Renowned baritone Nathan Gunn

7:30 pm Thursday, Nov. 14, on WILL-TV
Nathan Gunn

Nathan Gunn

Host David Inge interviews renowned baritone and University of Illinois professor Nathan Gunn, who discusses how he decided to be a professional singer, revealing that he first considered a career in the Air Force. He also talks about how he became known for taking off his shirt, and why he is able to sing both opera and musical theater, when few singers can do both.

Gunn, who grew up in South Bend, Ind., was an athlete, and he said sports helped his singing and his acting. "I've always been helped by all the martial arts I did and the athletics, because I know how to move," he says. Most people don't realize how athletic singing is, he said. "It's tough work."

He also describes how he blends his profession with family life, including being the father to five children.

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