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2013: The Changing Military


(Duration: 58:40)

A horse-drawn caisson carries a casket and leads family members through Arlington National Cemetery.

When 12- and 13-year-old University Laboratory High School students interviewed veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, the students’ age and inexperience may have enabled them to get better stories from the people who served.

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2011: Breaking Down Disability Barriers, The Legacy Of Tim Nugent


(Duration: 30:00)

How did the U of I help shape the way the nation thinks about disability? A radio documentary by Urbana Uni High students, airing at 10 am Thursday, Nov. 24, at 11 am Friday, Nov. 25, on WILL-AM 580, looks at the days when disabled students were new on the U of I campus and at the U of I Beckwith program that allows students with severe disabilities to live on campus.

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2006: The 20th Century Exodus: The Triumphant Life And Journey Of The Jewish In Our Community


(Duration: 59:03)

Growing up in Champaign as one of a handful of Jewish children in town, Ruth Kuhn Youngerman enjoyed friendships with people from a variety of faiths. The Jewish community was small and close-knit, led by Jewish storeowners such as the Sterns, Lowensterns and Kuhns who helped develop commerce in downtown Champaign and Urbana.

Categories: Community, History

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2004: In The Wake of Brown: Stories Of Integration And Struggle


(Duration: 53:02)

Linda Brown Smith

In a radio documentary approximately 60 Urbana University High School subfreshmen looked at how African Americans in central Illinois combated racism in their schools and communities after the Brown v. Board of Education court decision.

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2002: Still In The Journey: African-American Women In Champaign County


(Duration: 53:58)

This program profiles 13 African-American women: Imani Bazzell, Erma Bridgewater, Mary Clark, Miriam Scantelbury, Maudie Edwards, Lucy Gray, LaShundra Hambrick, Doris Hoskins, Hattie Paulk, Phyllis Clark, Dorothy Vickers-Shelley, Margot Williams and Crystal Womble.

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1995: Oral Histories Of The Holocaust


(Duration: 9:42)


As part of an oral history project, University of Illinois Laboratory High School students interviewed Central Illinois residents who survived the Holocaust or whose family members were victims or survivors of the Holocaust. The interviews were conducted by students from Barbara Wysocki's history class.

Categories: History