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217 Today: Friday October 2, 2020


flickr/NIAID/CC BY 2.0

October 2, 2020

Today's headlines: 

  • Pressure on Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan is ramping up as one of his fellow Democrats announced a challenge to his speakership yesterday.

  • Champaign County reported its 2nd COVID-19 death in as many days yesterday, for a total of 22 deaths from the coronavirus. The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District reported 56 new COVID-19 cases yesterday.

  • Farmers across the country received federal aid as China put tariffs on crops like cotton and soybeans. Farmers in the South got the highest average payments, largely because of the crops they grow.

In today's deeper dive, getting the flu vaccine is a simple way to protect yourself -- and those at greatest risk -- from influenza. And as the COVID-19 pandemic carries on, public health officials say it’s more important than ever this year.

217 Today is produced by Olivia Butts. Reporting today contributed by Hannah Meisel, Seth Bodine, and Christine Herman.