Driver Describes Fatal Illinois Megabus Crash

August 30, 2012

The 25-year-old driver who was at the wheel during a fatal Megabus crash in south-central Illinois says he did everything he could to control the double-decker after a tire blew out.

Preston Taylor tells the Chicago Tribune ( ) he gripped the steering wheel tightly after hearing a front tire pop but didn't hit the brakes because he didn't want to cause a rollover.

Taylor says the disabled bus didn't react to his attempts to steer.  The bus struck a bridge pillar along Interstate 55 near Litchfield on Aug. 2, killing one passenger and injuring nearly four dozen others.

Taylor suffered a facial fracture and Achilles tendon damage from flying glass.  He says he's undergone three surgeries and is scheduled for one more plus a skin graft.

Story source: AP

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