The University of Illinois Chess Team’s Cinderella Story

March 06, 2014

In late December, the University of Illinois chess team qualified for the Final Four for the second consecutive year. U of I junior Michael Auger is a big part of the reason why and is one of 4 team members who will be going to the tournament in April. Auger recruited Eric Rosen, the most accomplished and highest-ranked member of the team, away from top chess schools, like te University of Texas-Dallas, Texas Tech and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County.

This hour on Focus, host Jeff Bossert talks with Auger about the team’s success and where he thinks they're headed next. We’ll also hear from Al Lawrence who is the director of Texas Tech’s chess program and former executive director of the United States Chess Federation, the largest chess governing body in the United States. He'll tell us more about the world of collegiate chess is like across the country, and gives us a better sense of what the U of I chess team is up against in April.

During this hour, we want to know from you how chess plays a role in your life. Did you grow up playing it? What do you like about it? We're on Twitter during the show @Focus580. 

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when the university
versity of Illinois chesty made the games final four last year Michael on teammates worth
lax about never expected to have another chance to compete for the Presidents Cup
where did the summer they qualify for the second straight year Auto Center underdogs Bama
why am I very good luck on the national level
national championship I won a national championship the recruiting the best player


Webster University University of Maryland Baltimore County
Texas Tech school to get scholarships for the best chess player Jeff Foster
focus what is a team success and what they’re doing to prepare the second time around
that include raising funds for the competition in New York inspiring a coach join us our body
NL Lawrence weather forecast like magazine
morning on focus program begins after the soures news what the f***
the focus on jaw bones hurt the chess team at the University of Illinois is weeks away from it


2nd Street National Championship for the team didn’t have any expectations
Haitians last year reading plan a trip to New York they started up a fundraising campaign
campaign over 9000 dollars the rapper to win the Presidents Cup at the chest
best Final Four includes only travel expenses this year but hiring a coach the U of I is
underdog hear the ticking on three teams that recruit players and provide scholarships
chess players in the first half of the program is U of I dream your in chess team
team member Michael Oher welcome to the show it’s nice to be here at later this I will be joined


join buyout Lawrence is a writer for chest Life magazine and record the chess program
I’m at Texas Tech University is also the former executive director of the United
United States Chess Federation join us in the second half of the program the first talk with Michael about
about the team success so you’re just a couple of weeks away few weeks away from
April 4th of the sex of the championships in New York that are you nervous right now
hello its it’s an honor to even be getting this point I think that the nerves
say that there were really p**** really hard this you’re gonna make some sort of wave


how big is last year was the second have you been there so this is a load in her b***
and this is your second appearance so talk about the end of the first time
first time and your Ana to leave it at in and how this is a little bit different
second time around live in the first time it was just like weed won the lottery where is the Great
great feeling we were happy to be even going and when will the second time
time camarones is really odd feeling psycho KY reviews on the lottery twice
is really weird feeling so going to Savannah cycle can we party band here now


the next after stage 2 something different to do something daycare Siri can do
if you have a story about chess to you first learned it from if you enjoy playing the game with someone
the color of friend or family member or give a question for Michael Losier about the U of I trust
best team you can reach S 800 222 94558
email it will bash talk Illinois .edu calculus on facebook
Facebook and Twitter at focus 580 alright Michael I just a few brief sentences
this is for those who have never played in a long long time remind us how you play chess


play chess well is the games on getting to the king the King’s most important pieces
is Scott a army of the rounded to trying to find it and try to take down the aisle
ghost attacking and even if they swear I can’t get out of it that’s a pretty good
pretty good as a pretty good does your description IAAI try to get online remember myself
where everything moves in and umm lets talk about about the strategy
energy putting a steamer the position Remax elite when the Presidents Cup this year
is Siri doesn’t have a coach last time but you’re this time you’re putting a felon get a refund race


fundraising campaign what what’s the ear your attitude
the since you’re trying to actually it you make maybe a b***** the little more this year
well it we got so much support from the local Illinois
HS Community many different people and what to do
do something after they gonna so much support so reporting in huge hours probably more hour
the more I never been to chassis hired acculturation and then absolute greatest
help guide us many different ways we had another III coach recent takis on and


and I is name is grievous and he is helping us on a monthly basis
Plaza homework so we really dry a lot harder than it is much as we can
and we were just talking phone program how many hours are putting in the practice yeah I mean weight with God
got an hour private lessons a week now with your shaman and then we had
we have a club meeting for anyone your hide comments about 2-3 hours
how to get some tests on their way also have a meeting on Wednesday with another 3 hours and then a month
amantes ass in the greatest achievement as you say about 4 hours is it easy to balance that was the weather


what score now but it’s it’s it’s it’s worth it’s enjoy
Joyful I like it like having a time crunched makes you feel productive
talking about chess in the you of a chess team today on focus
last year it hurt you to you I have to go to to DC for this year
is New York City have a big fundraising campaign where is that right now Weaver is about
85 percent of Levi thermometer says its about think we raise 70
7570 $600 what’s more than I would never imagined I am I’m sorry


I’m so excited I just got this far and you in the chest
other pretty well and talk about us Eric one of your Gmail
tea make you lose your kids home in Act III scene at my first Testament
who played in his second year by 8 years old and really really known each other ever since
very well in and it said it how do you practice
practice chest mean is it out it seems I think you tell me when we did
when we didn’t interview earlier this year that’s a typing Nick group chemistry but its not its not


it’s not a team is a team sport bet but you’re playing one on one with somebody else oh how do you learn
Alabama camaraderie in chemistry is a chess team license
think in terms of are actual competitions what the way we were together really well as we know it
Reno in jelly strengths and weaknesses very well if I’m looking exposition
listen and some people be looking at the bit worse but I know somebody
can always depend the hold really bad zits inside I can be comfortable in knowing that he
Dr Leo I know the address of player to know what he’s use a plane with the lights off


like to play a good sense of how we need to perform in a match
team wins I think having that sort of understanding of each other really help City match
what is is chess easier to learn today because of online game
find gaming or other skills Justin technology that you wouldn’t have had
20 years ago yes made remarkable improvements in Thai
recent years and I think a lot of his do to you that you can get a computer program that will tell you
tell you very close to what the best movie in the position are right off the bat is like having a gym coach


coach with you but it up in generally have more access to opening knowledge many
so much more access to knowledge that supposed to have you gone find alright books
and heavy then other two organizations that are kind of tie with each other
is a chess club this and that is your team that is headed to try to win the national
national competition Titan tell me about about the differences between the two Ellen when I came on
is president of the software I saw that we have the opportunity to really computer Taemin
make some big waves and I wanted to entertain you to have art


to the community as well as the University kids that may be on top
top tier Chester Arthur really want to play chess the great game should be spread around so with weed
divided we had 1 practice on Wednesday for 10 and then we have on Sundays
we have our opportunity for anybody compass test in the great game and when
when did you reach out to your e this year did the discussion is far is we need a coach whats find somebody
somebody I pretty much right after pan and we knew we were going to do something big to make waves at 5
final 4 so we can have decided very quickly that we should contact a coach


and it was a close to sit in between a lot of grandmas that we all know very well and
and respect so much and I think we’d all decide to go Syrian ad
what’s your ETA show me in the a team coaches enjoying me on the line to talk with us for a few minutes
few minutes good morning program Circle
Yuri tell me Intelius explain how you were recruited by the US by chest
what kind of for the wicked


student vs teacher relationship
long time and I know Michael in the Attic for very long time
alex is on the field in the 2nd grade
but you know Michael contact with me and say
I would be interested in food
well I’m how did you become a chess coach how to get started doing that
map of some point related problem I’ll be coming will champion


maybe I should try to Ikea
is well and then when I start the Tonight Show
results can your chance and I second place of the chess
will a championship in the bronze medal at the point
are you cursing a lot of a lot of other teams
what’s the America


the real thing in the lake way you are
Justin Moore coming 880 sports
my career with working with a lot of strong player
health food store Boise open port number to plant a wolf
of women will Champlin and I will look up other players
players but like I never worked for the wicked
what do you do with a chest cold explain your job


un liquor store to figure out what the students need to know this
improve its like no
Dr of medication for the throat
the field of an organism
lakeside to make sure the front part list some cut quotes
Cinderella band
sup so how hot what does practice consist of explain explain a bit


how about to run in the Vista
different ways to tie a scarf
internet specials
can have a chest cancer of the champ
Aaliyah mean the Lakers doing online lessons
the internet and just got over the games of the guys at work
4000 going over circle be unbroken which shows a


Chevy Traverse
typical Indian position
early can you have to just know something doesn’t even understand
describe the look
thank you have to learn chess people getting killed
209 Lakeview no less than 1 percent about you
what happens when you when you make a bad movie mean assume that in practice


practice you figured out quickly that that you put yourself in a position for for check meter in them
potentially be in trouble in the game so I mean wine
list of the best movie
nothing happens when you go to court in Oley Google Nexus
Gold everything is going fine now I know it is now in the passage
fastest in the back if you able to treat yourself if your boat
the way you are this moment be able to ask your best efforts to find the solution


solution to the problem 535 being emotional and feel United
I’m not a player I like how can I make such a mistake
how much with a chance to get out a frozen custard
N&O a lot of people do what you doing in there quite a few Jesco City
people that make a career with this or you sure
Seth Rogen
how many grams in the US right now but


cook a turkey in electric oven
part time job of a regular job and they teach son plays title
try to play more often than 30 minutes
trying to do it because it’s a nice way to communicate with people
socialist what is a Mason
don’t have to wait for you to be confused eat in the science
signs before you know if your on your period at you for something that you can


you can see your roots of your efforts sex at Lake
what’s the most successful
you seen as a coach
cool Of Mice and I was the second
will campground and number 2 in the world
where to find a question of of the sexes
assist of the students Court begin with me I could one month


Trevor Michael school 2014 the way from the beginning
hotels in Las Vegas and monsters
and now I have students White House 1800
so hopefully will I am
when’s the next practice review 2003 Michael
yes yes yes
don’t have for holiday St York everything on ship yeah alright well


alright well you’re a showman it’s been great having you come into the program best wishes to you as you get ready for the night
national championships thank you so much right now
alright thanks for talking for toning Facebook
SOS backdoor in studio gas Michaela
talking about chest culture and there and I had to bring up
what does a stereo type of someone and they don’t know about us what about chess is it becoming
cumming on worship sing to be in the chest Iman people to follow that


progress is always going to be kind of
have back misterio type 2 ne football team in the chest in high school
is there a test to see in almost school and high school soccer believe it or not
what is a football team ever again now indebted
how did you find time to play football and end in do trusts in high school
play I played freshman year so that the freshman year and then I realized
I really like test better we were talking before yeah you’re enjoying this


miss about the two separate group sear on the U of I campus at if you have you tried to price
price on a way to say look you can only be can go for this on
national border you think that more people at this is something stuck in love
biggest hobby in the thing else what it’s such a commitment to really
really get yourself to go from United starting area that take me to Hobby
The Hobbit making the density and think a lot of people are very intimidated by that jump
job but I would like to tell them is that we have a kid on a team who is about


around where I’m I’m ready did and he started to senior high school what can be done and
I like to emphasize appoint a great story a what in endeh how did you get your team
how do you prime a way to Skyler schools are trying to recruit him
what kind of school is there going to be taking on next month in an oven is not one of those
school so what was the appeal playing chess with you yeah you to friends playing chess
Blanchester how did you get him to come here for that I was just drawn saying that I did everything with sandpaper
papers for him but I think I’ve been I think that it was being a


being able to be roommates we had known each other for so long as I think
going to college experience Andy make go to the colleges and save a lot of money
and I think you really wanted to evict a computer science degree that we have here
as long as I think just being part of a community that use a night with N and what was your own school
school of thought since this is just was a big deal and you could have gone somewhere certainly that that that
that made Padia scholarship for you attend the school to play chess exceeded
did attend a college for I got a scholarship to my freshman year and I transfer


after the first mast today set I really want to be a part of you I live
I’ve always wanted to be a part of your life for a long time I love the atmosphere hayride
I like being mafu have any questions about 44
40 Michael Arad Audra are you off I trust Player of any speed
stress related stories are you can contact is 802 to 29455
5500 we made reference to Grand Masters and how old are most of the Grandmaster
Grand Masters in the really great rest players normally


someone that is working at Castle in general tense become a grandmaster
where in their 20s out there that’s not to say its not its impossible
possible to become a grandmaster later Smartcom in the 20’s and then
test for ever had a great games you can play forever sites to get Mexico in 2010 on
DDA personal golfer like I’d like to get to this level be
this competition in a few weeks or just playing
playing with friends yeah yeah I find gold sit ups


what limiting I set myself to do everything that I could possibly
how to be to sit at myself because it’s like a stopping point but I set little spot
spots on the way where I go I got here so I mean I’d love to become a grandmaster
Ladue more but I will see about me
dimension of the other schools that are involved again in the in the final four in the kind of programs
Rams they haven’t talked about that a bit later in the second half of the program reminder
reminder to be taking on in and and how they are so heavily involved in recruiting players


who will be playing in UMBC Texas Tech and Webster University
University and the teams are in a pound heavenly heavenly favorite team
the Tams Webster there there Boyz 320th in the world not not just for college kids
kids but for everyone w******* he’s he’s way out there is 43
342 is around 23rd in the world other board 1
are bored to ask something like that is run the world champion of the past in the board
word for is like the player that we’ve been looking up to three little kids like b***


United States Champion Mike ups really high caliber player
little team is just insane talking chess language was bored
the number for body what does that mean yes I am when we play mats we have our top players for the party
the part 1 & I lost in Singapore for lovers team wins the majority
Georgia Natchez quince will um how do you get along
get along with the the play of the players in the final for you guys friends when you’re not
involved in a mansion you go have lunch together and stuff like that what is actually really fun


really funny because I think I think they find Sophia can you sleep keep making it cuz its it’s
it’s really a huge upset that were doing this and David come to really be rooting for
50 ml is a furnace bus rides to turn on to get their there they’re being so
being so supportive Atlanta start sit em
we talk a little bit about how you and your teammate in each other since 11 a.m. Since you were really kids
1008 who taught you to first play and what was the appeal the game I text a really fun
funny mad at the time I ask my 5 year old cousin eat the talking fights at suck


think a is all 25 suck Island with help from him and I
MMI add two of a kind of fix the little things that we didn’t quite get
get right but it wasn’t very interesting now for them to talk me test
are they going to test but they talk from and I was wondering if you talked about on
how it does to be a little bit way from from school work that doesn’t help you in in
in the sense of analytical thinking and say I’m at class or something
I hope so II I like math is really hard but I like math on I’m


find go to law school studying for the LSAT right now and I think it really
get really does help with the logic game section of the exam because the night
impact on my life of logical thinking type for deal but its not I don’t think it’s a natural thing
the chess players are maybe majoring in physics or something like that DS
incident yeah I see it all the time happened to Adam not sure what the
Lincoln feels like we could be related but I’m a communication major myself
we are we are somebody want to know somebody Eric I called it online for inside house


how do you go about donating to the team if you go to www. you can go to write on the homepage of the opportunity
send it to donut star website nutrition every single thing we got Sonia still around
around 1500 to 2000 so soft shock someone with a missing nothing
yeah that amount that again miracle you got you got so good so good major donors
part of that yeah definitely um and uh
what are you guys to the point of getting enough pressure tensioner maybe im in love


the letter B the daily line I are some other media maybe this program you get recognized as a
basketball football players I get recognized on campus does anybody approach your hair on your chest
its funny I could last year I was when to go deposit a check
Shaq at RRC store first student account or something that the
person deposit take for ice to recognize me iPhone from a noose the noose
the last year that is really cool I think it’s happened to me once or twice but we have gotten a lot of
recognition of the Great were talking about the you of a chesty my focus


focus and their final push for the Final Four of chest that will be
bn New York City in just a few weeks is April 4 through the sixth and I
what you want to get the mail a sitz will that stalk Illinois .edu or
you are at the by the phone 802 to 29455
5 did you mean with this kind of a young coming here to school on
did you haven’t gone now to say hey look at me I’m going to try to make this into a
a program that might to involve scholarships


yeah you did it regionally elsewhere so I mean is this Dr may be convincing people
people on maybe maybe some well known chess players with with the ability to donate some fun
what is certainly and an avenue that were looking at it mean we can’t see
antique too much from the school because it doesn’t really make sense of the basketball team
bring in money I’m so for us to get my phone at Ritz probably not so much but
justice Ave to go to Alumni Hall been so generous to estimate preciate it so much
and possibly in of chess players that are in a place that can really help us out and help build the Tuscany


Tuscany did Beyonce get abs what is the average length right now when
lights a maybe a match in your practice and then when you go to New York
how I wanted to be sitting there just totally focused on your phone it a lot of people finder
hard to live with the game Sims go to 7 hours is this time this time job
tournament is about I think it will go up to pee come about 4 hours
so it’s a little bit on the shorter and the tournament makes it up but I lied
enjoy life. Sometimes I want and how do you prepare for this pose


this both physically and mentally for one cause you can’t think about it if your plan you know it
you know if your getting close to the match you can’t be thinking of the championships I mean you can’t
you can’t be thinking about this paper due next week or need a personal distractions
can you physically gotta be ready you had to not be hungry are you had to use the bathroom
bathroom in a certain things yeah it is definitely your goal to eliminate any sort of distraction
Jackson that you can put Testament I have to say the hotel and I might be thought of as
crazy for this but I have to be at the hotel I have to be away my only


on middle chest environmental science it’s so much fun but I also take so much out of you
if you don’t put yourself in a place where you are comfortable to do this so I think
key for me at least and being focused on everybody’s pretty good on a team about
about to staying focused in having that having a driving I don’t know what temp today
the number to the hotel in the TV and stuff like that what it is appointed it’s good to
most important to be relaxed it’s so TV is it going to hurt
hurt but I think there are no 7 distractions getting worried about homework


what you really want to eliminate going to a tournament were talking about the you of a chess team
steam intelligent chest in general this morning and focus on Jeff Bhasker when we come back from
from our break talk without Lawrence sees a writer for the publication chess Life
magazine for executive director of the u.s. Chess Federation and director of the program in Texas
Texas Tech which is one of the schools you I will be taking out the final four just a few weeks
listen to focus in Burbank on focus
focus on Jeff Bhasker were talking about chasin Collegiate trust in the game in general


and the University of Illinois chess team which is making its final push for the
the Presidents Cup in the final 4 competition of chest in just a few weeks and joining me now
the program talk about the team in the program is al Lawrence
the right of the final for the subject of an upcoming article in chess LIFE Magazine
how is the former executive director of the United States Chess Federation rights for the magazine
CNN is director for the Texas Tech chess program which like the vines also
also playing for the Presidents Cup I welcome to the program


Capital pleasure to be here and I’ve been listening I’ve learned a lot that’s good that somebody that knows truck
chances is picking up some more information is on now this is a magazine that distribute
distributed the members of the US Chess Federation so how do you come across
cross training stories like up like to see this you’ll Viti minutes Cinderella story
of course it’s a great story I’ll just like magazine is the most widely read the chest magazine
English um but the store like this doesn’t come around 3 often but I want I do
I don’t want to add one thing you know well um after you’ve been a dark horse winner 2 years in


years in a row of people Webbie got to have expectations for you the Illinois
team is the is wonderful team and the Comets is Michael has made
is made of illustrated being a team and playing as a team
and knowing each other strengths weaknesses in picking each other up that’s one of the important part of team comp
competition you know these teams are 4 on 4 4 players against foreplay
4 players that’s what I was talking about what he’s talking about board 1234
UPSO playing as a team is a very important not just your individual skillet desire


well it was talking about your own skills I mean
and maybe how you came into your former job with the US Chess Federation
ration Osher um you know I learned of the movie
boots of chess as a youngster my older brother taught me but really was sup
plantilla college when I went to what we call a simultaneous sex
exhibitionist were 13 good player takes on all comers and
thought that was just an extraordinary exhibition of mental skill and


and that was done annually by famous master at the University of Missouri
and um so I came back the next year after reading a couple chessboxin
how to draw I was very uh uh uh increase by that
vote the army interrupted my chest when I came back from the Army really
pretty late I started playing in tournaments anda how do you how to do
how did the USAF start pulling in the recruiting school recruiting
recording members from Roseanne end and promoting self what the USCIS


is really the official organizer of all official tournaments in the US
they have a tremendous scholastic program in the schools they have every turn
that is a officially rated tournament is a rated through the USC have
have to have a great program of providing does a rating cinstantly you know when you when you playing
plane rated chess about this but 85050
Federation out and when you play rated chess your very interested in you know how your
how your latest results affected your rating um every every results


if you have every game to play effexor ratings there’s some if its a
constant tell you to gain or loss and we have USEF has a
set a thousand official clubs around the the the nation
as well as being part of the US relations part of the
the intern the World Chess Federation what’s the acronym is fide is a French acronym for world
World Chess Federation so well the USAF is very interested in an all levels
Jess and they hold us some of the biggest escolastico fence


the local Supernationals a are held every 3 years in and between 5 & 6
6000 School childrens place in those events
and every year they have a national championships in high school junior high Elementary
3000 kids play so they do a lot
and Alaska to put on your other half is a coach for the Texas Tech team
um how are you preparing for the president’s company that I might have a different
rent a story to tell friend maybe maybe some of them are as well here from Michael


the studio since you’re a sanction the school for for this program
we have some of former US Champion Grandmaster Alexander structures are coach
coach very lucky to have any spend 100 players in the world for the last 15 years
Gears won the silver medal team this year competing in the US Championship game this year
soy trains everyday and width with the are students are scholarship Student Center
couple things I’d like to say I think you everybody was was right on the penny
the previous a half hour what was the things I like to make sure to mention


engine is that you don’t have to be a great chess player to benefit from chess
playing chess has benefits for casual players
and in on on RV of dinar program um
we don’t have just Grandmaster sweet we have a lot of different the rated players we have
players that the wooden ever be able to qualify for the Final Four
for anything close to it um but they get a lot of chess the help
busty chest in schools are outreach program is are actually are highest in


priority earth Texas Tech University where we going to the schools
teacher um so we are preparing are are
are a team um um for the tournament no question about it
the Alex of truck is working hard with them but we know we continue to concentrate
concentrate on other levels of chest is well I want to ask you the same question that I asked
target in studio Michael Oher about to what other benefits come away
from the game I mean Dr a little bit about something analytical skills you may come up with the


will what what story what if your experience with that may be what you rather students
1100 I think a there are well documented the
benefits of chess the purpose of for both young people
People of an animal people for sample some of the studies Norbury stronger
stronger pointing out that the Alzheimer’s is some of it helps to prevent
prevent Alzheimer’s if you play chess um as far as as young younger people
people help help self corset help strained organize thinking it increases your


creativity improve your memory increases problem solving skills improving reading skills
Kelsey’s are all things that the actually studies have been done about um I’m not just a
you know it’s not all Anatolian other are strong anecdotal evidence worth
improve concentration great social aspects
I like it when you talk to children about what you do when you make a bad move
when you do the things you do the same thing that you do in life you say when
when I can start all over I have to do the best I can with the situation


that’s a big guy thats a big lesson 2 from chest
we had an email sent in and someone asks how do you hide a chess players make sure your phone is using a computer ricin
ricin bite me mean by that maybe it’s a um University
best with just two boards um I was seeing this is this is love pretty pretty hard to do better
set a reminder at as a veteran records of people
bullet trying to cheat your way through threw a game by their website
Devin tractor the other kind of movie with a cat a time what will the weather changes


challenges of a modern chances that the smart phones with the best programs on them
can play extremely well and they can give you results extremely well now this
this this is the end aberration in chess for anyone to try this this isn’t anything
the thing that’s going to anybody even think about in the final 4
energy Texas Tech hosted um the up 2013
Pan American intercollegiate team championships here in Lubbock Texas and actually that’s how you
how you qualify for the final four and we had no incidents like this um


are there ways are there to narrows you can you can think about happened yesterday in a week
as an organization obviously there you know the technology
is challenging us to make some some rules about it
but you know a players are free to to leave the Borden go to the restroom
you just talked about how long a chess game can take sometimes you have to stretch your legs sometimes
sometimes you have to use the restroom so well you know if if a player did have
smartphone armed with the writer software could be definitely advantage


again you know well um um this is this is this is an apple
operation the stars in the carvery off and yes you know it’s a concern but certainly is the concert for the
search for the Final Four talk about the summit about to
the recruitment office cause I’m about this whole thing about the the offer to the school
the school of Texas Tech of the other ones in the final for another really good schools about going actively going out
recruiting like you would expect to see at a high school with a yellow a director
what kind of my jaw is sore to the many athletic director program


you know for chest and it is true that we recruit from all over the world we also
also crude a recruit all levels of chess players not not just the top players
mini of are scholarships are very partial scholarships but they
Houston from other states to qualify for instate tuition which would be about 15
50 percent savings free top students um they approach
coach having a full scholarship um so we keep track
track of young players around the world and definitely


the United States that the who are the college bound they want
they want to go to good school there a good student that’s very very young
ironclad requirement you know we want to bring the best to dance through this
this program to Texas Tech University but sure we know we know
mom our coach is Ventura in chest and network on Highland
high level in chess is whole life I’ve been a chest my whole life so we keep track of up
who might be good prospect to come to Texas Tech to call on the line


Craig from Aladdin plan 14 Craig from Frankford I go ahead
Ojai it’s a pleasure to speak to both of you and got to the young man from
U of I could lock it up the ass
50 questions about the Constitution aspect
because it seems like chat son I’m not very good at that seems like it sucks
suction natural psychological game when your in competition
is there do if your opponent Saveur


try things tied up to throw you off your game I guess you say or
young gay chatting for lack of a better term psychological warfare like little tricks to try
Friday for you off work for 2nd st hurt so far outside the
chess ethos that that would be allowed or or
encourage I think there’s definitely a psychological aspect to it I think there’s
is definitely you sitting cross the border maybe really subtle things but sometimes you can
how to catch a glance me up on in a certain way you know you’re looking at their facial expressions how to get a reading


airplane the board Shekinah try not like that hit US dollar facts
it’s only a psychological and return to the game
how do you say mentally strong for 7 hours did Justin and Eve
you might start worrying about your parents to is there a place I don’t know
its like running a race its its mentally endearing
what one of the one of the factors you’re sitting there for many hours in silence so that


so that every little grimace every little noise maybe somebody inadvertently
peace do Hardwell the reply so they can stop it out everything is magnified
do you really don’t know what your opponet intends or does intense I think the most
what’s to come the most frequent up a player pollo
simply game face maybe you make a bat a bad move in and realize it but the
what the your not going to reflect that your poker face would you agree with that Michael atole gree
NAIA Michael your have to like just practice that that poker face


sounds like a mirror and think this is this is the way to look at night and up
yeah I’m giving something away by with a smoker something think I plan of Tesla practice Edina
set in the games but I like to think I have a good poker face we have an expression
Russian coffee house yes this is not turn my chest what is the exact opposite making me maybe you make a bear
make a very good move for the trap and then your expression is oh my goodness I just made a terrible
and in the end that certainly fun
when you’re playing recreationally do that but the top players ball


Mobile something like that in a picture and wanted to thank Craig from the college couple minutes
couple minutes ago were talking about the U of I trust program in chess in general an
and the area of a few more minutes left in the show if you want to call an 800 to 2294
9455 Halloween dance ke about the house
how is chess is being introduced at an earlier age is in the youth of the use of it in Haiti
k12 education of a 7 year old nephew plays once a week in school so I said that’s kind of lights
red thing now you know what is we just had to turn a here in Lubbock Texas um in


Inn on Saturday at 1 a.m. In high schools and we had an early 200 players from K to 12
and the quite a few parents that are interested in that so um Michaels talking
talking little bit about this that the resources now that the young people at all players
you don’t have to be on to start and get benefit of just the resources that you have a online
fine um like any other activity days are tremenda someone you just go back
back 20 years are we we had to go to a chess club maybe once a week
how to play for 5 games no burning players in very young players


can play 5000 games 2012 quick games in the same period of time
time and the practice is 90 percent of 5
f*** you to practice indication of my chest Rihanna tweet a while ago from Todd 9
9 o’clock at the mention that the Michael UT to the chess club at at the head
does daughter school and says that she does a great job so you can you tell you teach kids to play
how to play chess right now yeah what’s your experience I love teaching chess
I love do the kids I feel like when I get to them they really getting something that they will do the rest


RSL live its its text light energy out of you that I really enjoy it
skull settings groups in group settings and I give private lessons
I’m in and it is this is something that the is looking for you
terrible thing now it is definitely something that flew California health fund my own chest
Sarah and I want to ask a guy
Aska Alan Shearer another question that was brought up earlier about the image of the player in is it
is it becoming a more hip thing in and not something that is associated with the use the term


geeks was certainly in my day you know what I go back to the 60s
60’s in chest and you know it is it always had a positive image
it always was used by financial corporations in there ass for making strategic
chica moves you know when your investments um as still is today in a quart
course today it’s used to live at your political um arena you know whose
who’s making the best moves on the geopolitical chess board um
The O’Jays I think um we all know that we need


what we need to be nice to the nerds in school because we’re probably work for them
and I think that says you know its it’s just a different world now people think differently
Mike off of what we used to call to use to calm nerves In N Out Miami
image Dolce southern When I was playing when I was probably 13 is still something like a 90
1997 deep blue the computer vs Gary Katherine come along
long way since we had a computer be somebody a 99
people realize that it’s not about computers meeting people is the chest is like a lot of other


things computers can be this all day long is something weather in Scrabble checkers
checkers weather at Spelling you know their and they’re not made up of f*** off
alpha cells are not living organisms so is said it’s a different job
um a competition we don’t compete against computers these days regional Justice
justice for people and Michael Oher I’m wondering to me. How far ahead
where have you can see movies I know it’s not as if you’re you can read 3 or 4 movie
remove the head that I be sleeping mean once your opponent moves YouTube


Mometamax Wanted may be the next one after that I add pens
given position want to listen I’m not going to look at it all listen make some judge in space
from the mail come in Sims position I could be thinking pens at at
NLB a position that calls for that you have to so it depends on where you at the game
NFL been kind of your Lansing IL Osher
sure exactly right Michael something up and you know you have to know
when you need to do that hard time consuming


number crunching analysis and when to use your intuition or when the moon
when the movie is so called of us so that’s all part of training an instinct is well just to know
Justin Owen to do what what else are you doing uh uh Kelly get ready
ready for your presence company you have to just let you eat sleep breathe just because
because you’re writing about it and you’re preparing a team for and used to be involved in the National Organization
well you know what week um we are of course preparing for the Final Four
final foreign and that’s definitely Highway to know we were kept out of the final four last


last year let me see that was by the hand and sower
happy to be in it this year and the you know um uh oh
oh I want to echo with a is a mutually supportive um
culture in chest and Edward very pleased to you know what the story that
Illinois made out to years in a row um but what we also have other things
things going on we still have a school programs you know a everyday were on teaching in the local school
schools so well we have those things going out as well nm Angeles


injustice stories like the white teens can I get gum out of work if I find a lot of interesting things
things to write about in a really can’t wait for the next day should be published you know that the other
everytime I talk to a chest man doesn’t have to be a top layer I find out the nose
you know some interesting story of the distante disarm the nuke
who they met you know what they didn’t their life 10 things about us is totally gone
legality Rio you meet CEOs you meet people who.
Syria lunch pail their whole career um and I think they all have interesting stories


what what’s the most a is there a chess player I mean nothing third person over the transparent
better than actor politician who ever that that that would be most really with Rosie
20 really terrific chess player hem lets see Michael can you help out with him
whats up you know well somebody well known I know that
the to the cricket scores right the boxers um there
very high level chess players you know that the heavyweight boxing Jet Li actually just heard of
paradise watching YouTube videos I happy birthday Collins think that has been going on and in it


David Spade came on and said it was a good year for me I think that your I was I
chest temper something like that just a couple of
couple of minutes left to talk about collegiate chess Antony any final
pointers Albert you want to provide to the fans of the game in and it
the field to get started or where is the final four will be on Broadway
broadcast on the internet and you can you can find out about that uh uh
buy Google college Jasper going to the Texas Tech University a chess website


website just Google Texas Tech just my imei you can google probably Illinois
University Justin and perhaps get the same link right Michael yeah if not we’ll put a Suzy
you know you’re talking about that chasin and the who plays
who plays in between Miss You Know Why 70 percent of Americans play at the American
American adults to play Fur Elise Winchester Life of 15 percent of Americans a player
play regular Wii games year so its its not like the arcane
pain upper suit that sometimes we think about their a lot of people playing chess nnracing


mlb.c play online in and work video game versions I remember one from the early 90’s called
disculpa battle chess reacts with the animation 5218 other creatures
200 million people play on chess world what play online play chess world
worldwide well alirns appreciate you join the program today
and ill answer the phone and I know you have a website as well for the earth
are the bus station has website IUI us its its
Ford honours lots of free information about how to get involved in chess the beach


the beach stories that you can read about the college chess program
so highly recommended I want to wish the best to Michael in all the rest of the competitors
um in the final for me Luke for The Sing Off Their alright thanks ll Lauren
Lawrence’s writer for chest Life magazine the former executive director of the US chestnut
Chess Federation and heads up the Texas Tech Texas Tech chess program
and Michael on your chest team best of luck to you guys
check into a bike ride today shows produced by Ryan Weber and let the moon


the moon Jason Crawford are technical director for additional program you can email it will daft
talk Illinois dot edu I’m just by Services focus on W Iowa