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Franklin, Eleanor and Theodore Roosevelt

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

7 pm all week long on WILL-TV (repeated 9 pm nightly)

Maps of brain connections.

Key brain connection slow to develop in kids with ADHD

From NPR News: Network that controls daydreaming slower to develop.

Soccer team wearing the hijab

Covering up with the hijab may aid women’s body image

NPR News: A new British study looks at whether the hijab offers protection against the pressure to be thin.

Tina Fey and Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.

7 pm Tuesdays, beginning Sept. 23, on WILL-TV: Illuminating the family histories of Tina Fey, Derek Jeter, Ben Affleck, Stephen King, Billie Jean King and more.

The Boomer List, faces of boomers interviewed

American Masters, 8 pm Tuesday, Sept. 23, on WILL-TV

Liang Wang

Liang Wang performs Rouse’s Oboe Concerto

7 pm Thursday, Sept. 18, on WILL-FM

Emperor penguin chicks

Penguins, Spy in the Huddle: 7 pm Wed., Sept. 24-Oct. 8

WILL-TV: Spycams capture life of nature’s most devoted parents and their offspring.

Hope Wolfe holds an heirloom apple.

Backyard Industry: Apple a Day

From the archives: Wolfe Orchard in Monticello grows many more varieties of apples than the varieties you can find in the grocery. Lisa Bralts stopped by.

Martin Clunes as Doc Martin

New to WILL-TV: Doc Martin

8 pm Thursdays: Adventures of a socially challenged doctor in a Cornish village.


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