Wills and Estates


Illinois Public Media connects people with information, ideas and adventures that open doors to new worlds. When you contribute through an outright gift, a charitable gift annuity or a deferred gift in your will or estate plan, you're helping to ensure that this unique role of public broadcasting continues for generations to come. You may also make a gift in memory of or in honor of a special person who enjoyed WILL's programs.

Many of our donors want to provide support for a particular type of program: science, the arts or children's education, for example. Others want to help the WILL stations respond to the need for new technology and equipment. Let us work with you to create the type of gift commitment that benefits our stations while working to your financial advantage.

Help with gift planning and ways to give:

  • Bequests

    You can make a gift to WILL as a bequest in your will or living trust in the following ways:

    • A percentage of your total estate. In using this approach, your gift adjusts with changes in the size of your estate.
    • The residue or a percentage of the residue of your estate. After your specific gifts to loved ones have been made, you may designate that the entire residue or a percentage of the remainder shall go solely to WILL or to WILL and to another non-profit organization. Again, with this approach, your gift adjusts with changes in the size of your estate.
    • A gift of a specific amount. You specify a dollar amount to be given to one or more charitable organizations, such as WILL. With this kind of gift, it is especially important to keep your will or trust up-to-date.
  • Bequest language and tax ID number for estate gift

    I give, devise, and bequeath to the University of Illinois Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation (Tax ID 37-6006007) located in Illinois, (e.g., dollar amount, percentage, specific asset, or residue) for use by Illinois Public Media - WILL radio television and online services (you may identify WILL radio or television separately, if you wish your gift to be directed as such) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus.

  • Information for Advisors

    If you're advising someone who is planning a gift or bequest to WILL, we are happy to assist you. Together, we can create the arrangements to help your clients leave a lasting legacy that carries on the vital work of public broadcasting. Please contact us for further information on the variety of assets to give, ways to give or for any other assistance that we can provide.

    Name: University of Illinois Foundation/WILL (donor may add: radio and/or television, to specify destination for a gift)
    Tax ID #: 37-6006007
    1305 W. Green Street #214
    Urbana, IL 61801
    Attn: Trust Services

  • Assets to give

    Gifts of cash

    A gift of cash, generally made by check, can make an immediate impact on our mission today while providing you with a charitable income tax deduction, as allowed by law.

    Make your gift online now

    Send us your gift by mail. You can send us a check or money order to Friends of WILL, 300 N. Goodwin Avenue, Urbana IL 61801. Please let us know if you want your gift used for a specific purpose, by indicating that purpose either in the memo line or in a letter to us.

    Questions? Please contact Danda Beard at 217-333-7300.

    Gifts of insurance policies

    If you have a life insurance policy whose benefits you no longer need, you may want to consider naming WILL the beneficiary and assigning us ownership of the policy. This will likely qualify you for a charitable deduction. In removing the life insurance policy from your estate, you may also reduce your estate taxes.

    Gifts of retirement plan assets

    Assets held in qualified retirement plans and IRA accounts are an excellent way to support WILL. When left to friends and family members other than a spouse, these funds can be subject to as much as 70% in taxes. But if a nonprofit organization such as WILL is named as the beneficiary of all or a percentage of your retirement plan assets, the entire amount can be used by WILL to create, produce and broadcast programs. Your other less heavily-taxed assets are then available to your loved ones.

    Gifts of securities

    A gift of appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy way for you to make a gift. Potential benefits to you include avoidance of paying capital gains tax; receiving a charitable income tax deduction; and enjoying possible increased income.

    Electronic transfer: Please contact us for delivery instructions to make a transfer from your brokerage account to us.

    Mail: If you hold securities in certificate form, you will need to use two envelopes to complete your gift. In the first, place the unsigned stock certificate(s). In the other, include a signed stock power for each certificate. You may obtain this from your broker or bank. Please remember to use certified mail.

    Gifts of land or real estate

    A gift of your appreciated real property (such as your home, vacation property, vacant land, farmland, ranch or commercial property) can make a great gift. Some of the benefits to you may include avoidance of paying capital gains tax; and receiving a charitable income tax deduction.

    Your real property may be gifted to our organization by executing or signing a deed transferring ownership. You may deed part or all of your real property to our organization. Your gift will generally be based on the property's fair market value, which must be established by an independent appraisal.

    Please contact us if the property you wish to give has existing debt or a mortgage. Check with us on the capital gains tax implications of your gift. You also may be interested in life income options.

  • Endowment

    An endowment is comprised of strategically-invested funds that WILL, through the University of Illinois Foundation, holds in perpetuity and does not spend. Instead, a prescribed distribution from these investments supports Illinios Public Media's programs and operations. As our Endowment grows, it provides an expanding source of stable funding to help us weather the ups and downs of the economy and keep IPM thriving into the future.

  • Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA)

    A charitable gift annuity can be established with a gift to WILL of at least $10,000 in cash or appreciated securities held for longer than one year. In exchange for your gift, WILL will pay you, and a second beneficiary, if you wish, income for life. Both income beneficiaries must be at least 60 years of age. The income you receive is determined by your age(s).