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What’s Next for Student Newspapers?

The Daily Illini recently announced they will no longer print a Friday edition of the paper. While it’s nothing new that newspapers are struggling, what does it mean that the problems facing traditional print media have now trickled down to include student publications?


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The Daily Illini newsroom

The Daily Illini newsroom Emma Weissmann

This hour on Focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Lil Levant, publisher for the Illini Media Company about the future of the Illini student media and how institutions that train young journalists are trying to adapt to new technology. Ron Johnson, Director of Media at Indiana University in Bloomington also joins us. He says the Daily Illini is not alone in its struggle to maintain financial stability, and many schools are instituting student fees to help support student newspapers.

We’ll also talk about student newspapers and the role they play on college campuses and if online publication carries as much legitimacy as print publication for student journalists.

Are you a student and work for a college paper? Is having an article published online as meaningful as having it published in print? Did you work for a newspaper in college? How did working there affect your college experience? Tell us your story!