About WILL

Advisory Committee


Community Advisors help gather information and opinions about community issues and needs; heighten community awareness of WILL and its services; advocate for broad-based support of WILL; identify and encourage new sources of funding for specific projects to improve or expand service to the community; and review and advise on legislation designed to improve the quality of public media. 

2023-24 WILL Community Advisors

  • Belinda De La Rosa, Urbana
  • Lauren Dodge, Springfield
  • Jason Finkelman, Urbana
  • Pamela Ford, Champaign
  • Joan Friedman, Urbana
  • Rich Furr, Champaign
  • Rev. Sandra J. Haas, Champaign
  • Beckie Kane, Champaign
  • Tammey Kikta, Mahomet
  • Mindy Mallady, Danville
  • Kathy Marshak (Chair), Champaign
  • Mari Martin, Indianola
  • Priscilla Palmer, Decatur
  • Ishaan Sharma, Champaign
  • Pamela-Alyse Vickers Shelley - Urbana
  • Cynthia Smith, Champaign
  • Shandra Summerville, Champaign
  • Kathryn Valdes, Mahomet
  • Cheryl Van Ness, Champaign
  • Irene Weathersby, Rantoul
  • Otis Williams, Urbana
  • Thaddeus Yasunaga, Champaign
  • James Young, Newman

Community Advisors meeting dates

Meetings are either held virtually or in person at Campbell Hall, 300 North Goodwin, Urbana.

  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 4 pm

Contacting the Community Advisors

Advisors may be contacted via this email address: will-advisorycommittee@illinois.edu.