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Picture of Kennedy Vincent Illinois Soul and Dialogue logos with text We want to create a space where we can all connect, integrate, and build together. Listening and relating to other people’s stories is important, especially when we can relate to someone

Meet the new host of Dialogue

With the launch of Illinois Soul came a new weekly local community affairs magazine program, Dialogue, highlighting issues important to Black communities in central Illinois. Illinois Public Media is excited to welcome Kennedy Vincent as the new permanent host of the program and as a specialty reporter for Black and immigrant communities for IPM News.

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Atomic Age Cocktail Party
Atomic Age logo with a illustration of the heads of a man and woman next to one another. Text reads

Romantic Rendezvous (1099)

Join us this week, on The Atomic Age Cocktail Party, for a Romantic Rendezvous. Lush sounds that help set the mood for those times when you turn the lights down low and turn…
Evening Concert
The Sound of 13 (logo)

The “Sound of 13” and “The Middle”

Thursday night May 23 at 7:00 on WILL-FM 90.9 you’ll hear another episode of “The Sound of 13”, a program that investigates the intersection between the 13th…
Classic Mornings
classic morning logo bird

Pairs in Season

I hadn’t thought about it before.


The 21st Show
A book cover with bright yellow, orange and magenta colors. The cover reads

Best of: Toya Wolfe’s coming of age novel shares finding the joys of community in a Chicago neighborhood

We interview Toya Wolfe, author of ‘Last Summer on State Street,’ as we learn how she shaped her first fictional story, set in the historic torn-down landmark, The…
The 21st Show
A grey Amtrak train waits at a station

Best of: Why is the US behind with developing the world’s fastest high-speed trains?

Illinois politicians are celebrating the upgraded train speeds of 110mph from Chicago to St. Louis, but why is the U.S. behind Asia and Europe with 200 mph trains?
The 217 Today Podcast
A variety of purple, yellow and red flowers grow out of a person's front yard in Michigan.

217 Today: Grass lawns are a landscape staple, but an environmental reckoning may change that

In today's deep dive, we’ll learn about how lawns became the default in American communities and the ongoing debate over the traditional turfgrass yard in the…


Prairie Fire

Rouley & Ruey: Morel Mushroom Hunt

Join us on a morel mushroom hunt in an undisclosed location with amateur enthusiasts and best friends Angie Rouley and Ruey Sandusky.  They'll tell us what to look…
Mid-American Gardener

Spring has sprung!

There's finally things to do outside, as the Mid-American Gardener crew prep their gardens for the season!
State of Change
State of change logo over tree tops

Impacts of the climate crisis on communities of color

In 2023, the climate crisis became chaotic in Illinois. In our third annual State of Change report, we examine how higher temperatures are taking a toll on people, in…