May 02, 2009

Sidetrack celebrates 10 years on the air with a selection of some of our favorite stories from the last decade. We find out if Philo really is the center of the universe; talk to the inventor of the Popcorn Fork; revisit our story on the Viper, the yodeling ukulele player; and hear about downtown Champaign's drinking fraternity.

The Viper

Archeophone Records

Philo, The Center of the Universe

White Squirrels

Popcorn Fork

Bloomsday celebrated in Champaign

Pi Omega Omega, Champaign's drinking fraternity

WILL Highlights

Sister Acts

6 pm Saturday, May 30, on WILL-TV: Celebrate the sweet sounds of sibling singing groups—from the Andrews Sisters to the Lennon Sisters.

After the Hereafter

Big Picture Science, 5 pm Saturday, May 30, on WILL-AM: Does everything stop with death, or are we transported to another plane of existence?