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Marvel Creative Director Bill Rosemann
Courtesy of Bill Rosemann
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Marvel Creative Director: We’re Going to Shock And Amaze

There is something about superhero stories that make them so universal and popular. Bill Rosemann has a theory why. He is the creative director for Marvel, Marvel Games and Legendary comics. Rosemann visited the University of Illinois campus last week and talked with us about that, the creation of Guardians of the Galaxy, what's in development at Marvel, and more. 

Bruce Rauner signs budget approced by the Illinois Senate
(Photo: Illinois Governor’s Office)
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Rauner Signs Off On Plan To Fix Budget Hole

Governor Bruce Rauner took to the Illinois Senate floor to shake hands Thursday after senators passed a plan to plug a $1.6 billion hole in the state budget.  He signed the measure late in the day.

Seal of the Illinois Army National Guard
(Illinois Army National Guard)
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Illinois National Guardsman Accused Of Trying To Aid ISIS

Two suburban Chicago men --- one of them an Illinois National Guard member --- are accused of planning an attack on a northern Illinois military facility in support of the Islamic State group.

Aaron Schock, delivering his farewell speech Thursday before Congress.
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Schock Delivers Final Address To Congress

Schock voted for the last time Thursday.  In his farewell address, the Peoria Republican said he will work "tirelessly'' to make amends to those he has let down.

Champaign City Building
Wikimedia Commons
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Champaign Mayoral Candidates: On The Issues

WILL will feature an interview with each Champaign mayoral candidate on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning March 17. Listen to all the interviews on willnews.org, and tune into our WILL News special with the candidates at 10am on Friday, March 27.