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Current estimates put more than half a million people experiencing homelessness in America, with a staggering portion being children. Right now, our digital Social Justice Learning space is focused on this crisis, with educational resources available for early childhood, adolescent, and adult learning levels. 

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Mid-American Gardener 30th Season

Mid American Gardener: Celebrating our 30th season of making the world a greener place!


Atomic Age Cocktail Party
Atomic Age logo with an illustration of woman's head with an empty word box to her left. Text reads Episode 1032 Just One Word

Just One Word (1032)

On program this time, Just One Word! Popular songs of the lounge era that only needed one word in their titles. We’ll hear from Eddie Fisher, Martin Denny, Rosemary…
Evening Concert

Brahms “2nd Viola Sonata”

Sunday night August 7 at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on FM 90.9 you’ll hear Brahms’ “2nd Viola Sonata” on the “Chamber Music…
Classic Mornings
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Illinois History Timeline

August 5 Illinois History Minute

It’s August 5th. And on this day in 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior attempted to lead 700 marchers through the all-white neighborhoods of Marquette Park and Gage…
The 217 Today Podcast
The behavior of fans is driving a number of IHSA officials away.

217 Today: As the new school year draws closer, the IHSA sees a shortage of referees for high school athletics

In today's deep dive, we'll hear how high school football and volleyball seasons will get underway later this month, but the Illinois High School Association is seeing…
The 21st Show

Best Of: Preserving Illinois Country French

There's a cultural heritage of "Illinois Country French," also known as "Missouri French," in our state. This Illinois Creole culture is fading, but…


County Fair

County Fair

County Fair takes an intimate look at a treasured American pastime through the lives of six people whose passion, preparation, and pride come together at the local fair. The…
Mid-American Gardener

Making Vegetable Gardening Easy and a Fried Floral Treat

The two Jennifers join us in the studio this week to share their grow bag and container garden tips, and we fry up some daylily buds for a special summer treat!  
Mid-American Gardener

The Do’s and Dont’s of Watering When It’s Hot This Summer

Ella and Martie are in the studio answering your questions, and discussing the best ways to water your garden during the dog days of summer.

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Frankie Drake Mysteries

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