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The case for nonfiction

Do you fancy yourself a reader? Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction? 


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Non-fiction often gets a bad rap. They’re the books you have you read, the ones you were assigned for class or work. Non-fiction titles don’t commonly have a reputation for being the sort of reading you can get lost in. According to Mary Wilkes Towner and Carol Inskeep of the Urbana Free Library, the idea that non-fiction is non-readable is a myth. This hour on Focus, they join Scott Cameron. We’re making the case for non-fiction. During this hour, we’ll talk about different kinds of non-fiction and the idea that what we read says something about us as a person. 

Since we know that lots of you are voracious readers, we wonder – do you prefer nonfiction? We’re working to compile a list of Focus fans’ favorite non-fiction titles, so please send us your favorites! We've compiled a list of good reads below. If you see somethihg missing, send it our way, and we'll add it!

Contine reading for our non-fiction reading list.

Good Non-fiction Reads recommended by Focus fans and the Urbana Free Library:


Wild by Cheryl Strayed (recommended by @LisaBralts)

A Stolen Life: A Memoir by Jaycee Lee Dugard 

My Story by Elizabeth Smart

Life Itself by Roger Ebert (recommended by @urbanalibrary)

A Family Farm: Life on an Illinois Dairy Farm by Robert Switzer

Life After Death by Damien Echols


Non-Fiction Graphic Novels:

Paying for It: A Comic-Strip Memoir about Being a John by Chester Brown

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Allison Bechdel

Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie – A Talk of Love and Fallout by Lauren Redniss


Food Books:

Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan

Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson – (recommended by @katester117)


Social Matters:

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman – (recommended by @lindseysmoon)

Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples by Rodger Streitmatter

Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup

Philomena by Martin Sixsmith

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America by Colin Woodard – (recommended by @stephdavidson)

Tom’s River by Tom Fagin (emailed suggestion from Vaneeta)

Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill

Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen (recommended by a caller)


Historical Reads:

The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit by Michael Cannell (recommended by WILL’s General Manager Chet Tomczyk)

The Lincoln Douglas Debates (recommended by @alvalewis)

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (recommended by @taylorjudd)

Lincoln by David Herbert Donald (emailed suggestion from Kay)


Light Non-fiction Reads:

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris

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    James Patterson the best selling novelist was what quarter is scrubbing nonfiction is too often
    the most boring dry stuff Champaign Urbana resin Colin Wegner
    diplomatic nonfiction learn about how the world is yours Benz
    fiction you get to measure a great nearest Pizza section of the digestive tract


    Asus Transformer is any work a section why do you read true stories
    which book would you nominate for our list of the best nonfiction 802 2294
    9455 Twitter app focus 580 im Scott Cameron married
    stoner and Caroline ski free library going to make a case for nonfiction
    section of coming up on focus after the snooze
    good morning
    WRAL im Scott Cameron singing Virgin Meadows today we asked you


    Intelius are you a fan fiction or nonfiction number sponsors Neno Twitter
    Twitter Alyssa at focus my baby she said huge fiction book worm Steph Davis
    Jeff Davidson so she’s most non fiction fam same as focus producer Lindsey moon 2009
    nonfiction brings back memories of history class book reports textbooks many Reader
    many readers States boring world to bust that mess today what are the memoir history cooked
    free cookbooks Self Help nonfiction fans what do you love about true stories
    Twitter app f*** is 580 you can email will Daft Punk at Illinois .edu


    do you run the phones at 802 to 29455
    in this moment welcome Corner friends with your benefit library Caroline skippers adult services library
    library in Amery WI stoner Services interim director of adult services free library
    Altoona Syrian Studio C in a picture coming to CSU
    pilot books compared about my pile The Killing start with u
    with you don’t people will win many people here nonfiction it brings back memories they think
    think boring is it fair well I think one thing is


    something is a librarian I never wanna judge peoples reading case and I really believe people should
    b******* pursue what they love to read but also be open to stretching himself
    who sells for myself I always love non fiction and
    and as a girl if I knew a story was true or supposably
    totally true mediately added an element of interest so I’ve always been on
    nonfiction love you I’m more of a hedonist turn on
    omnivore I read what interest me the moments I read a lot of fiction


    but I like to return the non fiction or nonfiction that I’ve been brought through
    brought to buy something else I’m reading a sample that with my droid
    Windsor that bad gateway book well he is a
    when is this is old I’ve always been searchin Anglophile
    and when I was in my teens I discover the books of Georgia here who writes Regency
    Regency novels and because of that I started reading a lot about the Napoleonic war
    and life in England in the 1800’s an app to train a dog


    dolphin to Pride and Prejudice and then I started watching movies and it just doesn’t know
    never ending spiral people today have seen the movie Seabiscuit
    good and then they been interested to find out more about the horse in horse racing
    Ambridge consumers biography books about horse racing there if you can go
    anyway that you’re interested you and doesnt kill you makes in Cydia to reading the
    the true story in this is it Austin you find the beast
    is true stories read just like a novel in many cases um no one example of


    number of times is that Truman Capote write
    in 1 wooden cradle stories you describe the other is the murder someone on in cold blood
    uses for this is a long time ago keep coming back to this why was the appeal
    will for sure true crime has in itself certain dramatic
    Ematic at as it is sometimes employer Ristic element
    elements but when I ride along today the 15 disability
    what is this book by Damien Echols life after death and he was one of the wrongfully convicted


    convicted teen of the West Memphis Three exactly West Memphis Three soap
    grisly murders of these a year old boys three teenagers were wrongfully
    fully convicted and he was put on death row is an 18 year old
    year old and his book life after death you sir for years now we spend
    and eggs on a rated or lease free the Kindle deal with his book is
    is the most intense description of life in prison
    what also of this very rich in her life he has a spiritually


    chili artistically the book includes what cities are twerk letters from PA
    people talking to him while he was in prison and even a love story
    tell in love with one of the women who fought for his freedom in America
    now and there’s there’s a level of intensity to the story for me
    when I can turn off at the photo of the actual guy in his presence LRC
    see his artwork or think both that contrast
    how unfair how difficult someone’s life can be that also the day


    so the depths of humanity that people can reach and understanding experience the weather
    you will never could even the best fiction couldn’t get it I can insight into the
    into the human experience will my husband and I do betas live
    no he’s a piece of fiction and nonfiction reader
    and he we often have had discussions about does it does it matter if the stories
    true or not and again I think it’s someone a personal reader preference
    friends for me as I say there’s something especially moving about


    about seeing the person seeing is words or reading the diary of the Lamb
    the letters of a person from history bring to life in a way for me
    Inwood he just the degrees I think for some weed
    leaders the a literary elements use of language
    which the complex ways that a fiction story is sometimes told
    old are the most compelling elements for them for me I really like the store
    the story the plot and its a special to me if it


    if it’s true that if these crazy things that happened really did have
    what happened to find a to insert we know something’s real is Addison element of does
    does I mean especially if you can documented in go wild Valley sparknotes
    the author did his research there been complaints about memoirs
    more supportive winding away from the path of rap city and people complain about
    what about that because they don’t understand that when you write a memoir it’s worth lyrics
    erasing you’re bringing your memories into it and sometimes you can’t even remember what you


    what you have for lunch last week how are you going to remember something 20 years ago word for word
    word so sometimes disclaimers in box set
    help people to deal with that just like this novel are the spoke is the best as I can
    remember the time any small Arizona mine I think problems happen
    happens when people try to save this is exactly the way happened to Kat accept EBT
    happy belated happened because we were there and they’re going into the past
    really widely publicized examples of William Frey in others


    mothers coming up with ears are general manager email remind me of a quote attributed to mark
    Mark Twain of the difference between fiction and nonfiction and fiction has to be believable
    remind me a little bit of Lorde talking about here um what is
    what is the expectation value dry dressing there a little bit say when it comes to memory becomes a switch
    what’s often called creative nonfiction um what is the expectation
    this point that what you are reading is true when does it make a difference what makes
    what makes a difference depends on the non fiction reader there a lot of reasons why people


    people don’t read nonfiction bad press in other things but when you
    when you’re reading a work of creative nonfiction Side Story you’re reading it
    for the elements that you get 3 free summer 2014 Denali Carol mention that she likes
    she likes a character a lot of people read nonfiction for that you mentioned
    earlier in cold blood besides a compelling characters in at the beauty
    Truman Capote Capote’s pros in the way he presents the store
    the story that makes you almost feel like you’re there but also almost there


    fiction is it a full one with it
    think that’s important to the type of bugs that you’re looking for man is around
    you don’t have to choose this is that non fictions not a textbook brokers
    surly on the time they are really incredible stories ever told
    Uniden narrative way to structure a cumplir un is is enough
    I think a lot of people are prejudiced against non fiction
    your the think it’s going to be Justice compelling is the history textbook she mention that they had read


    how to read the think it might be biased um they don’t realize it
    lies a lot of nonfiction Hill style is just not drive pros and they don’t
    they don’t realize there a lot of goodies I’m a lot of people don’t realize lyrics
    the reading subliminally to learn things and so when you read nonfiction its just to know
    over 12 doing this for making a que se for a non fiction
    Caroline Stephen Curry will sound review benefit library Rasta compiling RRB
    are best nonfiction reading list US health south to some degree rescue people in us


    London Twitter in my email I want to hear from a non fiction real
    802 to 29455 again 800 222
    29455 R Us on Twitter to at focus 580
    I got a conversation going on there is well in a girl coming back to you
    just thinking about you need to talk about um there’s kind of is bias
    how many cases against nonfiction your message earlier in some ways you need to start
    how to start early you don’t have a fibroadenoma confess last Bible to read how to do with magic


    Magic Tree House is Red Dog nonfiction or fiction
    Clifford tumblr images of something new
    something to it but um we do Drop Inn occasionally books on bugs
    Uggs books on dinosaur things like that you can start early with us 21
    when I’m also going to say I think the standard for nonfiction has really changed in the pod
    the popular culture so that now you have a lot of academics and a lot
    a lot of experts in a field riding in a much more journalistic storytelling


    retelling way so you’ll see Malcolm Gladwell or Adam hope she’ll 2
    how to set excellent historian but really tells his writing books
    focusing on compelling characters from history interesting people
    people so I think part of the reason that you’ll see there are quite a few
    best selling nonfiction books while twitch somebody from diet
    diet Wilo just mention to me Cheryl Strayed memoir
    some the survival stories into thin air Jon Krakauer is a rider


    into the wild into thin air in his book on Pat Tillman wear
    both the topic of the book and then the compelling story
    storytelling style of the book Drazen lottery dirs and
    and I think you find more and more their readers to maybe they tend toward fiction
    but they also when there’s a new memoir a new Us
    self help book for inspirational book or help oriented book
    pick that up also an itsy there’s a lot of with a non fiction means a lot of different things


    different things to talk about with a nonfiction so I would say the
    biographies in Memoirs are archaea element social and political
    medical issues lotsa best seller books game changer Double Down about the election
    action or books about the NFL concussion crisis or hell
    help cookbooks gardening any books around hobbies
    are off in a book that people are interested in science
    science nature Topix spirituality and religion


    a technical manual for technical books of all kinds of travel
    rebel books are some of my favorite nonfiction so it really covers
    quite again hello in there so many there microsost reason animal books
    X & free books people read books for fun
    missile on the note 2 or 3 to make stories in the cookbook so you tell
    telestrations recipe tell a story a recipe combining two ways to recognizing
    the format coming into this right Ne can lead you back to other things you mention Fox Orleans


    earlier that can lead to something else think of Julia Child she has wonderful cookbooks
    books that she wrote her book my life in France which pics of her life her
    the husband after world war 2 in which you work for yourself talks about how she move
    move to Paris on love culture discover cooking she never started out to be
    how to be a master chef but she got interesting person that so it’s also the
    the continuum you read one comes around to something else another song about
    breeding in cooking with Julia to add effects acne on your good Julia and Julie


    Julie sanctuary puzzle Liam but I have to kill people
    people recommending uh uh bookstore for a list of Anita email to recommend Toms River
    my time fakin says this is a book about many things happen in elegy water rights WA
    white water pollutants industrial development of modern New Jersey lawsuit is Georges at The Cove
    easily band all the writing with someone throwing in the research of throat
    does engaging in thrilling again it true stories cut your talking to other girls
    you get the fax you get information learn alot from this is a really good story


    I don’t know that when I had you know Kors Erin Brockovich as a bestseller
    you know so that sounds like a good read another one came in the endurance
    Prince Shackleton’s incredible voyage by Alfred Lansing nothing recognition MRIs
    Mariza 1700 this one I don’t know about that particular book but endurance is
    the tale of a ship maroon in the middle of the next
    exploration on the South Pole Antarctica back really a hundred years
    years ago and enduring through being trapped by the ice


    for many many one month and there been documentaries
    tree some of the original footage in a number books written about the two killer instinct
    in some of them or just fascinating how people survive in its funny how these books
    books coming trends to remember when they were after into thin air became a bestseller
    seller about the disaster on Mount Everst it seems like every participant in that
    what does a road Mr together in my brother
    when did Real Madrid and so theres there doesn’t seem to be a flirt


    flurry of biographies sinister survivor season 26
    is made in many ways for a booking probably for TV and movies do what I want
    I want to go to call in l.a. Ruth from champagne is online for iris Chacon
    gone by NSYNC come off the best nonfiction has been written by doctors
    MD for a little bit older than some of the things you’ve been talking about
    but I have to the particular like the works of Louis Thomas
    protect your throat called the youngest science note to medicine


    water about his own profession mañana when is the
    Rachel Naomi Remen found in 2000 call my grandson
    father’s blessings and what what do you like about you the truth
    the fact like you’ve been talking about that these are
    Lonely stories and photos real drama at the fair actually true
    true so you’re you’re drowning by the fact this is you know there’s is
    thrill that you know if you have you want to read much picture


    no red lot of fiction is a graduate student of a kind of overdose
    can having too much Jam yeah yeah
    thank you for calling them know it’s over dosing of the street have to find
    find a balance we’re supposed to university town of people say looking reading textbooks all day I’m teaching all day
    call day when I go home I want a little bit of a break from app um they do you find the in the library
    what does my b*** when it comes to people coming in give it away
    where were at is there a better man for non fiction of your benefit library is a large portion of


    Porsha vs relations people ask what are all the time asking librarian Solis goodwill
    good way to get stressed in Spanaway The Little planner
    I don’t know if it’s becoming more relevant today
    people are realizing they want to know what’s going on for finding a true story
    2 story that they can relate to do you have more people China or nonfiction or fiction Indiana
    I would have to check I would think 96 is going to be about 30 40 percent spot
    circulation of a kind of the print books and what do when people come in


    summit define yourself ever trying to nowhere talking to a little bit about making a case for non
    nonfiction you find yourself doing that sometimes people trying to point them to edited
    hey you read this book will did you realize we just for gone with the wind what is grateful care about the same era
    I’m going to say I’m off and doing the opposite will I feel like people of India
    overly judge with the reading Elmo’s feel like I have to apologize to the library in ocean
    why shouldn’t be reading this you’re all I read is mysteries in as a librarian
    I feel like people should feel free to pursue their characters


    City and what they love to read and I think too often we put a judgement on
    on a weather something has the sort of intellectual value 2
    228 it’s good to stretch yourself it’s good to stay open an expose yourself
    is your self to lot of things but find two of me feel like people are apologizing to me
    what they read it ok to book my CSUSM
    just because it is so true you find people in both ways
    talk about you layby the reading of a lot of fiction the time in Harry Potter


    what’s bigger whenever the of the book in the moment in getting very apologetic about in so they get
    criticizing something that why you waste your time without a father go out
    what do this another Hanover known people who do Realty nonfiction
    missing out you don’t get why you waste your time reading on a non fiction when is all this great stuff
    judgement anything else play such a big role in the read think I find
    I find that I really love with nonfiction the interaction I have a lot of readers is there mail
    Herminie beans readers of a particular topic so like I just got a


    conversation with patron the other day has been treating Civil War history and I
    and I also have gone through some serious binge redone Civil War history so its like this
    if you read that would you think this an especially when there are different view
    used in nonfiction so forgetful I read bully pulpit Doris Kearns
    Kearns Goodwin about Theodore Roosevelt and simultaneously I Reading PA
    Imperial cruise by James Bradley which is very very critical Roosevelt so
    so like I love talking with people who come in the library who are reading many books


    about a particular topic a person and third playing with the controversies of those things
    who sings I love those conversations the kingdom remember
    the last non fiction book that the thyroid was in its been in the news business
    atencingo related current events in a think it was a book about time by former CIA
    CIA officer about somebody events around laughter 911 is a CIA change default overtime
    overtime current events of Dr peoples nonfiction reading
    reading to find yes in fact I always by the speed of political biography


    biography 6 come out election because people want to read more about it
    the candidates in the news or is there is a disaster or something
    something happens locally people want to read about it no compass Library
    and they want to read about what’s really happening I think part of the problem is sometimes book 7
    Publix job until the topics people want to read about
    book summary when is go what’s what do you find the right now spotting
    food is a big big topic in our town do you know the effects


    Effects of food at 6 a.m. Farming going loco going organic
    Organic a what kind of food is best for
    help setting food is a big compelling issue that people like to read about
    NFL scores of the football a cm loop around
    absolutely I’m into you find the tension in the sink that there probably many of the library
    libraries near by very different senses of what was popular in Israel
    free local thing I think it’s true I think the the politics of your local area


    the character of your local area with a very family oriented town
    we have a very unpretentious but well educated
    how many people are Town Arvada very well educated Khiladi curiosity about
    about social issues not just trendy current events but the character
    character on media the character of the the gap between rich and poor you know it
    any of these kinds of social issues in interest the only go to bed
    the tweets from Avon recommend eating on the wild side by Joe Robinson speaking of them


    food books on a wing on the wild side to get lease in here
    the controls in Seattle quarterback
    thank you for that we will love it or list it is well we are making
    making a case today for nonfiction absolute heard biographies travel guide history books
    what do you love about true stories and 11 book would you nominate for hour
    best nonfiction reading list ever compiled 802 to 2945
    455 is our number to conversation going on Twitter is there at focus 580


    are intertwined Weber human run yesterday around town asking somebody them questions
    heard next stay with its focus on wiol
    I will go back to focus on WILL on Scott Caan
    Scott Cameron Diaz rare internal rhyme with me to record around town ass people did
    questions that were rescued you today do you prefer fiction or nonfiction and what are you reading right now
    right now here’s what to buy half a dozen people have to say I like you because of interest
    interesting stories you know what it takes me away from my normal life


    another world for fun fiction
    work I like both with nonfiction learn about
    about how the world is yours Ben and with Fiction you get to mission how my pee
    Lily up alot of nonfiction just because a lot of History economy
    recently Oz
    that was a while ago The Giver love textbooks
    corrective justice by artist wine red Slaughterhouse Five


    live like I wanted to read if you knew book I have at home
    is that counts that was Judy Bolt Michael Crabtree
    will shellhorn Randall hornbaker Anthony Land and Colleen Murphy
    thank you turn right weather for collecting that we want to hear from you nonfiction fansite
    why true stories and what one book would you nominate for best nonfiction
    fiction reading list 802 to 29455 many miles will dash time
    stalked at Illinois .edu in Corsicana station going on Twitter is there app


    focus 580 our guest today in Jamaica case for nonfiction armory Wilkes town
    interim director of adult services Urbana free library and Caroline skeep adult services
    verses librarian over after your banner free library let me go home go back back to the phone here
    IKEA from champagne is online to a kiss hi
    um I wanted to I mention that the woman who wrote my grandfather
    blessing road before that call kitchen table wisdom
    I actually think that’s the better the to f*** good


    so what is kitchen table is the moon a kitchen table with
    this woman became a physician and then later became a therapist
    and she also suffered from Crohn’s disease while she was in medical school
    skull and had a lot of surgeries does she really have been sighted
    dealing with a really serious issues
    healthy s*** and its a series EE chapter
    after results Dorian itself about someone who had some extra


    extraordinary thing happened on explainable and it’s so fat
    fascinating book store list think you very much for calling in sure thing
    from Kate on Twitter she recommends my wicked ways the autobiography of Errol Flynn on a bow
    all about Horsehead another category um and when we go back to the phone syrup
    Paul online 1.06 you good morning
    good morning what’s the weather in what book do you have in mind while im live in reading like 5
    560 pages of dirty wars Jeremy Scahill what’s up he spend all of these


    Arby’s places that we just to hear about in the drone action reports MN
    very engaging rated quite difficult installed for a while but I
    another issue I die Dubai to recommend highway with an Academy Award documentary
    Academy Award nominated documentary I am I really do you recommend
    recommended but it is my face is difficult but
    going on right now on NPR on weather national circuit
    talking about studies show that fiction reading is


    important in the score lated with empathy and that
    I think in a world where we we don’t have thighs with people
    that obviously some pictures for shallow and ran with the characters
    cardboard but I’m in better fiction
    one thinks interms of a personal relationship Mario’s in
    I don’t know I don’t know that they should be coming competitive
    temperature today in from the front lever is well that there is room for both anaconda pens on


    Amazon what you’re looking for nothing interesting thought um and Douglas Carroll attorney
    do you there is this empty can you learn something from section and is a unit affection
    you haven’t seen it steady the interesting to see it
    mp3skull a complicated York
    how to learn to empathize with people when you learn more about why the world is the way
    the way it is and I think dirty wars is a really good example of that Paul of house
    how when you read a book about the bigger place circle scene


    bean sometimes you develop empathy for people beyond her borders
    where is beyond our own personal class or a race
    race experience and so I think both can be an important
    part of learning to understand the world in developing a humane approach to the
    to the world thank you very much for the call America in also I have seen respect
    recitation the study on embassy in there been other studies on fiction
    helping people integrate socially with groups I think the best fiction


    you relate to the characters in the book you started meld with a man go with the flow
    the fall and well written narrative nonfiction the same thing help
    can happen if you understand the motivations and white
    why people in the 9 sections work that you’re reading did some of the same
    things or presented Sumter points of you and you understand
    you don’t necessarily want to be there when is serial killers murdering someone
    but if the book is well written like in cold blood in smothers you can


    you can’t understand why it happened and not necessarily forgive them
    but at least
    enjoy what I don’t enjoy that right side
    the inside and it makes a good reading experience for you
    the thinking about the number People magazine current events pie
    buy a bed biographies autobiographies to remember full books coming in
    how do people tend to discover nonfiction doing something at this point


    just going to plug in PR for this there so many centi
    past again reviews on Terry Gross many books get highlighted buffet
    define Morning Edition and afternoon edition so I think
    a public radio is in an infected when there’s an interview and Terry Gross
    girls with a non fiction author II can promise you there will be hold on the book
    f*** when I come into work that day and there is a big media p****
    push for certain authors with newly released books dirty wars


    Coursera me scales bookies doing a huge book tour right now in Pomona
    so I think it’s off in that but I will say people do sometimes come for a top
    topics for example of a parenting in the new technologies
    what should I be doing some 10 come do you have anything on that changes everything
    is every year at ya what’s the research on it now
    yeah yeah is there something that can help me understand this is there something that could
    lifts at inspire me or educate me about this problem on face


    facing would you get a lot of questions like that and I would say crowdsource
    world’s worst thing is another way the people find out about books specially is we get more
    Internet age you take your friends recommendations network Mount Facebook
    Facebook whatever um Goodreads even has a narrative nonfiction
    section were people posting things that they really enjoyed and still have a lot of the 60
    section qualities to them and what do you call it near 29 fictional creative
    nonfiction literary nonfiction its to pay sick leave the same thing you’re looking for


    looking for books that you can read like fiction whatever The Alchemist you want from me
    do it how do em all clubs fit into the wild
    somebody because of their young
    men for women people in Seattle general ones
    diva book club is run by play sometimes the place of the moderator the group
    what’s going to be read sometimes it’s a quarter to decision
    Mini Mini private clubs out there and I’d love to hear from more of you because we try to get


    try to get at least one copy books for your book clubs reading in Urbana IL
    there are nonfiction book without their will people hear about really great books
    decide they watch Reedus custom my book club in Urbana free double crease
    recently that was non fiction in the garden
    the garden of beasts by Erik Larson and it was about to use a universal
    University of Chicago professor who was drafted to be ambassadors Germany in 1933
    3319 34 and he took his daughter with him


    and it talks about her life there and it was the only thing I ever read the talk
    point of Americans that were there living experience and writing back and trying to get
    get information back to United States what was happening a perfect example
    sample of a book that a book club can read in heaven about of enjoyment
    insight 28 no about to have photographs
    my TV is not fiction books about fun
    sunset place do you know the lovely daughter of who is attracted to a


    do a high-ranking Nazi you wanted to see what you look like you wanted to see what he looked like
    like you wanted to see little bit more about Berlin so you think that’s important itself
    multidimensional thing just like graphic novels are there
    that one is in the garden of beasts Erik Larson
    who did devil in the White City or another and another really popular
    coming to Robert and have one another in someone’s knocking Platteville
    glad we seen with a number on crack lower yeah for sure


    and actually I just read devil in the White City or miss someone when it was a bestseller but there’s settings
    exhibit at the Field Museum right now about the World Exposition and when I came with
    without battery that pass is required reading I think we’re going to library have to
    Larson has a stylus on East berry journalistic will water freeze
    free search someone you read him you know everything he writes it is well documented as possible
    possible in the garden of beasts Facebook large part on the dock of the diaries
    ambassadors on your fasting and think about the book ups 2


    megamansion special things time the current events and people who don’t want to have an understanding
    what are popular in Urbana understand world around those conversations
    really have a meeting conversation about the book taps into the kind of things going on right now
    think one book that has been used in several books locally is the new Jim Crow by Michelle
    Michelle Alexander impart motivated by all the conversation in our community about you
    Taylor expansion and activism around criminal justice system but with
    with several copy that are always check out again looking at mass incarceration


    Rachel dynamics in the criminal justice system eye and its
    set excellent book for a book read the chapters have really nice discrete discussion
    ocean Pointe dancer looking spark on a meaningful conversation Beyond
    the walls of the individual health club get another sprint a good way to do it and I think religious
    religious books religious inspirational books are often used in Bible
    Bible study your local groups of religious pokemone Explorer
    Laura topic of prayer or dealing with grief for family issues in the mall


    in the modern world religious inspirational reading important
    important that you mention your family issues there’s the delete a sim to another genre
    think about when it comes to nonfiction graphic novels
    yeah so some some people may have no the very popular books
    book that’s no decades old mount spice Spiegelman and bass
    basically that was his memoir Art Spiegelman memoir about his father survive
    surviving the Holocaust but told online graphic novel for men other words with all original


    original artwork in which HIPAA trade the characters as serious animals
    and that because kind of a turning point in graphic novels I think in the Pasadena dispatch
    disparagement of any art driven is Oklahoma comet Ison
    and there for kids right and so the whole Chandra graphic novels is really long
    evolve now to like a much higher higher browse
    and much more mature content us so that at one of my favorite books
    books was last year was the book radioactive marine for Pierre Curie


    Yuri a tale of love in fallout non Greek Isles
    is this is just the fantastic book I was just looking at it last night
    im preparation for the sandwich remind me to artwork the photographs
    the reprinting of their letters to one another of the significant
    historical figures Albert Einstein discussing the development of the bomb
    palm and nees artistic elements to the book so that when we turn the light off
    why death of last night I never noticed that actual cover of the book clothes with c**


    what color in the dark titled radioactive but it had this very Christmas
    creative evocative artistic element 2 story that
    that you know Marie Curie Demi equaled extremely boring science book
    Amboy this story is anything
    and it’s a perfect example of a thesis for a novel I would put it down part way through because
    because it would be 21 believable it’s too hard to believe a woman doing all these things
    things in that. History for personal life and relationships are to hard to breathe


    how to believe what her daughters become a scientist would be too hard to believe
    but it’s all true to the book describing a thing
    do you think graphic novel some people just a small little floppy comic book
    Microsoft paper covers and think this is a beautiful hardcover book carats is taller
    probably the most um and then music book
    the well told story can tell if you no longer gracias a lot of artwork in a minute
    nothing people’s perceptions Michael challenge of the Bible mean when we say graphic novel abs


    absolutely one of my favorites fun home a tragic comedy by Alice
    Alison Bechdel and ductile is Hispanic
    cartoon strip but it’s a very touching memoir of her life growing up
    household or her father is gay but closeted and high school teacher
    teacher and also funeral director and its alot about that does coming out
    fighting her she wants to live her life in dealing with the family soul to blending of
    memoir and of graphic novels with graphic images black and white


    white furry striking that if you just reading her biography
    wouldn’t be nearly is touching is actually saying how’s your accent feel from the book
    any reverent funny eduniyaags.
    disseminated cuz I haven’t seen them want to use it looking for radioactive Remini images
    evocative images that tell a story of their own in a way that you wouldn’t get enough
    latina teen with pictures of the book that kind of a story time or a different one
    41 very controversial book paying for it a graphic novel by Chester brown


    round which is about his experiences its a memoir paying for sex
    Max and very revealing personal Man
    memoir de trabajar rather shocking to see in comic strip form
    form and very provocative and again if someone told me there would be
    graphic novel that kind of a story that kind of content
    sincerely and provocatively told I want to believe that
    how to get to the color of your eyes 802 to 29455


    Bank Online 2 in Champaign InFocus thank you
    this is not a graphic novel all the maps
    its non fiction and nonfiction um its called American
    connections history of the 11 rival regional cultures of North America
    America in the way that I found this book was just browsing
    housing in the champagne library downstairs in the newer section where the new books come
    what’s coming and there were multiple copies of this book both in hardback


    back in paperback and the map on the front cover has the North
    North America divided up into on different regions and I
    NIT the map just caught my attention I thought what is regions and how did they know
    I know that the line goes exactly right there and not somewhere else
    and I am so I’ve read the whole thing and I liked it so much
    whats the present it show on my coworkers at a staff
    art of the development fashion because we care about


    what cultures of the world and world English teachers and I thought that we should
    we should understand our own culture a little bit better traveling around North
    North America wow it’s quite an open different
    different perspective on who we are looking at a miracle second person to recommend
    stuff to do today in Edmonton what is a bone
    phone will it goes chronologically how’s the how’s the continent
    what was established beginning with the earliest French establishment


    on the east coast in the Canada North American border by me
    Nova Scotia there and then it goes region by region chronologically in talks about
    about who established in what are values are let the lifestyles work
    Georgia move around even through our state of Illinois you see that we have 3 different
    rent regions that were developed by three different real cultures that have their own
    um values in their own ways of living in their own political
    Michael Pfautz and you know what my personal question with how do they know that this is


    the region and so I was reading specifically for finding out how do I know where that bone
    boundaries and then I realize that they did it through three ways one was by
    political of voting records and one was linguistically
    how people use language and one love by lifestyle in what people left behind
    find like architecture architecture house styles
    on and I think you could talk about in the book but by food
    and what kind of recipes are still being prepared in different parts of a different color


    different kinds of borders and boundaries and things American nation called
    appreciate it in the authors Colin Woodard WOOD AR
    ar D and the Champaign library has many copies okay thank you thanks for calling
    what’s going on my list when can you get the power of browser
    just walking to the library not sure what you looking for in bloom hits on it now word of mouth
    everybody else about it to me imma kill you mentioned MOS wanted graphic novel
    what kind of the push the boundaries of what people think about non fiction audiobooks to the same thing


    same thing 11 audio books right now are there and there so many ways to get audio
    audio books now so you can check about the library can download them from the library
    up but lots of commuters and lots of people who have a job or activities
    cities during the day weather hands are busy busy but the mind is free
    love to listen to audiobooks & I think a non fiction
    especially lends itself to this kind of listening it’s easier to interrupt a nonfiction book
    action book many times you don’t lose the complete reign of character in thought


    Dalton subtlety eye and its one of my favorite waste listening
    listening part also because the narrator can also add an element so I tried to read
    how to read David Sedaris book I cannot read David Sedaris book I want the audio
    audiobook it just completely loses so much is the you murder someone
    what to the life or III rid of book about the scandal
    Candlewood John Edwards politician and the nearest for that book
    guided the most perfect John and Edward personation and it just


    just add this element to listening to that story that completely absorbed me
    what does it matter to find if its the author reading about somebody else hired to do
    when is a good reader it’s fantastic have the author read it
    um I listen to other Tiger Woods a bio
    via what’s it called the big mess I think was the name of it and the author who was is for
    is former caddy reddit he wasn’t very good reader
    remind me of sitting in 2nd grade with people who are like struggling alone


    but a virgin David Sedaris is a dissenter Tina Fey reading,pa
    bodyman ohmygod it’s hilarious its so fun to listen to
    stories of a couple minutes left Urbana category that dun
    quite a bit is it local people local issues
    shoes local authors um in a couple of Zelda clothing Roger Ebert life itself
    I love that book and it certainly been popular anime
    almost feel like life itself is several books in one state and there is


    there is one whole book just about growing up in Urbana
    going to University of Illinois life in our community of the Ring
    the roots with his family is really another hole book about the actors
    directors that he’s admired there’s another hole book about that
    that beautiful incredibly moving relationship you has jazz and
    and the medical issue see spaced and then there’s so many really cool
    school essays personal relationships with Gene Siskel or so I


    why am I so many pieces in that book that are so deep
    insincere in revealing and edgy an honest post
    spose about himself and others in emergency people coming in for this this book
    what is a popular yes it was very popular came out a couple years gone the main sewer book
    are buckle credit and everyone really enjoyed finding out about start
    here in champaign-urbana and talk about where is house was and how they recognize
    different sites around town describe the loss of the


    the Champaign Urbana crear which was one of the local papers that he started writing friend
    so is it battle of history back the rail to discuss
    show me this is a lot of things to do people want to learn something from 1960
    section get a better understanding of the experience of others local issues in the community things are going on
    going on um define communication on 60000 yen
    yeah I know what you did does 111
    directly limit one more calling shorts Olinda in Urbana online forum


    Olinda high on focus what you want to recommend just a biography by 2
    Dorothy sterling who writes biographies for young adults on Lucrecia mod
    what is and it has a nice backing out of a house a list
    contemporaries because she was very involved in the abolition of slavery and the
    in the beginning of the women’s rights movement in Seneca Falls Canada
    um Lucrecia mod tt her
    husband James was the founder of Swarthmore


    because they wanted to see women educated at a college level
    getting off the category of music nonfiction books for young adults yes
    great thank you I appreciate a call alright thank you um this is a
    SMS was not a totally December category but I’m thinking about adultery different ages
    chocolate about the things that might roll in young adults and nonfiction why young
    young adult nonfiction is just fantastic now the the
    level of quality of some of the books for young adults up first


    just say in the past I think books for young people often shielded them from someone
    some of the controversies or the complexity of people in history
    and boy its just improve so much derm any books now that are about 120
    20 pages long with great photos great documentation for not making up
    king of dialogue like they used to do their held too much higher standard Nov
    dolphin rediscovering the history of underrepresented people African
    African Americans etc Caroline skippers you just for their and Mary Wilson


    stoner both the Havana free library thank you for coming in a conversation
    party a pilot continue this conversation is produced by Lindsey moon
    Jason cross is a technical director Ryan Weber is a renter im Scott Cameron singing to the Virgin Mary
    virgin Meadows this is focus on WILL