’m in love with one things with holster
    whats the screen rotation battle of the film critic who part of Chicago
    Association we get screeners 21 we vote and the moon sees me and
    dealing with Studios I’ve been trying to get people screeners to make sure the
    sure they seem like short term 12 you just got you find out just how little a budget
    how many small Studios have anyone the digital age now so I’ll lot of credits
    can receive spinners on the computers and stuff like that I can download that home


    supposed to have a dual mass mailing a send out DVDs and stuff
    short term 12 from a small studio lights in a dime so we were able to get link something
    things like that but you know sometimes your average asking voter piano made out of
    what hurts the film they may not enough so we probably did not see the film did not to be off of wife
    wide release it all even and odd big cities like in Chicago on what not ah
    I am so it’s it’s it’s it’s really frustrating Nou to the time down 2
    people see movies in all and you do that are not helping


    what critics on Portland how to get movies like that out there and not getting a 225
    25 topic but you know you look at the Oscars won spectrum any have you know about a group
    Independent Spirit Awards where you think I feel my short term 12 what dominated because
    because the way the rules are structured and the Bandit
    what do I need to be fine tune you have basically all the films are up for Oscars
    nominated there 12 years a slave Dallas buyers club blue jasmine because of know how
    how small of budgets are there considered independent films 14 short term 12


    12 LRP like a phone call upstream color odd don’t have the rapper
    the representation in an independent film that they should
    MFF you more trouble me the Masters of the Oscars for to represent in Albany
    bigger contingent studios for war that you don’t see
    you don’t see a lot of small studios I get a whole bunch of nominations
    importunate app that something to that that I wasn’t
    does intrigued by when Robert Redford made the statement about all is lost on not getting


    getting dominated particular read for not being nominated and blaming the distributor for not having a proper
    the proper release you know not making enough money for him to be nominated for an Oscar
    Oscar which to me was amazing I thought while you’re just putting out there you know plane as the eye can see forever
    everyone can see that that is something that’s going on and I feel like any of you know
    how many parts are cultural body worth it stop it getting out of work needs to put the Prague
    the people bowing to see the best stuff that you shouldn’t be about what is movie made hundred sixty million dollar
    dollars so therefore you should go see that want to do in Oak don’t see anything released by cinema


    cinema guildwork in a dime short term 12 Drafthouse act of killing like you
    you actually need to go find something sound does a reverse shot does
    alot of the smaller somebody that take the stuff really seriously do yeah I did a piece for
    Roger Ebert outcome barrier Liam the word season already middle of the critical
    Electric supports the word season what to talk about with a lot of films bad
    when not sent on Spinner to Academy members feel like they like the way way back
    the big hit from Sundance last year that out of your nose smaller Lisa Lisa


    the summer of big limited release on a lot of people are very happy with
    Mary please Sam Rockwell’s performance and you might have a chance Supporting Actor
    nectar if the studio Haden brace that film and to put out there comes down to
    down to the studio sometimes sort of you know nothing you one way
    the films we want to promote or DC Oster sometimes
    sometime your house a person get off at Best Actor nomination want to clean a supporting actor advice
    vice versa because the studios want to steer you opt one direction sold


    so they can maybe maybe clean up in another category they don’t want to crowd the field
    all with the iron products sometime so it’s really important the way things like that play into
    200 words Season plays out yeah I remember the way way back plate a week
    the week the multiplier one of them in the area how to catch up on video about security
    talking about marketing am NOT W Grady lindas category but there was the settlement of the name of the film
    what does a religious theme song nominations the Yankee nominations
    Asian & M and M’s interesting the marketing in the first place in the film film the People


    people of heard of getting a nomination I have never heard of it
    when did Ben dominated the for something more
    most people heard of it I think I might have come across it on like the elgible song list
    just a timer number songs in film probably never heard before
    also that was shot in Minnesota 2012
    just talking about that the idea that the composer of the bath
    that song was the qualified because he sent out emails to people in


    in the music ranch and I don’t know if that says more about the fact that the music Branscome soy
    so easily swayed by an email from a friend if they were just vote for
    for a song but no one heard of and in about 10 minutes or the three categories come down
    c** down on on a smaller film that no one heard of odd doing basically what
    what are the other studios are doing anyway what is a lot of stuff to get to get in the
    in the program I want to talk about documentaries but we’re going to take a break ur in the program
    M&I Jeff Foster talking with Austin McCann general manager of the Arts Theatre in Champaign


    champagne as well as WGN Radio Eric Childress about the
    the 2013 Year in film and the Oscars I love your calls about that
    the year Oscar predictions excetera ep 1 800 222 94550
    it will dash talkin Illinois .edu Baltimore for brake on Jeff Potrykus is focus
    amber back on focus on Jeff Bhasker talking with my guest today
    today about the Academy Awards which are Sunday night Ararat Childress auto
    what about the relationship between cancer and pastable Sundance with your address to few weeks


    weeks ago and how this can affect the Oscars as well as the purchasing in and tails move
    what movies is the distributed what Sundance is the breeding ground for you know if it’s really is
    the independent staple of the year in sleep if the guy on the first big Festival
    I have every year so you have steel studios in Byers out there
    looking female 220 capitalize on making quick f*** out of you
    if you feel small releases sometimes they hit Gold sometimes all you gotta do is
    chase the Oscar on at few million dollars to your your take


    Excel is there everyone is always better than look out for the for the best film that think
    cynicism of the Oscars in quite very odd even home
    this year the doctor festival started on the day that the Oscar nominations release Oakley
    I was in India in the air and what not on this particular Samantha
    this year did the 101 filmed at the jump out of people family
    this is going to be a major player next year last year you have nothing
    the way way back tickle talk about Rockwell Fruitvale station what you mentioned I


    which was a big thing is here then came out in the summer right around the Train
    Trayvon Martin scandal and the Vandellas
    that was pretty quickly forgotten by the ones they have the Butler in an eighth of the focus again and again
    can do other films like Philomena on August Osage County that sometimes I lost my shop
    shop off but there’s always always thought of someone the back of the head something like this
    this might be something that we can chase rewards what sucks about documentaries for bed
    going to play next to play a clip from 20 feet from stardom


    starting this is a clown bite of Sheryl Crow from the documentary one of the five nominated for Best Documentary
    night tomatoes no more heavily
    bebe a great players can play sings it
    remove people that the voice the one thing that we all are one
    is there so many presents
    kitchen pass
    Sheryl Crow in a movie about backup singers 2120 feet from stardom


    you don’t have some nice mark so where did this wind up in and it was the meteor reviews
    reviews think there’s anything vertically ground
    groundbreaking a nice documentary but I think im a dime a dozen about that
    especially when I go to South by Southwest is always with for 5 music dock that
    how to talk about in a lot of the same subject matters
    the sword of the dog in the back up singers of the singers that never quite got
    Luanne Davidsons of the world to find a point on arm


    film bats made my cut off the best documentaries
    of the year the art of killing us only one of them and film that I didn’t
    I didn’t get nominated that the number to film the occult stories we tell Thorpe Sarah pollies
    wonderful documentary about her family and what they are you know the way to
    weighted stories can change the world just by the way you tell them I think that’s that’s remarkable film
    um so yeah I know I think twice I 20 feet from stardom is going to win
    um to this kind of the start of the Academy friendly type a document


    Metairie art of killing is a very hard watch so we’ll see how many people live
    brave enough to get through that but that’s that’s why I think that’s going to win Sunday night
    angry with him that the front is well act of killing yeah I thought a lot of weight
    is was the most important that was released I haven’t seen any other film that did anything quite like that
    does a don’t know that film is about these mass murderers in Indonesia who the direct
    the director Joshua Oppenheimer I haz reenact in a kind of sickly playful way
    away their crimes in this is coming about in the context of Oppenheimer trying to make a film


    about these mass killings of communism in Indonesia and not being able to get any of the
    survivors to speak so he thought well I’m going to go and speak to the perpetrators your stolen power
    power made this D plan settling better mazing phone and I think the thing that I
    that on the similarity between stories we tell and the act of killing and other documents
    documentaries on my personal taser interesting is a dubler that line about truth
    Laura treating us as a Stephen Colbert would say you have a sound like 20 feet from stardom witches
    which is just telling you a story another feel like blackfish or dirty words to to another


    mark that on the news stories we tell the act of killing which is also?
    questioning the medium of the documentary on the Falmer playing at the art of the last of the unjust
    just buy the Dragon Longman and record show up on other one where I
    what these the act of storytelling a documentary which is based on this kind of Nesconset
    misconception that you’re just telling truth it ends up being a little bit more artistically and politically
    Oakley complex than that and that’s what’s really interesting to me yeah you know what happened
    you put up to me before the show Austin that the stories we tell play two weeks at at the arch that’s that’s pretty


    pretty remarkable for documentary Eric what happened with someone why didn’t get more attention
    tension with without an HDMI really don’t know I mean when you have the day of the doctor recap
    category like the fourth film category gets reduced down to you sexually does the
    essential nominees and has 12 of films that were in the running
    running for these five slots and stories we tell
    I like it like you’re awesome sayings transcends that you’re so the nature of
    Nile Delta documentary anthem of the art of narrative filmmaking is well


    both of those lines on and I don’t know me sir Poly is better
    is very respected are young actress in Nollywood Morso filmmaker
    Oscar nominee before she’s not me for a way with her away away from her that the hard after screenplay
    play Julie Christie was nominated at yours well sorry I don’t know I don’t know I mean it
    if it out of house how to justify it really don’t like dirty wars in
    2020 start’em which are not tell if a whole lot
    about their something that we haven’t heard before I even on something like the simplest 60 minutes


    its so I don’t know why I feel like that uh
    what was over left eye don’t want to sound conspiratorial here but that’s another from those distributed by roadside attraction
    tractions which which were compliation how to test your now soy in NBA
    bed what about the remainder of the West in you you guys ball talked about the act of killing
    3913 on your list Eric what about the other on anyone out there
    every Oscar nominated documentary is available for Netflix streaming with the exception of 20 people
    people start yeah that is on DVD now so you can take that out


    dial to be for Sunday if you wish on but the blessed life is like very much I made
    what is it like that tells a story in abandoned very simple way
    ama tall is a story that was important on and I was ripping and the Whale
    and where was it was told it was better than just your average talking head
    Dr Mary Wells transcend the form and buying stretch
    did they have no problem with that being one of the finalists on the left
    Best Buy Pinole the stories we tell this is interesting questions to me the idea of transcending


    sending the form which is a you know a length of a term that make sense to me I’m done at the same time
    the same time Eric really what were trying to do is to find a phone that requires the form right like what we want to
    film that must be a documentary something like dirty wars you know it’s real
    whats a really important subject I would be amazed to see what the acceptance speech look like if they won Best Documentary
    documentary on but its not necessarily a family watching think while that had to be a documentary
    memory like stories we tell our the act of killing tell me the man ask a question
    very early enough film why would anyone want to see a film about an axis is family


    are the secrets that exist in why would you want to make that film and the film
    film that starts off as a casual remembrance and then becomes you know a berry
    very intriguing mystery write a personal mystery but then divided by the end of the movie
    become something with no worries for the question the idea of memory and the way we tell store
    how stories in the way that you know if I tell you to know that this person is a good person or bad
    bad person that has a ripple effect on the rest of the world is it might be a small ripple
    might be a pebble in ocean but its is the way the way that language in storytelling


    Ellen and rumors can you know true trade in the world for a to make a
    how to make a little better or worse Place ebony body wants to try man with a movie that they thought
    God is not to mention that should be mentioned on the weather in the Oscars
    Georgia on their own personal top 10 to 20 West 802 to 29455
    can email it will dash talk at Illinois .edu we talk to Bill about documentaries
    results Eric children Childress what is the Acropolis for the eye doctor
    porn from here to have seen to many of them


    I actually all the above the hunt is the one that I want
    broken circle breakdown in both of those on both very were the titles
    perform a Honda Fit a particularly strong filmed at the Irish people
    people of find check out of these is the favorite probably when is probably the great beauty
    there’s a broken circle breakdown of really really sad movie
    joy amongst the other the best porn film candidates
    so you’re not going to be like anything to lift your spirits over this weekend if you can see them out


    mouth all but the Deaf but definitely someone is on the top of your list and the doctor
    documentary list and you’ve been able to play a few of those Austin at the at the Art
    young ones were we play behind which we had great attendance at a broken circle
    Circle yeah which other kind of a local connection because there’s a pretty active Irish music scene in Champaign
    Champaign Urbana bluegrass place a big part in that film on but it’s a sad film it really deep
    deeply saddened film in the word gets out about that kind of thing in a lot of folks don’t necessarily want to come in
    set an affair with something else going to be a really sad even if it’s beautiful we should great beauty which I thought


    thought was a really amazing films animecenter even remember what the other for life
    Omar OMB played the both of which I really like to play omar is a
    political thriller that happened to be Palestinian and missing picture is another kind of
    what kind of truth Bend bending im a documentary from a really amazing Cambodian film
    FileMaker the pond which I’m very much looking forward to well I
    one thing I want to mention porn films we brought about the Arts in Macon
    this is one way to tone your list Erica’s buy a blank on the other side


    Snow White and the another is silent film the new sandwich
    falling in the category of the artist and it was it was nice day for that
    that that to play at the plate your theater Austin and also show Dallas
    fast but it better to help people pay more attention this one this is awesome
    call someone on Netflix streaming anyone anyone who loved enjoy the artist
    artist with years ago in love that have as a gimmick film should really Blanca Nieves
    put that on television you come across in you think that was a film


    the film that was actually made in the 1920s really as it is a beautiful score
    all behind another telling of Snow White fairytale is what it is
    the set of all monster bull fighting so it is the release of unique taken
    Akon on the snow white dove fantasy and its or it’s really beautiful really want
    really well made film and that was another phone I think blancanieves falling in the footsteps of the ER
    the artist and I really like blancanieves a lot of not that hot in the artist the artist have
    huge Wednesday marketing campaign behind that is worth what I thought


    alright if they were taking baby steps in watching San Antonio can actually just start with Charlie Chaplin you don’t have to
    how to start here was blancanieves to me I was left him again and it just use the phone
    the forum to tell this really just breathtaking story what I want to bring back in
    back in the main topic of why were here on this day at the Academy Awards
    Eric Childress Woodstock a bit about who is a prediction to win is Matthew McConaughey
    Thomas hey up a lock for Best Actor Impreza near La Casita possibly get
    did the last 2 years with most actors with kill to have the runs


    the run that he’s had an influence on stomach on a Tuesday making the perfect choice is
    Joyce’s working with directors in Woodbridge Linkletter in an Winfrey can
    an object Nichols matching mother leader of a really a wonderful family
    entirely on and on what are you doing on HBO true detective the run Houston
    the last 2 years astonishing and Dallas buyers club fit into all the star of the cliches
    can talk about the Oscars the transformation of all the way to the true story
    stories of socially conscious film alia all these things going to play in a blue something


    some people trying to beat the drum that the with the Capitals time is 4th Oscar nominations
    Mason ever won before but it’s my time is your thing doesn’t Pretty player is your ally
    is there a little pretty close to your lock is well yeah yeah I think you probably maybe even more so
    more so I don’t really take a really strong upset Autotech made of
    is really start of dominated the word season I think of American hustle had
    had the 3rd of the momentum and have the other like a week after the afternoon America
    American hustle might be taken away from gravity in 12 years a slave


    Bradley Cooper might have a chance at the stealing a softer but the jelly donut
    Golden Globe speech wasn’t there anything to write home about people have forgotten
    forgot about that so that they can have no problem Florida man and the
    what’s got a couple other category is it with me to talk about the about American hustle and Jennifer
    Jennifer Lawrence at the odds against her about trying to win two years in a row in
    and the fact that the faculty won last year in and maybe the fact that
    just have so many nominees are ready yeah I think if you have one last year I think she


    think she did she didn’t want to pick this year and this actually been a very seesaw battle between her legs
    Longo for 12 years a slave all the both of them split salsa
    are the major precursor to come up today on and on bench leaving
    5149 split come down to the fact that the 5 actors truck
    history that ever won back to back Oscars and as you know it’s hot is Jennifer Lawrence
    Florence’s right now and she’s just a third of a nomination she’s 23 years old
    Sears old is patient going out pace male stripper how many nominations Sheehan


    she has so her time is gonna come again she just one last year
    continually be in the Hollywood sign pitos going to win
    Sunday night to Colorado line of Susan from Urbana want to talk about the of Spanish
    Spanish the foreign film Irelia
    I really enjoyed Blanca Nieves I thought it fast and I’m glad you said it again at the theater
    I wanted to let people know that it’s a great it is a tab
    kids movie um its it’s not the first


    of Snow White story and very very interesting we done and I also wanted to say
    who said that I really appreciate your showing the umm the short films
    animated I didn’t get up as
    why can’t quite describe how you could what the hell you doing
    do it but it becomes a series on one evening um but I thought
    what are the chance of seeing accept the animated films and I really want
    Android room on the broom grandparents


    the same people author Rachel children’s book author in the same animators who did
    who did the graph below the Gruffalo’s Child and I just found them on
    small very sweet amazing interesting issues
    um like that bought the room on the broom book and the TV
    the DVD to give grandkids I must say that they actually the film was more nuance
    who wants to f*** is better than less than the DVD but
    I have a recommend them in their just lovely thanks for the kind words


    words about that and I mean that the short films Magnolia pictures make says available
    available on the last year we show the animated shorts in the live action shorts in particularly
    early the animated shorts are very popular are audience really likes animation which im rich im I really have
    really happy to see unless you’re weaving experimented in dead one show of the 3 hour long documentary short
    resorts program which was well a time do the knife to do it again next year but the short films
    interesting format on your back in the day of his way that played before film that doesn’t happen so often
    now it’s hard for us to do because were single screen we need to show time does weekend in a day


    today but I get anything from delivery February to be able to catch people up to CDs
    fantasy these little things that come in with someone but short films are there was a piece on morning
    Morning Edition on this morning talking about animated shorts and how are you able to download
    download some of these now and more people to target on Arthur connection watch that my area community
    think like never love this city before I can watch the short films yes
    yes really wonderful mean even those were the days of the critic an earlier the movie lover
    Audino you get to the short categories in the Oscars and just like I don’t like yeah you do


    no way you could have seen it before and very little chance you see them afterwards I know either but not
    but now you have a doctors revolution you can go on YouTube on people websites
    do these things I’ve been a very very readily available and I will always love the fact that the
    Magnolia distribution almond Ave theaters in a mini market due to play them
    the real short films is the great format Jeff Bhasker this is focus for talking
    looking for just a few more minutes about the Academy Awards in other guy really good movie
    good movies during the 2013 urine Cinema Eric we left off to get a couple


    couple of your predictions escape plan shalock is well yeah that’s a lock
    map of all the of all the acting categories Cate Blanchett as one
    2828 Awards leading up to this
    the Sunday night her competitors of 104 and I you know you know
    do you need to bring up the whole body on scandal going to affect her at all
    Cate Blanchett is going to win Sunday night um well either categories
    anything out any chance for a surprise at the last minute


    is it you know I personally I am stone of being looked at the battle
    the gravity is going to win best picture on a lot of people have all dem focus attention talkers
    slave not not just because of personal package from the person think I’ll take her
    but the gravity I think is going to win a ton of technical awards Sade
    Santa Claus going to win Best Director think that the film that wall meaning
    Pequannock old is important as of 12 years a slave for the journey
    journey about film is something up the voters in people pay attention to them


    passion project that will take over and over 2 years for the first time
    fertile father Cronus teams make the film as a special effects technology caught up with them
    with them I think that I could play in and its going to be a nail biter going up the best picture
    picture of the really close race is going to be Best Original Screenplay I’m back to go to
    eating her or American hustle sneaking suspicion of America
    American hustle Mike it completely shut out Sunday night I will not surprising entirely
    Harley what is the best shots probably with original screenplay


    do I think I’ll be able to get the Spike Jonze for her and deserve a lease so I wanted to watch
    what apps are there for ya I just wanted to I register my protest about that her
    that her was not nominated for best costume design in the most important pants of the year was Joaquin Phoenix
    which literally transported into the future what real quick I want to disappear
    briefly I think I’m still upset a las a philip Seymour
    Seymour Hoffman just a couple weeks ago and I want to eat your view special you are sick cause you had a
    how to have a retrospective a couple of films are the dimensions your favorite couple of offense


    Hoffman forums yeah scheduling a double feature Philip Seymour Hoffman sounds really hard because he was
    he was not in a lot happy movies using a lot of really good movies but not a lot of happy ones on
    everything is good about my favorite supporting roles cause a lot of my favorite things are supporting
    Hospital Parma the nurse in Magnolia will probably be my favorite performances has a b***
    how many small little gems everything he didn’t PT Anderson Punch Drunk Love the master Boogie Nights
    unites Haircutters yeah I mean he was always the moment
    the moment I knew that he was going to be in the movie you knew that leave back porch in the movie is going to be good


    Amanda just mention Kalikimaka Poteet that he won the Oscar for the dramatic performance
    performance truck is supporting working child Charlie Wilson’s War is a lot of fun
    Olive filmed at the purpose of a reminder at the top watched the heart
    recommend the people but it from Tulsa to New York
    double feature for fast furious ago eyes Charlie Kaufman
    diamonds direct Charlotte deal on its surface wonderfully sprawling crazy
    crazy film about a gene an art and death on at the Ritz


    with a weird wacky film all that I wish for more people would take a chance
    chance on and hopefully rediscover now iTunes 11 times did he was giving
    how to get a chance of the lead role like that and he killed it was a tremendous
    Roger Ebert’s favorite film of the 2000’s
    is left yet but better the decade of the decade Eric are you coming to Weber
    this year I want to I’m planning on it
    my schedule to work out but yes I am planning to be there mobile porn


    downhere of all we got a wrap this up I thank you so much for both the yard
    comments and predictions and other mentions of other films talking with her children
    WGN Eric thanks so much thank you very much
    and in the sea in the studio Austin McCann the general manager of Art Theater Champaign
    preciate you coming in thanks a lot ratio is produced by Lindsey moon am I
    am i prettier without a controlled any additional thought you have in the program you can email it will dash time
    pocket I’m just on services focus