Government Shutdown Campaign Issue For Callis

October 02, 2013
Ann Callis

Former judge and 13th District Congressional candidate Ann Callis.

(Teri Picchioldi/ Madison County Courthouse)

Politicians, including a former judge from Madison County running for Congress, are already using the government shutdown as a campaign issue, and holding press conferences to cast blame.

Taylorville Congressman Rodney Davis has voted with his party as Republicans attempt to force a delay of the Affordable Care Act. 

He said he's against "Obamacare." Still, in a statement, he called the government shutdown resulting from the healthcare fight "unacceptable." 

Democrat Ann Callis said Davis's votes are what's unacceptable. Callis, the former chief judge in Madison County, is one of several candidates challenging Davis for his 13th district seat.

On Tuesday, the first day of the shutdown, she called a press conference to shame him.

"The onus is put on the Republicans of not accepting the Affordable Care Act," she said.  "As a proven person who has been a problem solver, if you don't like portions, and if there are issues with the ACA, with the implementation, you don't walk away, you bring people together and you know, get things done and fix the problem."

Davis is less than a year into his first term in Congress so he’s a big target for Democrats; he’s also facing a primary challenge.

His district stretches from Champaign to Edwardsville, and includes parts of Bloomington, Decatur, and Springfield. 

Story source: Illinois Public Radio

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