First Annual Interdependent Film Festival

July 30, 2014
Sita Sings the Blues

A scene from 'Sita Sings the Blues,' Nina Paley's 2008 award-winning animated film, part of the 1st Interdependent Film Festival.

(Nina Paley)

Film festivals often seek to expose little-known work, and bring them to a larger audience.  One in Urbana this week also challenges the fan to make his or her own movie.

The "1st Annual Interdependent Film Festival: Women Make Movies" includes experimental and documentary work by women, with the goal of finding amateur filmmakers in the audience.

Illinois Public Media’s Jeff Bossert talked with filmmaker and festival organizer Susan Parenti, as well as documentarian and education professor Carol Huang about the challenge they're issuing to viewers.

The festival runs Wednesday night through Saturday at the Independent Media Center in Urbana.

Story source: WILL

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