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Jack Davenport at Otto Powell

Masterpiece Mystery!: Breathless

Starts 8 pm Sunday, Aug. 24, on WILL-TV: Jack Davenport stars as a brilliant London surgeon in 1961, when doctors were treated like gods and acted the part.

The Everly Brothers

50s and 60s Rock Rewind

8 pm Friday, Aug. 22, on WILL-TV: Archival footage of the greatest pop and rock hit makers of the 50s and early 60s.

Woman looks at CD

NPR’s ‘All Tech Considered’: How long do CDs last?

Franklin, Eleanor and Theodore Roosevelt

Come to our preview event for Ken Burns’ ‘The Roosevelts’

7:30 pm Tues., Sept. 9: Get a sneak preview of the series and hear local experts react.

appraiser Leila Dunbar

‘Antiques Roadshow’ finds $1 million baseball trove

Home run! Over the weekend Antiques Roadshow found a collection of 1870s Boston baseball memorabilia at its NYC event that appraiser Leila Dunbar valued at $1 million.

Martin Clunes as Doc Martin

New to WILL-TV: Doc Martin

8 pm Thursdays: Adventures of a socially challenged doctor in a Cornish village.


Backyard Industry: Fungus Among Us

Hey--who invited basil downy mildew to the pesto party? In this episode, Lisa Bralts consults local experts on the new-ish plant disease.


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