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217 Today: Friday, July 16, 2021


Friday, July 16, 2021

Today's headlines:

  • Illinois will become the first state in the nation to ban police from lying to suspects under 18 during interrogation under a measure signed into law by Governor J.B. Pritzker Thursday.

  • Researchers at Southern Illinois University are studying the causes of burnout in the nursing profession.

  • Some Illinoisans are getting ready to fly to Tokyo next week for the 2020 Olympics.

  • The COVID-19 Delta variant has reached Champaign County. Officials with the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District say the variant appears to be more transmissible.

In today's deep dive, protests last summer fueled a debate over police in schools. In many cities, the conversation about “school resource officers” or “SROs” continues.

Reporting today contributed by Hannah Meisel, Steph Whiteside, Dana Cronin and Peter Medlin.