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217 Today: Rockford Art Gallery Showcases African American Women’s History

Some of Dorothy Paige-Turner's Readers Theater performers.

Some of Dorothy Paige-Turner's Readers Theater performers. Yvonne Boose

Monday, October 30, 2023

Today's headlines: 

  • A sheriff in northwest Illinois is defending a cop who joined an anti-government extremist group.
  • A consortium of businesses, local governments and colleges has until the end of February to turn in an application that could bring tens of millions of federal dollars to central Illinois.
  • Two student groups at the University of Illinois organized a protest in support of Palestine over the weekend.
  • Despite drought conditions in parts of the country, pumpkin farmers have been bringing in their harvest in time for Halloween.

In today's deep dive, we’ll learn more about a performance honoring African American women’s history.

Reporting today contributed by Dan Mihalopoulos, Jim Meadows, Nour Longi and Yvonne Boose.