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WILL - WILL Highlights - May 01, 2013

Civil War Train Tour

Travel on private restored train cars from the 1950s, with sightseeing in Gettysburg, Antietam, Williamsburg and more.

Gettysburg cannon

 Sept. 26-Oct. 6, 2013: Civil War Train

Travel on our Civil War Train, featuring unique private restored train cars from the 1950s, to Washington D.C. and Williamsburg with sightseeing in Gettysburg and Virginia along with other historic sites, museums and battlefields. Also included Included are Antietam, Harper's Ferry, the USS Monitor, Baltimore's B&O Railroad useum and Washington, D.C.  Review the full itinerary for details. For more information, call Danda Beard at 217-333-7300. To make your reservation, call Judy McElfresh at TourGroupPlanners (217-422-5002 or toll-free 877-386-4777).

WILL - WILL Highlights - March 21, 2013

WILL’s Molly Delaney Honored as ‘Woman of Distinction’

The Girl Scouts of Central Illinois will honor Illinois Public Media's Molly Delaney, along with four other women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service in their communities.

Molly Delaney talks to students at Stratton Leadership & MicroSociety Magnet School in Champaign

Illinois Public Media's educational outreach director, Molly Delaney, will be honored by the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois (GSCI), along with four other women, as "Women of Distinction." Molly will be recognized in the STEM education category.

The awards will be presented at an annual celebration April 11 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Champaign. The event recognizes community women for their outstanding commitment to their profession, to the community and to inspire and mentor young girls. 

“We teach girls every day that they have what it takes to become leaders in any field they choose,” GSCI CEO Pam Kovacevich said. “The women we are honoring with these awards are not only successful in their fields, they are role models to girls and provide inspiration and motivation that has a tremendous impact on young women in their communities. These awards are just a small way of thanking them for their efforts.” Nominees came from Champaign, Vermillion, Ford and Iroquois Counties.

Molly has concentrated much of her work at Illinois Public Media in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics) education. She created a hands-on STEM education program for preschoolers and was instrumental in launching new PBS digital media tools for PreK-12 educators. She worked with colleagues at Parkland College’s William M. Staerkel Planetarium on a project that was awarded a $90,000 Grow Up Great grant from PNC Foundation. The grant has helped to serve hundreds of children in Champaign County with a highly impactful STEM initiative.

The Girl Scouts noted that Molly has been leader in the field of education for more than 25 years. She began and completed her master’s degree while working full-time and raising three children.

Other 2013 Women of Distinction Honorees include:

Business or Professional: Laura Weis (Savoy), president and CEO of the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce; Public Service: Dr. Annette Lansford (Champaign), a pediatrician and founder of the Carle Child Disability Clinic; Education: Cynthia Feeney (Champaign), a kindergarten teacher at St. Matthew School in Champaign; Creative Arts and Entertainment: Christina McClelland (Urbana), an interdisciplinary artist and public arts coordinator for the City of Urbana. Ranija Turner (Champaign), a junior at Central High School, will be honored as a Young Woman of Distinction

Tickets for the event will be $50 or $25 for children under 12. For more information, contact Samantha Greenburg at 309-336-0221. Proceeds from the event help fund leadership development programs for girls.

WILL - WILL Highlights - March 10, 2013

Great Britcom Vote Winner

A new British comedy, The Café, won the Great Britcom Vote Saturday night. Allo, Allo came in a close second. Thanks to everyone who called in a vote and/or a pledge to support British comedy on WILL-TV.

Cast of The Cafe, two women behind a counter

The Café features three generations of women involved with running a welcoming neighborhood eatery. Numerous colorful characters from all walks of life pop in to this hub, usually with comedic results. Content director David Thiel will try to purchase The Café for the WILL-TV schedule during the next fiscal year.

WILL - WILL Highlights - February 18, 2013

WILL Agriculture

On air and online, Dave Dickey and Todd Gleason bring you Information and analysis of commodity markets and agricultural weather.

Dave Dickey and Todd Gleason on tractor

WILL - WILL Highlights - February 11, 2013

Helping Stratton Students Produce Newscasts

Illinois Public Media is helping make school's Microsociety work.

Stratton students learning to operate video cameras.

Illinois Public Media is teaching students at Stratton Leadership and Microsociety Magnet School how to produce video newscasts for their Strattonville microsociety.

The case of the missing corn snake headlined the first school newscast in December. Student newscasters Lihi and Terry reported that the snake was assumed to be loose in the school after its cage door was accidentally left open. Although the snake was harmless, “it would still be helpful—to the snake—if it were found,” Lihi said.

The newscasts are part of the “media venture” project of the school microsociety, named Strattonville by students. WILL received a grant from Unit 4 Schools to provide training for both students and teachers.

A team of 10 students produced the news show, which premiered during a school assembly in December, after other students reported stories, wrote scripts, and filmed and edited video. It also featured weather and a video story about the media venture project. Each time a new newscast is done, students upload it to the Web, where teachers in each classroom can access it and play it for students. It’s also available for parents and others to see at strattonsociety.org/.

Illinois Public Media’s Henry Radcliffe and College of Media intern Alison Marcotte are teaching the students TV studio production; Kimberlie Kranich shows them how to interview, report and research; and Molly Delaney teaches them media literacy skills. Stratton teachers Erin Uppinghouse and Monty Rose are working with the students.

Students spent two months learning their jobs, and becoming familiar with the equipment. At first, they didn’t know that “stand by to cue the talent” meant “get ready to cue them,” not “go ahead and cue them.” Learning to read the teleprompter without moving their heads left to right was another challenge. And camera operators were still working during the first taping to remember to hold the cameras still.

As they crowded around a monitor to watch the playback after completing the taping, students had big smiles on their faces as they saw themselves and heard their voices. “You’ve really come a long way,” Henry told them. “You should be proud.”

WILL - WILL Highlights - January 24, 2013

Rick Steves is Coming to Town!

6 pm Thursday, March 14. Reserve your spot today!

Rick Steves

The popular travel writer and public TV host will share what he’s learned in 30 years of travel during a special fundraising event at 6 pm Thursday, March 14, at the I Hotel in Champaign. Keep reading to find out how to get tickets.

Tickets are $35. Seating is limited. To make your reservation, email WILL’s Tracy Wikoff at twikoff@illinois.edu or call her at 217-333-7300.

Steves, host of the public television series, Rick Steves' Europe on WILL-TV and WILL-AM's Travel with Rick Steves, will talk about how travel has broadened his perspective and why that matters. Included are tidbits such as why India is his favorite country, why trains are pulling into European stations with birds squished onto their windshields, and how travel challenges truths we’ve always just assumed were “self-evident and God-given.”

From Kurdish wood carvers proudly holding up their chisels to teary-eyed Germans atop their new parliament building, the world is changing and America is challenged, says Steves. Today’s travel writer can be much like the medieval court jester, he says. He can bring home the truth and not get killed.

Steves will be a guest on WILL-AM's Focus at 10 am Wednesday, Feb. 27. Do you have questions for him? Send them to will-talk@illinois.edu, post them on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Focus580 or tweet us at @Focus580. You can also call in during the show.

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