Social Justice Learning by WILL TV Education

Social Justice Learning

Often a lack of understanding someone else’s experiences can breed prejudice and discrimination. This can come in the form of social injustices around race, ethnicity, or national origin; mental or physical ability; sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity/expression. WILL Education launched this Social Justice Learning space with the goal of sharing educational resources and materials that could help guide children, families, and educators when exploring these critical conversations.

Nominate an Early Childhood Champion Today!

It's time to thank those who inspire and teach our earliest learners!  Nominate an early childhood champion by March 31, 2023 using this link. Our categories are: emerging professional student award, emerging professional award, professional of the year award, and volunteer of the year award.  We will recognize the award winners at Illinois Public Media's Early Childhood Champions Awards celebration on Friday, May 12, 2023, 5:30pm-7:30pm at Illinois Public Media's Collins Studio.

Thank an Educator or ChildCare Provider!

May 3 is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Help WILL-TV thank an educator in central Illinois by sending us an encouraging message, a photo or a video in which you thank an educator or childcare provider who has gone above-and-beyond during the pandemic.