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Protester with a sideways "I" over his mouth. The sideways "I" represents censorship imposed by the university and the lack of academic freedom.
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AAUP Takes Next Step Towards Possible UIUC Censure

The latest disapproving report from the American Association of University Professors, offers familiar complaints and also paves the way for the organization to hold a censure vote against the university later this spring.

Ralph Martire of the addressed a large crowd with his fiscal plan at a town hall meeting in Champaign Monday.
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Fiscal Expert Has Plan To Fix Illinois’ Budget Woes

Ralph Martire with the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability says his 4 steps would balance Illinois' budget within two years.  He spoke at a town hall meeting in Champaign Monday.

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Rauner Administration Asks For Public Input On Construction Revenues

Governor Bruce Rauner has long promised major investments in Illinois' infrastructure system, but has been short on suggestions for how to pay for construction. Now Rauner's administration says it's asking taxpayers their opinions on shoring up a public works program