Sidetrack with Jason Croft

WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - December 06, 2008


On this month's program...We hear about what happens when being Santa doesn't turn out the way you want...a man who gives away Christmas trees...the roller derby revival...and we talk to the official historian for Rankin/Bass Productions, the people behind the holiday classics Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.

"The Exquisite City"

"The New York Times: The Complete Front Pages" interview

Roller Derby Revival

The man who gave away Christmas trees

Cell Phone Santa

"My Politically Incorrect Christmas"

Interview with Rick Goldschmidt, biographer and official historian for Rankin/Bass productions

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - November 01, 2008


This time around, we have audio from the '08 election-1908 that is. We hear about the art of carving the perfect political pumpkins. Plus, stories about stolen yard signs, one man's quest for the perfect garage, and a tour of the show "Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics" now at the Krannert Art Museum.

Debate '08 (1908)

Political sign thieves

Using Craigslist to get Obama rally tickets

Political Pumpkins

The Hartville Flea Market


Line dancing teacher audio postcard

The quest for the perfect garage

"Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - October 04, 2008


This month, we get a lesson in zombie survival with the St. Louis-based Zombie Squad...we hear about the band the Moon-Rays who have based their career on Halloween songs...and we have our annual chat with a ghost hunter!

Classic Music Revolution

Chicago Lyric Opera Singer

The Moon-Rays

Zombie Squad

Interview with ghost hunter Troy Taylor

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - September 06, 2008


This time around, we find out about the sport of mutton busting-young kids riding sheep...revisit an interview from the archives about International Talk Like A Pirate Day...and we present an encore broadcast of a tribute to singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg-a remembrance from those who know him when he played in Champaign-Urbana.

Mutton Busting

Japanese and Euro Bike Lovers in Harley Country

Hummingbird bander

Talk Like A Pirate revisit

Dan Fogelberg: A Remembrance

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - August 02, 2008


On this month's program, we learn about the poetic side of actor and comedian Bill Murray...visit a tap-dancing competition in to a man who runs a freak show in California...and hear about a street drummer who plays on just about anything he can get his hands on.

Chicago Tap Dancing

Street Beats

Project Pimento

Poetry Festival/Bill Murray

Disabled Swimmer

The sociology of the Simpsons

Pop Culture Roadtrips

Modern-day Freakshow

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - July 05, 2008


This month we find out how Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr is responsible for modern technology...hear about one writer's adventures after getting stuck in her bathroom...and we talk to the B-movie actress Tura Satana, star of Russ Meyer's Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

Instrument Builders

"Damsel, Distressed"

Hedy Lamarr

"Naughty Picturers"

Tura Satana Interview

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - June 07, 2008


We go into the Sidetrack archives for some summertime fun. We have stories about rock and rolls greatest myths, the search for the legendary tropical drink The Zombie, and the Continuum Fingerboard-a strange electronic instrument that be heard in the latest Indiana Jones movie.

Continuum Fingerboard

"Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton's Little John? Music's Most Enduring Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed."

Water Parks Essay

Pi Omega Omega--The Downtown Drinking Fraternity

Interview with Jeff Berry author of "Sippin' Safari: In Search of the Great 'Lost' Tropical Drink Recipes...and the People Behind Them."

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - May 03, 2008


On this month's program, we talk to the organizers of WILL's Vintage Vinyl Sale. We've pulled some records from the sale for your listening enjoyment. Also the state of Polka music in Chicago. And memories of Japanese-Americans starting over, after being incarcerated by their government during World War Two...We'll have those stories and more, this time on Sidetrack.

WWII Memories

Chicago Polka

Essay: "You Are What You Spill"

WILL's Vintage Vinyl Sale

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - April 05, 2008


This month we talk to a husband and wife team from Portland, Oregon, who run a black velvet painting museum called the Velveteria...we find out the burlesque revival in Chicago...learn about some award-winning mustard from the Midwest...and hear one man's story about growing up as a Catholic schoolchild were the fear of nuns with rulers permeated his life...

Chicago burlesque revival

Award-winning mustard

Chicago window washers

Essay: "Another Wrong Career"

The Velveteria--The Black Velvet Painting Museum

Essay: "Under The Ruler"

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WILL - Sidetrack with Jason Croft - March 01, 2008


On this month's program, we talk the inventor of the Nubrella-a modern take on the classic umbrella...we find out about the new website Book Glutton based in Urbana that combines an e-library with a social networking site... Appalachian hip-hop...a modern-day cowboy's ride across America...a vaction ranch for computer programmers...a primer of who you'll meet at a comic book convention...and a former Cubs manager's infamous news conference tape.

Rising Appalachia

Modern cowboy's ride across America

Book Glutton

Comic Book Convention

Big Nerd Ranch


Former Cubs manager's infamous tape

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