June 24, 2013

The Nuts, Bolts, and Numbers of Prevent Plant

It is clear farmers throughout the Midwest are exercising the Combo Crop Insurance policy Prevent Plant option. Todd Gleason reports some of the numbers behind the decision not to plant.

Prevent Plant

June 20, 2013

The Community College Path to Ag Education

High School FFA Chapters from around the nation are gathering at their state conventions this summer. Scattered among the blue and gold jackets will be their teachers, and a few aspiring agriculture education teachers. Todd Gleason caught up with one of them and has this story on how she came to a Big Ten school through the Community College system.

The Community College Path to Ag Education

This is a screen grab of the top right hand corner of The Bulletin website. It shows a lady bug, and a portion of written article.
Todd Gleason
June 16, 2013

N FIx for Purple and Yellow Corn Not Needed

Corn fields with poor color are probably suffering from a lack of oxygen rather than in need of an addtional nitrogen application. This is the conclusion of University of Illinois Agronomist Emerson Nafziger.

He writes in this week's bulletin, "As soils dry out in most areas of Illinois and temperatures stay warm, it’s likely that many fields with yellow corn plants will improve, in some cases rapidly. Late planting and warm temperatures do tend to favor top growth over root growth, but we expect that as leaves grow and start improve in color and as soil oxygen levels increase as soils dry, sugars will become more available to the roots as well as the tops, and this will further improve root uptake of nutrients."

You may read more or listen to our report with Emerson Nafziger using the links below.

June 10, 2013

Poor Control of Marestail

Farmers, especially no-tillers, are very concerned about weed control in their soybean fields this year. Todd Gleason reports some burndown herbicide applications failed to kill everything.

Poor Control of Marestail (horseweed)

June 03, 2013

Prevent Plant Decisions

Farmers, long delayed by rainfall in much of the cornbelt, have some new decisions to make this week. Todd Gleason reports those that purchased revenue protection crop insurance products must consider whether or not to plant corn.

Prevent Plant Decisions

Close up of the face of a world war two veteran. He has a retrospective look, and is wear a world war two hat.
Todd E. Gleason
May 22, 2013

Honor Flight May 21, 2013

Tuesday, as some of you may already know, I flew to Washington, D.C. with my father on an Honor Flight. It is a most moving experience. Dad is a WWII vet and among only a handful on this trip. Most were Korean Era vets. You can see photos taken during the day using the link below. If you are or know a WWII or Korea era vet and can travel (at all) please do not miss this opportunity. Honor Fights are extraordinary events. 

Over this Memorial Day as we remember the fallen, please take time to thank those that served along side them. Freedom comes at a price, and a few have paid with their lives, many have paid with their service. We thank all of them. 

Todd Gleason, Guardian - Central Illinois Honor Flight


May 14, 2013

Collin Peterson & the 2nd Amendments

The United States House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture will mark up the 2013 version of the farm bill today in Washington, D.C. (May 15). Last night ranking member of the committee Collin Peterson spoke about the bill and the mark up with farm broadcasters. Todd Gleason was among them and files this report. It begins the way the evening event started with Peterson and his band the "Second Amendments" entertaining members of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting.

Collin Peterson & the 2nd Amendments

Map of the United States showing where corn is grown and where drought still exists as of May 10, 2013.
USDA and Todd Gleason
May 10, 2013

Two Billion Bushel Corn Carryout

USDA NASS projects 35 percent of the U.S. corn crop will start the season under drought conditions.USDA's World Agricultural Outlook Board is projecting a record setting corn crop and 2013/2014 ending stocks. Here's an edited excerpt from the report, "Corn production for 2013/14 is projected at 14.1 billion bushels, up 3.4 billion from 2012/13 when extreme drought and heat reduced yields to their lowest levels since 1995/96.  The 2013/14 corn yield is projected at 158.0 bushels per acre, 5.6 bushels below the weather adjusted trend presented at USDA’s Agricultural Outlook Forum in February.  The slow start to this year’s planting and the likelihood that progress by mid-May will remain well behind the 10-year average reduce prospects for yields.  Corn supplies for 2013/14 are projected at a record 14.9 billion bushels, up 3.0 billion from 2012/13."

Those numbers all point to a 2 billion bushel corn ending stocks figure by the time the fall of 2014 arrives with an average season's cash price ranging from $4.10-$5.30 per bushel. This all despite the drought west of I-35 and the delayed planting season. 

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