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Women On the Internet: Welcome but not welcome?

This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about technology is changing the conversation about sexism. 


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Sunday evening when University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise emailed the campus to say that classes would indeed be held despite a predicted below zero temperature with windchills reaching into the double digits, the internet became a way for students to voice their discontent. Within hours, a Twitter hashtag joking about the cold turned into a sexist and racist attack on the Chancellor herself. During this hour on Focus, Scott Cameron talks with Amanda Hess, author of the recent article “Why Aren’t Women Welcome on the Internet” about her experiences with the kind of verbal abuse directed at Chancellor Wise. Hess also talks about the University’s nonresponse to the incident.

Then, host Jim Meadows talks with Kate Clancy, an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois. She blogs for the Scientific American about “human behavior, evolutionary medicine…..and ladybusiness” and recently wrote about the current plight of women in academia. She says the kinds of backhandedness that happens online translates into real life consequences. Emily Graslie, the producer and host of the Field Museum’s behind-the-scenes science vlog “The Brain Scoop,” also joins the show. Her recent post “Where My Ladies At?” questions whether more women would pursue careers in science if they were met with a different kind of judgment from men in the field.

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    when University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis wise email to students to tell them that Monday
    classes would go on despite subzero temperatures there was pushed back online
    some of it by way of a rude Twitter hashtag which soon collected racist and
    sexist remarks. Stupid college kids blowing off steam are an example of


    what women in academia often endure online. I’m Jim Meadows and today
    today on focus our guests will talk about incidents where men in academia target women
    online journalist Amanda Hess
    anthropology professor Kate Clancy, and Field Museum video blogger Emily Graslie

    are program continues after the news
    welcome to focus I’m Jim Meadows


    Yesterday University of Illinois Urbana campus student body president
    the president of many Boldin issued an apology to Chancellor Phyllis Wise
    it’s not for anything he did but for hostile tweets at some students and
    her after she announced class was in session on Monday despite frigid temps
    temperatures old is a statement saying that the student body deeply believed in
    maintaining inclusive pluralistic community of the sexes
    Asian racist tweets sent with a special hashtag misrepresented those Canaan


    community values a relatively small number of people center suites in many work
    mini work quickly taking down but there an example of a sort of target women risk becoming
    on the internet just for being women positions of leadership are in areas of
    research with air considered by some to be Outsiders later on this
    this additional focus on talk to to guests weather during hostile online communications
    patience just because of their gender right now let’s listen to Amanda Hess
    she’s a freelance journalist who recently wrote about her own experiences with


    is with abuse online for the Pacific Standard and
    white women arent welcome on the internet she writes about internet civility of silver
    civil rights issue describe the extent to which readers of gone over the years to tell her
    how much is a dislike her work in several instances she was a threat
    threatened with rape and murder she told will News public affairs director
    Dr Scott Cameron in this a prerecorded interview that even though she’s disappointed
    by the tweets sent by somebody u of I students on Sunday night she’s not at all


    surprised I think everyone who has any sort of public resin
    present weather its just a social media site or
    large university has more experience if they are
    any martial ice candy what is there already
    MyCase a woman in a case you’re the university was both we have a
    have a chance this is the top rated M campus she’s a woman
    Asian American online being attacked a container to Hitler I want


    I want quote said that I’m not going to Pier one quote said that Asians in women
    when women are responsible for their actions the putting online images very intense
    personal criticism in the end of the day this is an argument about the weather
    right on this is an extremely coming experience
    inside my case um the sort of feedback
    what I get for my stories ranges from a typical
    bottom of the barrel sexist insults of sexually explicit cost


    commentary commentary on the way I look up a body looks like
    if you case is escalating to actually criminal threat
    threat of rape and death Andy’s art
    are criticisms interest to a penny in today have they don’t
    um still engaged my opinion anyway
    Stifel this discussion derail my work on and make it a lot more
    more difficult for women people of color


    sexual minority to have their opinions
    B you know to start with on the level of the
    the work as opposed to their identities event happens again and again
    again what is the long term effect of repeated online attacks
    against really any woman steps out in his suit Do It Yourself Auburn says here
    Here I am doing my work I’m living my life online everybody else there must be
    must be in effect in two ways in one


    when is on the person attacked us like a sand in the kisser many women
    women that I spoke with diesel the tax
    take a lot of time for us to deal with in terms of reporting them to the police
    in terms of us cycling through all of the accused to find
    constructive criticism about our work which is extremely important for us to
    cage with on and they started tellason ways big and small to be
    we don’t really belong in the public eye


    that are opinions are not relevant because of who we are
    are they also have a lighter in fact I think I’m not just on the target
    it’s been on anyone on in their communities who is a
    is a woman or is a person of color I’m so in the cases
    University days Brett stairs been a lot of
    no focus on the threats against one person
    public figure and focusing on house that might affect her


    does not use Twitter send a message
    2919 nails person in the University community
    that they’re not particularly welcome their definition Point
    the Chancery barely has now scene between sanded coming down them saying that
    this is the neighborhood full of this is it mean to have a conversation about civil discourse what that means
    means on the campus to campus is not going to look pretty disappointed
    this is a free speech issue and so far is that was the only one


    only responsible God directly from the Chancellor anybody else you’re the University of Arizona
    the President on campus or other type of Ministers across the campus
    as you talk about that kind of a message when message this send as this happens
    intrusive thoughts on the decision not to discipline to say this is a free speech
    free speech issue that we haven’t heard from other people at top levels on the campus in response to this
    does that also send a message for lamisil for two Nitti
    my case in cases many female journalist the only records


    horse meat have for the messages that becomes reading is the police
    Lisanne as you seen in the case of the tweets
    tweets not rise to the level of the criminal threat which is probably true of the display
    display cases unlike other women who are working in the public eye
    why are on the Internet Eastside wrestling start taking place
    can place in a community that is extraordinarily well equipped
    how to deal with the issue of go beyond at the letter of the law


    the lot to you look at the school code of conduct for temple all sources
    what is speech is a regulated there from anything from
    disrupting the community by Sheldon on campus 2
    making sexually explicit comments rise to the level of her ass
    and so the university has
    address this issue a part of the community but awesome
    application of particularly in terms of title nine to make sure that the


    the community is not one that is harassing for alienating to women on
    non campus disappointed that they have on the date
    the siding not to use thinking about the response
    spawn something so often the message in a can you have talked about this before but the message
    the victim is ignoring get over it or maybe even worse in CT
    attack some sort of sign of progress that hey you’re being noticed online isn’t that great
    yeah I’m definitely found that to be the case of for me and I think one


    20 minutes to call to know for dimple I am a writer who wrote a story about
    about this topic that was extremely well read to me and say
    you know that these Cummins fuel truck hold you back it anyway
    women that we are not hearing from because they are
    are so turned off by the Bar Method 8810 they don’t even
    what is a place where they might succeed us we really don’t know
    how many voices losing by Justice ep 2


    fireman statis hospital to win an herb people of color when this happens
    send to you when you were attacked blatantly online repeatedly
    repeatedly over years how did you respond to happen the number of
    number of times over the course of my career and I really had no guidance for
    how exactly to respond to the testing out different possibilities
    some cases if it doesn’t rise to the level of a criminal
    criminal threat to someone saying I’m going to come to your house and rape you in cut off your head


    what happened to just tell friends so I have a piece
    peace of mind that other people know what’s going on and they can help me out
    it’s an escalator in some cases right now
    under their real names and it does for the price level for criminal threat report
    the police even though I know to experience that it doesn’t
    how to get results because I also feel that you know their art
    hard to get some people want to tell them that this happened and one response


    ponces you should just right of the going to come to your house and decapitate you
    which statement is probably true
    people say this is a really serious this person is committing a crime and you should do
    do everything your power to put them in jail so I left in for the
    intermediary space where on the one hand I don’t want to
    overreact other I feel personally responsible for reporting
    and I fear that something is happening I have to report it


    why might people aint for not taking action I’m so I don’t think there’s really an ID
    ideal response on but my tactic test into shorts
    furtive share the defrost mince in the abuse
    fused with people do I know we’ll be receptive to me talking about it
    shirt with the police to get some sort of paper trail
    hope for the best and it was a notice in the the Pacific Standard pizza
    Pizza Jerrod you describe the first 20 Solis tres feeling terrified de Soria


    thoriated and then accepted it what what came next after Sun
    after start of the initial shock of seeing you know totally anonymous person
    you don’t know a thing about you and your body and
    going to come kill you um I felt a variety of
    ideas things a mean I did feel certifit in Paris that I was scared
    scared because I know I am in no way want to take away
    wave from all of the of violent crimes at police


    everyday and I felt powerless and apps
    upset because I knew that these people found a way to
    do criminal lean and get away with it basically
    um and then I felt a responsibility to
    you try to figure out why that is a guess I was just as journalist art of curious
    curious as to why this is a crime that was a boy
    power to portrayed on the Internet


    Kate Hudson
    my life is to not just talked about my own story
    small part of it but you really get a handle on exactly why technology
    companies on 1st and fishel are equipped to deal with
    the problem you wrote about some one woman Faced summer eye
    similar online arrestment to Caroline Chris Perez and its information sheet
    she she’s an example somebody who boy blasted right back what you did with dignity


    can you talk about what you would have another sushi recent Gary in
    very extreme cases of online against women she is
    she is a writer and activist in the UK who started the campaign to put
    you put more female faces on British currency of which seems like a fair
    fairly benign skin pain in response
    she got no countless 200000 off
    of tweets from people who were threatening to rape her throat and killed her


    um just started loving extremely well commentary at her eye
    and she really put a lot of pressure on both 146 and Twitter
    buy a retreating alive used rides in listing for Twitter followers
    words to take the issue seriously and she’s had
    success on Scotland yards
    arrested several people in connection to the Rights of Man and a couple of them
    guilty to some charges 10 and 18


    who was the woman that I know that she’s also a lot of sex
    text by not just started sleeping under the rug for self and cheese
    cheese how to deal with a lot of
    problems with the police in reporting the threats going back to these
    used 2006 messages to send them to them again and doing all this work that
    add a fuse to do themselves through it hasn’t been easy
    easy but it’s certainly raise a profile of the problem


    the world getting better and sending a message this is not this is not okay
    okay that you know what happened to the was no good guidance I’m not sure that’s a shame
    change of seed as you and others Comfort Inn in describe experiences and talk about
    about what would you Facebook how do you change then how do you make it more likely
    more likely that as you enter system a mother be lawn forcement academia
    with a tech company that there are one people who will take this seriously
    seriously understand what this means in also have resources are available to people


    people who are looking for support for help with what is cleaning
    attack a very interesting question and you know what I should have sound
    sound in my story with that there’s no easy solution for a sew in
    so if if Twitter could you know Institute a simple technological affects for this
    this I have faith that the day would do that on the one of the things that I
    3000 with most confusing for victims is it there seems to be practically
    20 communication between life force mint and technology


    the company beyond this interaction where some times
    if pressed 146 will subpoena a technological company
    obviously a particularly in the current climate technology companies
    NYS our are extremely averse to giving up any
    NYS consumer data to a voicemail
    perfectly understandable on the west coast
    recently came out is that there is more there is the morning


    engagement from Stern small law enforcement agencies
    how to use with Twitter so I saw a police officers from
    California which is a very small agency of many of their office
    officers recently joined Twitter and work in a conversation with the most air
    citizens about the story about the issue us know if we can
    can forgive you know in Courage 14 slant or um you know it
    in this case School Specialty


    how to have a better understanding of the Internet sexually live their life
    like weekends in a think that can go a long way
    understanding Inuyasha mentioned in the desert
    shifter seems right now or maybe potential shipping should say that there is still on first
    the tech responses on food a recent push to view this is a civil rights issue
    yeah um I really Leons very heavily on the work
    work of a University Maryland law professor name Daniel


    who has really sparked a legal to date on
    which case is proposing that on my
    online harassment women use as a civil rights issue
    just as you know I’ll women’s educational opportunities
    Andino others
    breaking news have been legislated through the Civil Rights Act
    um and I know it really started with not take necessarily


    really huge changes to the law on their own
    legal framework that frame on minecraft meant that interfere
    beer with your ex economic opportunity on the basis of race national
    origin or religion as a legal discrimination but they don’t
    2 gender um and state
    there are others for civil frameworks for um
    taking comments that are currently serve only friend


    does commentary telephone calls and texting them to come in
    what are made over the Internet that’s a really slow process
    and no lie called for the civil rights legislation
    it’s going to take many years is not going to change overnight I’m thinking
    increasing its impossible for the law to ignore the Internet
    pretty hopeful did that happen
    generalist Amanda Hess the author of white women aren’t


    art welcome on the Internet appearing in Pacific Standard magazine on their website
    she spoke as today with wyll news and public affairs director Scott Cameron
    this is focus on wyll im Jim meadows in today were talking about
    talking about the abuse women in academic positions face on the Internet
    not just the hostility level the Chancellor Phyllis wise for keeping your classroom
    classrooms open frigid weather on Monday but hostility women may face for just being female
    female in traditional email fields of research with me in the studio is


    is Katherine Clancy and she is an assistant professor of anthropology
    hot at the University of Illinois blogs for Scientific American
    scientific about human behavior evolutionary medicine and ladies
    lady business and recently wrote about the current flights of women in academia
    and on the phone from Chicago Emily graslie she produces a video blog called the
    the brain scoop for Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History to find your work
    work on the brain scoop channel on YouTube cheerful feature highlighting


    the science you can learn about answer Field Museum Emily says
    cheese have to deal with some pretty nasty comments based on the fact that she’s a beaut
    she’s a woman a pedometer emails stem science world Kate and Emily welcome to f***
    focus thanks for having me thank you and I can do you work your on
    on the U of I Urbana campus at war speaking from right now what was your reaction
    action when you saw the news about the tweet set some students and send out about the Chancellor
    um is is something that people have been discussing with you over the last couple of days


    um it has what was interesting with that of the mornings at
    you know we found classes worth the night before we found classes would not be cancelled parents
    it’s all over champaign-urbana found out their children’s classes were cancelled Ison number of Facebook friends
    look for a friends and colleagues who were under stand Ubly frustrated with this decision
    general University transfer your b*** at the other kids about the work that that we do not close
    clothes for almost any reason and soap you know again in particular the Parents I saw work light
    what about this the Minish do that without making character attacks on Chancellor wife


    why they were able to do it in a very thoughtful way that talked about the ways in which we should respect workers
    and then I saw the bus be peace and busty piece of the one that I want
    ensure quite Whiteley that call it a lot of these really awful racist sexist
    best massages tweets torch antler why’s that created a fake of
    Twitter account about her and a pretty awful hashtag
    and I think it was really upset with other people who wanted to actually engage on this question of how to
    how do we support workers are not support workers in these really in extreme climate conditions were unable


    unable to do that in the face because they didn’t want to side with some horrible
    horribly sexist and behavior in and we’re not able to actually have a real conversation
    okay um I want to bring up bring listeners into this conversation
    patient as well what’s your take on the state of affairs with women in academia is it
    is it something about the Internet itself that affect how people behave or should I just know better
    better give us your view our phone number is 1 800 22 29455
    i5 you can email acid will dash time Illinois .edu the phone number again


    is 1 800 222 wyll episodes
    phone or email you can send your Twitter or Facebook at focus
    focus 580 case you had your own story to tell in us
    told on your blog scientific be official name of the blog context
    text and variations and recently you wrote about an incident in which you were
    invited to work on an unidentified interesting project you just called a dime
    cool science things in in the blog post office


    and I you were invited but in this train set of passive aggressive when can you tell me about
    about that sure um I received an email from a man that I didn’t
    I did not know of deceit someone who is leaving the school same thing and it was
    and it was the first to secede was a prominent female scientist I didn’t know quite well and
    email which is on the Block Post he said
    you know this promise you’ll find us to said basically that she will not participating cool same thing and Leslie
    improve like for women in school sign saying good point so inviting you


    um sew in no way was this a you know we thought about the ways in which
    in which your particular contribution for your personal problem is a scientist might be meaningful for our project
    project um we don’t actually really you know again the substance text to me was
    does we really care about women in science but we certainly care about the appearance of its own
    we can slightly increase our number so we can say have we had more this year than last year
    really good for us independent weather we actually care about your contribution well I’m wondering
    about that and sinking you know hypocritical things like this probably going


    go on more often than we care to think but people are usually
    usually not so transparent about it and the Diamonds
    just wondering is it is this just an isolated incident in terms of this being a pro
    a person who didn’t know how to make Invitational was just so hold office
    what happened to do it that easy Betty’s that he had to let you know
    I think it’s probably the latter I think that he knew exactly what he was doing and he knew that it would
    it would probably silence and alienate women but he also knew that you to feel the conditions of what


    what he felt prominent female scientist wanted him to do I’ve been contacted by
    2002 received the identical email who recognized on my blog
    blogging said oh I also was asked to be a part of cosines saying and I want you to know that I decide
    decided not to be in it because I was really disappointed and offended by what I received
    received and so it had frankly the intended effect that few women to come up on the offer
    what he was able to appear like he was making the effort the prominent female scientist would continue to be involved
    it was more complicated with you because you wrote back in you


    enduring Mart on the nature of the invitation but you also try to be part of the Bronx
    the project and complicated heated um
    can I try to explain that you know an email like that might make actually women feel left
    welcome to participate in an email while pregnant
    responded and said yes thanks for doing that um this man never responded
    and then when I finally did um send in my submission
    the very next day I was told that it was an appropriate and


    and when I turned it off the New York Times seems like it better for New York Times opinion piece
    and so it was really me clear to me again
    again um that they wanted me but didn’t want me to the sorry not sorry
    okay that’s how it ended up that you’re not part of the cool signs
    no eventually I wrote back to find a throwback week
    pink and um I got another sorrynotsorry kind of
    kind of an email from another from a person even higher up saying well


    really push for you in our policy is anyone pushes for you we let the person through we have
    we have in social publish it so you’re so is this again
    averi backhanded kind of a urine cluded but we just want to make it very clear do you but we
    you are included come in a way that we are not really comfortable with me never really wanted
    diversity hire Soto definitely how they made it feels
    Roseanne understanding the contributions of the first people can make the instead of the number
    number okay you of course were not quiet about this because you write about


    blog so um even though you didn’t name names
    everybody love everybody Rita block knows about the situation I imagine
    circulated a little bit of course paticipants know who they are and some people
    male figure it out who they are they know them Shore what sort of response time
    came out of that mean you’re on the internet now there are comments what happened
    um there were a lot of people who do and
    and this is the place where I am Legend Emily can have a contribution to is there a lot of people who me


    immediately questions why I was taking it series Lena mediately questions might own
    tone up with Colton Police people were saying
    well you know I think that this is a real genuine attempt of their to include you and I
    you and I think that you’re just taking it wrong and are you really all that important prominent anyway
    negative saying that you know me ti
    longer anyway and I shouldn’t be bothered by these kinds of things and this is what happens when women try to get involved in
    Alden science um this really come out of something that naked as as


    Direct has essentially same women which is a way of saying that women tumblr
    Welland if I can waiting here for send SMS to response that
    set up at that I get um you know why I had a video in which kind of address
    address of the negative comments that I’ve been receiving is well and um people coming to like you
    can you set yourself up for this let you agreed to do this and these,
    comments when when you put yourself in this position if you want people to watch videos if you want people to read your blog
    black p**** just have to toughen up and deal with it something that I want


    difficult I’m dealing with 2in with that in any kind of dealing with an accepted
    accepting negativity you also um are expected to just
    accept handouts says if they are hand out if you know somebody offers to include
    could you add event in the give you a backhanded compliment and well you better just suck it up because you know they
    you know they didn’t have to be so generous and I’m the kind of passive aggressiveness is what I think
    pictures of lot of people from really want to participate honestly I’m really contribute
    tribute unique voices you know if you’re that somebody is going to


    target them or think that you’re making a big stick
    think about something if they you no question well what was that person’s attention inviting
    fighting me to the fender having to speak about the topic well that’s something I think
    also talks about the nature of a discourse on the Internet
    which is more and more is our discourse we discover we talk to each other on the
    on the internet that something I want to get to after the break were the midpoint of the program
    and when we come back we’ll talk more with Kay cleansing Emily graslie about women the academic


    academic world and the online world and how some guys behave when all 3 come together
    this is focus on wyll
    welcome back to focus on Jim Meadows were talking about
    about women academia the internet and what happens with these components intersect
    set my guests on right now are University of Illinois anthropology professor
    Kate Clancy and Emily graslie produces a video blog for the Field Museum of
    Natural History in Chicago as we continue remember your comments are welcome


    at 1 800 2229 4550 remail ISAT will a dash time
    talk and Illinois edu wear on Twitter and Facebook at focus 580
    80 the phone number again 1 800 222 wyll
    Emily I wanted to the show listeners maybe show is not quite a sprite
    right thing to say on radio give them a little sampling up your video blog you can find it on
    on youtube I need the title the brain scoop and here’s a little clip just just awful
    map of a regular edition of the show


    things that are countries
    country today rapid crime violent video games decoration Family Values
    used for haps most importantly starting talk to differentiate properly between horn
    horns and antlers generally use for defending territory fighting of predators and
    Santa tracking mates I know nothing gets me going big Rockefellers
    antlers no 7 horn anyway I hope it gives you hell
    general idea fundal feature popular science sum of its a little


    a little gross because you know dead animal specimens and things like that but it is science
    that’s one way to hook a 9 year old boy inside all of us but Emily recently you posted
    did really a difference edition of the brain scoop really not talking
    walking about a are the signs in the exhibit in the collection at the Field Museum
    but instead talking about the creepy sexist emails you have to put up with
    how to get to the emails are they coming to come in on on on YouTube
    um can you refreeze it im you were talking and you quote


    vote in this segment of the brain scoop caldo where my ladies at about
    about some of the comments you get all the things at folks email to you are are they are they
    are the common sense sational up on your YouTube page there is an end
    but there’s a variety of ways people can get ahold of me died I have a tumblr have a blocked Twitter
    Twitter I Facebook inboxes in and you to come in so it’s kind of like a negative
    all the different ways social media people can get ahold of me well let’s go ahead and
    play emitted from that video where you quote some of the messages in question


    question I feel like in general women don’t have enough time to do the things because of the pressure that
    every episode has to be flawless an execution the term for both men and women
    women but I feel like women are going to give up more easily because of Commons like this I’m still tour
    totally do her we have a fear of the feedback from my subscribers in common because we’re friends
    free that are audience is more focused on her appearance the quality of our content even more than that
    events at the concert have to be good or factual because we’re not convinced that people are watching
    watching for the content of the first place finally I saw her body ohmygod


    how can a woman be hotter than Emily if you ever need a safe place to stay what you study the past
    Patagonia in Argentina please feel free to get in touch with me I will sponsor your home
    journey just stare at you the fear of the Opera what comes with being on screen with
    because some soon must be some for personal relationship happening which me
    which makes work with that person later on awkward on top of that makes me feel awkward
    awkward having somebody on my show because I’m afraid there going to see those kind of Comet this is the weirdest
    lesbian porn I’ve ever seen and again that’s a clip from


    the addition of the brain scoop that you Emily graslie called where my ladies
    ladies at you really handlin with the way but also you tell that you weren’t kidding
    and those those those messages that goes with things at people really sent you
    overcoming flat iron that I read and then re read kind of indisposed
    disbelief how you know ahead this something that’s been happening all the time
    with the brain scoop which scientist and you started before you came to the Field Museum
    CM um are the something that doesn’t use it started coming in more recently


    well known as an audience expand your going to exponentially get more c**
    comments in within the coming to expect probably get more people who are left
    focus on use an individual in and kind of um they feel like there’s a barrier
    barrier between myself and them as if I comment posted that doesn’t
    doesn’t directly speak to me and is instead about me I just I wont read it
    rata free no I’m I’m too busy or whatever else but I have been receiving is coming
    coming to soon as I had started making videos on YouTube um it was something that


    things that at my first appearance on YouTube video is it in December of
    2012 and I you know the reaction that I had from
    from them from Hank green who who was in the video with you produce a video put it on his show
    show the others and he said you know if you’re interested in doing online video do you think you can handle it
    the comment as if it was something I could of had to Lake set myself up for like yeah
    yeah you know it did the weirdness of having people not only talk about you and talk to you an ingrate
    engrade number to talk about you but I wasn’t really prepared for the I guess


    I guess for how I would feel about having so many people comment about my appearance or sayings
    explicit things about me um I don’t think there’s anything I can prepare somebody for having
    having to deal with that is part of the job what made you decide to a
    speak up about it um mainly because I have been receiving a lot of emails from
    young women who were also interested in having their own YouTube channel interested
    Justin bar near me Tristan history of love to have my own channel like the brain scoop b***
    but they saw that I was receiving is kind of coming to know what the word concerned with how do you do with a comment


    do you ignore them to hide them do you delete them do you have somebody else Reacher coming for you in
    um did the question of how are you doing with a kind of made me realize why wasn’t
    wasn’t that wasn’t dealing with a kind of letting an existing there on the page
    and it’s not only did the young women series coming to parents
    videos to the children and I don’t want somebody to growth in the back
    what kind of environment think you have to endure sexual harassment
    pursuit of making it for me a funny educational videos now in in in the city


    the segment I don’t know if you arrived at a conclusion are you just wanted to get those questions
    distance after about your concern about love what is this so to communicate
    medication a me this far is impacted the impact it has on just talking about
    what size in the first place but having of the internet being a place for women to talk about
    talk about science yeah I don’t know that there is a heart and true
    true solution to this problem um I think it’s definitely something that is not only
    creators of myself on YouTube have to address in keep in mind but also how are audience


    audiences participate how we would like a audience is to dissipate and I think it’s enough
    nothing to be solved overnight but um I hadn’t really seen address
    the son on video in a specially not know my notification video so I’ve
    I feel like I need to get the ball rolling you put a Southwest just a few weeks ago
    video went up in December on December can a month ago maybe
    baby app what to feed back have you gotten since then about that
    I received an overwhelmingly positive reaction um I received


    100 female send messages from people both men and women who are you know some
    some men are apologetics their land their pod racing on behalf of their entire gender for
    the way that you don’t men specially Evan reacting to my videos
    Anna from women who said there inspired by it and there’s a feeling
    empowered a woman who did you know so to speak at Fashion Center
    is myself can also be smart in articulate and funny in WoW
    um but its minutes in really encouraging and I am I thinking


    Richmond that I received his vastly away the outside dissenters out there
    there and I’m thinking about in the context of what the cake Clancy you were telling me with a fever
    feedback you were getting a new you were talking a lot about um I am by II
    hope you are receiving some support in along along the way after you wrote
    Scientific American but you spoke about people who essentially 7
    that’s what you have to expect on the internet what are you doing here anyway
    addition of the fact that there are people who questions the end


    Andy indignation you may have for the any feelings that might come up when you have
    you know like I had a range of different kinds of Preston Tucker
    Khmer online in terms of emails blog post a Twitter
    Twitter comments and things like that and they Raintree you know the drive by a really gruesome
    explicit rape threats all the way to do you know if lol
    academic writing me a really long mansplaining an email about white as I’m running about something
    and you know uh all of the entire range


    all of that has a very chilling effect and a but I think it’s kind of sad about the
    the times that were so often advised to not feed the trolls or ignore the people who are being
    route to us is that it doesn’t actually give us a chance to access all the feelings vent about with happen
    what’s happening to us and then have a chance to move on so what I love about Emily’s pieces that
    what by Shelli showcasing some of these comments that she’s gotten um
    she’s a fling bear the experience for so many women online who are harassed but um
    um I think she also take some of that power back in so you know what you did was really lovely


    thank you what talking on focusing wyll im Jim Meadows my guest
    best Kate Clancy professor of anthropology here at the Y and Emily
    Grassley who are does the brain scoop a video blog for the Field Museum
    BMI of Natural History find it on youtube still time for your feedback
    back at one 800 222 94551 802 2
    222 wyll email acid will dash talking Illinois dot
    edu take two women do you see women leaving academia


    the me up because of this sort of sexism um
    I mean Eminem and maybe just internet sexism would be
    maybe maybe we’re really talking about something larger than just what goes on online
    are there a lot of ways in which um academia can produce a hostile climate for women
    for women and I do think that that um II do I have had a lot of
    autos I have to buy the tissue that way and I want is for me
    what is for my students and I often do you have to close the door and have


    umm give student space to have a feeling by various things are happening
    happening over the course of writing a dissertation or I’m having class room comforter things like that
    what makes you think that they’d um sometimes the way in which we try to have debates
    faith in academia because it’s kind of a masculine way that we engage
    give women a chance with a fan culturally conditioned sexually active the feelings Triton
    engage with you no content conversations instead of you know what
    what does actually put a lot of women weighing unfortunately no number of women who


    who have made it to the PhD and then not gone on Tacony Mia
    um and not because they always wanted to do some other tracker because they felt pushed out
    doubt people who’ve never finished Emily you’re in a different part of the Sun
    the science World urine of the museum call to your job is really talk
    talking about this stuff for a you know for laymen for people like me essentially
    Ike Ike I can imagine that you’re 50 years ago I would be the Gift Shop
    the Field Museum and I would have bought a little booklet say about faces of South America


    urban color plates and then they would have been a byline by ee grassle
    Grassley are some things but uh instead this is what you do now
    and I’m I’m wondering do you find those to freshers in in your work
    workers far is women working in Arkansas Yumina for women
    find the Field Museum with women scientists are in Owen Indian your job itself
    what do if it’s interesting I’m coming out the from unique respective that I have a background in
    dart so when approaching somebody new familiar with my work I eat


    you know I’m talking to people and an attempted to get them to summarize
    Ryse their last three decades of work in an hour long interview um so I
    Oria often wonder if their education to talk with me is because I don’t feel incompetent as
    the scientist to discuss their work or if it is because they don’t understand
    understand or appreciate the culture of web content or you know I’d like to think
    my at the fact that im a woman has nothing to do with it um but in Kentucky
    talking about some of these these issues in officially the lady that video I spoke


    spoke with some Field Museum people members of The Women in Science Group a head of time
    time just so you know I’m interested in talking about this what you thinking it was it was a nice
    like a good luck with that kind of like pat on the head kind of you know you were you’re going to
    you’re going to be open a can of worms that were you think you will that’s actually been open for decades in
    im you can you can try to change something in the new online content
    media or you know we’ll see what happens I actually from an outside
    Northside professional somebody told me that if you thought that you could change anything


    if you thought I’d like the way women are treated in society is going to change don’t you think women
    women generations ahead of you would have done it by now and that
    what kind of the statements to force me a little bit the fact that somebody could just
    end of take my fire in a try to extinguish it so II feel like it is not going to
    I’m going bad on if both men and women have to come to grips with the fact that things need to change and
    and maybe yeah everything’s going great generations ago but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to
    have the chance to change things now there are the distance to be different levels of thinking


    get these things get talked about in dumb
    in terms of it sounds like
    like some of the people of the talking to you were talking about the problems women have faced formal
    millenia as compared to the problems women face right now on the Internet
    yeah and granite I don’t expect those kind of change
    mange on a worldwide basis overnight but um I do think that
    that the way to retrieve women online to be a really great reflections how women are treated in the workplace


    women find attractive for treated um I think we have a good
    good platform to to experiment with somebody thinks ok
    we just got a email in die from Arthur
    um I’m sorry I feel you for staying because he didn’t like you prefer to be anonymous
    president that find the right Eastman hearing a lot of false equipment
    woodlands um think he’s talking about other
    what other not want not hear the broadcast by to the larger discussion of this hole


    tall is you saying that he’s hurting other U of I senior staff were also
    also the subject of online abuse that comes with the territory etc
    therefore what say you have to put up with case or what you feel
    you for your putting up with Emily um isn’t that special but he writes my question is
    what is did the online abuse of those other U of I senior staff
    text based on race which in their case would have been the European American heritage
    are the dead online abuse refer to in their case male genitalia know


    no answer question so it’s really not the same thing do you see
    do you think some your credits are are guilty of false equivalence
    I’m not sure if I understand the point Arthur’s making her um I think he is trying to defend you by saying
    icing that I that that that that he’s hurt people essentially an answer answering
    answering of points made by you and Emily by saying will you know I’ve had to put up
    what up with with with a lot of junk on the Internet to sew the fact that your woman
    woman doesn’t really mean anything sure and I think that there’s


    um there’s there some ways in which I think we all experienced
    a harassment you know on line and we all experience heated argument
    mints and discussions in the classroom um you know what they’re very pointed
    which we all get our feelings hurt the difference is not just in the volume but in the
    what in the way in which its about people’s characters are there is making a point hear that there’s a difference between
    craftsman a person’s color of woman receive online
    in terms of the absolute volume so there a number of um black women academics


    follow on Twitter who they often retweet the kinds of things that they getting I say
    the amount of astounding Lee bad racist attacks with a get
    um I just ordered to be on when I get a white woman um and sewer
    and so I do think that there ways in which there is an absolute difference in terms of the volume and then yes it is off
    what is off in about her character am I more recent those kind of amusing is well
    well attacks I got with a man who informed me that he had been told by both his wife
    bossy said he was the epitome of the perfect man and so was very well suited to tell


    tell me how you know how dumb I was in a how much I
    overreacting so I should just cool it baby and I swear word
    never be told to cool it baby what I’m thinking now and we’re going into the last minute
    I’m going to give it to Emily if you have something to say here um this is the end
    the Internet is used to be something special to one sided people spend time
    time on more and more for more and more people is how they do the regular
    daily discourse and its a place where you can do discourse like this pretty easily


    easily what do you think this means for the future you know im
    no I’m not I’m not bitter about it I’m excited about it um I know it
    think we’re open a dialogue in the fact that we had so much for to the patient honest I like Israelian
    original me the video that I put up with a couple months ago and I’m I’m still talking about it
    what is a really good sign and people are kind of pulling up what’s going on
    going on the internet and there they are incorporated in their daily lives in the daily business in
    send a part of the online part of the ongoing dialogue of of Art


    no the climate of a culture so to speak um so sore
    interesting thing how to spell 7 next year Rihanna okay well this is the soda discussion you
    can you can wrap up of only put aside for now I don’t think we’re going to have any grants
    and conclusions but I do want to thank my guests Emily graslie who are produces
    deuces the brain scoop for the Field Museum in Chicago and Kate Clancy professor Asus
    assistant professor of anthropology at the U of I thank you both being on the program today
    along with Amanda Jesus spoke at the start of the program here on focus.