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Ties that Bind: Dave Isay on 10 Years of Storycorps

Dave Isay has spent more than the last decade of his career helping Americans collect stories for the public radio segment “StoryCorps.” During this Focus interview, host Jim Meadows talks with Isay about his new book “Ties that Bind.” 


(Duration: 23:36)

Dave Isay

Dave Isay

When Dave Isay founded Storycorps, he wanted to create an opportunity for people to have a chance talk to each other about the things that had shaped their lives and relationships with each other. Ten years later, he says he never expected the project would be as large as it is today. He tells Jim Meadows about why he started Storycorps, where he hopes it will go and about how it came to be.

Meadows also talks with Isay about his new book “Ties that Bind: Stories of Love and Gratitude from the First Ten Years of Storycorps” and about his “National Day of Listening,” which is this Friday, November 29. 

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